Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.375, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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491 - 495 Visualization of SV2A conformations in situ by the use of Protein Tomography
Lynch BA, Matagne A, Brannstrom A, von Euler A, Jansson M, Hauzenberger E, Soderhall JA
496 - 500 Transcription factor YY1 promotes adipogenesis via inhibiting CHOP-10 expression
Huang HY, Li X, Liu M, Song TJ, He Q, Ma CG, Tang QQ
501 - 505 Akt kinase reducing endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release protects cells from Ca2+-dependent apoptotic stimuli
Marchi S, Rimessi A, Giorgi C, Baldini C, Ferroni L, Rizzuto R, Pinton P
506 - 511 The significance of disulfide bonding in biological activity of HB-EGF, a mutagenesis approach
Hoskins JT, Zhou Z, Harding PA
512 - 516 Cell shape regulation by Gravin requires N-terminal membrane effector domains
Weiser DC, Julien KRS, Lang JS, Kimelman D
517 - 521 Glucolipotoxicity in INS-1E cells is counteracted by carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 over-expression
Sol ERM, Sargsyan E, Akusjarvi G, Bergsten P
522 - 525 Rapid detection and identification of a pathogen's DNA using Phi29 DNA polymerase
Xu Y, Gao S, Bruno JF, Luft BJ, Dunn JJ
526 - 530 Piezoelectric printing and probing of Lectin NanoProbeArrays for glycosylation analysis
Nagaraj VJ, Eaton S, Thirstrup D, Wiktor P
531 - 535 Molecular cloning, expression, and characterization of mouse amine N-sulfotransferases
Takahashi S, Sakakibara Y, Mishiro E, Kouriki H, Nobe R, Kurogi K, Yasuda S, Liu MC, Suiko M
536 - 540 Cloning and functional analysis of novel short-chain cis-prenyltransferases
Ambo T, Noike M, Kurokawa H, Koyama T
541 - 546 Molecular cloning, expression, and characterization of a novel endo-alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase from Enterococcus faecalis
Goda HM, Ushigusa K, Ito H, Okino N, Narimatsu H, Ito M
547 - 551 In vitro differentiation of human adipose tissue-derived stem cells into cells with pancreatic phenotype by regenerating pancreas extract
Lee J, Han DJ, Kim SC
552 - 556 VIP induces PKA-mediated rapid and sustained phosphorylation of HSP20
Gilmont RR, Somara S, Bitar KN
557 - 561 Caveolin-1 regulates BMPRII localization and signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells
Wertz JW, Bauer PM
562 - 565 The psoriasis drug monomethylfumarate is a potent nicotinic acid receptor agonist
Tang H, Lu JYL, Zheng XM, Yang YH, Reagan JD
566 - 570 Up-regulation of E-cadherin by small activating RNA inhibits cell invasion and migration in 5637 human bladder cancer cells
Mao QQ, Li YB, Zheng XY, Yang K, Shen HF, Qin J, Bai Y, Kong DB, Jia XL, Xie LP
571 - 575 Some effects of the venom of the Chilean spider Latrodectus mactans on endogenous ion-currents of Xenopus laevis oocytes
Parodi J, Romero F, Miledi R, Martinez-Torres A
576 - 580 Acetylation of Sirt2 by p300 attenuates its deacetylase activity
Han Y, Jin YH, Kim YJ, Kang BY, Choi HJ, Kim DW, Yeo CY, Lee KY
581 - 585 Topology and identification of critical residues of the O-acetyltransferase of serotype-converting bacteriophage, SF6, of Shigella flexneri
Thanweer F, Tahiliani V, Korres H, Verma NK
586 - 591 Probing force-induced unfolding intermediates of a single staphylococcal nuclease molecule and the effect of ligand binding
Ishii T, Murayama Y, Katano A, Maki K, Kuwajima K, Sano M
592 - 595 Caveolae as potential mediators of MCH-signaling pathways
Cook LB, Delorme-Axford EB, Robinson K
596 - 601 Tamoxifen does not inhibit the swell activated chloride channel in human neutrophils during the respiratory burst
Ahluwalia J
602 - 607 Oxidative stress induced lipid accumulation via SREBP1c activation in HepG2 cells
Sekiya M, Hiraishi A, Touyama M, Sakamoto K
608 - 613 Actein inhibits the Na+-K+-ATPase and enhances the growth inhibitory effect of digitoxin on human breast cancer cells
Einbond LS, Shimizu M, Ma H, Wu HA, Goldsberry S, Sicular S, Panjikaran M, Genovese G, Cruz E
614 - 618 An N-terminal 78 amino acid truncation of REIC/Dkk-3 effectively induces apoptosis
Abarzua F, Kashiwakura Y, Takaoka M, Watanabe M, Ochiai K, Sakaguchi M, Iwawaki T, Tanimoto R, Nasu Y, Huh NH, Kumon H
619 - 622 Fine epitope mapping of humanized anti-IgE monoclonal antibody omalizumab
Zheng L, Li BH, Qian WZ, Zhao L, Cao ZG, Shi S, Gao J, Zhang DP, Hou S, Dai JX, Wang H, Guo YJ
623 - 627 Trichoplax, the simplest known animal, contains an estrogen-related receptor but no estrogen receptor: Implications for estrogen receptor evolution
Baker ME
628 - 633 RXR agonists inhibit oxidative stress-induced apoptosis in H9c2 rat ventricular cells
Shan PR, Pu J, Yuan AC, Shen L, Shen LH, Chai DJ, He B
634 - 638 Thermodynamic analysis of the heterodimerization of leucine zippers of Jun and Fos transcription factors
Seldeen KL, McDonald CB, Deegan BJ, Farooq A
639 - 644 Arabidopsis AAL-toxin-resistant mutant atr1 shows enhanced tolerance to programmed cell death induced by reactive oxygen species
Gechev TS, Ferwerda MA, Mehterov N, Laloi C, Qureshi MK, Hille J
645 - 650 The effect of high intensity focused ultrasound treatment on metastases in a murine melanoma model
Xing YF, Lu XC, Pua EC, Zhong P
651 - 654 The acidic motif of WNK4 is crucial for its interaction with the K channel ROMK
Murthy M, Cope G, O'Shaughnessy KM
655 - 659 PICK1 binds to calcineurin B and modulates the NFAT activity in PC12 cells
Iida T, Egusa H, Saeki M, Yatani H, Kamisaki Y
660 - 665 Dishevelled-induced phosphorylation regulates membrane localization of Par1b
Terabayashi T, Funato Y, Miki H
666 - 670 Bone marrow strornal cells induce apoptosis of lymphoma cells in the presence of IFN gamma and TNF by producing nitric oxide
Xu GW, Zhang YY, Zhang LY, Ren GW, Shi YF
671 - 674 Lys89, Lys90, and Phe91 are critical core amino acid residues of the Pen ch 18 major fungal allergen recognized by human IgE antibodies
Cheng TT, Tam MF, Chou H, Tai HY, Shen HD
675 - 679 A splicing isoform of LPP1, LPP1a, exhibits high phosphatase activity toward FTY720 phosphate
Yamanaka M, Anada Y, Igarashi Y, Kihara A
680 - 683 Ionic interactions are essential for TRPV1 C-terminus binding to calmodulin
Grycova L, Lansky Z, Friedlova E, Obsilova V, Janouskova H, Obsil T, Teisinger J
684 - 688 Blockade of processing/activation of caspase-3 by hypoxia
Han SH, Kim M, Park K, Kim TH, Seol DW