Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.374, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 5 Crystal structure of unphosphorylated STAT3 core fragment
Ren ZY, Mao X, Mertens C, Krishnaraj R, Qin J, Mandal PK, Romanowski MJ, McMurray JS, Chen XM
6 - 10 Protective role of c-Jun N-terminal kinase 2 in acetaminophen-induced liver injury
Bourdi M, Korrapati MC, Chakraborty M, Yee SB, Pohl LR
11 - 16 Activation of cardiac progenitor cells through paracrine effects of mesenchymal stem cells
Nakanishi C, Yamagishi M, Yamahara K, Hagino I, Mori H, Sawa Y, Yagihara T, Kitamura S, Nagaya N
17 - 21 Ectopic expression of tmie transgene induces various recovery levels of behavior and hearing ability in the circling mouse
Shin MJ, Lee JH, Yu DH, Kim BS, Kim HJ, Kim SH, Kim MO, Park C, Hyun BH, Lee S, So HS, Park R, Ryoo ZY
22 - 27 Distribution, gene expression, and functional role of EphA4 during ossification
Kuroda C, Kubota S, Kawata K, Aoyama E, Sumiyoshi K, Oka M, Inoue M, Minagi S, Takigawa M
28 - 32 3D local structure around Zn in Kti11p as a representative Zn-(Cys)4 motif as obtained by MXAN
Yu MJ, Yang FF, Chu WS, Wang Y, Zhao HF, Gao B, Zhao W, Sun JP, Wu FM, Zhang XW, Shi YY, Wu ZY
33 - 37 p62 serves as a shuttling factor for TrkA interaction with the proteasome
Geetha T, Seibenhener ML, Chen L, Madura K, Wooten MW
38 - 43 Investigation of the role of CD1d-restricted invariant NKT cells in experimental choroidal neovascularization
Hijioka K, Sonoda KH, Tsutsumi-Miyahara C, Fujimoto T, Oshima Y, Taniguchi M, Ishibashi T
44 - 48 Trehalose impairs aggregation of PrPSc molecules and protects prion-infected cells against oxidative damage
Beranger F, Crozet C, Goldsborough A, Lehmann S
49 - 54 Proteomic analysis uncovers a metabolic phenotype in C. elegans after nhr-40 reduction of function
Pohludka M, Simeckova K, Vohanka J, Yilma P, Novak P, Krause MW, Kostrouchova M, Kostrouch Z
55 - 59 Long-term effects of resveratrol supplementation on suppression of atherogenic lesion formation and cholesterol synthesis in apo E-deficient mice
Do GM, Kwon EY, Kim HJ, Jeon SM, Ha TY, Park T, Choi MS
60 - 63 Synergistic action of gastrin and ghrelin on gastric acid secretion in rats
Fukumoto K, Nakahara K, Katayama T, Miyazatao M, Kangawa K, Murakami N
64 - 68 Stathmin-like 2, a developmentally-associated neuronal marker, is expressed and modulated during osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells
Chiellini C, Grenningloh G, Cochet O, Scheideler M, Trajanoski Z, Ailhaud G, Dani C, Amri EZ
69 - 73 Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) reverses hyperglycemia in rat
Luo LG, Luo JZQ, Jackson IMD
74 - 78 Sphingosine kinase inhibitor suppresses IL-18-induced interferon-gamma production through inhibition of p38 MAPK activation in human NK cells
Cheon S, Song SB, Jung M, Park Y, Bang JW, Kim TS, Park H, Kim CH, Yang YH, Bang SI, Cho D
79 - 83 Essential role of Chk1 in S phase progression through regulation of RNR2 expression
Naruyama H, Shimada M, Niida H, Zineldeen DH, Hashimoto Y, Kohri K, Nakanishi M
84 - 89 Effects of downregulated HDAC6 expression on the proliferation of lung cancer cells
Kamemura K, Ito A, Shimazu T, Matsuyama A, Maeda S, Yao TP, Horinouchi S, Khochbin S, Yoshida M
90 - 94 Nanostructure and force spectroscopy analysis of human peripheral blood CD4(+) T cells using atomic force microscopy
Hu MQ, Wang JK, Cai JY, Wu YZ, Wang XP
95 - 100 Regulation of lipogenesis via BHLHB2/DEC1 and ChREBP feedback looping
Iizuka K, Horikawa Y
101 - 105 Allele-specific targeting of hsa-miR-657 to human IGF2R creates a potential mechanism underlying the association of ACAA-insertion/deletion polymorphism with type 2 diabetes
Lv K, Guo YJ, Zhang YL, Wang KY, Jia Y, Sun SH
106 - 110 Reference gene selection for real-time RT-PCR in regenerating mouse livers
Tatsumi K, Ohashi K, Taminishi S, Okano T, Yoshioka A, Shima M
111 - 116 Blocking CD147 induces cell death in cancer cells through impairment of glycolytic energy metabolism
Baba M, Inoue M, Itoh K, Nishizawa Y
117 - 122 Stimulation of muscle cell glucose uptake by resveratrol through sirtuins and AMPK
Breen DM, Sanli T, Giacca A, Tsiani E
123 - 127 N-Glycosylation is required for Na+-dependent vitamin C transporter functionality
Subramanian VS, Marchant JS, Reidling JC, Said HM
128 - 133 Heterooligomers of the muscarinic receptor and G proteins purified from porcine atria
Ma AWS, Pawagi AB, Wells JW
134 - 137 Inactive S298R disassembles the dodecameric L-aspartate 4-decarboxylase into dimers
Wang NC, Ko TP, Lee CY
138 - 142 Construction of a non-infectious SARS coronavirus replicon for application in drug screening and analysis of viral protein function
Wang JM, Wang LF, Shi ZL
143 - 146 Characterization of isolated ventricular myocytes from adult zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Brette F, Luxan G, Cros C, Dixey H, Wilson C, Shiels HA
147 - 151 Lysophosphatidylserine stimulates chemotactic migration in U87 human glioma cells
Lee SY, Lee HY, Kim SD, Jo SH, Shim JW, Lee HJ, Yun J, Bae YS
152 - 157 Molecular mechanisms for Kv1.3 potassium channel current inhibition by CD3/CD28 stimulation in Jurkat T cells
Matsushita Y, Ohya S, Itoda H, Kimura T, Suzuki Y, Yamamura H, Imaizumi Y
158 - 163 Different inhibitory response of cyanidin and methylene blue for filament formation of tau microtubule-binding domain
Hattori M, Sugino E, Minoura K, In Y, Sumida M, Taniguchi T, Tomoo K, Ishida T
164 - 168 Bone morphogenetic protein-4 strongly potentiates growth factor-induced proliferation of mammary epithelial cells
Montesano R, Sarkozi R, Schramek H
169 - 174 Design and kinetic analysis of hammerhead ribozyme and DNAzyme that specifically cleave TEL-AML1 chimeric mRNA
Choi WH, Choi BR, Kim JH, Yeo WS, Oh S, Kim DE