Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.371, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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587 - 590 ROCK, PAK, and Toll of synapses in Alzheimer's disease
Salminen A, Suuronen T, Kaarniranta K
591 - 595 Genetic association of DRD2 polymorphisms with anxiety scores among alcohol-dependent patients
Joe KH, Kim DJ, Park BL, Yoon S, Lee HK, Kim TS, Cheon YH, Gwon DH, Cho SN, Lee HW, NamGung S, Shin HD
596 - 599 Thermodynamic analysis reveals that GTP binding affects the interaction between the alpha- and gamma-subunits of translation initiation factor 2
Nakakido M, Tanaka Y, Sokabe M, Tsumoto K
600 - 605 Catalytic mechanism of inulinase from Arthrobacter sp S37
Kim KY, Nascimento AS, Golubev AM, Polikarpov I, Kim CS, Kang SI, Kim SI
606 - 609 S-Adenosyl-L-methionine activates the cardiac ryanodine receptor
Kampfer AJ, Balog EM
610 - 614 Single amino acid of an octopamine receptor as a molecular switch for distinct G protein couplings
Huang J, Hamasaki T, Ozoe F, Ozoe Y
615 - 620 Heterogeneic nature of adult cardiac side population cells
Yamahara K, Fukushima S, Coppen SR, Felkin LE, Varela-Carver A, Barton PJR, Yacoub MH, Suzuki K
621 - 625 Stimulated endocytosis in penetratin uptake: Effect of arginine and lysine
Amand HL, Fant K, Norden B, Esbjorner EK
626 - 629 TNF alpha protects tissue resident stem cells from H2O2 induced apoptosis through a novel NF-kappa B p50/p50 homodimer mediated signaling pathway
Droll L, Song YH, Krohn A, Muehlberg F, Alt E
630 - 634 ERK activation is only one role of PKC in TCR-independent cytotoxic T cell granule exocytosis
Pores-Fernando AT, Gaur S, Grybko MJ, Zweifach A
635 - 638 Peripheral blood monocytes from the decompensated liver cirrhosis could migrate into nude mouse liver with human hepatocyte-markers expression
Yan L, Han Y, Wang JB, Liu JM, He YL, Wang HH, Fan DM
639 - 643 Novel antibody to human BASP1 labels apoptotic cells post-caspase activation
Ohsawa S, Watanabe T, Katada T, Nishina H, Miura M
644 - 648 SH3BP2 is an activator of NFAT activity and osteoclastogenesis
Lietman SA, Yin LH, Levine MA
649 - 653 Expression of thiazide-sensitive Na+-Cl- cotransporter in the rat endolymphatic sac
Akiyama K, Miyashita T, Mori T, Inamoto R, Mori N
654 - 658 Low concentration of condensed tannins from catechu significantly inhibits fatty acid synthase and growth of MCF-7 cells
Zhang SY, Zheng CG, Yan XY, Tian WX
659 - 663 Endothelins stimulate the production of stromelysin-1 in cultured rat astrocytes
Koyama Y, Tanaka K
664 - 669 Expression and subcellular localization of thymosin beta15 following kainic acid treatment in rat brain
Kim YW, Kim Y, Kim EH, Koh D, Sun W, Kim H
670 - 674 Antimicrobial activity of human beta-defensins and induction by Francisella
Han S, Bishop BM, van Hoek ML
675 - 678 PPAR alpha gene expression is up-regulated by LXR and PXR activators in the small intestine
Inoue J, Satoh SI, Kita M, Nakahara M, Hachimura S, Miyata M, Nishimaki-Mogami T, Sato R
679 - 683 Association of Gap-43 (neuromodulin) with microtubule-associated protein MAP-2 in neuronal cells
Chakravarthy B, Rashid A, Brown L, Tessier L, Kelly J, Menard M
684 - 688 Karyopherin beta 3: A new cellular target for the HPV-16 E5 oncoprotein
Krawczyk E, Hanover JA, Schlegel R, Suprynowicz FA
689 - 693 A unique nuclear receptor direct repeat 17 (DR17) is present within the upstream region of Schistosoma mansoni female-specific p14 gene
Fantappie MR, Furtado DR, Rumjanek FD, LoVerde PT
694 - 697 Accumulation of DSBs in gamma-H2AX domains fuel chromosomal aberrations
Scherthan H, Hieber L, Braselmann H, Meineke V, Zitzelsberger H
698 - 701 A lectin recognizes differential arrangements of O-glycans on mucin repeats
Kato K, Takeuchi H, Ohki T, Waki M, Usami K, Hassan H, Clausen H, Irimura T
702 - 706 Characterization of the novel gene BjDREB1B encoding a DRE-binding transcription factor from Brassica juncea L.
Cong L, Chai TY, Zhang YX
707 - 712 Identification of the orphan GPCR, P2Y(10) receptor as the sphingosine-1-phosphate and lysophosphatidic acid receptor
Murakami M, Shiraishi A, Tabata K, Fujita N
713 - 718 TGF-beta 1 induced NIMP-9 expression in HNSCC cell lines via Smad/MLCK pathway
Sinpitaksakul SN, Pimkhaokham A, Sanchavanakit N, Pavasant P
719 - 723 Unexpected dependence on pH of NO release from Paracoccus pantotrophus cytochrome cd(1)
Sam KA, Tolland JD, Fairhurst SA, Higham CW, Lowe DJ, Thorneley RNF, Allen JWA, Ferguson SJ
724 - 728 Motif analysis of amphioxus, lamprey and invertebrate estrogen receptors: Toward a better understanding of estrogen receptor evolution
Baker ME, Chandsawangbhuwana C
729 - 734 Increase of insulin sensitivity and reversal of age-dependent glucose intolerance with inhibition of ASIC3
Huang SJ, Yang WS, Lin YW, Wang HC, Chen CC
735 - 740 FKBP12.6 disruption impairs glucose-induced insulin secretion
Noguchi N, Yoshikawa T, Ikeda T, Takahashi I, Shervani NJ, Uruno A, Yamauchi A, Nata K, Takasawa S, Okamoto H, Sugawara A
741 - 746 Expression profile and characterisation of a truncated KCNQ5 splice variant
Yeung SYM, Lange W, Schwake M, Greenwood LA
747 - 751 Conditional expression of microRNA against E-selectin inhibits leukocyte-endothelial adhesive interaction under inflammatory condition
Yoshizaki K, Wakita H, Takeda K, Takahashi K
752 - 755 The anti-apoptotic effect of IGF-1 on tissue resident stem cells is mediated via PI3-kinase dependent secreted frizzled related protein 2 (5firp2) release
Gehmert S, Sadat S, Song YH, Yan Y, Alt E
756 - 761 Globular adiponectin inhibits GnRH secretion from GT1-7 hypothalamic GnRH neurons by induction of hyperpolarization of membrane potential
Wen JP, Lv WS, Yang J, Nie AF, Cheng XB, Yang Y, Ge Y, Li XY, Ning G
762 - 766 T cell receptor-mediated signaling induces GRP78 expression in T cells: The implications in maintaining T cell viability
Takano S, Ando T, Hiramatsu N, Kanayama A, Maekawa S, Ohnuma Y, Enomoto N, Ogawa H, Paton AW, Paton JC, Kitamura M, Nakao A
767 - 771 Association of the ins/del polymorphisms of uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2) with BMI in a Korean population
Lee YH, Kim W, Yu BC, Park BL, Kim LH, Shin HD
772 - 776 Relationship between the flexibility and the motility of actin filaments: Effects of pH
Arii Y, Hatori K
777 - 780 Design, synthesis, and biophysical properties of a helical A beta 1-42 analog: Inhibition of fibrillogenesis and cytotoxicity
Matsuzaki K, Okada T, Tsukuda M, Ikeda K, Sohma Y, Chiyomori Y, Taniguchi A, Nakamura S, To N, Hayashi Y, Kiso Y
781 - 786 Synaptotagmin IV regulates dense core vesicle (DCV) release in L beta T2 cells
Hu ZT, Chen MR, Ping Z, Dong YM, Zhang RY, Xu T, Wu ZX
787 - 792 Endothelial cell cytoskeletal alignment independent of fluid shear stress on micropatterned surfaces
Vartanian KB, Kirkpatrick SJ, Hanson SR, Hinds MT
793 - 798 Soluble PTK7 inhibits tube formation, migration, and invasion of endothelial cells and angiogenesis
Shin WS, Maeng YS, Jung JW, Min JK, Kwon YG, Lee ST
799 - 803 Immune-suppressive activity of punicalagin via inhibition of NFAT activation
Lee SI, Kim BS, Kim KS, Lee S, Shin KS, Lim JS
804 - 809 Hyper-phosphorylation of alpha-enolase in hypertrophied left ventricle of spontaneously hypertensive rat
Jin X, Wang LS, Xia L, Zheng Y, Meng C, Yu Y, Chen GQ, Fang NY
810 - 813 Kinetic evidence for rapid oxidation of (-)-epicatechin by human myeloperoxidase
Spalteholz H, Furtmuller PG, Jakopitsch C, Obinger C, Schewe T, Sies H, Arnhold J
814 - 817 The effect of charged lipids on hacteriorhodopsin membrane reconstitution and its photochemical activities
Wang Z, Bai J, Xu YH
818 - 822 Adding L-lysine derivatives to the genetic code of mammalian cells with engineered pyrrolysyl-tRNA synthetases
Mukai T, Kobayashi T, Hino N, Yanagisawa T, Sakamoto K, Yokoyama S
823 - 828 The IL-6 family of cytokines modulates STAT3 activation by desumoylation of PML through SENP1 induction
Ohbayashi N, Kawakami S, Muromoto R, Togi S, Ikeda O, Kamitani S, Sekine Y, Honjoh T, Matsuda T
829 - 833 NFBD1/MDC1 stabilizes oncogenic MDM2 to contribute to cell fate determination in response to DNA damage
Inoue K, Nakanjishi M, Kikuchi H, Yamamoto H, Todo S, Nakagawara A, Ozaki T
834 - 840 NADPH oxidase activation is required for migration by LIGHT in human monocytes
Heo SK, Yun HJ, Park WH, Park SD
841 - 845 Advanced method for high-throughput expression of mutated eukaryotic membrane proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Ito K, Sugawara T, Shiroishi M, Tokuda N, Kurokawa A, Misaka T, Makyio H, Yurugi-Kobayashi T, Shimamura T, Nomura N, Murata T, Abe K, Iwata S, Kobayashi T
846 - 849 Intracellular third loop-C-terminal tail interaction in prostaglandin EP3 beta receptor
Yano Y, Shimbo T, Sugimoto Y, Matsuzaki K
850 - 854 Antigen-specific T-cell induction by vaccination with a recombinant Sendai virus vector even in the presence of vector-specific neutralizing antibodies in rhesus macaques
Moriya C, Horiba S, Inoue M, Iida A, Hara H, Shu T, Hasegawa M, Matano T
855 - 859 Expression of microsomal lanosterol 14 alpha-demethylase (CYP51) in an engineered soluble monomeric form
Seliskar M, Kosir R, Roman D
860 - 865 A never defensin from the lentil Lens culinaris seeds
Finkina EI, Shramova EI, Tagaev AA, Ovchinnikova TV
866 - 871 Effects of gangliosides on the differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts by modulating epidermal growth factor receptors
Kim SM, Jung JU, Ryu JS, Jin JW, Yang HJ, Ko K, You HK, Jung KY, Choo YK
872 - 876 Identification of a novel splice variant of the haloacid dehalogenase: PHOSPHO1
Roberts SJ, Owen HC, Farquharson C
877 - 882 Nephrocystin-1 interacts directly with Ack1 and is expressed in human collecting duct
Eley L, Moochhala SH, Simms R, Hildebrandt F, Sayer JA
883 - 888 Proteomic analysis of phosphoproteins regulated by abscisic acid in rice leaves
He HQ, Li JX
889 - 893 Drosophila arginine methyltransferase 1 (DART1) is an ecdysone receptor co-repressor
Kimura S, Sawatsubashi S, Ito S, Kouzmenko A, Suzuki E, Zhao Y, Yamagata K, Tanabe M, Ueda T, Fujiyama S, Murata T, Matsukawa H, Takeyama K, Yaegashi N, Kato S
894 - 899 Inhibition of GSK-3 reduces infarct volume and improves neurobehavioral functions
Koh SH, Yoo AR, Chang DI, Hwang SJ, Kim SH
900 - 905 TNF-induced gene expression oscillates in time
Sun L, Yang GZ, Zaidi M, Iqbal J
906 - 911 TNF-induced MAP kinase activation oscillates in time
Iqbal J, Zaidi M
912 - 916 TNF-induced oscillations in combinatorial transcription factor binding
Sun L, Yang GZ, Zaidi M, Iqbal J