Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.371, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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177 - 179 The PPAR gamma coding region and its role in visceral obesity
Yin KB, Najimudin N, Muhammad TST
180 - 184 Molecular characterization of two novel isoforms and a soluble form of mouse CLEC-2
Xie JH, Wu T, Guo L, Ruan YY, Zhou L, Zhu HY, Yun XJ, Hong Y, Jiang JH, Wen YM, Gu JX
185 - 190 Rehmannia inhibits adipocyte differentiation and adipogenesis
Jiang L, Zhang NX, Mo W, Wan R, Ma CG, Li X, Gu YL, Yang XY, Tang QQ, Song HY
191 - 196 PLAP-1/asporin inhibits activation of BMP receptor via its leucine-rich repeat motif
Tomoeda M, Yamada S, Shirai H, Ozawa Y, Yanagita M, Murakami S
197 - 202 Thiazolidinediones inhibit the growth of PC12 cells both in vitro and in vivo
Kim SW, Choi OK, Chang MS, Shin CS, Park KS, Kim SY
203 - 208 Reactive oxygen species generated by thiol-modifying phenylarsine oxide stimulate the expression of protein L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase
Fanelus I, Desrosiers RR
209 - 214 Proteasome inhibitor MG-132 Rowers gastric adenocarcinoma TMK1 cell proliferation via bone morphogenetic protein signaling
Wu WKK, Sung JJY, Yu L, Cho CH
215 - 219 The first but not the second thrombospondin type 1 repeat of ADAMTS5 functions as an angiogenesis inhibitor
Sharghi-Namini S, Fan HP, Sulochana KN, Potturi P, Xiang W, Chong YS, Wang ZY, Yang H, Ge RW
220 - 224 Quantifying the effects of co-expressing EGFR and HER2 on HER activation and trafficking
Shankaran H, Zhang Y, Opresko L, Resat H
225 - 229 DNA damage response protein ASCIZ links base excision repair with immunuglobulin gene conversion
Oka H, Sakai W, Sonoda E, Nakamura J, Asagoshi K, Wilson SH, Kobayashi M, Yamamoto K, Heierhorst J, Takeda S, Taniguchi Y
230 - 235 Ganglioside GD1a suppresses TNF alpha expression via Pkn1 at the transcriptional level in mouse osteosarcoma-derived FBJ cells
Wang L, Wang Y, Sato T, Yamagata S, Yamagata T
236 - 241 Expression of surface CD1d in the extravillous trophoblast cells of early gestational placenta is downregulated in a manner dependent on trophoblast differentiation
Matsumoto J, Kawana K, Nagamatsu T, Schust DJ, Fujii T, Sato H, Hyodo H, Yasugi T, Kozuma S, Taketani Y
242 - 246 Dendritic cell vaccine with mRNA targeted to the proteasome by polyubiquitination
Hosoi A, Takeda Y, Sakuta K, Ueha S, Kurachi M, Kimura K, Maelawa R, Kalimi K
247 - 250 UDP-glucuronosyltransferases 1A6 and 1A10 catalyze reduced menadione glucuronidation
Nishiyarna T, Ohnuma T, Inoue Y, Kishi T, Ogura K, Hiratsuka A
251 - 255 Heterogeneity in binding and gene-expression regulation by HRF-2 alpha
Koizume S, Yokota N, Miyagi E, Hirahara F, Tsuchiya E, Miyagi Y
256 - 260 UbcH6 interacts with and ubiquitinates the SCA1 gene product ataxin-1
Hong S, Lee S, Cho SG, Kang S
261 - 266 Transcription of the caspase-14 gene in human epiderma keratinocytes requires AP-1 and NF kappa B
Ballaun C, Karner S, Mrass P, Mildner M, Buchberger M, Bach J, Ban J, Harant H, Tschachler E, Eckharta L
267 - 272 Induction of neural stem cell-like cells (NSCLCs) from mouse astrocytes by Bmi1
Moon JH, Yoon BS, Kim B, Park G, Jung HY, Maeng I, Jun EK, Yoo SJ, Kim A, Oh S, Whang KY, Kim H, Kim DW, Kim KD, You S
273 - 277 Downregulation of Ras C-terminal processing by JNK inhibition
Mouri W, Tachibana K, Tomiyama A, Sunayama J, Sato A, Sakurada K, Kayama T, Kitanaka C
278 - 282 Isoeleutherin and eleutherinol, naturally occurring selective modulators of Th cell-mediated immune responses
Hong JH, Yu ES, Han AR, Nam JW, Seo EK, Hwang ES
283 - 288 Hypoxia enhances CXCR4 expression favoring microglia migration via HRF-1 alpha activation
Wang XB, Li CX, Chen Y, Hao YT, Zhou W, Chen CH, Yu ZP
289 - 293 Isodihydrocapsiate stimulates plasma glucose uptake by activation of AMP-activated protein kinase
Hwang SL, Yang BK, Lee JY, Kim JH, Kim BH, Suh KH, Kim DY, Kim MS, Song H, Park BS, Huh TL
294 - 297 NIK and Cot cooperate to trigger NF-kappa B p65 phosphorylation
Wittwer T, Schmitz ML
298 - 303 Macrophage migration inhibitory factor induces cardiomyocyte apoptosis
Dhanantwari P, Nadaraj S, Lenessey A, Chowdhury D, Al-Abed Y, Miller EJ, Ojamaa K
304 - 308 EPK signaling regulates tumor promoter induced c-Jun recruitment at the Fra-1 promoter
Adiseshaiah P, Li J, Vaz M, Kalvakolanu DV, Reddy SP
309 - 314 C/EBP and C-Myb sites are important for the functional activity of the human myeloperoxidase upstream enhancer
Yao CJ, Qin ZY, Works KN, Austin GE, Young AN
315 - 319 Overlapping functions of different dynamin isoforms in clathrin-dependent and -independent endocytosis in pancreatic beta cells
Lu JZ, He ZX, Fan JM, Xu PY, Chen LY
320 - 323 Ablation of estrogen receptor alpha (ER alpha) prevents upregulation of POMC by leptin and insulin
Hirosawa M, Minata M, Harada KH, Hitomi T, Krust A, Koizumi A
324 - 327 Changes on histone H3 modifications on the GLUT5 gene and its expression in Caco-2 cells co-treated with a p44/42 MAPK inhibitor and glucocorticoid hormone
Mochizuki K, Takabe S, Goda T
328 - 332 The intramolecular autoglucosylation of monomeric glycogenin
Bazan S, Issoglio FM, Carrizo ME, Curtino JA
333 - 338 LYRIC/AEG-1 overexpression modulates BCCIP alpha protein levels in prostate tumor cells
Ash SC, Yang DQ, Britt DE
339 - 344 Chlamydia trachomatis tarp is phosphorylated by src family tyrosine kinases
Jewett TJ, Dooley CA, Mead DJ, Hackstadt T