Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.370, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 5 Calcium-regulated intramembrane proteolysis of the RAGE receptor
Galichet A, Weibel M, Heimann CW
6 - 10 Diterpene, 16-phyllocladanol enhances Th1 polarization induced by LPS-primed DC, but not TNF-alpha-primed DC
Takei M, Umeyama A, Shoji N, Hashimotob T
11 - 15 Induction of expression and co-localization of heat shock polypeptides with the polyalanine expansion mutant of poly(A)-binding protein N1 after chemical stress
Wang Q, Bag J
16 - 21 A new EAE model of brain demyelination induced by intracerebroventricular pertussis toxin
Zhao CB, Coons SW, Cui M, Shi FD, Vollmer TL, Ma CY, Kuniyoshi SM, Shi J
22 - 26 HIV-1 Env vaccine comprised of electroporated DNA and protein co-administered with Talabostat
Cristillo AD, Galmin L, Restrepo S, Hudacik L, Suschak J, Lewis B, Draghia-Akli R, Aziz N, Weiss D, Markham P, Pal R
27 - 32 Novel Rath peptide for intracellular delivery of protein and nucleic acids
Bais MV, Kumar S, Tiwari AK, Kataria RS, Nagaleekar VK, Shrivastava S, Chindera K
33 - 37 Regulation of pancreatic duct cell differentiation by phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase
Watanabe H, Saito H, Ueda J, Evers BM
38 - 43 Methylation of the DFNA5 increases risk of lymph node metastasis in human breast cancer
Kim MS, Lebron C, Nagpal JK, Chae YK, Chang XF, Huang YP, Chuang T, Yamashita K, Trink B, Ratovitski EA, Califano JA, Sidransky D
44 - 48 Effect of chronic alcohol consumption on Hepatic SIRT1 and PGC-1 alpha in rats
Lieber CS, Leo MA, Wang XL, DeCarli LM
49 - 52 Expression of the transcription factor 7-like 2 gene (TCF7L2) in human adipocytes is down regulated by insulin
Ahlzen M, Johansson LE, Cervin C, Tornqvist H, Groop L, Ridderstrale M
53 - 56 Protein acetylation sites mediated by Schistosoma mansoni GCN5
Maciel RD, da Costa RFM, de Oliveira FMB, Rumjanek FD, Fantappie MR
57 - 61 Mechanism of copper induced fluorescence quenching of red fluorescent protein, DsRed
Rahimi Y, Goulding A, Shrestha S, Mirpuri S, Deo SK
62 - 66 Subcellular localization of the Schlafen protein family
Neumann B, Zhao L, Murphy K, Gonda TJ
67 - 71 Identification and analysis of novel functional sites in human GD3-synthase
Gu Y, Yu RK
72 - 76 Computational analyses of JAK1 kinase domain: Subtle changes in the catalytic cleft influence inhibitor specificity
Zhang X, Hu YW, Yuan ZH
77 - 81 Activity-based selection of a proteolytic species using ribosome display
Quinn DJ, Cunningham S, Walker B, Scott CJ
82 - 86 Increased dopaminergic signaling impairs aversive olfactory memory retention in Drosophila
Zhang S, Yin Y, Lu H, Guo A
87 - 92 ALS2/alsin deficiency in neurons leads to mild defects in macropinocytosis and axonal growth
Otomo A, Kunita R, Suzuki-Utsunomiya K, Mizumura H, Onoe K, Osuga H, Hadano S, Ikeda JE
93 - 97 Applicability of new spin trap agent, 2-diphenylphosphinoyl-2-methyl-3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrrole N-oxide, in biological system
Karakawa T, Sato K, Muramoto Y, Mitani Y, Kitamado M, Iwanaga T, Nabeshima T, Maruyama K, Nakagawa K, Ishida K, SasaMoto K
98 - 103 Homologous chromosome pairing is completed in crossover defective atzip4 mutant
Kuromori T, Azumi Y, Hayakawa S, Kamiya A, Imura Y, Wada T, Shinozaki K
104 - 108 Selection of staphylococcal enterotoxin B (SEB)binding peptide using phage display technology
Soykut EA, Dudak FC, Boyaci IH
109 - 112 Selective apoptosis of breast cancer cells by siRNA targeting of BORIS
Dougherty CJ, Ichim TE, Liu L, Reznik G, Min WP, Ghochikyan A, Agadjanyan MG, Reznik BN
113 - 117 Adverse effects induced by short hairpin RNA expression in porcine fetal fibroblasts
Stewart CK, Li J, Golovan SP
118 - 122 Oncogenic virus-associated neoplasia: A role for cyclin D1 genotypes influencing the age of onset of disease?
Catarino R, Pereira D, Breda E, Coelho A, Matos A, Lopes C, Medeiros R
123 - 128 Role of Akt isoforms in HGF-induced invasive growth of human salivary gland cancer cells
Hara S, Nakashiro KI, Goda H, Hamakawa H
129 - 133 Microglia express a functional receptor for interleukin-23
Sonobe Y, Liang JF, Jin SJ, Zhang GQ, Takeuchi H, Mizuno T, Suzumura A
134 - 139 Links between enhanced fatty acid flux, protein kinase C and NF kappa B activation, and apoB-lipoprotein production in the fructose-fed hamster model of insulin resistance
Ragheb R, Medhat AM, Shanab GML, Seoudi DM, Fantus IG
140 - 144 Cloning and characterization of an rRNA methyltransferase from Sorangium cellulosum
Zhao JY, Xia ZJ, Sun X, Zhong L, Jiang DM, Liu H, Wang J, Qin ZJ, Li YZ
145 - 148 PPAR gamma ligands suppress the feedback loop between EM and cyclin-E1
Komatsu Y, Ito I, Wayama M, Fujimura A, Akaogi K, Machida H, Nakajima Y, Kuroda T, Ohmori K, Murayama A, Kimura K, Yanagisawa J
149 - 153 CD7 expression and galectin-1-induced apoptosis of immature thymocytes Are directly regulated by NF-kappa B upon T-cell activation
Koh HS, Lee C, Lee KS, Ham CS, Seong RH, Kim SS, Jeon SH
154 - 158 Ectodomain shedding of TNF-alpha is enhanced by nardilysin via activation of ADAM Proteases
Hiraoka Y, Yoshida K, Ohno M, Matsuoka T, Kita T, Nishi E
159 - 163 Fluid shear stress inhibits TNF-mediated JNK activation via MEKS-BMK1 in endothelial cells
Li L, Tatake RJ, Natarajan K, Taba Y, Garin G, Tai C, Leung E, Surapisitchat J, Yoshizumi M, Yan C, Abe JI, Berk BC
164 - 168 Development of homogeneous immunoassays based on protean fragment complementation
de las Heras R, Fry SR, Li J, Arel E, Kachab EH, Hazell SL, Huang CY
169 - 173 ETOH inhibits embryonic neural stem/precursor cell proliferation via PLD signaling
Fujita Y, Hiroyama M, Sanbe A, Yamauchi J, Murase S, Tanoue A
174 - 178 DPPC regulates COX-2 expression in monocytes via phosphorylation of CREB
Morris RHK, Tonks AJ, Jones KP, Ahluwalia MK, Thomas AW, Tonks A, Jackson SK
179 - 183 Sgt1 has co-chaperone properties and is up-regulated by heat shock
Zabka M, Lesniak W, Prus W, Kuznicki J, Filipek A
184 - 188 A molecular pathway involved in the generation of microtubule-associated protein 2-positive cells from microglia
Niidome T, Matsuda S, Nonaka H, Akaike A, Kihara T, Sugimoto H
189 - 194 Anti-tumor activity of ESX1 on cancer cells harboring oncogenic K-ras mutation
Nakajima J, Ishikawa S, Hamada JI, Yanagihara M, Koike T, Hatakeyama M
195 - 199 SSA/Ro52 autoantigen interacts with Dcp2 to enhance its decapping activity
Yamochi T, Ohnuma K, Hosono O, Tanaka H, Kanai Y, Morimoto C