Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.369, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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795 - 800 Identification of a cis-acting element of human dihydrofolate reductase mRNA
Tai N, Schmitz JC, Chen TM, O'Neill MB, Chu E
801 - 806 Common marmoset embryonic stem cell can differentiate into cardiomyocytes
Chen H, Hattori F, Murata M, Li W, Yuasa S, Onizuka T, Shimoji K, Ohno Y, Sasaki E, Kimura K, Hakuno D, Sano M, Makinoa S, Ogawa S, Fukuda K
807 - 811 Telomerase-mediated life-span extension of human primary fibroblasts by human artificial chromosome (HAC) vector
Shitara S, Kakeda M, Nagata K, Hiratsuka M, Sano A, Osawa K, Okazaki A, Katoh M, Kazuki Y, Oshimura M, Tomizuka K
812 - 817 Crystal structure of Trypanosoma cruzi dihydroorotate dehydrogenase from Y strain
Pinheiro MP, Iulek J, Nonato MC
818 - 823 Molluscan mobile elements similar to the vertebrate -Recombination-Activating Genes
Panchin Y, Moroz LL
824 - 829 Prolonged modulation of FGF-2 expression in astrocytic cultures induced by O,O'-diacetyl-apomorphine
He XC, Wang DK, Zhang XH, Li AQ, Gu XS, Ding F, Zhou HW
830 - 834 The formation of a novel supramolecular structure by amyloid of poly-L-glutamic acid
Bai F, Zeng CM, Yang SX, Zhang YZ, He Y, Jin J
835 - 840 The R215W mutation in NBS1 impairs gamma-H2AX binding and affects DNA repair: molecular bases for the severe phenotype of 657del5/R215W Nijmegen breakage syndrome patients
di Masi A, Viganotti M, Polticelli F, Ascenzi P, Tanzarella C, Antoccia A
841 - 844 Cellular prion protein in mammary gland and milk fractions of domestic ruminants
Didier A, Gebert R, Dietrich R, Schweiger M, Gareis M, Maerdbauer E, Amselgruber WM
845 - 848 ZIFIBI: Prediction of DNA binding sites for zinc finger proteins
Cho SY, Chung M, Park M, Park S, Lee YS
849 - 852 New polymorphic mtDNA restriction site in the 12S rRNA gene detected in Tunisian patients with non-syndromic hearing loss
Mkaouar-Rebai E, Thli A, Masmoudi S, Charfeddine H, Fakhfakh F
853 - 857 Interactions of a designed peptide with lipopolysaccharide: Bound conformation and anti-endotoxic activity
Bhunia A, Chua GL, Domadia PN, Warshakoon H, Cromer JR, David SA, Bhattacharjya S
858 - 861 Pleurocidin-derived antifungal peptides with selective membrane-disruption effect
Sung WS, Lee DG
862 - 867 Methylation of a conserved intronic CpG island of mouse SF-1 is associated with cell-specific expression of SF-1 in a culture system but not with tissue-specific expression
Shirohzu H, Okabe T, Gondo S, Tanaka T, Ohe K, Morinaga H, Kawate H, Nomura M, Takayanagi R, Nawata H, Yanase T
868 - 872 alpha-tocopherol disturbs macrophage LXR alpha regulation of ABCA1/G1 and cholesterol handling
Rode S, Rubic T, Lorenz RL
873 - 877 Nephrotoxic cell death by diclofenac and meloxicam
Ng LE, Halliwell B, Wong KP
878 - 883 Siglec-9 enhances IL-10 production in macrophages via tyrosine-based motifs
Ando M, Tu W, Nishijima KI, Iijima S
884 - 888 Chondrocyte acting as phagocyte to internalize polyethylene wear particles and leads to the elevations of osteoarthritis associated NO and PGE(2)
Chang CH, Fang HW, Ho YC, Huang HT
889 - 893 Caveolin-1 sensitizes vascular smooth muscle cells to mildly oxidized LDL-induced apoptosis
Ingueneau C, Huynh-Do U, Thiers JC, Negre-Salvayre A, Salvayre R, Vindis C
894 - 898 Caspase-dependent cleavage of BAG3 in proteasome inhibitors-induced apoptosis in thyroid cancer cells
Du ZX, Meng X, Zhang HY, Guan Y, Wang HQ
899 - 904 Stationary phase induced alterations in mycobacterial RNA polymerase assembly: A cue to its phenotypic resistance towards rifampicin
Mukherjee R, Chatterji D
905 - 909 Chorion gene activation and repression is dependent on BmC/EBP expression and binding to cognate cis-elements
Papantonis A, Sourmeli S, Lecanidou R
910 - 914 Characterization of fibrillation process of alpha-synuclein at the initial stage
Tashiro M, Kojima M, Kihara H, Kasai K, Kamiyoshihara T, Ueda K, Shimotakahara S
915 - 918 MESOMARK kit detects C-ERC/mesothelin, but not SMRP with C-terminus
Segawa T, Hagiwara Y, Ishikawa K, Aoki N, Maeda M, Shiomi K, Hino O
919 - 923 Crystal structure studies on sulfur oxygenase reductase from Acidianus tengchongensis
Li M, Chen ZW, Zhang PF, Pan XW, Jiang CY, An XM, Liu SJ, Chang WR
924 - 928 Differential effects of prion particle size on infectivity in vivo and in vitro
Weber P, Reznicek L, Mitteregger G, Kretzschmar H, Giese A
929 - 934 Investigating complexity of protein-protein interactions in focal adhesions
Lele TP, Thodeti CK, Pendse J, Ingber DE
935 - 938 Inhibition of alpha-globin gene expression by RNAi
Sarakul O, Vattanaviboon P, Wilairat P, Fucharoen S, Abe Y, Muta K
939 - 942 Functional polymorphisms in carboxylesterase 1A2 (CESIA2) gene involves specific protein 1 (Sp1) binding sites
Yoshimura M, Kimura T, Ishii M, Ishii K, Matsuura T, Geshi E, Hosokawa M, Muramatsu M
943 - 947 A functional polymorphism of the TNF-alpha gene that is associated with type 2 DM
Susa S, Daimon M, Sakabe JI, Sato H, Oizumi T, Karasawa S, Wada K, Jimbu Y, Kameda W, Emi M, Muramatsu M, Kato T
948 - 952 Involvement of aldolase A in X-ray resistance of human HeLa and UV-1 cells
Lu J, Suzuki T, Satoh M, Chen S, Tomonaga T, Nomura F, Suzuki N
953 - 957 Ionizing radiation downregulates ASPM, a gene responsible for microcephaly in humans
Fujimori A, Yaoi T, Ogi H, Wang B, Suetomi K, Sekine E, Yu D, Kato T, Takahashi S, Okayasu R, Toh K, Fushiki S
958 - 963 Identification of Tom5 and Tom6 in the preprotein translocase complex of human mitochondrial outer membrane
Kato H, Mihara K
964 - 968 Role of AMP-activated protein kinase in autophagy and proteasome function
Viana R, Aguado C, Esteban I, Moreno D, Viollet B, Knecht E, Sanz P
969 - 972 Inhibitory effect of obestatin on glucose-induced insulin secretion in rats
Ren AJ, Guo ZF, Wang YK, Wang LG, Wang WZ, Lin L, Zheng X, Yuan WJ
973 - 976 Claspin is phosphorylated in the Chk1-binding domain by a kinase distinct from Chk1
Bennett LN, Larkin C, Gillespie DA, Clarke PR
977 - 981 Localization of plasma membrane and secretory calcium pumps in the mammary gland
Faddy HM, Smart CE, Xu R, Lee GY, Kenny PA, Feng M, Rao R, Brown MA, Bissell MJ, Roberts-Thomson SJ, Monteith GR
982 - 988 Effect of double-strand break DNA sequence on the PARP-1 NHEJ pathway
Audebert M, Salles B, Calsou P