Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.367, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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715 - 718 NEMO shuttle: A link between DNA damage and NF-kappa B activation in progeroid syndromes?
Salminen A, Suuronen T, Huuskonen J, Kaarniranta K
719 - 724 Combined insulin B : 9-23 self-peptide and polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid accelerate insulitis but inhibit development of diabetes by increasing the proportion of CD4(+)Foxp3(+) regulatory T cells in the islets in non-obese diabetic mice
Fukushima K, Abiru N, Nagayama Y, Kobayashi M, Satoh T, Nakahara M, Kawasaki E, Yamasaki H, Ueha S, Matsushima K, Liu E, Eguchi K
725 - 728 Potential role of increased matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP2) transcription in impaired adipogenesis in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Severine GDA, Yourka DTA, Leonie KHA, Jeanine BABAA, Kelley DE, Smith SR, Fang XB, Ravussin E
729 - 735 Unsaturated fatty acids promote proliferation via ERK1/2 and Akt pathway in bovine mammary epithelial cells
Yonezawa T, Haga S, Kobayashi Y, Katoh K, Obara Y
736 - 742 Impaired capsule formation of tumors in periostin-null mice
Shimazaki M, Kudo A
743 - 747 Expression of Kir 4.1 in human astrocytic tumors: Correlation with pathologic grade
Tan G, Sun SQ, Yuan DL
748 - 754 Characterization of a new liver- and kidney-specific pfkfb3 isozyme that is downregulated by cell proliferation and dedifferentiation
Duran J, Gomez M, Navarro-Sabate A, Riera-Sans L, Obach M, Manzano A, Perales JC, Bartrons R
755 - 760 Developmentally synchronized expression of two Bombyx mori Piwi subfamily genes, SIWI and BmAGO3 in germ-line cells
Kawaoka S, Minami K, Katsuma S, Mita K, Shimada T
761 - 767 Inactivation of mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I leads mitochondrial nitric oxide synthase to become pro-oxidative
Parihar MS, Parihar A, Villamena FA, Vaccaro PS, Ghafourifar P
768 - 774 Characterization of Argonaute cDNA from Penaeus monodon and implication of its role in RNA interference
Dechklar M, Udomkit A, Panyim S
775 - 781 Simultaneous induction of apoptotic, autophagic, and necrosis-like cell death by monoclonal antibodies recognizing chicken transferrin receptor
Ohno Y, Yagi H, Nakamura M, Masuko K, Hashimoto Y, Masuko T
782 - 786 Studies on membrane-associated prostaglandin E synthase-2 with reference to production of 12L-hydroxy-5,8,10-heptadecatrienoic acid (HHT)
Watanabe K, Ito S, Yamamoto S
787 - 792 A brain-specific decrease of the tyrosine hydroxylase protein in sepiapterin reductase-null mice - as a mouse model for Parkinson's disease
Takazawa C, Fujimoto K, Homma D, Sumi-Ichinose C, Nomura T, Ichmose H, Katoh S
793 - 798 GLP-1 receptor signaling protects pancreatic beta cells in intraportal islet transplant by inhibiting apoptosis
Toyoda K, Okitsu T, Yamane S, Uonaga T, Liu XB, Harada N, Uemoto S, Seino Y, Inagaki N
799 - 804 Anticancer agent CHS-828 inhibits cellular synthesis of NAD
Olesen UH, Christensen MK, Bjorkling F, Jaattela M, Jensen PB, Sehested M, Nielsen SJ
805 - 812 The E3 ubiquitin ligase HECTD3 regulates ubiquitination and degradation of Tara
Yu J, Lan JP, Zhu YY, Li XX, Lai XY, Xue Y, Jin CJ, Huang H
813 - 819 Structure of the central RNA recognition motif of human TIA-1 at 1.95 angstrom resolution
Kumar AO, Swenson MC, Benning MM, Kielkopf CL
820 - 825 Comprehensive analysis of the functional TCR repertoire at the single-cell level
Ozawa T, Tajiri K, Kishi H, Muraguchi A
826 - 833 Caveolin-1 deficiency alters plasma lipid and lipoprotein profiles in mice
Heimer S, Liebisch G, Le Lay S, Bottcher A, Wiesner P, Lindtner S, Kurzchalia TV, Simons K, Schmitz G
834 - 839 Production of human erythropoietin by chimeric chickens
Kodama D, Nishimiya D, Iwata KI, Yamaguchi K, Yoshida K, Kawabe Y, Motono M, Watanabe H, Yamashita T, Nishijima KI, Kamihira M, Iijima S
840 - 845 cGMP rescues mitochondrial dysfunction induced by glucose and insulin in myocytes
Mitsuishi M, Miyashita K, Itoh H
846 - 851 Efficient protein expression from the endogenous RNA polymerase I promoter using a human ribosomal DNA targeting vector
Wen L, Liang DS, Wu LQ, Cai F, Pan Q, Long ZG, Dai HP, Xia K, Xia JH
852 - 858 Mass spectrometric identification of lysine residues of heme oxygenase-1 that are involved in its interaction with NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase
Higashimoto Y, Sugishima M, Sato H, Sakamoto H, Fukuyama K, Palmer G, Noguchi M
859 - 865 A dicyanotriterpenoid induces cytoprotective enzymes and reduces multiplicity of skin tumors in UV-irradiated mice
Dinkova-Kostova AT, Jenkins SN, Wehage SL, Huso DL, Benedict AL, Stephenson KK, Fahey JW, Liu H, Liby KT, Honda T, Gribble GW, Sporn MB, Talalay P
866 - 873 An accurate quantitative method for screening effective siRNA probes targeting a Hepatitis B virus transcript in single living cells
Tong WP, Zhou Y, Wang XX, Yang F, Wu KL, Wu JG, Zhang Y
874 - 880 Synthesis and characterization of folate-PEG-grafted-hyperbranched-PEI for tumor-targeted gene delivery
Liang B, He ML, Xiao ZP, Li Y, Chan CY, Kung HF, Shuai XT, Peng Y
881 - 887 Inflammatory osteoclastogenesis can be induced by GM-CSF and activated under TNF immunity
Nomura K, Kuroda S, Yoshikawa H, Tomita T
888 - 892 Grimelysin, a novel metalloprotease from Serratia grimesil, is similar to ECP32
Bozhokina E, Khaitlina S, Adam T
893 - 898 Neuroglobin: Enzymatic reduction and oxygen affinity
Giuffre A, Moschetti T, Vallone B, Brunori M
899 - 905 PRDM14 suppresses expression of differentiation marker genes in human embryonic stem cells
Tsuneyoshi N, Sumi T, Onda H, Nojima H, Nakatsuji N, Suemori H
906 - 911 Maternally inherited hypertension is associated with the mitochondrial tRNA(Ile) A4295G mutation in a Chinese family
Li ZB, Liu Y, Yang L, Wang SW, Guan MX