Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.367, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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517 - 522 Cathepsin E: A mini review
Zaidi N, Kalbacher H
523 - 529 Physical and functional interaction between archaeal single-stranded DNA-binding protein and the 5'-3' nuclease NurA
Wei T, Zhang ST, Zhu SS, Sheng DH, Ni JF, Shen YL
530 - 534 Hypotonic stimuli enhance proton-gated currents of acid-sensing ion channel-1b
Ugawa S, Ishida Y, Ueda T, Yu Y, Shimada S
535 - 541 Crystal structure of the YdjC-family protein TTHB029 from Thermus thermophilus HB8: Structural relationship with peptidoglycan N-acetylglucosamine deacetylase
Imagawa T, Lino H, Kanagawa M, Ebihara A, Kuramitsu S, Tsuge H
542 - 545 GC level and expression of human coding sequences
Arhondakis S, Clay O, Bernardi G
546 - 552 Continuous high expression of XBP1 and GRP78 is important for the survival of bone marrow cells in CCl4-treated cirrhotic liver
Marumoto Y, Tera S, Urata Y, Matsumoto T, Mizunaga Y, Yamamoto N, Jina H, Fujisawa K, Murata T, Shinoda K, Nishina H, Sakaida I
553 - 559 Regulation of the class II and class I MHC pathways in human THP-1 monocytic cells by interleukin-27
Feng XM, Liu N, Yang SG, Hu LY, Chen XL, Fang ZH, Ren Q, Lu SH, Liu B, Han ZC
560 - 565 Adiponectin binds C1q and activates the classical pathway of complement
Peake PW, Shen Y, Walther A, Charlesworth JA
566 - 572 4-Hydroxydocosahexaenoic acid, a potent peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma agonist alleviates the symptoms of DSS-induced colitis
Yamamoto K, Ninomiya Y, Iseki M, Nakachi Y, Kanesaki-Yatsuka Y, Yamanoue Y, Itoh T, Nishii Y, Petrovsky N, Okazaki Y
573 - 577 Caspase cleavage of the MET receptor generates an HGF interfering fragment
Deheuninck J, Foveau B, Goormachtigh G, Leroy C, Ji ZL, Tulasne D, Fafeur V
578 - 583 Heat shock protein 90 beta: A novel mediator of vitamin D action
Angelo G, Lamon-Fava S, Sonna LA, Lindauer ML, Wood RJ
584 - 589 Forkhead transcription factors regulate expression of the chemokine receptor CXCR4 in endothelial cells and CXCL12-induced cell migration
Hayashi H, Kume T
590 - 596 Prostaglandin F-2 alpha regulates cytokine responses of mast cells through the receptors for prostaglandin E
Kaneko I, Hishinuma T, Suzuki K, Owada Y, Kitanaka N, Kondo H, Goto J, Furukawa H, Ono M
597 - 602 Lithium blocks ethanol-induced modulation of protein kinases in the developing brain
Chakraborty G, Saito M, Mao RF, Wang R, Vadasz C, Saito M
603 - 608 Effects of dimethyl sulfoxide and dexamethasone on mRNA expression of housekeeping genes in cultures of C2C12 myotubes
Nishimura M, Nikawa T, Kawano Y, Nakayama M, Ikeda M
609 - 615 Lamotrigine inhibits TRESK regulated by G-protein coupled receptor agonists
Kang D, Kim GT, Kim EJ, La JH, Lee JS, Lee ES, Park JY, Hong SG, Han J
616 - 622 Enhanced autophagy and mitochondrial aberrations in murine G(M1)-gangliosidosis
Takamura A, Higaki K, Kajimaki K, Otsuka S, Ninomiya H, Matsuda J, Ohno K, Suzuki Y, Nanba E
623 - 629 Rosiglitazone stimulates the release and synthesis of insulin by enhancing GLUT-2, glucokinase and BETA2/NeuroD expression
Kim HS, Noh JH, Hong SH, Hwang YC, Yang TY, Lee MS, Kim KW, Lee MK
630 - 634 Identification of catalytic residues from protein structure using support vector machine with sequence and structural features
Pugalenthi G, Kumar KK, Suganthan PN, Gangal R
635 - 641 Transcriptome analysis of acclimatory responses to thermal stress in Antarctic algae
Hwang YS, Jung G, Jin E
642 - 648 Genetic ablation of IRAK4 kinase activity inhibits vascular lesion formation
Rekhter M, Staschke K, Estridge T, Rutherford P, Jackson N, Gifford-Moore D, Foxworthy P, Reidy C, Huang XD, Kalbfleisch M, Hui K, Kuo MS, Gilmour R, Vlahos CJ
649 - 655 G protein-coupled receptor kinase 4 gamma interacts with inactive G alpha(s) and G alpha(13)
Keever LB, Jones JE, Andresen BT
656 - 662 Histone acetylation is not an accurate predictor of gene expression following treatment with histone deacetylase inhibitors
Ellis DJP, Lawman ZK, Bonham K
663 - 666 UncI protein can mediate ring-assembly of c-subunits of FoF1-ATP synthase in vitro
Ozaki Y, Suzuki T, Kuruma Y, Ueda T, Yoshida M
667 - 673 Combined localization and real-time functional studies using a GFP-tagged ABCG2 multidrug transporter
Orban TI, Seres L, Ozvegy-Laczka C, Elkind NB, Sarkadi B, Homolya L
674 - 679 Galantamine and carbon monoxide protect brain microvascular endothelial cells by heme oxygenase-1 induction
Nakao A, Kaczorowski DJ, Zuckerbraun BS, Lei J, Faleo G, Deguchi K, McCurry KR, Billiar TR, Kanno S
680 - 686 The DEAD-box RNA helicase, Dhh1, functions in mating by regulating Ste12 translation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Ka M, Park YU, Kim J
687 - 692 Lysosome mediated Kir2.1 breakdown directly influences inward rectifier current density
Jansen JA, de Boer TP, Wolswinkel R, van Veen TAB, Vos MA, van Rijen HVM, van der Heyden MAG
693 - 699 Cathepsins are required for toll-like receptor 9 responses
Matsumoto F, Saitoh SI, Fukui R, Kobayashi T, Tammura N, Konnio K, Kusumoto Y, Akashi-Takamura S, Miyake K
700 - 706 Identification of high risk DISCI structural variants with a 2% attributable risk for schizophrenia
Song WJ, Li WY, Feng JN, Heston LL, Scaringe WA, Sommer SS
707 - 713 Transcriptional regulation of FHL1 by TLX1/HOX11 is dosage, cell-type and promoter context-dependent
Rice KL, Kees UR, Greene WK