Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.367, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Leucine-rich amelogenin peptide induces osteogenesis in mouse embryonic stem cells
Warotayanont R, Zhu DH, Snead ML, Zhou Y
7 - 13 Covalent modification of stathmin by CCNU determined by FTMS analysis of modified proteins and tryptic peptides
Wu WW, Wang GH, Liang XJ, Park JK, Shen RF
14 - 20 Immunohistochemical analysis of a novel dehydroepiandrosterone sulfotransferase-like protein in Drosophila neural circuits
Liu TA, Liu MC, Yang YS
21 - 25 Bacteriovorax stolpii proliferation and predation without sphingophosphonolipids
Kaneshiro ES, Hunt SA, Watanabe Y
26 - 32 Molecular modelling of miraculin: Structural analyses and functional hypotheses
Paladino A, Costantini S, Colonna G, Facchiano AM
33 - 40 Mutation in keratin 18 induces mitochondrial fragmentation in liver-derived epithelial cells
Kumemura H, Harada M, Yanagimoto C, Koga H, Kawaguchi T, Hanada S, Taniguchi E, Ueno T, Sata M
41 - 46 The Ixodes scapularis salivary protein, salp15, prevents the association of HIV-1 gp120 and CD4
Juncadella IJ, Garg R, Bates TC, Olivera ER, Anguita J
47 - 53 Split mCherry as a new red bimolecular fluorescence complementation system for visualizing protein-protein interactions in living cells
Fan JY, Cui ZQ, Wei HP, Zhang ZP, Zhou YF, Wang YP, Zhang XE
54 - 59 Phosphorylation of eIF-4E positively regulates formation of the eIF-4F translation initiation complex following DNA damage
Zhang Y, Li Y, Yang DQ
60 - 66 A molecular modeling approach defines a new group of Nodulin 26-like aquaporins in plants
Rouge P, Barre A
67 - 71 Gpx1 is a stationary phase-specific thioredoxin peroxidase in fission yeast
Lee SY, Song JY, Kwon ES, Roe JH
72 - 77 Increased activity of phosphatase PP2A in the presence of the PlA2 polymorphism of alpha IIb beta 3
Wang HL, Yan B, Satterwhite LL, Ma Q, Goldschmidt-Clermont PJ
78 - 83 Competition potency of siRNA is specified by the 5'-half sequence of the guide strand
Yoo JW, Kim S, Lee DK
84 - 89 Telomere length inversely correlates with radiosensitivity in human carcinoma cells with the same tissue background
Zhong YH, Liao ZK, Zhou FX, Xie CH, Xiao CY, Pan DF, Luo ZG, Liu SQ, Zhou YF
90 - 96 Dock2 participates in bone marrow lympho-hematopoiesis
Kikuchi T, Kubonishi S, Shibakura M, Namba N, Matsui T, Fukui Y, Tanimoto M, Katayama Y
97 - 102 Hes1 stimulates transcriptional activity of Runx2 by increasing protein stabilization during osteoblast differentiation
Suh JH, Lee HW, Lee JW, Kim JB
103 - 108 Intermolecular disulfide bond formation in the NEMO dimer requires Cys54 and Cys347
Herscovitch M, Comb W, Ennis T, Coleman K, Yong S, Armstead B, Kalaitzidis D, Chandani S, Gilmore TD
109 - 115 Sustained up-regulation of Semaphorin 3A, Neuropilin1, and Doublecortin expression in ischemic mouse brain during long-term recovery
Hou ST, Keklikian A, Slinn J, O'Hare M, Jiang SX, Aylsworth A
116 - 123 Canonical Wnt signaling maintains the quiescent stage of hepatic stellate cells
Kordes C, Sawitza I, Haussinger D
124 - 129 Molecular cloning and developmental expression of plakophilin 2 in zebrafish
Moriarty MA, Martin ED, Byrnes L, Grealy M
130 - 136 Regulation of rnt-1 expression mediated by the opposing effects of BRO-1 and DBL-1 in the nematode Caenorhahditis elegans
Shim J, Lee J
137 - 143 ALDH-2 deficiency increases cardiovascular oxidative stress - Evidence for indirect antioxidative properties
Wenzel P, Muller J, Zurmeyer S, Schuhmacher S, Schulz E, Oelze M, Pautz A, Kawamoto T, Wojnowski L, Kleinert H, Munzel T, Daiber A
144 - 149 Recombinant CBD-HepII polypeptide of fibronectin inhibits alpha v beta 3 signaling and hematogenous metastasis of tumor
Gong W, Liu Y, Huang B, Lei Z, Wu FH, Li D, Feng ZH, Zhang GM
150 - 155 The dysfunction of ATPases due to impaired mitochondrial respiration in phosgene-induced pulmonary edema
Qin XJ, Li YN, Liang X, Wang P, Hai CX
156 - 161 Extracellular NAD is a regulator for Fc gamma R-mediated phagocytosis in murine macrophages
Song EK, Lee YR, Yu HN, Kim UH, Rah SY, Park KH, Shim IK, Lee SJ, Park YM, Chung WG, Kim JS, Han MK
162 - 168 Lysophosphatidic acid stimulates thrombomodulin lectin-like domain shedding in human endothelial cells
Wu HL, Lin CI, Huang YL, Chen PS, Kuo CH, Chen MS, Wu GCC, Shi GY, Yang HY, Lee H
169 - 175 Magnetic single-enzyme nanoparticies with high activity and stability
Yang ZP, Si SH, Zhang CJ
176 - 182 C/EBP homologous protein is crucial for the acceleration of experimental pancreatitis
Suyama K, Ohmuraya M, Hirota M, Ozaki N, Ida S, Endo M, Araki K, Gotoh T, Baba H, Yamamura K
183 - 189 Up-regulation of the Cbl family of ubiquitin ligases is involved in ATRA and bufalin-induced cell adhesion but not cell differentiation
Qu XJ, Liu YP, Ma YJ, Zhang Y, Li YC, Hou KZ
190 - 194 Resveratrol attenuates the expression of HMG-CoA reductase mRNA in hamsters
Cho IJ, Ahn JY, Kim S, Choi MS, Ha TY
195 - 200 Bisindoylmaleimide I suppresses adipocyte differentiation through stabilization of intracellular beta-catenin protein
Cho M, Park S, Gwak J, Kim DE, Yea SS, Shin JG, Oh S
201 - 207 Acute effects of insulin on the activity of mitochondrial GPAT1 in primary adipocytes
Bronnikov GE, Aboulaich N, Vener AV, Stralfors P
208 - 212 Tauroursodeoxycholic acid reduces bile acid-induced apoptosis by modulation of AP-1
Pusl T, Vennegeerts T, Wimmer R, Denk GU, Beuers U, Rust C
213 - 218 Mycoplasmas regulate the expression of heat-shock protein genes through CIRCE-HrcA interactions
Chang LJ, Chen WH, Minion FC, Shiuan D
219 - 225 The anesthetic action of ethanol analyzed by genetics in Caenorhabditis elegans
Hong M, Choi MK, Lee J
226 - 233 Sequential expression of Efhc1/myoclonin1 in choroid plexus and ependymal cell cilia
Suzuki T, Inoue I, Yamagata T, Morita N, Furuichi T, Yamakawa K