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ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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271 - 274 Ecotoxicology of ozone: Bioactivation of extracellular ascorbate
Sandermann H
275 - 280 Polyamines stabilize left-handed Z-DNA: Using X-ray crystallographic analysis, we have found a new type of polyamine (PA) that stabilizes left-handed Z-DNA
Ohishi H, Odoko M, Grzeskowiak K, Hiyama Y, Tsukamoto K, Maezaki N, Ishida T, Tanaka T, Okabe N, Fukuyama K, Zhou DY, Nakatani K
281 - 287 Functional analysis of the role of Fur in the virulence of Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci 11528: Fur controls expression of genes involved in quorum-sensing
Cha JY, Lee JS, Oh JI, Choi JW, Baik HS
288 - 293 Cryo-electron microscopy of coagulation Factor VIII bound to lipid nanotubes
Parmenter CDJ, Cane MC, Zhang R, Stollova-McPhie S
294 - 300 Residues Arg114 and Arg337 are critical for the proper function of Escherichia coli gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase
Ong PL, Yao YF, Weng YM, Hsu WH, Lin LL
301 - 307 Ionizing irradiation induces apoptotic damage of salivary gland acinar cells via NADPH oxidase 1-dependent superoxide generation
Tateishi Y, Sasabe E, Ueta E, Yamamoto T
308 - 313 The RSV F and G glycoproteins interact to form a complex on the surface of infected cells
Low KW, Tan T, Ng K, Tan BH, Sugrue RJ
314 - 320 Biochemical characterization of genetic mutations of GPR56 in patients with bilateral frontoparietal polymicrogyria (BFPP)
Ke N, Ma HW, Diedrich G, Chionis J, Liu GH, Yu DH, Wong-Staal F, Li QX
321 - 327 Membrane trafficking of AQP5 and cAMP dependent phosphorylation in bronchial epithelium
Woo J, Chae YK, Jang SJ, Kim MS, Baek JH, Park JC, Trink B, Ratovitski E, Lee T, Park B, Park MJ, Kang JH, Soria JC, Lee J, Califano J, Sidransky D, Moon C
328 - 334 Novel MHC class I-related molecule MR1 affects MHC class I expression in 293T cells
Aldemir H
335 - 339 Bone marrow long label-retaining cells reside in the sinusoidal hypoxic niche
Kubota Y, Takubo K, Suda T
340 - 345 Molecular characterization reveals that YMR278w encoded protein is environmental stress response homologue of Saccharomyces cerevisiae PGM2
Tiwari A, Bhat JP
346 - 351 Gene expression patterns of bovine perimuscular preadipocytes during adipogenesis
Taniguchi M, Guan LL, Zhang B, Dodson MV, Okine E, Moore SS
352 - 359 Functional grouping of osteoclast genes revealed through microarray analysis
Yang GZ, Zaidi M, Zhang WJ, Zhu LL, Li JH, Iqbal J, Varbanov A, Gross G, Phipps R, Troen BR, Sun L
360 - 366 Sequential changes in genome-wide DNA methylation status during adipocyte differentiation
Sakamoto H, Kogo Y, Ohgane J, Hattori N, Yagi S, Tanaka S, Shiota K
367 - 372 Enrichment of a bipotent hepatic progenitor cell from naive adult liver tissue
Wright N, Samuelson L, Walkup MH, Chandrasekaran P, Gerber DA
373 - 378 Structural insights into the PIP2 recognition by syntenin-1 PDZ domain
Sugi T, Oyama T, Morikawa K, Jingami H
379 - 387 Proteomic analysis of pancreas derived from adult cloned pig
Chae JI, Cho YK, Cho SK, Kim JH, Han YM, Koo DB, Lee KK
388 - 392 Ghrelin raises [Ca2+](i) via AMPK in hypothalamic arcuate nucleus NPY neurons
Kohno D, Sone H, Minokoshi Y, Yada T
393 - 400 Signaling mechanisms of daidzein-induced axonal outgrowth in hippocampal neurons
Wang P, Jeng CJ, Chien CL, Wang SM
401 - 407 Ischemia deteriorates the spike encoding of rat cerebellar Purkinje cells by raising intracellular Ca2+
Zhao SD, Chen N, Yang ZL, Huang L, Zhu Y, Guan SD, Chen QF, Wang JH
408 - 413 Development of amphiphilic gamma-PGA-nanoparticle based tumor vaccine: Potential of the nanoparticulate cytosolic protein delivery carrier
Yoshikawa T, Okada N, Oda A, Matsuo K, Matsuo K, Mukai Y, Yoshioka Y, Akagi T, Akashi M, Nakagawa S
414 - 419 Biotransformation of (+)-catechin into taxifolin by a two-step oxidation: Primary stage of (+)-catechin metabolism by a novel (+)-catechin-degrading bacteria, Burkholderia sp KTC-1, isolated from tropical peat
Matsuda M, Otsuka Y, Jin S, Wasaki J, Watanabe J, Watanabe T, Osaki M
420 - 425 Sequence-specific binding of DNA and RNA to immobilized nickel ions
Nastasijevic B, Becker NA, Wurster SE, Maher LJ
426 - 431 Functional significance of octameric RuvA for a branch migration complex from Thermus thermophilus
Fujiwara Y, Mayanagi K, Morikawa K
432 - 437 Nuclear localized protein-1 (Nulp1) increases cell death of human osteosarcoma cells and binds the X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein
Steen H, Lindholm D
438 - 444 Myocardial SSAT induction via AMPK signaling and its implication for ischemic injury
Ryu JH, Cho YS, Chun YS, Park JW
445 - 449 Influenza PR8 HA-specific Fab fragments produced by phage display methods
Asanuma H, Matsumoto-Takasaki A, Suzuki Y, Tamura S, Sata T, Kusada Y, Matsushita M, Fujita-Yamaguchi Y
450 - 456 Functional requirement of CCN2 for intramembranous bone formation in embryonic mice
Kawaki H, Kubota S, Suzuki A, Yamada T, Matsumura T, Mandal T, Yao M, Maeda T, Lyons KM, Takigawa M
457 - 463 RNA processing in Aquifex aeolicus involves RNase E/G and an RNase P-like activity
Lombo TB, Kaberdin VR
464 - 470 Regulation of the paracellular Na+ and Cl- conductances by the NaCl-generated osmotic gradient in a manner dependent on the direction of osmotic gradients
Tokuda S, Niisato N, Nakajima K, Marunaka Y
471 - 475 FGF-2 signaling induces downregulation of TAZ protein in osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells
Eda H, Aoki K, Marumo K, Fujii K, Ohkawa K
476 - 482 Phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase promotes extravasation of breast cancer cells
Earley S, Plopper GE
483 - 488 Osteoclasts secrete non-bone derived signals that induce bone formation
Karsdal MA, Neutzsky-Wulff AV, Dziegiel MH, Christiansen C, Henriksen K
489 - 492 Expression analysis of the epithelial Na+ channel delta subunit in human melanoma G-361 cells
Yamamura H, Ugawa S, Ueda T, Shimada S
493 - 499 Inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase-9 gene expression by an isoflavone metabolite, irisolidone in U87MG human astroglioma cells
Kim SY, Lee EJ, Woo MS, Jung JS, Hyun JW, Min SW, Kim DH, Kim HS
500 - 505 Thermodynamic evidence of non-muscle myosin II - lipid-membrane interaction
Schewkunow V, Sharma KP, Diez G, Klemm AH, Sharma PC, Goldmann WH
506 - 512 Chloride ions control the G(1)/S cell-cycle, checkpoint by regulating the expression of p21 through a p53-independent pathway in human gastric cancer cells
Miyazaki H, Shiozaki A, Niisato N, Ohsawa R, Ito H, Ueda Y, Otsuji E, Yamagishi H, Iwasaki Y, Nakano T, Nakahari T, Marunaka Y
513 - 519 Reactive oxygen species regulate Pseudomonas aeruginosa lipopolysaccharide-induced MUC5AC mucin expression via PKC-NADPH oxidase-ROS-TGF-alpha signaling pathways in human airway epithelial cells
Yan FG, Li W, Jono H, Li QM, Zhang SM, Li JD, Shen HH
520 - 525 Involvement of microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2) in oral cancer cell motility: A novel biological function of MAP2 in non-neuronal cells
Liu SY, Chen YT, Tseng MY, Hung CC, Tseng WY, Chen HR, Shieh TY, Chen CH, Jou YS, Chen JYF
526 - 531 The construction and in vitro testing of photo-activatable cancer targeting folated anti-CD3 conjugates
Thompson S, Dessi J, Self CH
532 - 538 Connexin 43 contributes to differentiation of retinal pigment epithelial cells via cyclic AMP signaling
Kojima A, Nakahama K, Ohno-Matsui K, Shimada N, Mori K, Iseki S, Sato T, Mochizuki M, Morita I
539 - 544 Role of UCH-L1/ubiquitin in acute testicular ischemia-reperfusion injury
Sun JH, Ying M, Li H, Shang X, He Y, Chen K, Cheng HH, Zhou RJ
545 - 550 Direct monitoring of in vivo ER stress during the development of insulin resistance with ER stress-activated indicator transgenic mice
Yoshiuchi K, Kaneto H, Matsuoka TA, Kohno K, Wawaki T, Nakatani Y, Yamasaki Y, Hori M, Matsuhisa M
551 - 555 Role of modulator recognition factor 2 in adipogenesis and leptin expression in 3T3-L1 cells
Dong J, Ishimori N, Paigen B, Tsutsui H, Fujii S
556 - 562 Characterization of a novel congenic strain of diabetic fatty (WBN/Kob-Lepr(fa)) rat
Akimoto T, Nakama K, Katsuta Y, Zhang XJ, Ohsuga M, Ishizaki M, Sawai N, Ozawa H
563 - 567 Repression of Smad3 activity by histone demethylase SMCX/JARID1C
Kim TD, Shin S, Janknecht R
568 - 573 Identification of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 as the OXPHOS-generated ATP sensor of nuclei of animal cells
Kun E, Kirsten E, Hakam A, Bauer PI, Mendeleyev J
574 - 578 Activin A stimulates IgA expression in mouse B cells
Lee HJ, Seo GY, Kim HA, Kim PH
579 - 584 Circulating TNFR1 exosome-like vesicles partition with the LDL fraction of human plasma
Zhang J, Hawari FI, Shamburek RD, Adamik B, Kaler M, Islam A, Liao DW, Rouhani FN, Ingham M, Levine SJ
585 - 591 A novel nucleolar transcriptional activator ApLLP for long-term memory formation is intrinsically unstructured but functionally active
Liu JX, Song JX
592 - 597 Protein folding following synthesis in vitro and in vivo: Association of newly synthesized protein with 50S subunit of E-coli ribosome
Basu A, Samanta D, Bhattacharya A, Das A, Das D, DasGupta C
598 - 603 In vitro protein folding by E-coli ribosome: Unfolded protein splitting 70S to interact with 50S subunit
Basu A, Samanta D, Das D, Chowdlury S, BlIattacharya A, Ghosh J, Das A, DasGupta C
604 - 604 Rho-kinase (ROCK) in sea urchin sperm: Its role in regulating the intracellular pH during the acrosome reaction (vol 364, pg 470, 2007)
de la Sancha CU, Martinez-Cadena G, Lopez-Godinez J, Castellano LE, Nishigaki T, Darszon A, Garcia-Soto J
605 - 605 Multidrug resistance protein 1 is not associated to detergent-resistant membranes (vol 355, pg 1025, 2007)
Cerf E, Gasper R, Belani JD, Rychnovsky S, Chang XB, Buyse F, Ruysschaert JM