Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.366, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 High definition profiling of autoantibodies to glutamic acid decarboxylases GAD65/GAD67 in stiff-person syndrome
Burbelo PD, Groot S, Dalakas MC, Iadarola MJ
8 - 14 Anti-oxidant effect of ascorbic and dehydroascorbic acids in hippocampal slice culture
Kim EJ, Won R, Sohn JH, Chung MA, Nam TS, Lee HJ, Lee BH
15 - 22 Crystal structure of histone demethylase LSD1 and tranylcypromine at 2.25 angstrom
Mimasu S, Sengoku T, Fukuzawa S, Umehara T, Yokoyama S
23 - 28 Association of mitochondrial nitric oxide synthase activity with respiratory chain complex I
Parihar MS, Nazarewicz RR, Kincaid E, Bringold U, Ghafourifar P
29 - 35 Persistent antibody and T cell responses induced by HIV-1 DNA vaccine delivered by electroporation
Cristillo AD, Weiss D, Hudacik L, Restrepo S, Galmin L, Suschak J, Draghia-Akli R, Markham P, Pal R
36 - 41 Specificity protein 1 (Sp1) plays role in regulating LIM homeodomain transcription factor Lhx4 gene expression
Liu SQ, Luo HS, Liu JL, McNeilly AS, Cui S
42 - 47 Complementary roles of the DRY motif and C-terminus tail of GPCRS for G protein coupling and beta-arrestin interaction
Kim KM, Caron MG
48 - 53 Comparative effects of sodium pyrithione evoked intracellular calcium elevation in rodent and primate ventral horn motor neurons
Knox RJ, Keen KL, Luchansky L, Terasawa E, Freyer H, Barbee SJ, Kaczmarek LK
54 - 59 Adipogenesis of bovine perimuscular preadipocytes
Taniguchi M, Guan LL, Zhang B, Dodson MV, Okine E, Moore SS
60 - 65 Mutational analysis of type IV collagen alpha 5 chain, with respect to heterotrimer formation
Kobayashi T, Kakihara T, Uchiyama M
66 - 72 Atirazine binds to F1F0-ATP synthase and inhibits mitochondrial function in sperm
Hase Y, Tatsuno M, Nishi T, Kataoka K, Kabe Y, Yamaguchi Y, Ozawa N, Natori M, Handa H, Watanabe H
73 - 79 Neurofilament protein aggregation in a cell line model system
Hull E, Spoja C, Cordova M, Cohlberg JA
80 - 85 Leukotriene C-4 synthase promoter driven expression of GFP reveals cell specificity
Strid T, Soderstrom M, Hammarstrom S
86 - 91 Effects of cathepsins B and L inhibition on postischemic protein alterations in the brain
Anagli J, Abounit K, Stemmer P, Han YX, Allred L, Weinsheimer S, Movsisyan A, Seyfried D
92 - 97 Redox-dependent structural ambivalence of the cytoplasmic domain in the inner ear-specific cadherin 23 isoform
Yonezawa S, Hanai A, Mutoh N, Moriyama A, Kageyama T
98 - 103 Enzymatic synthesis of dimaltosyl-beta-cyclodextrin via a transglycosylation reaction using TreX, a Sulfolobus solfataricus P2 debranching enzyme
Kang HK, Cha H, Yang TJ, Park JT, Lee S, Kim YW, Auh JH, Okada Y, Kim JW, Cha J, Kim CH, Park KH
104 - 109 Prostaglandin E-2 inhibits tumor necrosis factor-alpha RNA through PKA type I
Stafford JB, Marnett LJ
110 - 116 Inhibition of tumor-stromal interaction through HGF/Met signaling by valproic acid
Matsumoto Y, Motoki T, Kubota S, Takigawa M, Tsubouchi H, Gohda E
117 - 122 CD200: A putative therapeutic target in cancer
Moreaux J, Veyrune JL, Reme T, De Vos J, Klein B
123 - 128 Transforming growth factor-beta enables NFATc1 expression during osteoclastogenesis
Fox SW, Evans KE, Lovibond AC
129 - 134 Betacellulin and nicotinamide sustain PDX1 expression and induce pancreatic beta-cell differentiation in human embryonic stem cells
Cho YM, Lim JM, Yoo DH, Kim JH, Chung SS, Park SG, Kim TH, Oh SK, Choi YM, Moon SY, Park KS, Lee HK
135 - 141 Secretory signal sequence non-optimal codons are required for expression and export of beta-lactamase
Zalucki YM, Gittins KL, Jennings MP
142 - 148 Anaerobic alkane-degrading strain AK-01 contains two alkylsuccinate synthase genes
Callaghan AV, Wawrik B, Chadhain SMN, Young LY, Zylstra GJ
149 - 155 Rosiglitazone transiently disturbs calcium homeostasis in monocytic cells
Caddy J, Singh N, Atkin L, Ahluwalia M, Roberts A, Lang D, Thomas AW, Webb R
156 - 161 Lysyl oxidase propeptide inhibits smooth muscle cell signaling and proliferation
Hurtado PA, Vora S, Sume SS, Yang D, Hilaire CS, Guo Y, Palamakumbura AH, Schreiber BM, Ravid K, Trackman PC
162 - 167 Apple aminopropyl transferase, MdACL5 interacts with putative elongation factor 1-alpha and S-adenosylmethionine synthase revealed
He LX, Ban Y, Miyata SC, Kitashiba H, Moriguchi T
168 - 173 A citirus polymethoxyflavonoid, nobiletin, is a novel MEK inhibitoir that exhibits antitumor metastasis in human fibrosarcoma HT-1080 cells
Miyata Y, Sato T, Imada K, Dobashi A, Yano M, Ito A
174 - 179 Localization of mouse mitochondrial SIRT proteins: Shift of SIRT3 to nucleus by co-expression with SIRT5
Nakamura Y, Ogura M, Tanaka D, Inagaki N
180 - 185 Adenosine A(2B) receptor mediates an increase on VEGF-A production in rat kidney glomeruli
Valladares D, Quezada C, Montecinos P, Yanez A, Sobrevia L, Martin RS
186 - 192 Comparative proteomic and transcriptomic profiling of the human hepatocellular carcinoma
Minagawa H, Honda M, Miyazaki K, Tabuse Y, Teramoto R, Yamashita T, Nishino R, Takatori H, Ueda T, Kamijo K, Kaneko S
193 - 198 ADP-ribosylation factor arf6p may function as a molecular switch of new end take off in fission yeast
Fujita A
199 - 205 Immunocytochemical analysis for intracellular dynamics of ClGaIT associated with molecular chaperone, Cosmc
Narimatsu Y, Ikehara Y, Iwasaki H, Nonomura C, Sato T, Nakanishi H, Narimatsu H
206 - 211 An integrase of endogenous retrovirus is involved in maternal mitochondrial DNA inheritance of the mouse
Hayashida K, Omagari K, Masuda JI, Kohno S
212 - 218 The GC kinase Fray and Mo25 regulate Drosophila asymmetric divisions
Yamamoto Y, Izumi Y, Matsuzaki F
219 - 225 Citrus auraptene acts as an agonist for PPARs and enhances adiponectin production and MCP-1 reduction in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Kuroyanagi K, Kang MS, Goto T, Hirai S, Ohyama K, Kusudo T, Yu R, Yano M, Sasaki T, Takahashi N, Kawada T
226 - 232 A novel GDNF-inducible gene, BMZF3, encodes a transcriptional repressor associated with KAP-1
Suzuki C, Murakumo Y, Kawase Y, Sato T, Morinaga T, Fukuda N, Enomoto A, Ichihara M, Takahashi M
233 - 238 Length-dependent activation and auto-oscillation in skeletal myofibrils at partial activation by Ca2+
Shimamoto Y, Suzuki M, Ishwata S
239 - 243 Minimization of a eukaryotic mini-intein
Elleuche S, Doring K, Poggeler S
244 - 249 Instability of familial spongiform encephalopathy-related prion mutants
Watanabe Y, Hiraoka W, Shimoyama Y, Horiuchi M, Kuwabara M, Inanami O
250 - 257 Fragment responsible for translocation in the N-terminal domain of human topoisomerase I
Girstun A, Kowalska-Loth B, Czubaty A, Klocek M, Staron K
258 - 262 Mitochondrial calpain 10 activity and expression in the kidney of multiple species
Giguere CJ, Covington MD, Schnellmann RG
263 - 268 Ku70 is stabilized by increased cellular SUMO
Yurchenko V, Xue Z, Gama V, Matsuyama S, Sadofsky MJ
269 - 269 A water-soluble extract from Cueurbita moschata shows anti-obesity effects by controlling lipid metabolism in a high fat diet-induced obesity mouse model (vol 359, pg 419, 2007)
Choi H, Eo H, Park K, Jin M, Park EJ, Kim SH, Park JE, Kim S