Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.365, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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399 - 405 Neuroprotective effects of ginseng saponins against L-type Ca2+ channel-mediated cell death in rat cortical neurons
Kim S, Nah SY, Rhim H
406 - 412 Expression of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 indicates the differentiation potential of human bone marrow stromal cells
Fukiage K, Aoyama T, Shibata KR, Otsuka S, Furu M, Kohno Y, Ito K, Jin Y, Fujita S, Fujibayashi S, Neo M, Nakayama T, Nakamura T, Toguchida J
413 - 419 A two-step model for acetylcholine control of exocytosis via nicotinic receptors
Arnaiz-Cot JJ, de Diego AMG, Hernandez-Guijo JIM, Gandia L, Garcia AG
420 - 425 Residues in an ATP binding domain influence sugar binding in a trypanosome hexokinase
Chambers JW, Morris MT, Smith KS, Morris JC
426 - 432 The role of Bach2 in nucleic acid-triggered antiviral innate immune responses
Hong SW, Kim S, Lee DK
433 - 438 SH3 domain of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase regulatory subunit is responsible for the formation of a sequestration complex with insulin receptor substrate-1
Ikegami Y, Inukai K, Awata T, Asano T, Katayama S
439 - 445 Role of third intracellular loop of the melanocortin 4 receptor in the regulation of constitutive activity
Kim DH, Shin SW, Baik JH
446 - 452 Loss of housekeeping selenoprotein expression in mouse liver modulates lipoprotein metabolism
Sengupta A, Carlson BA, Hoffmann VJ, Gladyshev VN, Hatfield DL
453 - 458 Phytodegradation of organophosphorus compounds by transgenic plants expressing a bacterial organophosphorus hydrolase
Wang XX, Wu NF, Guo J, Chu XY, Tian J, Yao B, Fan YL
459 - 465 Potentiation of large-conductance calcium-activated potassium (BKCa) channels by a specific isoform of protein kinase C
Kim JY, Park CS
466 - 471 Association of the PIK3C2G gene polymorphisms with type 2 DM in a Japanese population
Daimon M, Sato H, Oizumi T, Toriyama S, Saito T, Karasawa S, Jimbu Y, Wada K, Kameda W, Susa S, Yamaguchi H, Emi M, Muramatsu M, Kubota I, Kawata S, Kato T
472 - 477 A novel class of temperature-sensitive mutants generated by RNAi-mediated knockdown
Inaki M, Utsugi T, Onoda F, Hanaoka F, Murakami Y
478 - 483 PrPN-terminal domain triggers PrPSc-like aggregation of Dpl
Erlich P, Cesbron JY, Lemaire-Vieffle C, Curt A, Andrieu JP, Schoehn G, Jamin M, Gagnon J
484 - 489 Antagonizing TGF-beta induced liver fibrosis by a retinoic acid derivative through regulation of ROS and calcium influx
Yang KL, Chang WT, Chuang CC, Hung KC, Li EIC
490 - 495 Knockdown of human MCM10 activates G2 checkpoint pathway
Park JH, Bang SW, Kim SH, Hwang DS
496 - 502 Brain cancer stem-like cell genesis from p53-deficient mouse astrocytes by oncogenic Ras
Lee JS, Gil JE, Kim JH, Kim TK, Jin X, Oh SY, Sohn YW, Jeon HM, Park HJ, Park JW, Shin YJ, Chung YG, Lee JB, You S, Kim H
503 - 508 Insulin facilitates monocyte migration: A possible link to tissue inflammation in insulin-resistance
Kappert K, Meyborg H, Clemenz M, Graf K, Fleck E, Kintscher U, Stawowy P
509 - 514 Cystamine prevents ischemia-reperfusion injury by inhibiting polyamination of RhoA
Shin DM, Kang J, Ha J, Kang HS, Park SC, Kim IG, Kim SJ
515 - 520 Inhibition of the human P2X(7) receptor by a novel protein tyrosine kinase antagonist
Shemon AN, Sluyter R, Stokes L, Manley PW, Wiley JS
521 - 527 Conditional gene silencing in mammalian cells mediated by a stress-inducible promoter
Yang W, Paschen W
528 - 533 Identification and characterization of a full-length cDNA encoding paramyosin of Trichinella spiralis
Yang J, Yang Y, Gu Y, Li Q, Wei J, Wang S, Boireau P, Zhu X
534 - 540 Continuous treatment with recombinant Mycobacterium tuberculosis CFP-10-ESAT-6 protein activated human monocyte while deactivated LPS-stimulated macrophage
Feng Y, Yang X, Liu Z, Liu Y, Su B, Ding Y, Qin L, Yang H, Zheng R, Hu Z
541 - 547 Identification of a novel substrate for TNF alpha-induced kinase NUAK2
Yamamoto H, Takashima S, Shintani Y, Yamazaki S, Seguchi O, Nakano A, Higo S, Kato H, Liao Y, Asano Y, Minamino T, Matsumura Y, Takeda H, Kitakaze M
548 - 554 Transforming growth factor-beta 1 enhanced vascular endothelial growth factor synthesis in mesenchymal stem cells
Wang XJ, Dong Z, Zhong XH, Shi RZ, Huang SH, Lou Y, Li QP
555 - 561 Validation of HB-EGF and amphiregulin as targets for human cancer therapy
Yotsumoto F, Yagi H, Suzuki SO, Oki E, Tsujioka H, Hachisuga T, Sonoda K, Kawarabayashi T, Mekada E, Miyamoto S
562 - 567 Inducibility of cytochrome P450 1A1 and chemical carcinogenesis by benzo[a]pyrene in AhR repressor-deficient mice
Hosoya T, Harada N, Mimura J, Motohashi H, Takahashi S, Nakajima O, Morita M, Kawauchi S, Yamamoto M, Fujii-Kuriyama Y
568 - 574 Effects of PAX3-FKHR on malignant phenotypes in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma
Kikuchi K, Tsuchiya K, Otabe O, Gotoh T, Tamura S, Katsumi Y, Yagyu S, Tsubai-Shimizu S, Miyachi M, Iehara T, Hosoi H
575 - 582 Knockdown of human MCM10 exhibits delayed and incomplete chromosome replication
Park JH, Bang SW, Jeon Y, Kang S, Hwang DS
583 - 588 In vitro selection of optimal RelB/p52 DNA-binding motifs
Britanova LV, Makeev VJ, Kuprash DV
589 - 594 Regulation of early T cell development by the PHD finger of histone lysine methyltransferase ASH1
Tanaka Y, Nakayama Y, Taniguchi M, Kioussis D
595 - 601 Sca-1+endothelial cells (SPECs) reside in the portal area of the liver and contribute to rapid recovery from acute liver disease
Tsuchiya A, Heike T, Baba S, Fujino H, Umeda K, Matsuda Y, Nomoto M, Ichida T, Aoyagi Y, Nakahata T