Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.365, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 Focal junctions retard lateral movement and disrupt fluid phase connectivity in the plasma membrane
Vind-Kezunovic D, Wojewodzka U, Gniadecki R
8 - 15 Lipid dependant disorder-to-order conformational transitions in apolipoprotein CI derived peptides
Mendoza-Espinosa P, Moreno A, Castillo R, Mas-Oliva J
16 - 21 The structure/function relationship of a dual-substrate (beta alpha)(8)-isomerase
Wright H, Noda-Garcia L, Ochoa-Leyva A, Hodgson DA, Fulop V, Barona-Gomez F
22 - 28 Production and characterization of a monoclonal antibody, against GPR40 (FFAR1; free fatty acid receptor 1)
Hirasawa A, Itsubo C, Sadakane K, Hara T, Shinagawa S, Koga H, Nose H, Koshimizu TA, Tsujimoto G
29 - 34 Molecular modeling of the human multidrug resistance protein 1 (MRP1/ABCC1)
DeGorter MK, Conseil G, Deeley RG, Campbell RL, Cole SPC
35 - 41 CD24 induces localization of beta 1 integrin to lipid raft domains
Runz S, Mierke CT, Joumaa S, Behrens J, Fabry B, Altevogt P
42 - 46 Effect of heterodimer partner RXR alpha on PPAR gamma activation function-2 helix in solution
Lu JY, Chen MG, Stanley SE, Li E
47 - 53 Blunted activation of NF-kappa B and NF-kappa B-dependent gene expression by geranylgeranylacetone: Involvement of unfolded protein response
Hayakawa K, Hiramatsu N, Okamura M, Yao J, Paton AW, Paton JC, Kitamura M
54 - 61 Chemically modified symmetric and asymmetric duplex RNAs: An enhanced stability to nuclease degradation and gene silencing effect
Kubo T, Zhelev Z, Ohba H, Bakalova R
62 - 68 Mouse nucleolin binds to 4.5S RNAH, a small noncoding RNA
Hirose Y, Harada F
69 - 74 Modulation of immediate early gene expression by tristetraprolin in the differentiation of 3T3-L1 cells
Lin NY, Lin CT, Chang CJ
75 - 81 Yin Yang 1 induces transcriptional activity of p73 through cooperation with E2F1
Wu S, Murai S, Kataoka K, Miyagishi M
82 - 88 Brain region-specific N-glycosylation and lipid rafts association of the rat mu opioid receptor
Huang P, Chen CG, Xu W, Yoon SI, Unterwald EM, Pintar JE, Wang Y, Chong PLG, Liu-Chen LY
89 - 95 Identification and functional analysis of the fusaricidin biosynthetic gene of Paenibacillus polymyxa E681
Choi SK, Park SY, Kim R, Lee CH, Kim JF, Park SH
96 - 101 Identification of two catalytic domains in a luciferase secreted by the copepod Gaussia princeps
Inouye S, Sahara Y
102 - 106 Fluorescence-based sensing of glucose using engineered glucose/galactose-binding protein: A comparison of fluorescence resonance energy transfer and environmentally sensitive dye labelling strategies
Khan F, Gnudi L, Pickup JC
107 - 112 Isolation and characterization of a novel protein toxin from fire coral
Iguchi A, Iwanaga S, Nagai H
113 - 117 Modulation of RAG/DNA complex by HSP70 in V(D)J recombination
Son YM, Lee JH, Kim DR
118 - 123 Efficient synthesis of trans-polyisoprene compounds using two thermostable enzymes in an organic-aqueous dual-liquid phase system
Fujiwara S, Yamanaka A, Yamada Y, Hirooka K, Higashibata H, Fukuda W, Nakayama JI, Imanaka T, Fukusaki EI
124 - 130 Cell-specific epigenetic regulation of ChM-I gene expression: Crosstalk between DNA methylation and histone acetylation
Aoyama T, Okamoto T, Kohno Y, Fukiage K, Otsuka S, Furu M, Ito K, Jin Y, Nagayama S, Nakayama T, Nakamura T, Toguchida J
131 - 136 Statins and ATP regulate nuclear pAkt via the P2X7 purinergic receptor in epithelial cells
Mistafa O, Hoegberg J, Stenius U
137 - 142 Monomeric IgE and lipopolysaccharide synergistically prevent mast-cell apoptosis
Jayawardana STM, Ushio H, Niyonsaba F, Gondokaryono SP, Takenaka H, Ikeda S, Okumura K, Ogawa H
143 - 148 ER stress is involved in B cell antigen receptor ligation-induced apoptosis
Yan BC, Adachi T, Tsubata T
149 - 153 LEF-1 activates the transcription of E2F1
Zhou FF, Zhang L, Gong K, Lu GY, Sheng BY, Wang AJ, Zhao NM, Zhang XF, Gong YD
154 - 157 PrPC interacts with tetraspanin-7 through bovine PrP154-182 containing alpha-helix 1
Guo MX, Huang T, Cui YJ, Pan BQ, Shen A, Sun YT, Yi YR, Wang Y, Xiao GF, Sun G
158 - 163 Phospholipase A2-like activity of human bocavirus VP1 unique region
Qu XW, Liu WP, Qi ZY, Duan ZJ, Zheng LS, Kuang ZZ, Zhang WJ, Hou YD
164 - 169 Octapeptide repeat region of prion protein (PrP) is required at an early stage for production of abnormal prion protein in PrP-deficient neuronal cell line
Sakudo A, Wu GY, Onodera T, Ikuta K
170 - 175 B7-DC induced by IL-13 works as a feedback regulator in the effector phase of allergic asthma
Matsumoto K, Fukuyama S, Eguchi-Tsuda M, Nakano T, Matsumoto T, Matsumura M, Moriwaki A, Kan-o K, Wada Y, Yagita H, Shin T, Pardoll DM, Patcharee R, Azuma M, Nakanishi Y, Inoue H
176 - 182 CD61 enriches long-term repopulating hematopoietic stem cells
Umemoto T, Yamato M, Shiratsuchi Y, Terasawa M, Yang J, Nishida K, Kobayashi Y, Okano T
183 - 188 A novel cis-acting element required for DNA damage-inducible expression of yeast DIN7
Yoshitani A, Yoshida M, Ling F
189 - 194 HTLV-1 tax-mediated TAK1 activation involves TAB2 adapter protein
Yu QS, Minoda Y, Yoshida R, Yoshida H, Iha H, Kobayashi T, Yoshimura A, Takaesu G
195 - 200 Tissue factor expression on monocytes induced by anti-phospholipid antibodies as a strong risk factor for thromboembolic complications in SLE patients
Nojima J, Masuda Y, Iwatani Y, Suehisa E, Futsukaichi Y, Kuratsune H, Watanabe Y, Takano T, Hidaka Y, Kanakura Y
201 - 206 Transcriptome of Escherichia coli K1 bound to human brain microvascular endothelial cells
Xie Y, Parthasarathy G, Di Cello F, Teng CH, Paul-Satyaseela M, Kim KS