Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.364, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 X-ray crystal structure of TNF ligand family member TL1A at 2.1 angstrom
Jin T, Guo F, Kim S, Howard A, Zhang YZ
7 - 13 Functional polymorphisms of the FPR1 gene and aggressive periodontitis in Japanese
Gunji T, Onouchi Y, Nagasawa T, Katagiri S, Watanabe H, Kobayashi H, Arakawa S, Noguchi K, Hata A, Izurni Y, Ishikawa I
14 - 19 Disruption of mouse poly(A) polymerase mGLD-2 does not alter polyadenylation status in oocytes and somatic cells
Nakanishi T, Kumagai S, Kimura M, Watanabe H, Sakurai T, Kimura M, Kashiwabara S, Baba T
20 - 25 Influence of phosphorus dendrimers on the aggregation of the prion peptide PrP 185-208
Klajnert B, Cortijo-Arellano M, Cladera J, Majoral JP, Caminade AM, Bryszewska M
26 - 32 Mapping of the protein-binding interface between splicing factors SF3b155 and p14 of Trypanosoma cruzi
Avila ML, Bercovich N, Westergaard G, Levin MJ, Vazquez MP
33 - 39 Nitric oxide dysregulates adipocytokine expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Nozaki M, Fukuhara A, Segawa K, Okuno Y, Abe M, Hosogai N, Matsuda M, Komuro R, Shimomura I
40 - 47 A role for Rab5 activity in the biogenesis of endosomal and lysosomal compartments
Hirota Y, Kuronita T, Fujita H, Tanaka Y
48 - 52 Ile178 of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase is critical for inhibiting the viral integrase
Gleenberg IO, Goldgur Y, Hizi A
53 - 59 EzyPred: A top-down approach for predicting enzyme functional classes and subclasses
Shen HB, Chou KC
60 - 65 Hypothalamic galanin and plasma leptin and ghrelin of energy intake in the Brattleboro in the maintenance rat
Beck B, Max JP
66 - 71 Zinc dependence of zinT (yodA) mutants and binding of zinc, cadmium and mercury by ZinT
Kershaw CJ, Brown NL, Hobman JL
72 - 78 Production and epitope characterization of mAbs specific for translation factor IF1
Rasmussen LCV, Jensen JM, Croitoru V, Sperling-Petersen HU, Mortensen KK
79 - 85 The 67 kDa laminin receptor as a primary determinant of anti-allergic effects of O-methylated EGCG
Fujimura Y, Umeda D, Yano S, Maeda-Yamamoto M, Yamada K, Tachibana H
86 - 91 'All-solid-state' electrochemistry of a protein-confined polymer electrolyte film
Parthasarathy M, Pillai VK, Mulla IS, Shabab M, Khan MI
92 - 99 Multipotent adult progenitor cells (MAPC) contribute to hepatocarcinoma neovasculature
Barajas M, Franchi F, Clavel C, Aranguren XL, Kramer MG, Abizanda G, Merino J, Moreno C, Garate L, Guitart A, Narvaiza I, Gutierrez-Perez M, Riezu-Boj JI, Berasain C, Prieto J, Prosper F
100 - 104 Hypoxia suppresses astrocyte glutamate transport independently of amyloid formation
Boycott HE, Dallas M, Boyle JP, Pearson HA, Peers C
105 - 110 The expression of receptors for endocannabinoids in human and rodent skeletal muscle
Cavuoto P, McAinch AJ, Hatzinikolas G, Janovska A, Game P, Wittert GA
111 - 117 Interdomain A is crucial for ITAM-dependent and -independent regulation of Syk
Adachi T, Wienands J, Tsubata T, Kurosaki T
118 - 123 [Ca2+](i) and PKC-alpha are involved in the inhibitory effects of 1b, a novel nonpeptide AngiotensinII subtype AT(1) receptor antagonist, on AngiotensinII-induced vascular contraction in vitro
Wang Y, Wang W, Wang QJ, Wu JH, Xu JY, Wu XM
124 - 130 Minor contribution of an internal ribosome entry site in the 5'-UTR of ornithine decarboxylase mRNA on its translation
Nishimura K, Sakuma A, Yamashita T, Hirokawa G, Imataka H, Kashiwagi K, Igarashi K
131 - 137 Cannabinoid receptor agonists are mitochondrial inhibitors: A unified hypothesis of how cannabinoids modulate mitochondrial function and induce cell death
Athanasiou A, Clarke AB, Turner AE, Kumaran NM, Vakilpour S, Smith PA, Bagiokou D, Bradshaw TD, Westwell AD, Fang L, Lobo DN, Constantinescu CS, Calabrese V, Loesch A, Alexander SPH, Clothier RH, Kendall DA, Bates TE
138 - 144 X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein increases mitochondrial antioxidants through NF-kappa B activation
Kairisalo M, Korhonen L, Blomgren K, Lindholm D
145 - 150 Study of the hypoxia-dependent regulation of human CYGB gene
Guo X, Philipsen S, Tan-Un KC
151 - 156 Suppression of MafA-dependent transcription by transforming growth factor-beta signaling
Matsumura H, Kudo T, Harada A, Esaki R, Suzuki H, Kato M, Takahashi S
157 - 162 Decreased paraoxonase-1 activity is a risk factor for ischemic stroke in Koreans
Kim NS, Kang K, Cha MH, Kang BJ, Moon J, Kang BK, Yu BC, Kim YS, Choi SM, Bang OS
163 - 168 Novel neurotrophic effects of sphingosylphosphorylcholine in cerebellar granule neurons and in PC12 cells
Konno N, Nakamura A, Ikeno Y, Cheon SH, Kitamoto K, Arioka M
169 - 174 Ceramide-dependent release of ceramide kinase from cultured cells
Van Overloop H, Van Veldhoven PP
175 - 180 Genetic inactivation of GIP signaling reverses aging-associated insulin resistance through body composition changes
Yamada C, Yamada Y, Tsukiyama K, Yamada K, Yamane S, Harada N, Miyawaki K, Seino Y, Inagaki N
181 - 186 Cucurbitacin glucosides: Antioxidant and free-radical scavenging activities
Tannin-Spitz T, Bergman M, Grossman S
187 - 193 TP508 accelerates fracture repair by promoting cell growth over cell death
Li X, Wang H, Touma E, Qi Y, Rousseau E, Quigg RJ, Ryaby JT