Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.362, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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543 - 545 How to understand the dichotomy of antioxidants
Shen L, Ji HF, Zhang HY
546 - 549 Suppression of gross chromosomal rearrangements by a new alternative replication factor C complex
Banerjee S, Sikdar N, Myung K
550 - 553 Bone morphogenetic protein
Xiao YT, Xiang LX, Shao JZ
554 - 561 Functional study of Capsicum annuum fatty acid desaturase 1 cDNA clone induced by Tobacco mosaic virus via microarray and virus-induced gene silencing
Kim KJ, Lim JH, Lee S, Kim YJ, Choi SB, Lee MK, Choi D, Paek KH
562 - 567 Characterization of a heat-stable protein with antimicrobial activity from Arabidopsis thaliana
Park SC, Lee JR, Shin SO, Park Y, Lee SY, Hahin KS
568 - 574 Activin B mediated induction of Pdx1 in human embryonic stem cell derived embryoid bodies
Frandsen U, Porneki AD, Floridon C, Abdallah BM, Kassem M
575 - 581 KLF4 regulates the expression of interleukin-10 in RAW264.7 macrophages
Liu JW, Zhang HL, Liu Y, Wang KK, Feng YS, Liu MD, Xiao XZ
582 - 586 Transcriptional suppression of cytokine-induced iNOS gene expression by IL-13 through IRF-1/ISRE signaling
Shao LF, Guo Z, Geller DA
587 - 593 Neuroprotective function of thymosin-beta and its derivative peptides on the programmed cell death of chick and rat neurons
Choi SY, Noh MR, Kim DK, Sun W, Kim H
594 - 600 Two osteoclastic markers expressed in multinucleate osteoclasts of goldfish scales
Azuma K, Kobayashi M, Nakamura M, Suzuki N, Yashima S, Iwamuro S, Ikegame M, Yamamoto T, Hattori A
601 - 605 A novel mutation 3090 G > A of the mitochondrial 16S ribosomal RNA associated with myopathy
Coulbault L, Deslandes B, Herlicoviez D, Read MH, Leporrier N, Schaeffer S, Mouadil A, Lombes A, Chapon F, Jauzac P, Allouche S
606 - 611 Inhibition of p38/CREB phosphorylation and COX-2 expression by olive oil polyphenols underlies their anti-proliferative effects
Corona G, Deiana M, Incani A, Vauzour D, Dessi MA, Spencer JPE
612 - 618 Cloning and characterization of human RTVP-1b, a novel splice variant of RTVP-1 in glioma cells
Xiang CL, Sarid R, Cazacu S, Finniss S, Lee HK, Ziv-Av A, Mikkelsen T, Brodie C
619 - 625 Characterization, expression and transcriptional regulation of P450c17-I and -II in the medaka, Oryzias latipes
Zhou LY, Wang DS, Shibata Y, Paul-Prasanth B, Suzuki A, Nagahama Y
626 - 632 Stimulation of ERAD of misfolded null Hong Kong alpha 1-antitrypsin by golgi alpha 1,2-mannosidases
Hosokawa N, You ZP, Tremblay LO, Nagata K, Herscovics A
633 - 638 Downregulation of myosin II-B by siRNA alters the subcellular localization of the amyloid precursor protein and increases amyloid-beta deposition in N2a cells
Massone S, Argellati F, Passalacqua M, Armirotti A, Melone L, d'Abramo C, Marinari UM, Domenicotti C, Pronzato MA, Ricciarelli R
639 - 645 A practical approach to N-glycan production by hydrazinolysis using hydrazine monohydrate
Nakakita SI, Sumiyoshi W, Miyanishi N, Hirabayashi J
646 - 650 Genetic design of conditional D-glutamate auxotrophy for Bacillus subtilis: Use of a vector-borne poly-gamma-glutamate synthetic system
Ashiuchi M, Nishikawa Y, Matsunaga K, Yamamoto M, Shimanouchi K, Misono H
651 - 657 9-O-Acetylated GD3 triggers programmed cell death in mature erythrocytes
Mukherjee K, Chowdhury S, Mondal S, Mandal C, Chandra S, Bhadra RK, Mandal C
658 - 664 Regulation of insulin secretion and GILUT4 trafficking by the calcium sensor synaptotagmin VII
Li YY, Wang PL, Xu JC, Gorelick F, Yamazaki H, Andrews N, Desir GV
665 - 669 Differentially expressed genes among motor and prefrontal areas of macaque neocortex
Sato A, Nishimura Y, Oishi T, Higo N, Murata Y, Onoe H, Salto K, Tsuboi F, Takahashi M, Isa T, Kojima T
670 - 676 The ND4 G11696A mutation may influence the phenotypic manifestation of the deafness-associated 12S rRNA A1555G mutation in a four-generation Chinese family
Liao Z, Zhao JY, Zhu Y, Yang L, Yang AF, Sun DM, Zhao ZN, Wang XJ, Tao ZW, Tang X, Wang JD, Guan MQ, Chen JF, Li ZY, Lu JX, Guan MX
677 - 681 Effect of ghrelin on human endothelial cells apoptosis induced by high glucose
Zhao H, Liu GL, Wang QY, Ding LY, Cal H, Jiang HH, Xin ZQ
682 - 688 Expression profiles of BDNF splice variants in cultured DRG neurons stimulated with NGF
Matsuoka Y, Yokoyama M, Kobayashi H, Omori M, Itano Y, Morita K, Mori H, Nakanishi T
689 - 694 Detecting the inter-peptide arrangement and maturation process of transthyretin (105-115) amyloid fibril using a FRET pair with short Forster distance
Deng W, Cao AN, Lai LH
695 - 699 A role for His(1.55) in binding of human prion peptide(144-167) to immobilised prion protein
Hesp JR, Raven NDH, Sutton JM
700 - 706 Schistosome dystrophin and dystrobrevin proteins contain large insertions
Tan S, Johnston DA, Roberts RG
707 - 711 Premature senescence of mesothelial cells is associated with non-telomeric DNA damage
Ksiazek K, Passos JF, Olijslagers S, Saretzki G, Martin-Ruiz C, von Zglinicki T
712 - 716 Fbs1 protects the malfolded glycoproteins from the attack of peptide: N-glycanase
Yamaguchi Y, Hirao T, Sakata E, Kamiya Y, KuriMoto E, Yoshida Y, Suzuki T, Tanaka K, Kato K
717 - 720 Thioglycoside hydrolysis catalyzed by beta-glucosidase
Shen H, Byers LD
721 - 726 PKA from Mucor circinelloides: Model to study the role of linker I in the interaction between R and C subunits
Ocampo J, Moreno S, Rossi S
727 - 733 Flexibility in targeting and insertion during bacterial membrane protein biogenesis
van Bloois E, ten Hagen-Jongman CM, Luirink J
734 - 739 Inactivation of the mouse Atxn3 (ataxin-3) gene increases protein ubiquitination
Schmitt I, Linden M, Khazneh H, Evert BO, Breuer P, Klockgether T, Wuellner U
740 - 746 Down-regulation of MUCI in cancer cells inhibits cell migration by promoting E-cadherin/catenin complex formation
Yuan Z, Wong S, Borrelli A, Chung MA
747 - 752 Connexin 43 confers resistance to hydrogen peroxide-mediated apoptosis
Giardina SF, Mikami M, Goubaeva F, Yang J
753 - 758 Epithelial Na+ channel and ion transport in human nasal polyp and paranasal sinus mucosa
Yasuda M, Niisato N, Miyazaki H, Iwasaki Y, Hama T, Dejima K, Hisa Y, Marunaka Y
759 - 765 Saxifragifolin B from Androsace umhellata induced apoptosis on human hepatoma cells
Zhang DM, Wang Y, Tang MK, Chan YW, Lam HM, Ye WC, Fung KP
766 - 772 Inducing rigid local structure around the zinc-binding region by hydrophobic interactions enhances the homotrimerization and apoptotic activity of zinc-free TRAIL
Lee HW, Kim TI, Chan KH, Kwon MH, Kim JS, Jin M, Kim YS
773 - 778 Reduced expression of INK4a/ARF genes in stem-like sphere cells from rat sarcomas
Fujii H, Honoki K, Tsujiuchi T, Kido A, Yoshitani K, Mori T, Takakura Y
779 - 784 Targeting the expression of functional murine CMP-sialic acid transporter to the E-coli inner membrane
Maggioni A, von Itzstein M, Gerardy-Schahn R, Tiralongo J