Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.362, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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225 - 229 Potential biochemical therapy of glioma cancer
Yin LT, Fu YJ, Xu QL, Yang J, Uu ZL, Liang AH, Fan XJ, Xu CG
230 - 232 Oxidative stress: A dead end or a laboratory hypothesis?
Azzi A
233 - 237 How similar are amino acid mutations in human genetic diseases and evolution
Wu H, Ma BG, Zhao JT, Zhang HY
238 - 244 Impact of diabetic serum on endothelial cells: An in-vitro-analysis of endothelial dysfunction in diabetes mellitus type 2
Munzel D, Lehle K, Haubner F, Schmid C, Birnbaum DE, Preuner JG
245 - 251 Identification of one capa and two pyrokinin receptors from the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae
Olsen SS, Cazzamali G, Williamson M, Grimmelikhuijzen CJP, Hauser F
252 - 255 Immunohistochemical distribution of phosphatidylglucoside using anti-phosphatidylglucoside monoclonal antibody (DIM21)
Kitamura Y, Okazaki T, Nagatsuka Y, Hirabayashi Y, Kato S, Hayashi K
256 - 262 Modulation of early growth response gene I and interieukin-8 expression by ribotoxin deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) via ERK1/2 in human epithelial intestine 407 cells
Moon Y, Yang H, Lee SH
263 - 268 Different roles of loop 7 in inhibition of calcineurin
Wang HL, Yao SY, Lin WL, Du YW, Xiang BQ, He SA, Huang C, Wei Q
269 - 274 Acetylcholine induces neurite outgrowth and modulates matrix metalloproteinase 2 and 9
Anelli T, Mannello F, Salani M, Tonti GA, Poiana G, Biagioni S
275 - 280 Ligand specificity of MobR, a transcriptional regulator for the 3-hydroxybenzoate hydroxylase gene of Comamonas testosteroni KH122-3s
Yoshida M, Hiromoto T, Hosokawa K, Yamaguchi H, Fujiwara S
281 - 287 Structural analysis of obscurin gene in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Arimura T, Matsumoto Y, Okazaki O, Hayashi T, Takahashi M, Inagaki N, Hinohara K, Ashizawa N, Yano K, Kimura A
288 - 294 NFATc is required for TGFP-mediated transcriptional regulation of fibronectin
Cobbs SL, Gooch JL
295 - 300 Transgenic mice with neuron-specific overexpression of HtrA2/Omi suggest a neuroprotective role for HtrA2/Omi
Liu MJ, Liu ML, Shen YF, Kim JM, Lee BH, Lee YS, Hong ST
301 - 306 Subunit interactions specify the allosteric regulatory properties of the potato tuber ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase
Kim D, Hwang SK, Okita TW
307 - 312 Mixed lineage kinase 3 connects reactive oxygen species to c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase-induced mitochondrial apoptosis in genipin-treated PC3 human prostate cancer cells
Hong HY, Kim BC
313 - 318 Effects of daunorubicin on ganglioside expression and neuronal differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells
Lee DH, Koo DB, Ko K, Ko K, Kim SM, Jung JU, Ryu JS, Jin JW, Yang HJ, Do SI, Jung KY, Choo YK
319 - 324 High resolution X-ray molecular structure of the nitrile hydratase from Rhodococcus erythropolis AJ270 reveals posttranslational oxidation of two cysteines into sulfinic acids and a novel biocatalytic nitrile hydration mechanism
Song L, Wang MZ, Shi JJ, Xue ZQ, Wang MX, Qian SJ
325 - 329 O-GlcNAc modification modulates the expression of osteocalcin via OSE2 and Runx2
Kim SH, Kim YH, Song M, An SH, Byun HY, Heo K, Lim S, Oh YS, Ryu SH, Suh PG
330 - 333 Rapamycin regulates the phosphorylation of rictor
Akcakanat A, Singh G, Hung MC, Meric-Bernstam F
334 - 339 Sensitization to Fas-mediated apoptosis by dengue virus capsid protein
Limjindaporn T, Netsawang J, Noisakran S, Thiemmeca S, Wongwiwat W, Sudsaward S, Avirutnan P, Puttikhunt C, Kasinrerk W, Sriburi R, Sittisombut N, Yenchitsomanus PT, Maiasit P
340 - 346 Inhibition of the formation of the neurotoxin 5-S-cysteinyl-dopamine by polyphenols
Vauzour D, Vafeiadou K, Spencer JPE
347 - 353 Characterization and differentiation of equine umbilical cord-derived matrix cells
Hoynowski SM, Fry MM, Gardner BM, Leming MT, Tucker JR, Black L, Sand T, Mitchell KE
354 - 359 Dissociation of AMP-activated protein kinase and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling in skeletal muscle
Ho RC, Fujii N, Witters LA, Hirshman MF, Goodyear LJ
360 - 367 Marked change in microRNA expression during neuronal differentiation of human teratocarcinoma NTera2D1 and mouse embryonal carcinoma P19 cells
Hohjoh H, Fukushima T
368 - 373 Inductive effects of dexamethasone on the mineralization and the osteoblastic gene expressions in mature osteoblast-like ROS17/2.8 cells
Mikami Y, Omoteyama K, Kato S, Takagi M
374 - 380 Regulation of human hepatocyte gene expression by fatty acids
Swagell CD, Henly DC, Morris CP
381 - 386 Refolding of human beta-1-2 GlcNAc transferase (GnT1) and the role of its impaired Cys 121
Saribas AS, Johnson K, Liu L, Bezila D, Hakes D
387 - 392 Knockout mice lacking cPGES/p23, a constitutively expressed PGE(2) synthetic enzyme, are peri-natally lethal
Nakatani Y, Hokonohara Y, Kakuta S, Sudo K, Iwakura Y, Kudo I
393 - 398 The N-terminal region of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A signals to nuclear localization of the protein
Parreiras-E-Silva LT, Gomes MD, Oliveira EB, Costa CM
399 - 404 Time dependence of cyclic tensile strain on collagen production in tendon fascicles
Maeda E, Shelton JC, Bader DL, Lee DA
405 - 409 Glutathione peroxidase 3 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae suppresses non-enzymatic proteolysis of glutamine synthetase in an activity-independent manner
Lee PY, Kho CW, Lee DH, Kang S, Kang S, Lee SC, Park BC, Cho S, Bae KH, Park SG
410 - 414 Methyl dynamics of the amyloid-beta peptides A beta 40 and A beta 42
Yan YL, Liu JJ, McCallum SA, Yang DW, Wang CY
415 - 418 Superposition of a tRNA(Ser) acceptor stem microhelix into the seryl-tRNA synthetase complex
Forster C, Brauer ABE, Furste JP, Betzel C, Weber M, Cordes F, Erdmann VA
419 - 424 TERT promoter-driven adenovirus vector for cancer gene therapy via systemic injection
Yao X, Yoshioka Y, Eto Y, Morishige T, Okada Y, Mizuguchi H, Mukal Y, Okada N, Nakagawa S
425 - 430 A conserved proline residue in the leucine zipper region of AtbZIP34 and AtbZIP61 in Arabidopsis thaliana interferes with the formation of homodimer
Shen HS, Cao KM, Wang XP
431 - 436 Over-expression of the Arabidopsis DRE/CRT-binding transcription factor DREB2C enhances thermotolerance
Lim CJ, Hwang JE, Chen H, Hong JK, Yang KA, Choi MS, Lee KO, Chung WS, Lee SY, Lim CO
437 - 442 An ADAM metalloprotease is a Cry3Aa Bacillus thuringiensis toxin receptor
Ochoa-Campuzano C, Real MD, Martinez-Ramirez AC, Bravo A, Rausell C
443 - 448 A domain of the Leptospira LigB contributes to high affinity binding of fibronectin
Lin YP, Chang YF
449 - 453 Carbon monoxide dehydrogenase in mycobacteria possesses a nitric oxide dehydrogenase activity
Park SW, Song T, Kim SY, Kim E, Oh JI, Eom CY, Kim YM
454 - 459 Heteromeric complex formation of ASK2 and ASK1 regulates stress-induced signaling
Ortner E, Moelling K
460 - 466 Osteoclastic activity induces osteomodulin expression in osteoblasts
Ninomiya K, Miyamoto T, Imai J, Fujita N, Suzuki T, Iwasaki R, Yagi M, Watanabe S, Toyama Y, Suda T
467 - 473 Single cell derived murine embryonic stem cell clones stably express Rex1-specific green fluorescent protein and their differentiation study
Chen XP, Wu RR, Feng SM, Gu B, Dai LC, Zhang M, Zhao XL
474 - 479 Aggregation of endosomal-vacuolar compartments in the Aovps24-deleted strain in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus oryzae
Tatsumi A, Shoji J, Kikuma T, Arioka M, Kitamoto K
480 - 484 Linkage disequilibrium analyses of natriuretic peptide precursor B locus reveal risk haplotype conferring high plasma BNP levels
Takeishi Y, Torlyama S, Takabatake N, Shibata Y, Konta T, Emi M, Kato T, Kawata S, Kubota I
485 - 490 Regulation of repp86 stability by human Siah2
Szczepanowski M, Adam-Klages S, Kruse ML, Pollmann M, Klapper W, Parwaresch R, Heidebrecht HJ
491 - 497 Pluripotent marker expression and differentiation of human second trimester Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Gonzalez R, Maki CB, Pacchiarotti J, Csontos S, Pham JK, Slepko N, Patel A, Silva F
498 - 503 Optimization of short hairpin RNA for lentiviral-mediated RNAi against WAS
Jeanson-Leh L, Blondeau J, Galy A
504 - 509 Inhibition of NADPH oxidase subunits translocation by tea catechin EGCG in mast cell
Nishikawa H, Wakano K, Kitani S
510 - 515 Identification of functional type 1 ryanodine receptors in human dendritic cells
Uemura Y, Liu TY, Narita Y, Suzuki M, Ohshima S, Mizukami S, Ichihara Y, Kikuchi H, Matsushita S
516 - 521 The effect of RanBPM on the regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis by thyroid hormone receptors is isoform-specific
Poirier MB, Brunelle M, Langlois MF
522 - 524 Spectroscopic diagnosis of anti-phospholipid antibodies by visible and near-infrared spectroscopy in SLE patients' plasma samples
Nojima J, Sakudo A, Hakarlya Y, Kuratsune H, Watanabe Y, Kanakura Y, Ikuta K
525 - 531 Analogue inhibitors by modifying oseltamivir based on the crystal neuraminidase structure for treating drug-resistant H5N1 virus
Du QS, Wang SQ, Chou KC
532 - 537 Molecular dynamics simulations of thioredoxin with S-glutathiolated eysteine-73
Han S
538 - 542 Interface peptide of Alzheimer's amyloid beta: Application in purification
Das U, Hariprasad G, Pasha S, Mann A, Ganguji M, Sharma S, Kaur P, Singh TP, Srinivasan A