Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.361, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Expression of GATA-3 in epidermis and hair follicle: Relationship to p63
Chikh A, Sayan E, Thibaut S, Lena AM, DiGiorgi S, Bernard BA, Melino G, Candi E
7 - 13 SIRP alpha 1 and SIRP alpha 2: Their role as tumor suppressors in breast carcinoma cells
Yamasaki Y, Ito S, Tsunoda N, Kokuryo T, Hara K, Senga T, Kannagi R, Yamamoto T, Oda K, Nagino M, Nimura Y, Hamaguchi M
14 - 19 Platination of the siRNA sense-strand modulates both efficacy and selectivity in vitro
Hagerlof M, Hedman H, Elmroth SKC
20 - 25 TFDP3 inhibits E2F1-induced, p53-mediated apoptosis
Tian C, Lv D, Qiao H, Zhang J, Yin YH, Qian XP, Wang YP, Zhang Y, Chen WF
26 - 32 The novel putative bile acid transporter SLC10A5 is highly expressed in liver and kidney
Fernandes CF, Godoy JR, Doring B, Cavalcanti MCO, Bergmann M, Petzinger E, Geyer J
33 - 36 Itch inhibition regulates chemosensitivity in vitro
Hansen TM, Rossi M, Roperch JP, Ansell K, Simpson K, Taylor D, Mathon N, Knight RA, Melino G
37 - 42 Surface plasmon resonance studies and biochemical evaluation of a potent peptide inhibitor against cyclooxygenase-2 as an anti-inflammatory agent
Somvanshi RK, Kumar A, Kant S, Gupta D, Singh SB, Das U, Srinivasan A, Singh TP, Dey S
43 - 48 BACE1 modulates filopodia-like protrusions induced by sodium channel beta 4 subunit
Miyazaki H, Oyama F, Wong HK, Kaneko K, Sakurai T, Tamaoka A, Nukina N
49 - 54 Plasmid encoded neurotoxin genes in Clostridium botulinum serotype A subtypes
Marshall KM, Bradshaw M, Pellett S, Johnson EA
55 - 61 Cloning, expression, and biochemical characterization of a new histone deacetylase-like protein from Thermus caldophilus GK24
Song YM, Kim YS, Kim D, Lee DS, Kwon HJ
62 - 67 Platelet-rich plasma stimulates osteoblastic differentiation in the presence of BMPs
Tomoyasu A, Higashio K, Kanomata K, Goto M, Kodaira K, Serizawa H, Suda T, Nakamura A, Junya NA, Toru FA, Katagiri T
68 - 73 Artificial neural networks and decision tree model analysis of liver cancer proteomes
Luk JM, Lam BY, Lee NPY, Ho DW, Sham PC, Chen L, Peng J, Leng XS, Day PJ, Fan ST
74 - 78 Identification and preliminary function study of Xenopus laevis DRR1 gene
Zhao XY, Liang SF, Yao SH, Ma FX, Hu ZG, Yan F, Yuan Z, Ruan XZ, Yang HS, Zhou Q, Wei YQ
79 - 84 Endostar, a novel recombinant human endostatin, exerts antiangiogenic effect via blocking VEGF-induced tyrosine phosphorylation of KDR/Flk-1 of endothelial cells
Ling Y, Yang Y, Lu N, You QD, Wang S, Gao Y, Chen Y, Guo QL
85 - 90 Characterization of the multidrug efflux regulator AcrR from Escherichia coli
Su CC, Rutherford DJ, Yu EW
91 - 96 Adsorption mechanism of BMP-7 on hydroxyapatite (001) surfaces
Zhou H, Wu T, Dong X, Wang Q, Shen JW
97 - 102 Oral absorption and in vivo biodistribution of alpha-conotoxin MII and a lipidic analogue
Blanchfield JT, Gallagher OP, Cros C, Lewis RJ, Alewood PF, Toth I
103 - 108 A homogeneous fluorometric assay platform based on novel synthetic proteins
Vardar-Schara G, Krab IM, Yi G, Su WW
109 - 115 A novel gene trapping for identifying genes expressed under the control of specific transcription factors
Naruse C, Fukusumi Y, Kakiuchi D, Asano M
116 - 121 Aurones serve as probes of P-amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease
Ono M, Maya Y, Haratake M, Ito K, Mori H, Nakayama M
122 - 126 Suppression of immunostimulatory siRNA-driven innate immune activation by 2'-modified RNAs
Sioud M, Furset G, Cekaite L
127 - 132 The NMDAR subunit NR3A interacts with microtubule-associated protein 1S in the brain
Eriksson M, Samuelsson H, Samuelsson EB, Liu LY, McKeehan WL, Benedikz E, Sundstrom E
133 - 139 Mitochondrial tRNA(Ser(UCN)) gene is the hot spot for mutations associated with aminoglycoside-induced and non-syndromic hearing loss
Jin LJ, Yang AF, Zhu Y, Zhao JY, Wang XJ, Yang L, Sun DM, Tao ZH, Tsushima A, Wu GM, Xu LM, Chen CX, Yi B, Cai JX, Tang XW, Wang J, Li D, Yuan Q, Liao ZS, Chen JF, Li ZY, Lu JX, Guan MX
140 - 145 LPS-induced biomarkers in mice: A potential model for identifying insulin sensitizers
Briscoe CP, Looper D, Tran P, Herrera J, McDonnell SR, Bhat BG
146 - 150 Polarization of endosomal SNX27 in migrating and tumor-engaged Natural Killer cells
MacNeil AJ, Pohajdak B
151 - 155 Expression pattern of muscleblind-like proteins differs in differentiating myoblasts
Lee KS, Squillace RM, Wang EH
156 - 161 Bile acid-induced TGR5-dependent c-Jun-N terminal kinase activation leads to enhanced caspase 8 activation in hepatocytes
Yang JI, Yoon JH, Myung SJ, Gwak GY, Kim W, Chung GE, Lee SH, Lee SM, Kim CY, Lee HS
162 - 168 Aldosterone-induced modification of osmoregulated ENaC trafficking
Niisato N, Taruno A, Marunaka Y
169 - 175 Genistein induces the metastasis suppressor kangai-1 which mediates its anti-invasive effects in TRAMP cancer cells
El Touny LH, Banerjee PP
176 - 181 Polyamine-modulated factor 1 represses glucocorticoid receptor activity
Shoji Y, Osman W, Zilliacus J
182 - 188 Endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene variants contribute to oxidative stress in COPD
Arif E, Ahsan A, Vibhuti A, Rajput C, Deepak D, Athar M, Singh B, Pasha MAQ
189 - 195 Mechanistic and pharmacodynamic studies of a 25-hydroxyvitamin D-3 derivative in prostate cancer cells
Lambert JR, Young CD, Persons KS, Ray R
196 - 201 SanM catalyzes the formation of 4-pyridyl-2-oxo-4-hydroxyisovalerate in nikkomycin biosynthesis by interacting with SanN
Ling HB, Wang GJ, Tian YQ, Liu G, Tan HR
202 - 207 Colorectal carcinoma rearranges cell surface protein topology and density in CD4(+) T cells
Bene L, Kanyari Z, Bodnar A, Kappelmayer J, Waldmann TA, Vamosi G, Damjanovich L
208 - 213 Phloretin enhances adipocyte differentiation and adiponectin expression in 3T3-L1 cells
Hassan M, El Yazidi C, Landrier JF, Lairon D, Margotat A, Amiot MJ
214 - 217 TRPV1 as a key determinant in ciguatera and neurotoxic shellfish poisoning
Cuypers E, Yanagihara A, Rainier JD, Tytgat J
218 - 223 Identification of TBC7 having TBC domain as a novel binding protein to TSC1-TSC2 complex
Nakashima A, Yoshino K, Miyamoto T, Eguchi S, Oshiro N, Kikkawa U, Yonezawa K
224 - 229 The involvement of Gab1 and PI 3-kinase in beta 1 integrin signaling in keratinocytes
Kuwano Y, Fujimoto M, Watanabe R, Ishiura N, Nakashima H, Komine M, Hamazaki TS, Tamaki K, Okochi H
230 - 236 The Na+/Ca2+ exchange inhibitor KB-R7943 potently blocks TRPC channels
Kraft R
237 - 242 Androgens negatively regulate myostatin expression in an androgen-dependent skeletal muscle
Mendler L, Baka Z, Kovacs-Simon A, Dux L
243 - 248 1,2-naphthoquinone disrupts the function of cAMP response element-binding protein through covalent modification
Endo A, Sumi D, Kumagai Y
249 - 255 HIPK2 knock-down compromises tumor cell efficiency to repair damaged DNA
Nardinocchi L, Puca R, Sacchi A, D'Orazi G
256 - 262 The conserved glycine/alanine residue of the active-site loop containing the putative acetylCoA-binding motif is essential for the overall structural integrity of Mesorhizobium loti arylamine N-acetyltransferase 1
Atmane N, Dairou J, Flatters D, Martins M, Pluvinage B, Derreumaux P, Dupret JM, Rodrigues-Lima F