Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.360, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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709 - 714 The fibronectin synergy site modulates TGF-beta-dependent fibroblast contraction
Meckmongkol TT, Harmon R, McKeown-Longo P, Van De Water L
715 - 720 SNP analyses of growth factor genes EGF, TGF beta-1, and HGF reveal haplotypic association of EGF with autism
Toyoda T, Nakamura K, Yamada K, Thanseem I, Anitha A, Suda S, Tsujii M, Iwayama Y, Hattori E, Toyota T, Miyachi T, Iwata Y, Suzuki K, Matsuzaki H, Kawai M, Sekine Y, Tsuchiya K, Sugihara GI, Ouchi Y, Sugiyama T, Takei N, Yoshikawa T, Mori N
721 - 727 Role of Hrs in maturation of autophagosomes in mammalian cells
Tamai K, Tanaka N, Nara A, Yamamoto A, Nakagawa I, Yoshimori T, Ueno Y, Shimosegawa T, Sugamura K
728 - 734 Cloning and characterization of BmK86, a novel K+-channel blocker from scorpion venom
Mao X, Cao ZJ, Yin SJ, Ma YB, Wu YL, Li WX
735 - 740 Crystal structure of a novel cysteinless plant Kunitz-type protease inhibitor
Hansen D, Macedo-Ribeiro S, Verissimo P, Im SY, Sampaio MU, Oliva MLV
741 - 745 Overexpression of MCT8 enhances the differentiation of ES cells into neural progenitors
Sugiura M, Nagaoka M, Yabuuchi H, Akaike T
746 - 751 Prion protein facilitates hormone-induced differentiation of mammary gland epithelial cells
Mowald H, Wurm S, Crailsheim K, Wechselberger C
752 - 758 Combined administration of naked DNA vectors encoding VEGF and bFGF enhances tissue perfusion and arteriogenesis in ischemic hindlimb
Lee JS, Kim JM, Kim KL, Jang HS, Shin IS, Jeon ES, Suh WH, Byun J, Kim DK
759 - 764 Synthetic glycan ligand excludes CD22 from antigen receptor-containing lipid rafts
Yu J, Sawada T, Adachi T, Gao X, Takematsu H, Kozutsumi Y, Ishida H, Kiso M, Tsubata T
765 - 771 Modulating the activity of avian pancreatic lipases by an alkyl chain reacting with an accessible sulfhydryl group
Fendri A, Frikha F, Miled N, Bacha AB, Gargouri Y
772 - 777 Inhibition of MCP-1/CCR2 pathway ameliorates the development of diabetic nephropathy
Kanamori H, Matsubara T, Mima A, Sumi E, Nagai K, Takahashi T, Abe H, Iehara N, Fukatsu A, Okamoto H, Kita T, Doi T, Arai H
778 - 783 The green tea component EGCG inhibits RNA polymerase III transcription
Jacob J, Cabarcas S, Veras I, Zaveri N, Schramm L
784 - 790 Crystal structure of YrrB: A TPR protein with an unusual peptide-binding site
Han D, Oh J, Kim K, Lim H, Kim Y
791 - 796 The combination of hypoxia-response enhancers and an oxygen-dependent proteolytic motif enables real-time imaging of absolute HIF-1 activity in tumor xenografts
Harada H, Kizaka-Kondoh S, Itasaka S, Shibuya K, Morinibu A, Shinomiya K, Hiraoka M
797 - 801 Directional memory and caged dynamics in cytoskeletal remodelling
Lenormand G, Chopin J, Bursac P, Fredberg JJ, Butler JP
802 - 808 Sulfated oxysterol, 25HC3S, is a potent regulator of lipid metabolism in human hepatocytes
Ren SL, Li XB, Rodriguez-Agudo D, Gil G, Hylemon P, Pandak WM
809 - 814 Role of unique basic residues of human pancreatic ribonuclease in its catalysis and structural stability
Dey P, Islam A, Ahmad F, Batra JK
815 - 820 Composition of sea urchin egg homogenate determines its potency to inositol trisphosphate and cyclic ADPRibose-induced Ca2+ release
Jones KT, Swann K
821 - 827 IP receptor-dependent activation of PPAR gamma by stable prostacyclin analogues
Falcetti E, Flavell DM, Staels B, Tinker A, Haworth SG, Clapp LH
828 - 833 Food entrainment of circadian gene expression altered in PPAR alpha(-/-) brown fat and heart
Goh BC, Wu X, Evans AE, Johnson ML, Hill MR, Gimble JM
834 - 839 Dissolution of the inorganic phase of bone leading to release of calcium regulates osteoclast survival
Nielsen RH, Karsdal MA, Sorensen MG, Dziegiel MH, Henriksen K
840 - 845 D-Glucosamine inhibits proliferation of human cancer cells through inhibition of p70S6K
Oh HJ, Lee JS, Song DK, Shin DH, Jang BC, Suh SI, Park JW, Suh MH, Baek WK
846 - 851 The R3H domain stabilizes poly(A)-specific ribonuclease by stabilizing the RRM domain
Liu WF, Zhang A, He GJ, Yan YB
852 - 856 Intra-albumin migration of bound fatty acid probed by spin label ESR
Gurachevsky A, Shimanovitch E, Gurachevskaya T, Muravsky V
857 - 862 Analysis of pre-mRNA and pre-rRNA processing factor Snul3p structure and mutants
Dobbyn HC, McEwan PA, Krause A, Novak-Frazer L, Bella J, O'Keefe RT
863 - 867 Solution structure of the bacterial chemotaxis adaptor protein CheW from Escherichia coli
Li Y, Hu YF, Fu WY, Xia B, Jin CW
868 - 873 BMP inhibits neurite growth by a mechanism dependent on LIM-kinase
Matsuura I, Endo M, Hata K, Kubo T, Yamaguchi A, Saeki N, Yamashita T
874 - 879 Knockout of the trcp3 gene causes a recessive neuromotor disease in mice
Rodriguez-Santiago M, Mendoza-Torres M, Jimenez-Bremont JF, Lopez-Revilla R
880 - 884 Identification of multiple highly similar XIP-type xylanase inhibitor genes in hexaploid wheat
Takahashi-Ando N, Inaba M, Ohsato S, Igawa T, Usami R, Kimura M
885 - 890 Differential incorporation of docosahexaenoic acid into distinct cholesterol-rich membrane raft domains
Duraisamy Y, Lambert D, O'Neill CA, Padfield PJ
891 - 896 Peptide rescues GLUT4 recruitment, but not GLUT4 activation, in insulin resistance
Funaki M, Benincasa K, Randhawa PK