Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.360, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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513 - 519 Characterization of a new catechol branch of the beta-ketoadipate pathway induced for benzoate degradation in Acinetobacter lwoffii K24
Yoon YH, Yun SH, Park SH, Seol SY, Leem SH, Kim SI
520 - 524 beta-amyloid deposition and prion infection in adult primary brain cell long-term culture model
Yun SW, Kouznetsova E, Nitschke C, Heinitz K, Schliebs R, Gerlach M, Riederer P, Klein MA
525 - 530 Effects of thioredoxin on established airway remodeling in a chronic antigen exposure asthma model
Imaoka H, Hoshino T, Takei S, Sakazaki Y, Kinoshita T, Okamoto M, Kawayama T, Yodoi J, Kato S, Iwanaga T, Aizawa H
531 - 538 Fine mapping of the NRC-1 tumor suppressor locus within chromosome 3p12
Zhang K, Lott ST, Jin L, Killary AM
539 - 544 Redundant roles of Sox17 and Sox18 in early cardiovascular development of mouse embryos
Sakamoto Y, Hara K, Kanai-Azuma M, Matsui T, Miura Y, Tsunekawa N, Kurohmaru M, Saijoh Y, Koopman P, Kanai Y
545 - 552 Serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) in rat liver regeneration
Cimica V, Batusic D, Haralanova-Ilieva B, Chen YL, Hollemann T, Pieler T, Ramadori G
553 - 559 VEGF promotes tumorigenesis and angiogenesis of human glioblastoma stem cells
Oka N, Soeda A, Inagaki A, Onodera M, Maruyama H, Hara A, Kunisada T, Mori H, Iwama T
560 - 565 Hyperglycemia increases the levels of vascular cellular adhesion molecule-1 and monocyte-chemoattractant-protein-1 in the diabetic endothelial cell
Haubner F, Lehle K, Munzel D, Schmid C, Birnbaum DE, Preuner JG
566 - 572 Cloning, expression and characterisation of FKB-6, the sole large TPR-containing immunophilin from C-elegans
Richardson JM, Dornan J, Opamawutthikul M, Bruce S, Page AP, Walkinshaw MD
573 - 579 Stable gene expression by self-complementary adeno-associated viruses in human MSCs
Kim SJ, Lee WI, Heo H, Shin O, Kwon YK, Lee H
580 - 585 Spatial segregation of degradation- and recycling-trafficking pathways in COS-1 cells
Misaki R, Nakagawa T, Fukuda M, Taniguchi N, Taguchi T
586 - 592 Selection for the miniaturization of highly expressed genes
Li SW, Feng L, Niu DK
593 - 599 Defective cholesterol traffic and neuronal differentiation in neural stem cells of Niemann-Pick type C disease improved by valproic acid, a histone deacetylase inhibitor
Kim SJ, Lee BH, Lee YS, Kang KS
600 - 603 DBC2 resistance is achieved by enhancing 26S proteasome-mediated protein degradation
Collado D, Yoshihara T, Hamaguchi M
604 - 608 Molecular cloning, overexpression and characterization of human interleukin 1 alpha
Rajalingam D, Kacer D, Prudovsky I, Kumar TKS
609 - 614 Interaction of Munc18 and Syntaxin in the regulation of insulin secretion
Dong YM, Wan QF, Yang XF, Bai L, Xu PY
615 - 620 Phosphorylated PKR contributes the induction of GRP94 under ER stress
Ito M, Onuki R, Bando Y, Tohyama M, Sugiyama Y
621 - 626 The ZFHX1A gene is differentially autoregulated by its isoforms
Manavella PA, Roqueiro G, Darling DS, Cabanillas AM
627 - 632 Proteomics unveil corticoid-induced S100A11 shuttling in keratinocyte differentiation
Dezitter X, Hammoudi F, Belverge N, Deloulme JC, Drobecq H, Masselot B, Formstecher P, Mendy D, Idziorek T
633 - 639 Molecular cloning and functional analysis of a novel oncogene, cancer-upregulated gene 2 (CUG2)
Lee S, Gang J, Jeon SB, Choo SH, Lee B, Kim YG, Lee YS, Jung J, Song SY, Koh SS
640 - 645 Cloning and sequencing of the cellobiose 2-epimerase gene from an obligatory anaerobe, Ruminococcus albus
Ito S, Hamada S, Yamaguchi K, Umene S, Ito H, Matsui H, Ozawa T, Taguchi H, Watanabe J, Wasaki J, Ito S
646 - 652 SUMOylation of hypoxia-inducible factor-l alpha reduces its transcriptional activity
Berta MA, Mazure N, Hattab M, Pouyssegur J, Brahimi-Horn MC
653 - 658 Altered expression of prohibitin in psoriatic lesions and its cellular implication
Kim SY, Kim Y, Hwang HY, Kim TY
659 - 665 PLAGL2 translocation and SP-C promoter activity - A cellular response of lung cells to hypoxia
Yuhong G, Yang MC, Weissler JC, Yang YS
666 - 672 P450 enzymes from the bacterium Novosphingobium aromaticivorans
Bell SG, Wong LL
673 - 678 Oxygenation properties of extracellular giant hemoglobin from Oligobrachia mashikoi
Aki Y, Nakagawa T, Nagai M, Sasayama Y, Fukumori Y, Imai K
679 - 683 The GK domain of the voltage-dependent calcium channel beta subunit is essential for binding to the alpha subunit
Kobayashi T, Yamada Y, Fukao M, Shiratori K, Tsutsuura M, Tanimoto K, Tohse N
684 - 689 Arsenic trioxide-mediated growth inhibition in gallbladder carcinoma cells via down-regulation of Cyclin D1 transcription mediated by Sp1 transcription factor
Ai ZL, Lu WQ, Ton SX, Liu HB, Sou T, Shen ZB, Qin XY
690 - 695 Lethal factor of anthrax toxin binds monomeric form of protective antigen
Chvyrkova I, Zhang XC, Terzyan S
696 - 701 Increased activating killer immunogylobulin-like receptor genes and decreased specific HLA-C alleles in couples with recurrent spontaneous abortion
Wang S, Zhao YR, Jiao YL, Wang LC, Li JF, Cui B, Xu CY, Shi YH, Chen ZJ
702 - 707 Alpha tumor necrosis factor contributes to CD8(+) T cell survival in the transition phase
Shi MQ, Ye ZM, Umeshappa KS, Moyana T, Xiang J