Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.360, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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301 - 306 Transcriptional activation of SHP by PPAR-gamma in liver
Kim HI, Koh YK, Kim TH, Kwon SK, Im SS, Choi HS, Kim KS, Ahn YH
307 - 313 Characterization of alternative splicing products of bZIP transcription factors OsABI5
Zou MJ, Guan YC, Ren HB, Zhang F, Chen F
314 - 319 Biochemical characterization of two functional human liver acyl-CoA oxidase isoforms 1a and 1b encoded by a single gene
Oaxaca-Castillo D, Andreoletti P, Vluggens A, Yu ST, van Veldhoven PP, Reddy JK, Cherkaoui-Malki M
320 - 326 Fibrillarin, a nucleolar protein, is required for normal nuclear morphology and cellular growth in HeLa cells
Amin MA, Matsunaga S, Ma N, Takata H, Yokoyama M, Uchiyama S, Fukui K
327 - 332 Uncoupling protein 2 protects testicular germ cells from hyperthermia-induced apoptosis
Zhang KY, Shang YL, Liao SY, Zhang W, Nian H, Liu YX, Chen Q, Han CS
333 - 338 The nuclear localization of SOCS6 requires the N-terminal region and negatively regulates Stat3 protein levels
Hwang MN, Min CH, Kirn HS, Lee H, Yoon KA, Park SY, Lee ES, Yoon S
339 - 345 MemType-2L: A Web server for predicting membrane proteins and their types by incorporating evolution information through Pse-PSSM
Chou KC, Shen HB
346 - 351 Bacterial lipopolysaccharide induces osteoclast formation in RAW 264.7 macrophage cells
Islam S, Hassan F, Tumurkhuu G, Dagvadorj J, Koide N, Naiki Y, Mori I, Yoshida T, Yokochi T
352 - 356 Dynamical stress characterization and energy evaluation of single cardiac myocyte actuating on flexible substrate
Qin L, Huang JY, Xiong CY, Zhang YY, Fang J
357 - 362 Analysis of ER-associated glycoprotein degradation using synthetic glycopeptide probes
Hagihara S, Goda K, Matsuo I, Ito Y
363 - 369 Trophinin is a potent prognostic marker of ovarian cancer involved in platinum sensitivity
Baba T, Mori S, Matsumura N, Kariya M, Murphy SK, Kondoh E, Kusakari T, Kuroda H, Mandai M, Higuchi T, Takakura K, Fukuda MN, Fujii S
370 - 374 A novel 9-amino-acid transactivation domain in the C-terminal part of Sox18
Sandholzer J, Hoeth M, Piskacek M, Mayer H, de Martin R
375 - 380 4-Phenylbutyrate rescues trafficking incompetent mutant alpha-galactosidase A without restoring its functionality
Yam GHF, Roth J, Zuber C
381 - 387 A PRKAG2 mutation causes biphasic changes in myocardial AMPK activity and does not protect against ischemia
Banerjee SK, Ramani R, Saba S, Rager J, Tian R, Mathier MA, Ahmad F
388 - 393 Isolated lymphoid follicles are not IgA inductive sites for recombinant Salmonella
Hashizume T, Momoi F, Kurita-Ochiai T, Kaminogawa S, Hosono A, Kataoka K, Shinozaki-Kuwahara N, Kweon MN, Yamamoto M
394 - 400 Essential roles of high-mobility group box 1 in the development of murine colitis and colitis-associated cancer
Maeda S, Hikiba Y, Shibata W, Ohmae T, Yanai A, Ogura K, Yamada S, Omata M
401 - 406 Molecular docking of inhibitors into monoamine oxidase B
Harkcom WT, Bevan DR
407 - 411 Microbial production of sensory-active miraculin
Ito K, Asakura T, Morita Y, Nakajima K, Koizumi A, Shimizu-Ibuka A, Masuda K, Ishiguro M, Terada T, Maruyama J, Kitamoto K, Misaka T, Abe K
412 - 417 The C-terminal region of Escherichia coli MutS and protein oligomerization
Miguel V, Pezza RJ, Argarana CE
418 - 422 Circadian rhythm of apoprotein H (beta 2-glycoprotein-1) in human plasma
Higashimoto M, Homma Y, Umetsu M, Konno Y, Ono K, Yoshimoto N, Momma T, Saito M, Takenoshita S, Takebayashi Y
423 - 427 Ubiquilin interacts and enhances the degradation of expanded-polyglutamine proteins
Wang HM, Monteiro MJ
428 - 432 Impairment of transcription elongation by R-loops in vitro
Tous C, Aguilera A
433 - 436 The c-Myb functions as a downstream target of PDGF-mediated survival signal in vascular smooth muscle cells
Chen YL, Xu H, Liu J, Zhang CJ, Leutz A, Mo XM
437 - 440 PPAR alpha is a key regulator of hepatic FGF21
Lundasen T, Hunt MC, Nilsson LM, Sanyal S, Angelin B, Alexson SEH, Rudling M
441 - 446 Alkamides from Echinacea inhibit cyclooxygenase-2 activity in human neuroglioma cells
Hinz B, Woelkart K, Bauer R
447 - 452 TC1 (C8orf4) is upregulated by cellular stress and mediates heat shock response
Park J, Jung Y, Kim J, Kim KY, Ahn SG, Song K, Lee I
453 - 458 Molecular cloning and functional identification of a novel phenylacetyl-CoA ligase gene from Penicillium chrysogenum
Wang FQ, Liu J, Dai M, Ren ZH, Su CY, He JG
459 - 463 Fluorescent-labeled single-strand ATP aptamer DNA: Chemo- and enantio-selectivity in sensing adenosine
Urata H, Nomura K, Wada S, Akagi M
464 - 469 Endogenous metalloprotease solubilizes IL-13 receptor alpha 2 in airway epithelial cells
Matsumura M, Inoue H, Matsumoto T, Nakano T, Fukuyama S, Matsumoto K, Takayama K, Saito M, Kawakami K, Nakanishi Y
470 - 475 Suppression of cytokine response by GATA inhibitor K-7174 via unfolded protein response
Takano Y, Hiramatsu N, Okamura M, Hayakawa K, Shimada T, Kasai A, Yokouchi M, Shitamura A, Yao J, Paton AW, Paton JC, Kitamura M
476 - 482 Acetylcholine increases Ca2+ influx by activation of CaMKII in mouse oocytes
Kang D, Hur CG, Park JY, Han J, Hong SG
483 - 489 Alkylating agent methyl methanesulfonate (MMS) induces a wave of global protein hyperacetylation: Implications in cancer cell death
Lee MY, Kim MA, Kim HJ, Bae YS, Park JI, Kwak JY, Chung JH, Yun J
490 - 495 Glucose-sulfate conjugates as a new phase II metabolite formed by aquatic crustaceans
Ikenaka Y, Ishizaka M, Eun H, Miyabara Y
496 - 500 shRNA driven by Pol II/T7 dual-promoter system effectively induce cell-specific RNA interference in mammalian cells
Peng Y, Lu JX, Shen XF
501 - 506 A comparative study of human GS2, its paralogues, and its rat orthologue
Gao JG, Simon M
507 - 512 Identification and functional characterization of a PP1-binding site in BRCA1
Hsu LC