Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.360, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Hyaluronan preserves the proliferation and differentiation potentials of long-term cultured murine adipose-derived stromal cells
Chen PY, Huang LLH, Hsieh HJ
7 - 13 Targeted inhibition of glucuronidation markedly improves drug efficacy in mice - A model
Basu NK, Kole L, Basu M, McDonagh AF, Owens IS
14 - 19 The HMGB1 acidic tail regulates HMGB1 DNA binding specificity by a unique mechanism
Wang Q, Zeng MH, Wang W, Tang J
20 - 26 Rosiglitazone attenuates NF-kappa B-dependent ICAM-1 and TNF-alpha production caused by homocysteine via inhibiting ERK1/2/p38MAPK activation
Bai YP, Liu YH, Chen J, Song T, You Y, Tang ZY, Li YJ, Zhang GG
27 - 32 DCM troponin C mutant Gly159Asp blunts the response to troponin phosphorylation
Preston LC, Ashley CC, Redwood CS
33 - 39 Cytosolic Ca2+ regulates protein expression in E-coli through release from inclusion bodies
Naseem R, Davies SR, Jones H, Wann KT, Holland IB, Campbell AK
40 - 45 The nuclear phenotypic plasticity observed in fish during rRNA regulation entails Cajal bodies dynamics
Alvarez M, Nardocci G, Thiry M, Alvarez R, Reyes M, Molina A, Vera MI
46 - 50 Computational modeling and functional analysis of Herpes simplex virus type-1 thymidine kinase and Escherichia coli cytosine deaminase fusion protein
Zhang JF, Wang ZL, Wei F, Qiu W, Zhang LR, Huang Q
51 - 55 Recombinant cathepsin E has no proteolytic activity at neutral pH
Zaidi N, Herrmann T, Voelter W, Kalbacher H
56 - 62 NEK7 is a centrosomal kinase critical for microtubule nucleation
Kim S, Lee K, Rhee K
63 - 69 Aggregation of SeqA protein requires positively charged amino acids in the hinge region
Kang SH, Han JS, Kim SH, Park JH, Hwang DS
70 - 75 Hydrogen peroxide-mediated oxidative stress disrupts calcium binding on calmodulin: More evidence for oxidative stress in vitiligo
Schallreuter KU, Gibbons NCJ, Zothner C, Abou Elloof MM, Wood JM
76 - 82 Constitutive androstane receptor-vitamin D receptor crosstalk: Consequence on CYP24 gene expression
Moreau A, Maurel P, Vilarem MJ, Pascussi JM
83 - 89 Dictyostelium gnt15 encodes a protein with similarity to LARGE and plays an essential role in development
Pang TL, Wu CJ, Chen PA, Weng YL, Chen MY
90 - 96 Generation of intracellular domain of insulin receptor tyrosine kinase by gamma-secretase
Kasuga K, Kaneko H, Nishizawa M, Onodera O, Ikeuchi T
97 - 102 The crystal structure of FdxA, a 7Fe ferredoxin from Mycobacterium smegmatis
Ricagno S, de Rosa M, Aliverti A, Zanetti G, Bolognesi M
103 - 108 The NMR solution structure of recombinant RGD-hirudin
Song X, Mo W, Liu XG, Zhu L, Yan XM, Song HY, Dai LS
109 - 114 Down-regulation of vimentin expression inhibits carcinoma cell migration and adhesion
McInroy L, Maatta A
115 - 121 PKC412 (CGP41251) modulates the proliferation and lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory responses of RAW 264.7 macrophages
Miyatake K, Inoue H, Hashimoto K, Takaku H, Takata Y, Nakano S, Yasui N, Itakura M
122 - 127 Site-specific cleavage of CD59 mRNA by endoplasmic reticulum-localized ribonuclease, IRE1
Oikawa D, Tokuda M, Iwawaki T
128 - 134 Nogo-B receptor possesses an intrinsically unstructured ectodomain and a partially folded cytoplasmic domain
Li MF, Song JX
135 - 138 Thioflavin T fluorescence anisotropy: An alternative technique for the study of amyloid aggregation
Sabate R, Saupe SJ
139 - 145 Tumor suppressor candidate 5 (TUSC5) is expressed in brown adipocytes
Koide H, Shibata T, Yamada N, Asaki T, Nagao T, Yoshida T, Noguchi Y, Tanaka T, Saito Y, Tatsuno I
146 - 148 The glutathione thiyl radical does not react with nitrogen monoxide
Hofstetter D, Nauser T, Koppenol WH
149 - 155 A pre-PEXEL histidine-rich protein II erythrocyte binding peptide as a new way for anti-malarial vaccine development
Cifuentes G, Patarroyo ME, Reyes C, Cortes J, Patarroyo MA
156 - 162 Recombinant expression, synthesis, purification, and solution structure of arenicin
Ovchinnikova TV, Shenkarev ZV, Nadezhdin KD, Balandin SV, Zhmak MN, Kudelina IA, Finkina EI, Kokryakov VN, Arseniev AS
163 - 172 Molecular analysis of SmFes, a tyrosine kinase of Schistosoma mansoni orthologous to the members of the Fes/Fps/Fer family
Ludolf F, Bahia D, Andrade LF, Cousin A, Capron M, Dissous C, Pierce RJ, Oliveira G
173 - 180 Effect of resveratrol on proliferation and differentiation of embryonic cardiomyoblasts
Leong CW, Wong CH, Lao SC, Leong EC, Lao LF, Law PTW, Fung KP, Tsang KS, Waye MMY, Tsui SKW, Wang YT, Lee SMY
181 - 187 The endoplasmic reticulum stress-inducible protein Niban regulates eIF2 alpha and S6K1/4E-BP1 phosphorylation
Sun GD, Kobayashi T, Abe M, Tada N, Adachi H, Shiota A, Totsuka Y, Hino O
188 - 193 Alternative splicing of the OsBWMK1 gene generates three transcript variants showing differential subcellular localizations
Koo SC, Yoon HW, Kim CY, Moon BC, Cheong YH, Han HJ, Lee SM, Kang KY, Kim MC, Lee SY, Chung WS, Cho MJ
194 - 198 Redox-linked conformational changes of a multiheme cytochrome from Geobacter sulfurreducens
Morgado L, Bruix M, Londer YY, Pokkuluri PR, Schiffer M, Salgueiro CA
199 - 204 Cystatin C stimulates the differentiation of mouse osteoblastic cells and bone formation
Danjo A, Yamaza T, Kido MA, Shimohira D, Tsukuba T, Kagiya T, Yamashita Y, Nishijima K, Masuko S, Goto M, Tanaka T
205 - 211 A unique human blood-derived cell population displays high potential for producing insulin
Zhao Y, Huang ZH, Lazzarini P, Wang Y, Di A, Chen ML
212 - 218 Kcnq1 contributes to an adrenergic-sensitive steady-state K+ current in mouse heart
Knollmann BC, Sirenko S, Rong Q, Katchman AN, Casimiro M, Pfeifer K, Ebert SN
219 - 225 Human RON receptor tyrosine kinase induces complete epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition but causes cellular senescence
Cote M, Miller AD, Liu SL
226 - 232 Repression of E1AF transcriptional activity by sumoylation and PIASy
Nishida T, Terashima M, Fukami K, Yamada Y
233 - 237 The green tea polyphenol, epigallocatechin-3-gallate inhibits telomerase and induces apoptosis in drug-resistant lung cancer cells
Sadava D, Whitlock E, Kane SE
238 - 243 Deficient Alk3-mediated BMP signaling causes prenatal omphalocele-like defect
Sun J, Liu YH, Chen H, Nguyen MP, Mishina Y, Upperman JS, Ford HR, Shi W
244 - 250 A diacylglycerol kinase inhibitor, R59022, stimulates glucose transport through a MKK3/6-p38 signaling pathway in skeletal muscle cells
Takahashi N, Nagamine M, Tanno S, Motomura W, Kohgo Y, Okumura T
251 - 256 Ectopic expression of OsLFL1 in rice represses Ehdl by binding on its promoter
Peng LT, Shi ZY, Li L, Shen GZ, Zhang JL
257 - 262 Uncoupling of promoter methylation and expression of Period1 in cervical cancer cells
Hsu MC, Huang CC, Choo KB, Huang CJ
263 - 268 Epstein-Barr virus-encoded LMP1 promotes cisplatin-induced caspase activation through JNK and NF-kappa B signaling pathways
Zhang XN, Sanmun D, Hu LF, Fadeel B, Ernberg I
269 - 274 Scavenger receptor expressed by endothelial cells (SREC)-I interacts with protein phosphatase 1 alpha in L cells to induce neurite-like outgrowth
Ishii J, Adachi H, Shibata N, Arai H, Tsujimoto M
275 - 279 Targeted delivery of catalase and superoxide dismutase to macrophages using folate
Lee SM, Murthy N
280 - 285 Activation of protein phosphatase causes alternative splicing of tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL): Potential effect on immune surveillance
Kamachi M, Aramaki T, Tanimura S, Ichinose K, Fujikawa K, Iwamoto N, Yoshizaki A, Ida H, Kawakami A, Kohno M, Eguchi K
286 - 289 Metallothionein rescues hypoxia-inducible factor-1 transcriptional activity in cardiomyocytes under diabetic conditions
Feng WK, Wang YH, Cai L, Kang YJ
290 - 294 H-1 NMR at 800 MHz facilitates detailed phospholipid follow-up during atherogenic modifications in low density lipoproteins
Soininen P, Oorni K, Maaheimo H, Laatikainen R, Kovanen PT, Kaski K, Ala-Korpela M
295 - 298 Maturational loss of the vitamin C transporter in erythrocytes
May JM, Qu ZC, Qiao H, Koury MJ
299 - 299 "Enrichment of G4 DNA motif in transcriptional regulatory region of chicken genome" (vol 354, pg 1067, 2007)
Du Z, Kong P, Gao Y, Li N