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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.359, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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403 - 405 Exploring the evolution of standard amino-acid alphabet: When genomics meets thermodynamics
Zhang HY
406 - 412 Blockade of TGF-beta accelerates mucosal destruction through epithelial cell apoptosis
Sakuraba H, Ishiguro Y, Yamagata K, Munakata A, Nakane A
413 - 418 Docking of alpha-cobratoxin suggests a basal conformation of the nicotinic receptor
Konstantakaki M, Changeux JP, Taly A
419 - 425 A water-soluble extract from Cucurbita moschata shows anti-obesity effects by controlling lipid metabolism in a high fat diet-induced obesity mouse model
Choi HJ, Eo H, Park K, Jin M, Park EJ, Kim SH, Park JE, Kim S
426 - 430 Haploinsufficiency of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1-mediated poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation for centrosome duplication
Kanai M, Tong WM, Wang ZQ, Miwa M
431 - 437 Constitutive over-expression of VEGF results in reduced expression of Hand-1 during cardiac development in Xenopus
Nagao K, Taniyama Y, Koibuchi N, Morishita R
438 - 444 Apical P2XR contribute to [Ca2+]i signaling and I-sc in mouse renal MCD
Li LZ, Lynch IJ, Zheng WC, Cash MN, Teng XL, Wingo CS, Verlander JW, Xia SL
445 - 450 Homocysteine induces cell death in H9C2 cardiomyocytes through the generation of peroxynitrite
Levrand S, Pacher P, Pesse B, Rolli J, Feihl F, Waeber B, Liaudet L
451 - 456 Effects of genetic polymorphisms of UCP2 and UCP3 on very low calorie diiet-induced body fat reduction in Korean female subjects
Yoon Y, Park BL, Cha MH, Kim KS, Cheong HS, Choi YH, Shin HD
457 - 462 Butyrate induces sLe(x) synthesis by stimulation of selective glycosyltransferase genes
Radhakrishnan P, Beum PV, Tan SH, Cheng PW
463 - 468 Post-translational modifications of collagen upon BMP-induced osteoblast differentiation
Kaku M, Mochida Y, Atsawasuwan P, Parisuthiman D, Yamauchi M
469 - 474 Localization and effect of ectopic expression of CPT1c in CNS feeding centers
Dai Y, Wolfgang MJ, Cha SH, Lane MD
475 - 480 NF-kappa B inhibition by an adenovirus expressed aptamer sensitizes TNF alpha-induced
Mi J, Zhang XW, Liu YM, Reddy SK, Rabbani ZN, Sullenger BA, Clary BM
481 - 485 Nitric oxide modulation of voltage-gated calcium current by S-nitrosylation and cGMP pathway in cultured rat hippocampal neurons
Jian KH, Chen M, Cao X, Zhu XH, Fung ML, Gao TM
486 - 490 Support for a potential role of E-coli oligopeptidase A in protein degradation
Jain R, Chan MK
491 - 496 Clock controls timing of mouse pancreatic differentiation through regulation of Wnt- and Notch-based and cell division components
Li ZX, Ruan LJ, Lin SB, Gittes GK
497 - 502 The induction of H3K9 methylation by PIWIL4 at the p16(Ink4a) locus
Sugimoto K, Kage H, Aki N, Sano A, Kitagawa H, Nagase T, Yatomi Y, Ohishi N, Takai D
503 - 509 Structural basis for the recognition between the regulatory particles Nas6 and Rpt3 of the yeast 26S proteasome
Nakamura Y, Umehara T, Tanaka A, Horikoshi M, Padmanabhan B, Yokoyama S
510 - 515 Inhibition of RANKL-mediated osteoclast differentiation by selective TRAF6 decoy peptides
Poblenz AT, Jacoby JJ, Singh S, Darnay BG
516 - 522 Effects of Wnt-10b on hair shaft growth in hair follicle cultures
Ouji Y, Yoshikawa M, Moriya K, Ishizaka S
523 - 528 Discovery of gliotoxin as a new small molecule targeting thioredoxin redox system
Choi HS, Shim JS, Kim JA, Kang SW, Kwon HJ
529 - 535 Identification and characterization of a novel and functional murine Pin1 isoform
Zhu JX, Dagostino E, Rejto PA, Mroczkowski B, Murray B
536 - 542 Characterization of DNA methylation change in stem cell marker genes during differentiation of human embryonic stem cells
Yeo S, Jeong S, Kim J, Han JS, Han YM, Kang YK
543 - 548 Specific expression of GFP(uv)-beta 1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 2 fusion protein in fat body of Bombyx mori silkworm larvae using signal peptide
Kato T, Park EY
549 - 555 Rudiment incisors survive and erupt as supernumerary teeth as a result of USAG-1 abrogation
Murashima-Suginami A, Takahashi K, Kawabata T, Sakata T, Tsukamoto H, Sugai M, Yanagita M, Shimizu A, Sakurai T, Slavkin HC, Bessho K
556 - 562 Stable transcriptional status in the apoptotic erythroid genome
Lee S, Hwang J, Ulaszek J, Kim YC, Dong H, Kim HS, Seok JW, Suh BK, Yim SJ, Johnson D, Choe NH, Chang KT, Ryoo ZY, Tseng CC, Wickrema A, Wang SM
563 - 567 Serotonin induces selective cleavage of the PKA RI subunit but not RII subunit in Aplysia neurons
Kurosu T, Hernandez AI, Schwartz JH
568 - 573 Indomethacin decreases EP2 prostanoid receptor expression in colon cancer cells
Fujino H, Chen XB, Regan JW, Murayama T
574 - 579 TLR2 has a detrimental role in mouse transient focal cerebral ischemia
Ziegler G, Harhausen D, Schepers C, Hoffmann O, Rohr C, Prinz V, Konig J, Lehrach H, Nietfeld W, Trendelenburg G
580 - 585 Factors associated with a purine-rich exonic splicing enhancer sequence in Xenopus oocyte nucleus
Masuyama K, Taniguchi I, Okawa K, Ohno M
586 - 591 The real factor for polypeptide elongation in Dicyostelium cells is EF-2B, not EF-2A
Yoshino T, Maeda Y, Amagai A
592 - 598 Peripheral N- and C-terminal domains determine deactivation kinetics of HCN channels
Ishii TM, Nakashima N, Takatsuka K, Ohmori H
599 - 603 Identification of SNAREs that mediate zymogen granule exocytosis
Pickett JA, Campos-Toimil M, Thomas P, Edwardson JM
604 - 610 Essential role of NKCC1 in NGF-induced neurite outgrowth
Nakajima K, Miyazaki H, Niisato N, Marunaka Y
611 - 615 GRK2 interacts with and phosphorylates Nedd4 and Nedd4-2
Sanchez-Perez A, Kumar S, Cook DI
616 - 621 Treatment of keratin intermediate filaments with sulfur mustard analogs
Hess JF, FitzGerald PG
622 - 627 Transbilayer movement of ceramide in the plasma membrane of live cells
Mitsutake S, Igarashi Y
628 - 634 Attenuation of reperfusion injury by renal ischemic postconditioning: The role of NO
Liu XH, Chen H, Zhan BY, Xing BZ, Zhou JQ, Zhu HC, Chen ZY
635 - 642 Generation of'humanized' hCYP1A1_1A2_Cyp1a1/1a2(-/-) mouse line
Dragin N, Uno S, Wang B, Dalton TP, Nebert DW
643 - 648 Differential endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling pathways mediated by iNOS
Hsieh YH, Su IJ, Lei HY, Lai MD, Chang WW, Huang WY
649 - 654 HDL-like lipoproteins in cerebrospinal fluid affect neural cell activity through lipoprotein-associated sphingosine 1-phosphate
Sato K, Malchinkhuu E, Horiuchi Y, Mogi C, Tomura H, Tosaka M, Yoshimoto Y, Kuwabara A, Okajima F
655 - 659 Characterization of SynCAM surface trafficking using a SynCAM derived ligand with high homophilic binding affinity
Breillat C, Thoumine O, Choquet D
660 - 664 TRAF-interacting protein (TRIP) is a RING-dependent ubiquitin ligase
Besse A, Campos AD, Webster WK, Darnay BG
665 - 671 Resveratrol abolishes resistance to axonal degeneration in slow Wallerian degeneration (Wld(S)) mice: Activation of SIRT2, an NAD-dependent tubulin deacetylase
Suzuki K, Koike T
672 - 678 Role of galectin-3 in prion infections of the CNS
Mok SWF, Riemer C, Madela K, Hsu DK, Liu FT, Gultner S, Heise I, Baier M
679 - 684 Tyk2 mediates effects of urokinase on human vascular smooth muscle cell growth
Patecki M, von Schaewen M, Tkachuk S, Jerke U, Dietz R, Dumler I, Kusch A
685 - 690 Angiopoietin-1 protects H9c2 cells from H2O2-induced apoptosis through AKT signaling
Wang ZY, Cui M, Sun LJ, Jia ZQ, Bai Y, Ma KT, Chen FR, Zhou CY
691 - 696 Opposing roles of PAK2 and PAK4 in synergistic or MUC5AC mucin by bacterium NTHi and induction EGF
Huang YX, Mikami F, Jono H, Zhang WH, Weng XH, Koga T, Xu HD, Yan C, Kai HF, Li JD
697 - 702 Estrogen has anti-amyloidogenic effects on Alzheimer's beta-amyloid fibrils in vitro
Morinaga A, Hirohata M, Ono K, Yamada M
703 - 708 Effect of KAI1/CD82 on the beta 1 integrin maturation in highly migratory carcinoma cells
Jee BK, Lee JY, Lim Y, Lee KH, Jo YH
709 - 715 Diverse regulatory activity of human heat shock proteins 60 and 70 on endotoxin-induced inflammation
Bangen JM, Schade FU, Flohe SB
716 - 722 CXCR4/CXCL12 axis promotes VEGF-mediated tumor angiogenesis through Akt signaling pathway
Liang Z, Brooks J, Willard M, Liang K, Yoon Y, Kang S, Shim H
723 - 728 E-LDL upregulates TOSO expression and enhances the survival of human macrophages
Sigruener A, Buechler C, Bared SM, Grandl M, Aslanidis C, Ugocsai P, Gehrmann M, Schmitz G
729 - 734 Identification of the suppressive factors for human immunodeficiency virus type-1 replication using the siRNA mini-library directed against host cellular genes
Kameoka M, Kitagawa Y, Utachee P, Jinnopat P, Dhepakson P, Isarangkura-na-ayuthaya P, Tokunaga K, Sato H, Komano J, Yamamoto N, Oguchi S, Natori Y, Ikuta K
735 - 741 Role of cyclooxygenase-2 in tetrahydrobiopterin-induced dopamine oxidation
Chae SW, Bang YJ, Kim KM, Lee KY, Kan BY, Kim EM, Inoue H, Hwang O, Choi HJ
742 - 746 Activation of androgen receptor by histone demethylases JMJD2A and JMJD2D
Shin S, Janknecht R
747 - 751 Development of a new Ca2+/calmodulin antagonist and its anti-proliferative activity against colorectal cancer cells
Shim JS, Lee J, Kim KN, Kwon HJ
752 - 758 FRETcale plugin for calculation of FRET in non-continuous intracellular compartments
Stepensky D
759 - 764 Inhibition of thioredoxin reductase induces apoptosis in neuronal cell lines: Role of glutathione and the MKK4/JNK pathway
Seyfried J, Wullner U
765 - 770 An outwardly rectifying anionic background current in atrial myocytes from the human heart
Li H, Zhang H, Hancox JC, Kozlowski RZ
771 - 777 The role of nitric oxide in muscle fibers with oxidative phosophorylation defects
Tengan CH, Kiyomoto BH, Godinho RO, Gamba J, Neves AC, Schmidt B, Oliveira ASB, Gabbai AA
778 - 783 XBP-1, a key regulator of unfolded protein response, activates transcription of IGF1 and Akt phosphorylation in zebrafish embryonic cell line
Hu MC, Gong HY, Lin GH, Hu SY, Chen MHC, Huang SJ, Liao CF, Wu JL
784 - 789 Drosophila dSet2 functions in H3-K36 methylation and is required for development
Stabell M, Larsson J, Aalen RB, Lambertsson A
790 - 794 A comparative molecular dynamics study on thermostability of human and chicken prion proteins
Ji HF, Zhang HY
795 - 800 Ghrelin protects cortical neuron against focal ischemia/reperfusion in rats
Miao YY, Xia Q, Hou ZC, Zheng Y, Pan H, Zhu SG
801 - 805 Stable activity of a deubiquitylating enzyme (Usp2-cc) in the presence of high concentrations of urea and its application to purify aggregation-prone peptides
Shahnawaz M, Thapa A, Park IS
806 - 810 Regulation of c-myc through intranuclear localization of its RNA subspecies
Shimizu N, Kawamoto JK, Utani KI
811 - 816 Correlation of Golgi localization of ZW10 and centrosomal accumulation of dynactin
Arasaki K, Uemura T, Tani K, Tagaya M
817 - 821 ATM phosphorylates ZBP-89 at Ser202 to potentiate p21(waf1) induction by butyrate
Bai L, Merchant JL
822 - 827 Interaction between the aryl hydrocarbon receptor and its antagonists, flavonoids
Fukuda I, Mukai R, Kawase M, Yoshida K, Ashida H
828 - 833 (-)-Epicatechin elevates nitric oxide in endothelial cells via inhibition of NADPH oxidase
Steffen Y, Schewe T, Sies H
834 - 839 The small Rho GTPase Rac1 controls normal human dermal fibroblasts proliferation with phosphorylation of the oncoprotein c-myc
Nikolova E, Mitev V, Zhelev N, Deroanne CF, Poumay Y
840 - 840 Conserved signal peptide of Notch3 inhibits interaction with proteasome (vol 355, pg 245, 2007)
Zhang Y, Jia LJ, Lee SJ, Wang MM
841 - 841 Preservation of the pH(i) during ischemia via PKC by intermittent hypoxia (vol 356, pg 329, 2007)
Li J, Zhang H, Zhu WZ, Yu Z, Guo A, Yang HT, Zhou ZN