Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.358, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 High throughput screening for small molecule inhibitors of heparin-induced tau fibril formation
Crowe A, Ballatore C, Hyde E, Trojanowski JQ, Lee VMY
7 - 11 Development of potent inhibitors of the coxsackievirus 3C protease
Lee ES, Lee WG, Yun SH, Rho SH, Im I, Yang ST, Sellamuthu S, Lee YJ, Kwon SJ, Park OK, Jeon ES, Park WJ, Kim YC
12 - 17 MicroRNA expression profiles in head and neck cancer cell lines
Tran N, McLean T, Zhang X, Zhao CJ, Thomson JM, O'Brien C, Rose B
18 - 23 Differential expression of TRAIL and its receptors relative to calcification in AAA
Liu X, Winrow VR, Horrocks M, Stevens CR
24 - 28 The rare crystallographic structure of d(CGCGCG)(2): The natural spermidine molecule bound to the minor groove of left-handed Z-DNA d(CGCGCG)(2) at 10 C-circle
Ohishi H, Tozuka Y, Zhou DY, Ishida T, Nakatani K
29 - 34 PIG11 protein binds to DNA in sequence-independent manner in vitro
Xiong XF, Li H, Cao EH
35 - 40 Novel cysteine-rich secretory protein in the buccal gland secretion of the parasitic lamprey, Lethehteron japonicum
Ito N, Mita M, Takahashi Y, Matsushima A, Watanabe YG, Hirano S, Odani S
41 - 46 beta 4GaIT-II increases cisplatin-induced apoptosis in HeLa cells depending on its Golgi localization
Jiang JH, Zhou J, Wei YY, Shen JL, Liu D, Chen XN, Zhang S, Kong XF, Yun XJ, Gu JX
47 - 52 Chip-based detection of hepatitis C virus using RNA aptamers that specifically bind to HCV core antigen
Lee S, Kim YS, Jo MJ, Jin M, Lee DK, Kim S
53 - 58 E1AF promotes breast cancer cell cycle progression via upregulation of Cyclin D3 transcription
Jiang JH, Wei YY, Liu D, Zhou J, Shen JL, Chen XN, Zhang S, Kong XF, Gu JX
59 - 65 Ghrelin and GHRP-6 enhance electrical and secretory activity in GC somatotropes
Dominguez B, Felix R, Monjaraz E
66 - 72 PI3K is negatively regulated by PIK3IP1, a novel p110 interacting protein
Zhu ZQ, He X, Johnson C, Stoops J, Eaker AE, Stoffer DS, Bell A, Zarnegar R, DeFrances MC
73 - 78 Cotton flavonoid structural genes related to the pigmentation in brown fibers
Xiao YH, Zhang ZS, Yin MH, Luo M, Li XB, Hou L, Pei Y
79 - 84 Tryptanthrin inhibits MDR1 and reverses doxorubicin resistance in breast cancer cells
Yu ST, Chen TM, Tseng SY, Chen YH
85 - 91 Production of mouse monoclonal antibody with galactose-extended sugar chain by suspension cultured tobacco BY2 cells expressing human beta(1,4)-galactosyltransferase
Fujiyama K, Furukawa A, Katsura A, Misaki R, Omasa T, Seki T
92 - 98 Mechanism of vascular endothelial growth factor expression mediated by cisplatin in human ovarian cancer cells
Zhong XS, Liu LZ, Skinner HD, Cao ZX, Ding M, Jiang BH
99 - 103 Identification of superficial zone articular chondrocyte stem/progenitor cells
Hattori S, Oxford C, Reddi AH
104 - 110 Expression of alpha-synuclein, a presynaptic protein implicated in Parkinson's disease, in erythropoietic lineage
Nakai M, Fujita M, Waragai M, Sugama S, Wei JS, Akatsu H, Ohtaka-Maruyama C, Okado H, Hashimoto M
111 - 116 A novel role of the Batten disease gene CLN3: Association with BMP synthesis
Hobert JA, Dawson G
117 - 123 Inhibition of colon cancer growth and metastasis by NK4 gene repetitive delivery in mice
Wen JH, Matsumoto K, Taniura N, Tomioka D, Nakamura T
124 - 129 Downregulating the expression of heparanase inhibits the invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis of human hepatocellular carcinoma
Zhang YL, Li L, Wang Y, Zhang J, Wei GT, Sun YF, Shen F
130 - 135 Relationship between reactive oxygen species and heme metabolism during the differentiation of Neuro2a cells
Shinjyo N, Kita K
136 - 139 Predicting the protein SUMO modification sites based on Properties Sequential Forward Selection (PSFS)
Liu BH, Li SJ, Wang YL, Lu L, Li YX, Cai YD
140 - 144 Differential regulation of protein phosphatase-1(I) by neurabin
Bullock SA, Platholi J, Gjyrezi A, Heerdt PM, Tung HYL, Hemmings HC
145 - 149 Dendroaspis natriuretic peptide binds to the natriuretic peptide clearance receptor
Johns DG, Ao ZH, Heidrich BJ, Hunsberger GE, Graham T, Payne L, Elshourbagy N, Lu Q, Aiyar N, Douglas SA
150 - 155 Palmitic acid induces IP-10 expression in human macrophages via NF-kappa B activation
Laine PS, Schwartz EA, Wang YJ, Zhang WY, Karnik SK, Musi N, Reaven PD
156 - 163 Enhanced intrarenal oxidative stress and angiotensinogen in IgA nephropathy patients
Kobori H, Katsurada A, Ozawa Y, Satou R, Miyata K, Hase N, Suzaki Y, Shoji T
164 - 169 Promoter methylation, mutation, and genomic deletion are involved in the decreased NDRG2 expression levels in several cancer cell lines
Liu N, Wang LF, Liu XP, Yang Q, Zhang J, Zhang W, Wu YS, Shen L, Zhang YQ, Yang AG, Han H, Zhang J, Yao LB
170 - 175 MAPKAPK2-mediated LSP1 phosphorylation and FMLP-induced neutrophil polarization
Wu Y, Zhan LJ, Ai YX, Hannigan M, Gaestel M, Huang CK, Madri JA
176 - 180 Leucine stimulates HGF production by hepatic stellate cells through mTOR pathway
Tomiya T, Nishikawa T, Inoue Y, Ohtomo N, Ikeda H, Tejima K, Watanabe N, Tanoue Y, Omata M, Fujiwara K
181 - 188 Attenuation of DNA damage checkpoint by PBK, a novel mitotic kinase, involves protein-protein interaction with tumor suppressor p53
Nandi AK, Ford T, Fleksher D, Neuman B, Rapoport AP
189 - 195 Transgenic MMP-2 expression induces latent cardiac mitochondrial dysfunction
Zhou HZ, Ma XK, Gray MO, Zhu BQ, Nguyen AP, Baker AJ, Simonis U, Cecchini G, Lovett DH, Karliner JS
196 - 202 Sphingomyelin synthase 1 suppresses ceramide production and apoptosis post-photodamage
Separovic D, Hanada K, Maitah MYA, Nagy B, Hang I, Tainsky MA, Kraniak JM, Bielawski J
203 - 208 Simple quantitative detection of mitochondrial superoxide production in live cells
Mukhopadhyay P, Rajesh M, Yoshihiro K, Hasko G, Pacher P
209 - 214 Adenoviral-mediated inhibition of connective tissue growth factor in Rat-2 cells
Winkler JL, Kedees MH, Teitelman G
215 - 218 hTERT T-1327/C polymorphism is not associated with age-related telomere attrition in peripheral blood
Nordfjall K, Osterman P, Melander O, Nilsson P, Roos G
219 - 225 Cytoplasmic localization and ubiquitination of p21(Cip1) by reactive oxygen species
Hwang CY, Kim IY, Kwon KS
226 - 232 Induction of apoptosis by an inhibitor of EGFR in neuroblastoma cells
Tamura S, Hosoi H, Kuwahara Y, Kikuchi K, Otabe O, Izumi M, Tsuchiya K, Iehara T, Gotoh T, Sugimoto T
233 - 240 Sequential processing of the transmembrane chemokines CX3CL1 and CXCL16 by alpha- and gamma-secretases
Schulte A, Schulz B, Andrzejewski MG, Hundhausen C, Mletzko S, Achilles J, Reiss K, Paliga K, Weber C, John SR, Ludwig A
241 - 246 Differential expression of galectins in normal, benign and malignant prostate epithelial cells: Silencing of galectin-3 expression in prostate cancer by its promoter methylation
Ahmed H, Banerjee PP, Vasta GR
247 - 252 Le(x) glycan mediates homotypic adhesion of embryonal cells independently from E-cadherin: A preliminary note
Handa K, Takatani-Nakase T, Larue L, Stemmler MP, Kemler R, Hakomori SI
253 - 258 Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase arises from novel fused gene product with aspartate carbamoyltransferase in Bodo saliens
Annoura T, Sariego I, Nara T, Makiuchi T, Fujimura T, Taka H, Mineki R, Murayama K, Aoki T
259 - 265 Role of distal upstream sequence in vitamin D-induced expression of human CYP24 gene
Tashiro K, Ishii C, Ryoji M
266 - 271 Efficient generation of transgenic mice by direct intraovarian injection of plasmid DNA
Yang SY, Wang JG, Cui HX, Sun SG, Li Q, Gu L, Hong Y, Liu PP, Liu WQ
272 - 276 A randomized lentivirus shRNA library construction
Guo Q, Kong YR, Fu L, Yu T, Xu JJ, Chen W
277 - 284 Pro-oxidant activity of histatin 5 related Cu(II)-model peptide probed by mass spectrometry
Cabras T, Patamia M, Melino S, Inzitari R, Messana I, Castagnola M, Petruzzelli R
285 - 291 Phage display identification of functional binding peptides against 4-acetamidophenol (Paracetamol): An exemplified approach to target low molecular weight organic molecules
Smith MW, Smith JW, Harris C, Brancale A, Allender CJ, Gumbleton M
292 - 297 Analysis of internal motions of interleukin-13 variant associated with severe bronchial asthma using N-15 NMR relaxation measurements
Yoshida Y, Ohkuri T, Takeda C, Kuroki R, Izuhara K, Imoto T, Ueda T
298 - 303 Induction of parallel human telomeric G-quadruplex structures by Sr2+
Pedroso IA, Duarte LF, Yanez G, Baker AM, Fletcher TM
304 - 310 The novel C-terminal KCNQ1 mutation M520R alters protein trafficking
Schmitt N, Calloe K, Nielsen NH, Buschmann M, Speckmann EJ, Schulze-Bahr E, Schwarz M
311 - 316 Hypoxia increases BK channel activity in the inner mitochondrial membrane
Gu XQ, Siemen D, Parvez S, Cheng Y, Xue J, Zhou D, Sun XL, Jonas EA, Haddad GG
317 - 324 Hypercholesterolemia suppresses Kir channels in porcine bone marrow progenitor cells in vivo
Mohler ER, Fang Y, Shaffer RG, Moore J, Wilensky RL, Parmacek M, Levitan I
325 - 330 Induction of autoantibodies to murine P-glycoprotein: Consequences on drug sensitivity in MDR cancer cells and on the expression of mdr genes in organs
Perrin L, Gatouillat G, Balasse E, Odot J, Nicolau C, Tosi PF, Madoulet C
331 - 335 Geranylgeranylaceton induces heat shock protein 72 in skeletal muscle cells
Goto K, Kojima A, Morioka S, Naito T, Akema T, Matsuba Y, Fujiya H, Sugiura T, Ohira Y, Yoshioka T
336 - 341 Prediction of C-to-U RNA editing sites in higher plant mitochondria using only nucleotide sequence features
Du PF, He T, Li YD
342 - 348 Essential role of Src suppressed C kinase substrates in endothelial cell adhesion and spreading
Cheng C, Liu H, Ge HY, Qian J, Qin J, Sun LL, Shen AG
349 - 355 Denatured human alpha-defensin attenuates the bactericidal activity and the stability against enzymatic digestion
Tanabe H, Ayabe T, Maemoto A, Ishikawa C, Inaba Y, Sato R, Moriichi K, Okamoto K, Watari J, Kono T, Ashida T, Kohgo Y
356 - 362 Activation of prothrombin by two subtilisin-like serine proteases from Acremonium sp.
Liu CL, Matsushita Y, Shimizu K, Makimura K, Hasumi K
363 - 367 PksS from Bacillus subtilis is a cytochrome P450 involved in bacillaene metabolism
Reddick JJ, Antolak SA, Raner GM
368 - 372 The leader sequence of tobacco mosaic virus RNA devoid of Watson-Crick secondary structure possesses a cooperatively melted, compact conformation
Kovtun AA, Shirokilch NE, Gudkov AT, Spirin AS
373 - 378 Effective delivery with enhanced translational activity synergistically accelerates mRNA-based transfection
Zohra FT, Chowdhury EH, Tada S, Hoshiba T, Akaike T