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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.357, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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575 - 578 Regulation of glutathione transferase P: A tumor marker of hepatocarcinogenesis
Sakai M, Muramatsu M
579 - 583 The cross channel activities of spider neurotoxin huwentoxin-I on rat dorsal root ganglion neurons
Wang MC, Guan X, Liang SP
584 - 588 Low molecular weight chitosan is an efficient inhibitor of ribonucleases
Yakovlev GI, Mitkevich VA, Struminskaya NK, Varlamov VP, Makarov AA
589 - 595 NF-kappa B regulates Lef1 gene expression in chondrocytes
Yun K, Choi YD, Nam JH, Park Z, Im SH
596 - 602 Pharmacological inhibition of PARP-1 reduces alpha-synucleinand MPP+-induced cytotoxicity in Parkinson's disease in vitro models
Outeiro TF, Grammatopoulos TN, Altmann S, Amore A, Standaert DG, Hyman BT, Kazantsev AG
603 - 607 Phenobarbital suppresses vitamin D-3 25-hydroxylase expression: A potential new mechanism for drug-induced osteomalacia
Hosseinpour F, Efolk M, Norlin M, Wikvall K
608 - 614 Iron deficiency influences the course of malaria in Plasmodium berghei infected mice
Koka S, Foller M, Lamprecht G, Boini KM, Lang C, Huber SM, Lang F
615 - 619 Deubiquitination of Chfr, a checkpoint protein, by USP7/HAUSP regulates its stability and activity
Oh YM, Yoo SJ, Seol JH
620 - 626 Comparative analysis of cell surface proteins in chronic and acute leukemia cell lines
Lee SJ, Kim KH, Park JS, Jung JW, Kim YH, Kim SK, Kim WS, Goh HG, Kim SH, Yoo JS, Kim DW, Kim KP
627 - 632 Histone H2A mobility is regulated by its tails and acetylation of core histone tails
Higashi T, Matsunaga S, Isobe K, Morimoto A, Shimada T, Kataoka S, Watanabe W, Uchiyama S, Itoh K, Fukui K
633 - 640 Signal-CF: A subsite-coupled and window-fusing approach for predicting signal peptides
Chou KC, Shen HB
641 - 647 Studies of the in vitro N-alpha-acetyltransferase activities of E-coli RimL protein
Miao L, Fang HQ, Li YY, Chen HP
648 - 654 Cleavage of focal adhesion kinase (FAK) is essential in adipocyte differentiation
Li JJ, Xie D
655 - 660 Live imaging of spindle pole disorganization in docetaxel-treated multicolor cells
Sakaushi S, Nishida K, Minamikawa H, Fukada T, Oka S, Sugimoto K
661 - 667 Characterization of Rab45/RASEF containing EF-hand domain and a coiled-coil motif as a self-associating GTPase
Shintani M, Tada M, Kobayashi T, Kajiho H, Kontani K, Katada T
668 - 671 The R1441C mutation of LRRK2 disrupts GTP hydrolysis
Lewis PA, Greggio E, Beilina A, Jain S, Baker A, Cookson MR
672 - 678 D-box is required for the degradation of human Shugoshin and chromosome alignment
Fu GS, Hua SS, Ward T, Ding X, Yang Y, Guo Z, Yao XB
679 - 682 PPAR alpha is a potential therapeutic target of drugs to treat circadian rhythm sleep disorders
Shirai H, Oishi K, Kudo T, Shibata S, Ishida N
683 - 687 An alternative transcript of the FOG-2 gene encodes a FOG-2 isoform lacking the FOG repression motif
Dale RM, Remo BF, Svensson EC
688 - 693 Involvement of the beta TrCP in the ubiquitination and stability of the HIV-1 Vpu protein
Belaidouni N, Marchal C, Benarous R, Besnard-Guerin C
694 - 699 The kinesin related motor protein, Eg5, is essential for maintenance of pre-implantation embryogenesis
Castillo A, Justice MJ
700 - 706 Wnt-signaling is maintained and adipogenesis inhibited by TNF alpha but not MCP-1 and resistin
Hammarstedt A, Isakson P, Gustafson B, Smith U
707 - 711 Bile acids and lipoprotein metabolism: Effects of cholestyramine and chenodeoxycholic acid on human hepatic mRNA expression
Nilsson LM, Abrahamsson A, Sahlin S, Gustafsson U, Angelin B, Parini P, Einarsson C
712 - 717 Homeodomain transcription factor Hesx1/Rpx occupies Prop-1 activation sites in porcine follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) beta subunit promoter
Susa T, Nakayama M, Kitahara K, Kimoto F, Kato T, Kato Y
718 - 723 beta-oxidation in hepatocyte cultures from mice with peroxisomal gene knockouts
Dirkx R, Meyhi E, Asselberghs S, Reddy J, Baes M, Van Veldhoven PP
724 - 730 Coordinated expression of ncRNAs and HOX mRNAs in the human HOXA locus
Sasaki YTF, Sano M, Kin T, Asai K, Hirose T
731 - 736 A proteomics approach to identify the ubiquitinated proteins in mouse heart
Jeon HB, Choi ES, Yoon JH, Hwang JH, Chang JW, Lee EK, Choi HW, Park ZY, Yoo YJ
737 - 742 Short-hairpin RNA-mediated stable silencing of Grb2 impairs cell growth and DNA synthesis
Di Fulvio M, Henkels KM, Gomez-Cambronero J
743 - 748 Aptamer from whole-bacterium SELEX as new therapeutic reagent against virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Chen F, Zhou J, Luo FL, Mohammed AB, Zhang XL
749 - 754 Involvement of c-Jun N-terminal kinases activation in diabetic embryopathy
Yang PX, Zhao ZY, Reece EA
755 - 760 RecA-ssDNA filaments supercoil in the presence of single-stranded DNA-binding protein
Shi WX, Larson RG
761 - 765 The co-chaperone CHIP is induced in various stresses and confers protection to cells
Dikshit P, Jana NR
766 - 771 Requirement of duplicated operons for maximal metabolism of phthalate by Rhodococcus sp strain DK17
Choi KY, Kim D, Chae JC, Zystra GJ, Kim E
772 - 778 Liver-X-receptor activator prevents homocysteine-induced production of IgG antibodies from murine B lymphocytes via the ROS-NF-kappa B pathway
Chang L, Zhang ZM, Li WJ, Dai J, Guan YF, Wang X
779 - 784 Mesenchymal stem cells modified with angiopoietin-1 improve remodeling in a rat model of acute myocardial infarction
Sun LJ, Cui M, Wang ZY, Feng XH, Mao JM, Chen P, Ma KT, Chen FR, Zhou CY
785 - 791 Epigenetic and functional analysis of IGFBP3 and IGFBPrP1 in cellular immortalization
Fridman AL, Rosati R, Li QF, Tainsky MA
792 - 799 EHD1 regulates cholesterol homeostasis and lipid droplet storage
Naslavsky N, Rahajeng J, Rapaport D, Horowitz M, Caplan S
800 - 803 Telomere-related functions of yeast KU in the repair of bleomycin-induced DNA damage
Tam ATY, Pike BL, Hammet A, Heierhorst J
804 - 808 A catalytic approach to estimate the redox potential of heme-peroxidases
Ayala M, Roman R, Vazquez-Duhalt R
809 - 814 (NO)-N-center dot dissociation represents the rate limiting step for O-2-mediated oxidation of ferrous nitrosylated Mycobacterium leprae truncated hemoglobin O
Ascenzi P, Bolognesi M, Visca P
815 - 819 Comparative analysis of the catechol 2,3-dioxygenase gene locus in thermoacidophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus strain 98/2
Chae JC, Kim E, Bini E, Zystra GJ