Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.356, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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523 - 528 Physical and functional interactions of human papillomavirus E2 protein with nuclear receptor coactivators
Wu MH, Huang CJ, Liu ST, Liu PY, Ho CL, Huang SM
529 - 535 Apoptosis induction by avian reovirus through p53 and mitochondria-mediated pathway
Chulu JLC, Lee LH, Lee YC, Liao SH, Lin FL, Shih WL, Liu HJ
536 - 541 E74-like factor 2 regulates valosin-containing protein expression
Zhang BL, Tomita Y, Qiu Y, He JX, Morii E, Noguchi S, Aozasa K
542 - 547 Overexpression of membrane sialic acid-specific sialidase Neu3 inhibits matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression in vascular smooth muscle cells
Moon SK, Cho SH, Kim KW, Jeon JH, Ko JH, Kim BY, Kim CH
548 - 553 Oligomeric alpha-synuclein inhibits tubulin polymerization
Chen L, Jin JH, Davis J, Zhou Y, Wang Y, Liu J, Lockhart PJ, Zhang J
554 - 560 12S-lipoxygenase protein associates with alpha-actin fibers in human umbilical artery vascular smooth muscle cells
Weisinger G, Limor R, Marcus-Perlman Y, Knoll E, Kohen F, Schinder V, Firer M, Stern N
561 - 568 Spontaneous expression of neural phenotype and NGF, TrkA, TrkB genes in marrow stromal cells
Li N, Yang H, Lu LL, Duan CL, Zhao CL, Zhao HY
569 - 575 Molecular modeling of the complex between Torpedo acetylcholine receptor and anti-MIR Fab198
Konstantakaki M, Tzartos SJ, Poulas K, Eliopoulos E
576 - 581 Identification and characterization of a novel spermatogenesis related gene LM23 in rat testis
Liu ML, Pei KY, Shi XQ, Liu DY, Jia MC
582 - 586 Effects of PKC on inhibition of delayed rectifier potassium currents by N/OFQ
Qu LH, Li YR, Tian H, Wang ZG, Cui LW, Jin HB, Wang W, Yang L
587 - 593 Glucose responsive insulin production from human embryonic germ (EG) cell derivatives
Clark GO, Yochem RL, Axelman J, Sheets TP, Kaczorowski DJ, Shamblott MJ
594 - 598 Identification of phostensin, a PP1F-actin cytoskeleton targeting subunit
Kao SC, Chen CY, Wang SL, Yang JJ, Hung WC, Chen YC, Lai NS, Liu HT, Huang HL, Chen HC, Lin TH, Huang HB
599 - 603 The short chain fatty acid, butyrate, stimulates MUC2 mucin production in the human colon cancer cell line, LS174T
Hatayama H, Washita J, Kuwajima A, Abe T
604 - 609 Three UDP-hexose 4-epimerases with overlapping substrate specificity coexist in E-coli O86 : B7
Guo HJ, Yi W, Li L, Wang PG
610 - 615 Transgenic expression of osteoactivin in the liver attenuates hepatic fibrosis in rats
Abe H, Uto H, Takami Y, Takahama Y, Hasuike S, Kodama M, Nagata K, Moriuchi A, Numata M, Ido A, Tsubouchi H
616 - 621 Crystal structure study on human S100A13 at 2.0 angstrom resolution
Li M, Zhang PF, Pan XW, Chang WR
622 - 628 Cloning and expression of human islet amyloid polypeptide in cultured cells
Bhattacharya S, Latha JNL, Kumresan R, Singh S
629 - 635 Role of SGK1 kinase in regulating glucose transport via glucose transporter GLUT4
Jeyaraj S, Boehmer C, Lang F, Palmada M
636 - 641 Secretion of the glucose-regulated selenoprotein SEPS1 from hepatoma cells
Gao Y, Pagnon J, Feng HC, Konstantopolous N, Jowett JBM, Walder K, Collier GR
642 - 647 Two transmembrane Cys residues are involved in 5-HT4 receptor dimerization
Berthouze M, Rivail L, Lucas A, Ayoub MA, Russo O, Sicsic S, Fischmeister R, Berque-Bestel I, Jockers R, Lezoualc'h F
648 - 654 GRB10 binds to LRP6, the Wnt co-receptor and inhibits canonical Wnt signaling pathway
Tezuka N, Brown AMC, Yanagawa S
655 - 661 Truncated pStat5B is associated with the Idd4 locus in NOD mice
Davoodi-Semiromi A, McDuffie M, Litherland S, Clare-Salzler M
662 - 667 Preadipocyte response and impairment of differentiation in an inflammatory environment
Poulain-Godefroy O, Froguel P
668 - 673 Phosphorylation of threonine 204 of DEAD-box RNA helicase DDX3 by cyclin B/cdc2 in vitro
Sekiguchi T, Kurihara Y, Fukumura J
674 - 680 Plasma annexin A5 level relates inversely to the severity of coronary stenosis
van Tits LJH, van Heerde WL, van der Vleuten GM, de Graaf J, Grobbee DE, van de Vijver LPL, Stalenhoef AF, Princen HM
681 - 686 OxLDL-induced gene expression patterns in CASMC are mimicked in apoE(-/-) mice aortas
Reeve JLV, Stenson-Cox C, O'Doherty A, Porn-Ares I, Ares M, O'Brien T, Samali A
687 - 692 Calcium-dependent conformational changes in guanylate cyclase-activating protein 2 monitored by cysteine accessibility
Helten A, Koch KW
693 - 698 N-terminal hamartin-binding and C-terminal GAP domain of tuberin can separate in vivo
Momose S, Kobayashi T, Tada N, Itoyama S, Hino O
699 - 704 Unscheduled overexpression of human WAPL promotes chromosomal instability
Ohbayashi T, Oikawa K, Yamada K, Nishida-Umehara C, Matsuda Y, Satoh H, Mukai H, Mukai K, Kuroda M
705 - 710 Influence of cholesterol and ergosterol on membrane dynamics using different fluorescent reporter probes
Shrivastava S, Chattopadhyay A
711 - 717 Involvement of up-regulation of PUMA in non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced apoptosis
Ishihara T, Hoshino T, Namba T, Tanaka KI, Mizushima T
718 - 722 Heat shock augments myosin phosphatase target-subunit phosphorylation
Kim JI, Jeon SB, Baek I, Seok YM, Shin HM, Kim IK
723 - 726 Transforming activity of purinergic receptor P2Y, G-protein coupled, 2 revealed by retroviral expression screening
Hatanaka H, Takada S, Choi YL, Fujiwara S, Soda M, Enomoto M, Kurashina K, Watanabe H, Yamashita Y, Sugano K, Mano H
727 - 732 STAT5 transcriptional activity is impaired by LIF in a mammary epithelial cell line
Granillo AR, Boffi JC, Baranao L, Kordon E, Pecci A, Guberman A
733 - 738 Reversal of cocaine sensitization-induced behavioral sensitization normalizes GAD67 and GABA(A) receptor alpha 2 subunit expression, and PKC zeta activity
Chen Q, Lee TH, Wetsel WC, Sun QA, Liu YM, Davidson C, Xiong XY, Ellinwood EH, Zhang XW
739 - 744 Estimation of the embryotoxic effect of CBZ using an ES cell differentiation system
Murabe M, Yamauchi J, Fujiwara Y, Miyamoto Y, Hiroyama M, Sanbe A, Tanoue A
745 - 749 Intrinsic pro-angiogenic status of cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells
Verhaeghe C, Tabruyn SP, Oury C, Bours V, Griffioen AW
750 - 755 Construction and characterization of a bifunctional enzyme with deoxyribonuclease I and thioredoxin-like activities
Chen WJ, Lo T, Lai YS, Huang PT, Lin CC, Liao TH
756 - 762 Effect of glucolipotoxicity and rosiglitazone upon insulin secretion
Marshall C, Hitman GA, Cassell PG, Turner MD
763 - 768 Up-regulated expression of beta 3 integrin induced by dengue virus serotype 2 infection associated with virus entry into human dermal microvascular endothelial cells
Zhang JL, Wang JL, Gao N, Chen ZT, Tian YP, An J
769 - 772 A particular hydrophobic cluster in the residual structure of reduced lysozyme drastically affects the amyloid fibrils formation
Mishima T, Ohkuri T, Monji A, Imoto T, Ueda T
773 - 779 Synergistic cooperation of Sall4 and Cyclin D1 in transcriptional repression
Bohm J, Kaiser FJ, Borozdin W, Depping R, Kohlhase J
780 - 784 Insulin-like growth factor 1 enhances the migratory capacity of mesenchymal stem cells
Li Y, Yu X, Lin S, Li X, Zhang S, Song YH
785 - 791 A cis-element in the 3'-untranslated region of I kappa B-zeta mRNA governs its stimulus-specific expression
Watanabe S, Takeshige K, Muta T
792 - 798 Expression and initial characterization of human ALDH3B1
Marchitti SA, Orlicky DJ, Vasiliou V
799 - 804 Unprocessed barley aleurone endo-beta-1,4-xylanase X-I is an active enzyme
Van Campenhout S, Pollet A, Bourgois TM, Rombouts S, Beaugrand J, Gebruers K, De Backer E, Courtin CM, Delcour JA, Volckaert G
805 - 809 The expression of the mitochondrial gene MT-ND4 is downregulated in cystic fibrosis
Valdivieso AG, Marcucci F, Taminelli G, Guerrico AG, Alvarez S, Teiber ML, Dankert MA, Santa-Coloma TA
810 - 815 Effect of thioredoxin reductase 1 on glucocorticoid receptor activity in human outer root sheath cells
Sohn KC, Jang S, Choi DK, Lee YS, Yoon TJ, Jeon EK, Kim KH, Seo YJ, Lee JH, Park JK, Kim CD
816 - 821 Mutational analysis of the N-glycosylation sites of Duffy antigen/receptor for chemokines
Czerwinski M, Kern J, Grodecka M, Paprocka M, Krop-Watorek A, Wasniowska K
822 - 822 Functional characterization of the human solute carrier, SLC41A2 (vol 330, pg 701, 2005)
Goytain A, Quamme GA