Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.355, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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599 - 602 Phase-dependent nucleotide substitution in protein-coding sequences
Wang GZ, Chen LL, Zhang HY
603 - 610 Diterpenes inhibit IL-12 production by DC and enhance Th2 cells polarization
Takei M, Umeyama A, Arihara S
611 - 618 CCN1 protects cardiac myocytes from oxidative stress via beta 1 integrin-Akt pathway
Yoshida Y, Togi K, Matsumae H, Nakashima Y, Kojima Y, Yamamoto H, Ono K, Nakamura T, Kita T, Tanaka M
619 - 625 Simple repeat evolution includes dramatic primary sequence changes that conserve folding potential
Riley DE, Jeon JS, Krieger JN
626 - 631 Leptin restores plasma cholesterol, glucose and weight loss induced by IFN alpha treatment
Birk RZ, Rubinstein M
632 - 636 Single cell transfection using plasmid decorated AFM probes
Cuerrier CM, Lebel R, Grandbois M
637 - 642 Amyloid-linked cellular toxicity triggered by bacterial inclusion bodies
Gonzalez-Montalban N, Villaverde A, Aris A
643 - 648 A novel fruitfly protein under developmental control degrades uracil-DNA
Bekesi A, Pukancsik M, Muha V, Zagyva I, Leveles I, Hunyadi-Gulyas E, Klement E, Medzihradszky KF, Kele Z, Erdei A, Felfoldi F, Konya E, Vertessy BG
649 - 653 Determination of the minimal fusion peptide of bovine leukemia virus gp30
Lorin A, Lins L, Stroobant V, Brasseur R, Charloteaux B
654 - 660 Basic calcium phosphate crystals activate c-fos expression through a Ras/ERK dependent signaling mechanism
Major ML, Cheung HS, Misra RP
661 - 666 Polybromo-1-bromodomains bind histone H3 at specific acetyl-lysine positions
Chandrasekaran R, Thompson M
667 - 672 Binding preference of eIF4E for 4E-binding protein isoform and function of eIF4E N-terminal flexible region for interaction, studied by SPR analysis
Abiko F, Tomoo K, Mizuno A, Morino S, Imataka H, Ishida T
673 - 678 Novel biomimetic affinity ligands for human tissue plasminogen activator
Wu F, Yu J
679 - 686 hZG16, a novel human secreted protein expressed in liver, was down-regulated in hepatocellular carcinoma
Zhou YB, Cao JB, Yang HM, Zhu H, Xu ZG, Wang KS, Zhang X, Wang ZQ, Han ZG
687 - 692 Internal genomic sequence of human CYP1A1 gene is involved in superinduction of dioxin-induced CYP1A1 transcription by cycloheximide
Sakata Y, Yoshioka W, Tohyama C, Ohsako S
693 - 699 Augmentation of vascular permeability of VEGF is enhanced by KDR-binding proteins
Yamazaki Y, Nakano Y, Imamura T, Morita T
700 - 706 Dual silencing of the EGF and type 1 IGF receptors suggests dominance of IGF signaling in human breast cancer cells
Riedemann J, Sohail M, Macaulay VM
707 - 714 The EGF receptor interacts with the type 1 IGF receptor and regulates its stability
Riedemann J, Takiguchi M, Sohail M, Macaulay VM
715 - 721 Increased susceptibility of MER5 (peroxiredoxin III) knockout mice to LPS-induced oxidative stress
Li LQ, Shoji W, Takano H, Nishimura N, Aoki Y, Takahashi R, Goto S, Kaifu T, Takai T, Obinata M
722 - 727 Non-reductive modulation of chloroplast fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase by 2-Cys peroxiredoxin
Caporaletti D, D'Alessio AC, Rodriguez-Suarez RJ, Senn AM, Duek PD, Wolosiuk RA
728 - 733 A critical role for p38 map kinase in NF-kappa B signaling during intermittent hypoxia/reoxygenation
Ryan S, McNicholas WT, Taylor CT
734 - 739 PGC-1 alpha over-expression promotes recovery from mitochondrial dysfunction and cell injury
Rasbach KA, Schnellmann RG
740 - 744 Protection from lethal influenza virus challenge by oral type 1 interferon
Beilharz MW, Cummins JM, Bennett AL
745 - 750 PACSIN3 overexpression increases adipocyte glucose transport through GLUT1
Roach W, Plomann M
751 - 757 A broad range of Fab stabilities within a host of therapeutic IgGs
Garber E, Demarest SJ
758 - 763 Tooth regeneration from newly established cell lines from a molar tooth germ epithelium
Komine A, Suenaga M, Nakao K, Tsuji T, Tomooka Y
764 - 769 Prediction of protein crystallization using collocation of amino acid pairs
Chen K, Kurgan L, Rahbari M
770 - 775 Dynamical regulations of protein-ligand bindings at single molecular level
Sagawa T, Azuma T, Sasaki YC
776 - 781 Semliki Forest virus vectors expressing transforming growth factor beta inhibit experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in Balb/c mice
Vaha-Koskela MJV, Kuusinen TI, Holmlund-Hampf JC, Furu PT, Heikkila JE, Hinkkanen AE
782 - 787 A highly specific glyoxylate reductase derived from a formate dehydrogenase
Shinoda T, Arai K, Taguchi H
788 - 794 Rho-kinase modulates the function of STEF, a Rac GEF, through its phosphorylation
Takefuji M, Mori K, Morita Y, Arimura N, Nishimura T, Nakayama M, Hoshino M, Iwamatsu A, Murohara T, Kaibuchi K, Amano M
795 - 800 Enzymatic formation of unnatural cytokinin analogs by adenylate isopentenyltransferase from mulberry
Abe I, Tanaka H, Abe T, Noguchi H
801 - 806 NADPH oxidase but not myeloperoxidase protects lymphopenic mice from spontaneous infections
Ostanin DV, Barlow S, Shukla D, Grisham MB
807 - 812 Sensitization of TNF-induced cytotoxicity in lung cancer cells by concurrent suppression of the NF-kappa B and Akt pathways
Wang X, Chen WS, Lin Y
813 - 819 Proteomic of lipid rafts in the exocrine pancreas from diet-induced obese rats
Berkane AA, Nguyen HTT, Tranchida F, Waheed AA, Deyris V, Tchiakpe L, Fasano C, NiColettl C, Desseaux V, Ajandouz EH, Comeau D, Comeau L, Hiol A
820 - 824 Structure nor stability of the transmembrane spanning 6/7 domain of presenilin I correlates with pathogenicity
Jeppesen B, Costello L, Fung A, Stanley E, McDonald J, Lambert A, Johnson B, Gentile L
825 - 829 Processing and trafficking of a prohormone convertase 2 active site mutant
Lee SN, Kacprzak MM, Day R, Lindberg I
830 - 834 Trans-splicing of an artificially split fungal mini-intein
Elleuche S, Poggeler S
835 - 841 The INO80 complex is required for damage-induced recombination
Kawashima S, Ogiwara H, Tada S, Harata M, Wintersberger U, Enomoto T, Seki M
842 - 848 Mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling is involved in suramin-induced neurite outgrowth in a neuronal cell line
Nakata H
849 - 853 Construction of phylogenetic profiles based on the genetic distance of hundreds of genomes
Sun JC, Zhao ZM