Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.355, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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295 - 301 Recessive bacterial leaf blight resistance in rice: Complexity, challenges and strategy
Kottapalli KR, Kottapalli P, Agrawal GK, Kikuchi S, Rakwal R
302 - 306 Molecular approaches for structural characterization of Bothrops L-amino acid oxidases with antiprotozoal activity: cDNA cloning, comparative sequence analysis, and molecular modeling
Franca SC, Kashima S, Roberto PG, Marins M, Ticli FK, Pereira JO, Astolfi-Filho S, Stabeli RG, Magro AJ, Fontes MRM, Sampaio SV, Soares AM
307 - 311 Induction of a program gene expression during osteoblast differentiation with strontium ranelate
Zhu LL, Zaidi S, Peng YZ, Zhou H, Moonga BS, Blesius A, Dupin-Roger I, Zaidi M, Sun L
312 - 317 A single C to T transition in intron 5 of LMBR1 gene is associated with triphalangeal thumb-polysyndactyly syndrome in a Chinese family
Wang ZQ, Tian SH, Shi YZ, Zhou PT, Wang ZY, Shu RZ, Hu LD, Kong XY
318 - 323 Zinc-fingers and homeoboxes 1 (ZHX1) binds DNA methyltransferase (DNMT) 3B to enhance DNMT3B-mediated transcriptional repression
Kim SH, Park J, Choi MC, Kim HP, Park JH, Jung Y, Lee JH, Oh DY, Im SA, Bang YJ, Kim TY
324 - 330 Cytoskeleton dynamics: Fluctuations within the network
Bursac P, Fabry B, Trepat X, Lenormand G, Butler JP, Wang N, Fredberg JJ, An SS
331 - 337 HES6 reverses nuclear reprogramming of insulin-producing cells following cell fusion
Ball AJ, Abrahamsson AE, Tyrberg B, Itkin-Ansari P, Levine F
338 - 341 Phospholemman expression is high in the newborn rabbit heart and declines with postnatal maturation
Srivastava S, Cala SE, Coetzee WA, Artman M
342 - 346 Serum resistin is associated with the severity of microangiopathies in type 2 diabetes
Osawa H, Ochi M, Kato K, Yamauchi J, Nishida W, Takata Y, Kawamura R, Onuma H, Takasuka T, Shimizu I, Fuji Y, Ohashi J, Makino H
347 - 351 The transcriptional factor Osterix directly interacts with RNA helicase A
Amorim BR, Okamura H, Yoshida K, Qiu LH, Morimoto H, Haneji T
352 - 358 Analysis of the antimicrobial activities of a chemokine-derived peptide (CDAP-4) on Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Martinez-Becerra F, Silva DA, Dominguez-Ramirez L, Mendoza-Hernandez G, Lopez-Vidal Y, Soldevila G, Garcia-Zepeda EA
359 - 364 Regulation by SREBP-2 defines a potential link between isoprenoid and adenosylcobalamin metabolism
Murphy C, Murray AM, Meaney S, Gafvels M
365 - 370 Reduced eIF2 alpha phosphorylation and increased proapoptotic proteins in aging
Hussain SG, Ramaiah KVA
371 - 378 Dialkyl phenyl phosphates as novel selective inhibitors of butyrylcholinesterase
Law KS, Acey RA, Smith CR, Benton DA, Soroushian S, Eckenrod B, Stedman R, Kantardjieff KA, Nakayama K
379 - 384 In vitro transfection of the hepatitis B virus PreS2 gene into the human hepatocarcinoma cell line HepG2 induces upregulation of human telomerase reverse transcriptase
Liu H, Luan F, Ju Y, Shen HY, Gao LF, Wang XY, Liu SX, Zhang LN, Sun WS, Ma CH
385 - 391 Structural basis of D-DOPA oxidation by D-amino acid oxidase: Alternative pathway for dopamine biosynthesis
Kawazoe T, Tsuge H, Imagawa T, Aki K, Kuramitsu S, Fukui K
392 - 397 Circulating CXCL16 is not related to circulating oxLDL in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
van Lieshout AWT, Popa C, Meyer-Wentrup F, Lemmers HL, Stalenhoef AF, Adema GJ, van Riel PLCM, van Tits LJ, Radstake TRDJ
398 - 403 Observation of multiple intermediates in alpha-synuclein fibril formation by singular value decomposition analysis
Kamiyoshihara T, Kojima M, Ueda K, Tashiro M, Shimotakahara S
404 - 408 Inhibition of Hepatitis B virus cccDNA replication by siRNA
Li GQ, Gu HX, Li D, Xu WZ
409 - 418 Monosaccharides modulate HCV E2 protein-derived peptide biological properties
Garcia JE, Fierro R, Puentes A, Cortes J, Bermudez A, Cifuentes G, Vanegas M, Patarroyo ME
419 - 425 Isolation of Xenopus HIF-prolyl 4-hydroxylase and rescue of a small-eye phenotype caused by Siah2 over-expression
Imaoka S, Muraguchi T, Kinoshita T
426 - 430 Development of a new "GFP hop-on assay" system for insertion sequence transposition in Bacillus subtilis 168 using IS4Bsu1 from B-subtilis (natto)
Takahashi K, Chibazakura T, Sekine Y, Yoshikawa H
431 - 437 DNA damage reduces Taq DNA polymerase fidelity and PCR amplification efficiency
Sikorsky JA, Primerano DA, Fenger TW, Denvir J
438 - 443 Adenovirus E1A negatively regulates E1AF, an ets family of the protein
Takahashi A, Higashino F, Aoyagi M, Nakayama M, Yanagawa A, Hasegawa H, Hatta M, Ishida S, Nakajima K, Totsuka Y, Shindoh M
444 - 450 Cardiac-specific overexpression of SCN5A gene leads to shorter P wave duration and PR interval in transgenic mice
Zhang T, Yong SL, Tian XL, Wang QK
451 - 456 Poly(etheno ADP-ribose) blocks poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase activity
Shirato M, Tozawa S, Maeda D, Watanabe M, Nakagama H, Masutani M
457 - 463 Two lutein molecules in LHCII have different conformations and functions: Insights into the molecular mechanism of thermal dissipation in plants
Yan HC, Zhang PF, Wang C, Liu ZF, Chang WR
464 - 470 Phylogeny-directed structural analysis of the Arabidopsis PsbS protein
Schultes NP, Peterson RB
471 - 476 Allicin-induced suppression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 85B mRNA in human monocytes
Hasan N, Siddiqui MU, Toossi Z, Khan S, Iqbal J, Islam N
477 - 482 WRN counteracts the NHEJ pathway upon camptothecin exposure
Otsuki M, Seki M, Kawabe Y, Inoue E, Dong YP, Abe T, Kato G, Yoshimura A, Tada S, Enomoto T
483 - 487 Human natural killer cell receptor 2B4 (CD244) down-regulates its own expression by reduced promoter activity at an Ets element
Mathew SO, Vaidya SV, Kim JR, Mathew PA
488 - 493 Immobilization of glucose oxidase onto gold nanoparticles with enhanced thermostability
Li DX, He Q, Cui Y, Duan L, Li JB
494 - 500 Retinoic acid activates human inducible nitric oxide synthase gene through binding of RAR alpha/RXR alpha heterodimer to a novel retinoic acid response element in the promoter
Zou F, Liu Y, Liu L, Wu KL, Wei W, Zhu Y, Wu JG
501 - 507 Anti-apoptotic peptides protect against radiation-induced cell death
McConnell KW, Muenzer JT, Chang KC, Davis CG, McDunn JE, Coopersmith CM, Hilliard CA, Hotchkiss RS, Grigsby PW, Hunt CR
508 - 512 Two hydrophobic segments of the RTN1 family determine the ER localization and retention
Iwahashi J, Hamada N, Watanabe H
513 - 519 3D structure modeling of cytochrome P4502C19 and its implication for personalized drug design
Wang JF, Wei DQ, Li L, Zheng SY, Li YX, Chou KC
520 - 525 Capsaicin induces cofilin dephosphorylation in human intestinal cells: The triggering role of cofilin in tight-junction signaling
Nagumo Y, Han JK, Arimoto M, Isoda H, Tanaka T
526 - 530 A eukaryotic-type serine/threonine protein kinase StkP of Streptococcus pneumoniae acts as a dimer in vivo
Pallova P, Hercik K, Saskova L, Novakova L, Branny P
531 - 537 Linear motifs in the C-terminus of D-melanogaster cryptochrome
Hemsley MJ, Mazzotta GM, Mason M, Dissel S, Toppo S, Pagano MA, Sandrelli F, Meggio F, Rosato E, Costa R, Tosatto SCE
538 - 542 Haploinsufficiency of Bcl11b for suppression of lymphomagenesis and thymocyte development
Kamimura K, Ohi H, Kubota T, Okazuka K, Yoshikai Y, Wakabayashi YI, Aoyagi Y, Mishima Y, Kominami R
543 - 548 Transcriptional activation of ATF6 by endoplasmic reticulum stressors
Namba T, Ishihara T, Tanaka KI, Hoshino T, Mizushima T
549 - 554 20S proteasome-dependent generation of an IEpp89 murine cytomegalovirus-derived H-2L(d) epitope from a recombinant protein
Voigt A, Salzmann U, Seifert U, Dathe M, Soza A, Kloetzel PM, Kuckelkorn U
555 - 561 Establishment of cell lines derived from the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus
Kawaguchi S, Shinozaki A, Obinata M, Saigo K, Sakaki Y, Tei H
562 - 567 gamma-Glutamyltranspeptidase of Helicobacter pylori induces mitochondria-mediated apoptosis in AGS cells
Kim KM, Lee SG, Park MG, Song JY, Kang HL, Lee WK, Cho MJ, Rhee KH, Youn HS, Baik SC
568 - 574 P2X7 receptor mediated phosphorylation of p38MAP kinase in the hippocampus
Papp L, Vizi ES, Sperlagh B
575 - 580 Elevated copy number of L-A virus in yeast mutant strains defective in ribosomal stalk
Krokowski D, Tchorzewski M, Boguszewska A, Mckay AR, Maslen SL, Robinson CV, Grankowski N
581 - 586 Arthromyces ramosus peroxidase produces two chlorinating species
Huang LS, de Montellano PRO
587 - 591 Participation of nitric oxide reductase in survival of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in LPS-activated macrophages
Kakishima K, Shiratsuchi A, Taoka A, Nakanishi Y, Fukumori Y
592 - 596 Protection of cells from oxidative stress by microsomal glutathione transferase 1
Siritantikorn A, Johansson K, Ahlen K, Rinaldi R, Suthiphongchai T, Wilairat P, Morgenstern R
597 - 597 Signaling pathway of nitric oxide production induced by ginsenoside Rb1 in human aortic endothelial cells: A possible involvement of androgen receptor (vol 353, pg 764, 2007)
Yu J, Eto M, Akishita M, Kaneko A, Ouchi Y, Okabe T
598 - 598 Prolactin expression is induced in Jurkat T-cells by beta-catenin LEF-1, AP-1 and cAMP (vol 354, pg 598, 2007)
Andria ML, Reem GH