Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.355, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 5 Molecular pathways of angiogenesis inhibition
Tabruyn SP, Griffioen AW
6 - 9 Influenza viral hemagglutinin complicated shape is advantageous to its binding affinity for sialosaccharide receptor
Sawada T, Hashimoto T, Nakano H, Suzuki T, Suzuki Y, Kawaoka Y, Ishida H, Kiso M
10 - 15 Tributyltin and triphenyltin inhibit osteoclast differentiation through a retinoic acid receptor-dependent signaling pathway
Yonezawa T, Hasegawa SI, Ahn JY, Cha BY, Teruya T, Hagiwara H, Nagai K, Woo JT
16 - 22 Heme requirement and intracellular trafficking in Trypanosoma cruzi epimastigotes
Lara FA, Sant'Anna C, Lemos D, Laranja GAT, Coelho MGP, Salles IR, Michel A, Oliveira PL, Cunha-e-Silva N, Salmon D, Paes MC
23 - 27 Transgenic insulin released from G cells preferentially signals in the liver
Lu YC, Rozengurt E, Zhukova E
28 - 33 Expression of skeletal muscle Na(v)1.4 Na channel isoform in canine cardiac Purkinje myocytes
Qu YX, Karnabi E, Chahine M, Vassalle M, Boutjdir M
34 - 40 Interference with BRCA2, which localizes to the centrosome during S and early M phase, leads to abnormal nuclear division
Nakanishi A, Han XZ, Saito H, Taguchi K, Ohta Y, Imajoh-Ohmi S, Miki Y
41 - 46 Neuroligins 3 and 4X interact with syntrophin-gamma 2, and the interactions are affected by autism-related mutations
Yamakawa H, Oyama S, Mitsuhashi H, Sasagawa N, Uchino S, Kohsaka S, Ishiura S
47 - 53 Efficient capture of cardiogenesis-associated genes expressed in ES cells
Terami H, Hidaka K, Shirai M, Narumiya H, Kuroyanagi T, Arai Y, Aburatani H, Morisaki T
54 - 60 Involvement of over-expressed BMP4 in pentylenetetrazol kindling-induced cell proliferation in the dentate gyrus of adult rats
Yin JB, Ma YX, Yin Q, Xu HW, An N, Liu SY, Fan XT, Yang H
61 - 66 Salt stress enhances proline utilization in the apical region of barley roots
Ueda A, Yamamoto-Yamane Y, Takabe T
67 - 71 Cholesterol depletion inhibits fatty acid uptake without affecting CD36 or caveolin-1 distribution in adipocytes
Covey SD, Brunet RH, Gandhi SG, McFarlane N, Boreham DR, Gerber GE, Trigatti BL
72 - 77 DLC-1, a GTPase-activating protein for Rho, is associated with cell proliferation, morphology, and migration in human hepatocellular carcinoma
Kim TY, Lee JW, Kim HP, Jong HS, Kim TY, Jung MR, Bang YJ
78 - 84 Mislocalization of prelamin A Tyr646Phe mutant to the nuclear pore complex in human embryonic kidney 293 cells
Pan Y, Garg A, Agarwal AK
85 - 88 PH domain-mediated membrane targeting of Asef
Muroya K, Kawasaki Y, Hayashi T, Ohwada S, Akiyama T
89 - 96 Plant protein phosphorylation monitored by capillary liquid chromatography-element mass spectrometry
Kruger R, Wolschin F, Weckwerth W, Bettmer J, Lehmann WD
97 - 102 Redox control of fast ligand dissociation from Escherichia coli cytochrome bd
Borisov VB, Forte E, Sarti P, Brunori M, Konstantinov AA, Giuffre A
103 - 110 3D model of RNA polymerase and bidirectional transcription
Bhattacharya P
111 - 116 Stem cell regulatory function mediated by expression of a novel mouse Oct4 pseudogene
Lin H, Shabbir A, Molnar M, Lee T
117 - 121 Fine mapping of Ahl3 affecting both age-related and noise-induced hearing loss
Morita Y, Hirokawa S, Kikkawa Y, Nomura T, Yonekawa H, Shiroishi T, Takahashi S, Kominami R
122 - 128 Crystal structure and RNA-binding analysis of the archaeal transcription factor NusA
Shibata R, Bessho Y, Shinkai A, NIshimoto M, Fusatomi E, Terada T, Shirouzu M, Yokoyama S
129 - 135 Development of immunostimulatory virotherapy using non-transmissible Sendai virus-activated dendritic cells
Yoneyama Y, Ueda Y, Akutsu Y, Matsunaga A, Shimada H, Kato T, Kubota-Akizawa M, Okano S, Shibata S, Sueishi K, Hasegawa M, Ochiai T, Yonemitsu Y
136 - 142 Reversal of multidrug resistance by 4-chloro-N-(3-((E)-3-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)acryloyl)phenyl)benzamid e through the reversible inhibition of P-glycoprotein
Kim YK, Song YJ, Seo DW, Kang DW, Lee HY, Rhee DK, Han JW, Ahn CM, Lee S, Kim SN
143 - 148 Experimental confirmation of a key role for non-optimal codons in protein export
Zalucki YM, Jennings MP
149 - 155 Pillar cell and erythrocyte localization of fugu ETA receptor and its implication
Sultana N, Nag K, Kato A, Hirose S
156 - 161 Potential role of WISP3 (CCN6) in regulating the accumulation of reactive oxygen species
Miller DS, Sen M
162 - 168 Novel substrates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis PknH Ser/Thr kinase
Zheng XJ, Papavinasasundaram KG, Av-Gay Y
169 - 173 P2X(7) receptor activation causes phosphatidylserine exposure in human erythrocytes
Sluyter R, Shemon AN, Wiley JS
174 - 180 Identification of the nuclear export signals that regulate the intracellular localization of the mouse CMP-sialic acid synthetase
Fujita A, Sato C, Kitajima K
181 - 187 The NDUFB11 gene is not a modifier in Leber hereditary optic neuropathy
Petruzzella V, Tessa A, Torraco A, Fattori F, Dotti MT, Bruno C, Cardaioli E, Papa S, Federico A, Santorelli FM
188 - 193 Blockade of amygdala metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 1 impairs fear extinction
Kim J, Lee S, Park H, Song B, Hong I, Geum D, Shin K, Choi S
194 - 199 The mouse dead-end gene isoform alpha is necessary for germ cell and embryonic viability
Bhattacharya C, Aggarwal S, Zhu R, Kumar M, Zhao M, Meistrich ML, Matin A
200 - 203 Muc4 is required for activation of ErbB2 in signet ring carcinoma cell lines
Yokoyama A, Shi BH, Kawai T, Konishi H, Andoh R, Tachikawa H, Ihara S, Fukui Y
204 - 210 AMPK-mediated increase in myocardial long-chain fatty acid uptake critically depends on sarcolemmal CD36
Habets DDJ, Coumans WA, Voshol PJ, den Boer MAM, Febbraio M, Bonen A, Glatz JFC, Luiken JJFP
211 - 216 Role of Gln 85 of human CYP27A1 in 25-hydroxyvitamin D-3-binding and protein folding
Sawada N, Yamamoto K, Yamada S, Ikushiro S, Kamakura M, Ohta M, Inouye K, Sakaki T
217 - 220 HuR binds to a single site on the C/EBP beta mRNA of 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Jones H, Carver M, Pekala PH
221 - 227 Effects of catechin on homocysteine metabolism in hyperhomocysteinemic mice
Hamelet J, Demuth K, Dairou J, Ledru A, Paul JL, Dupret JM, Delabar JM, Rodrigues-Lima F, Janel N
228 - 233 The role of endothelial glycocalyx components in mechanotransduction of fluid shear stress
Pahakis MY, Kosky JR, Dull RO, Tarbell JM
234 - 239 The solubility of recombinant proteins expressed in Escherichia coli is increased by otsA and otsB co-transformation
Schultz T, Liu J, Capasso P, de Marco A
240 - 244 beta-catenin/TCF/LEF regulate expression of the short form human Cripto-1
Hamada S, Watanabe K, Hirota M, Bianco C, Strizzi L, Mancino M, Gonzales M, Salomon DS
245 - 251 Conserved signal peptide of Notch3 inhibits interaction with proteasome
Zhang YM, Jia LJ, Lee SJ, Wang MM
252 - 257 Ferulenol specifically inhibits succinate ubiquinone reductase at the level of the ubiquinone cycle
Lahouel M, Zini R, Zellagui A, Rhouati S, Carrupt PA, Morin D
258 - 262 Transplanting fragments of diabetic pancreas into activated omentum gives rise to new insulin producing cells
Singh AK, Gudehithlu KP, Litbarg NO, Sethupathi P, Arruda JAL, Dunea G
263 - 268 c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase decreases ubiquitination and promotes stabilization of p21(WAF1/CIP1) in K562 cell
Fan YM, Chen H, Qiao B, Liu ZW, Luo L, Wu YF, Yin ZM
269 - 274 Tgat, a Rho-specific guanine nucleotide exchange factor, activates NF-kappa B via physical association with I kappa B kinase complexes
Yamada K, Moriuchi R, Mori T, Okazaki E, Kohno T, Nagayasu T, Matsuyama T, Katamine S
275 - 279 Interactions between alpha-conotoxin MI and the Torpedo marmorata receptor alpha-delta interface
Cortez L, Marino-Buslje C, Bonino MBD, Hellman U
280 - 285 Activation of NF-kappa B-dependent gene expression by Salmonella flagellins FliC and FljB
Simon R, Samuel CE
286 - 293 Evaluation of cytochrome P450(BS beta) reactivity against polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and drugs
Torres E, Hayen H, Niemeyer CM