Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.354, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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627 - 633 Lipid-protein interactions, regulation and dysfunction of brain cholesterol
Chattopadhyay A, Paila YD
634 - 640 Study of drug resistance of chicken influenza A virus (H5N1) from homology-modeled 3D structures of neuraminidases
Wang SQ, Du QS, Chou KC
641 - 649 HCV core protein immunization with Montanide/CpG elicits strong Th1/Th2 and long-lived CTL responses
Roohvand F, Aghasadeghi MR, Sadat SM, Budkowska A, Khabiri AR
650 - 655 Imidazole-assisted catalysis of luminescence reaction in blue fluorescent protein from the photoprotein aequorin
Inouye S, Sasaki S
656 - 661 Decreased PARP-1 levels accelerate embryonic lethality but attenuate neuronal apoptosis in DNA polymerase beta-deficient mice
Sugo N, Niimi N, Aratani Y, Masutani M, Suzuki H, Koyama H
662 - 667 The arsenite oxidase genes (aroAB) in novel chemoautotrophic arsenite oxidizers
Rhine ED, Ni Chadhain SM, Zylstra GJ, Young LY
668 - 675 Sp-tetraKCNG: A novel cyclic nucleotide gated K+ channel
Galindo BE, de la Vega-Beltran JL, Labarca P, Vacquier VD, Darszon A
676 - 680 Immediate prostaglandin E-2 synthesis in rat 3Y1 fibroblasts following vasopressin V1a receptor stimulation
Nakatani Y, Chin Y, Hara S, Kudo I
681 - 685 Heme orientational disorder in human adult hemoglobin reconstituted with a ring fluorinated heme and its functional consequences
Nagao S, Hirai Y, Kawano S, Imai K, Suzuki A, Yamamoto Y
686 - 692 The active zone protein CAST directly associates with Ligand-of-Numb protein X
Higa S, Tokoro T, Inoue E, Kitajima I, Ohtsuka T
693 - 699 Reinvestigating the codon and amino acid usage of S-cerevisiae genome: A new insight from protein secondary structure analysis
Kahali B, Basak S, Ghosh TC
700 - 706 Multipotent human stromal cells improve cardiac function after myocardial infarction in mice without long-term engraftment
Iso Y, Spees JL, Serrano C, Bakondi B, Pochampally R, Song YH, Sobel BE, Delafontaine P, Prockop DJ
707 - 711 Activation of the unfolded protein response in Parkinson's disease
Hoozemans JJM, van Haastert ES, Eikelenboom P, de Vos RAI, Rozemuller JM, Scheper W
712 - 719 Thioredoxin prevents the development and progression of elastase-induced emphysema
Kinoshita T, Hoshino T, Imaoka H, Ichiki H, Okamoto M, Kawayama T, Yodoi J, Kato S, Aizawa H
720 - 726 Binding modes of L35 to alpha- and beta-semihemoglobins: Structural insights into the inequivalence of alpha- and beta-subunits of hemoglobin
De Rosa MC, Alinovi CC, Russo A, Giardina B
727 - 734 High fat intake induces a population of adipocytes to co-express TLR2 and TNF alpha in mice with insulin resistance
Murakami K, Bujo H, Unoki H, Saito Y
735 - 740 CDK13/CDC2L5 interacts with L-type cyclins and regulates alternative splicing
Chen HH, Wong YH, Geneviere AM, Fann MJ
741 - 746 Tyrosine 330 in hSef is critical for the localization and the inhibitory effect on FGF signaling
Ren YM, Li ZY, Rong ZL, Cheng L, Li YH, Wang Z, Chang ZJ
747 - 751 Calcium modulation of monoclonal antibody binding to phosphatidylinositol phosphate
Beck Z, Karasavvas N, Tong J, Matyas GR, Rao M, Alving CR
752 - 756 Differential effect of lithium on the circadian oscillator in young and old hamsters
Iwahana E, Hamada T, Uchida A, Shibata S
757 - 763 The role of Bach1 in the induction of heme oxygenase by tin mesoporphyrin
Abate A, Zhao H, Wong RJ, Stevenson DK
764 - 768 Activation of NUDT5, an ADP-ribose pyrophosphatase, by nitric oxide-mediated ADP-ribosylation
Yu HN, Song EK, Yoo SM, Lee YR, Han MK, Yim CY, Kwak JY, Kim JS
769 - 775 PKC epsilon is essential for gelsolin expression by histone deacetylase inhibitor apicidin in human cervix cancer cells
Eun DW, Ahn SH, You JS, Park JW, Lee EK, Lee HN, Kang GM, Lee JC, Choi WS, Seo DW, Han JW
776 - 782 Mutations in the Kv1.5 channel gene KCNA5 in cardiac arrest patients
Nielsen NH, Winkel BG, Kanters JK, Schmitt N, Hofman-Bang J, Jensen HS, Bentzen BH, Sigurd B, Larsen LA, Andersen PS, Haunso S, Kjeldsen K, Grunnet M, Christiansen M, Olesen SP
783 - 788 Identification of Dok-4b, a Dok-4 splice variant with enhanced inhibitory properties
Baldwin C, Bedirian A, Li HP, Takano T, Lemay S
789 - 794 Ire1 regulated XBP1 mRNA splicing is essential for the unfolded protein response (UPR) in Drosophila melanogaster
Plongthongkum N, Kullawong N, Panyim S, Tirasophon W
795 - 801 Cardiolipin is associated with the terminal oxidase of an extremely halophilic archaeon
Corcelli A, Lobasso S, Palese LL, Saponetti MS, Papa S
802 - 807 Mutagenesis of non-conserved active site residues improves the activity and narrows the specificity of human thymidine kinase 2
Gerth ML, Lutz S
808 - 813 Phosphorylated synaphin/complexin found in the brain exhibits enhanced SNARE complex binding
Shata A, Saisu H, Odani S, Abe T
814 - 819 DiS-C-3(3) monitoring of in vivo mitochondrial membrane potential in C-elegans
Gaskova D, DeCorby A, Lemire BD
820 - 824 Anionic phospholipids inhibit apolipoprotein E - Low-density lipoprotein receptor interactions
Yamamoto T, Ryan RO
825 - 829 Cell type-specific roles of Jak3 in IL-2-induced proliferative signal transduction
Fujii H
830 - 835 Role of microphthalmia transcription factor (Mitf) in melanoma differentiation
Lekmine F, Chang CK, Sethakorn N, Das Gupta TK, Salti GI
836 - 836 Blockade of TRAIL pathway ameliorates HBV-induced hepatocyte apoptosis in an acute hepatitis model (vol 352, pg 329, 2007)
Liu YG, Liu SX, Liang XH, Zhang Q, Gao LF, Han LH, Cao YL, Hou N, Du J, Sun WS
837 - 838 Circular dichroism spectra demonstrate formation of the thrombin-binding DNA aptamer G-quadruplex under stabilizing-cation-deficient conditions (vol 352, pg 812, 2007)
Nagatoishi S, Tanaka Y, Tsumoto K
839 - 839 A cytoskeleton-associated protein, TMAP/CKAP2, is involved in the proliferation of human foreskin fibroblasts (vol 348, pg 222, 2006)
Jeon SM, Choi B, Hong KU, Kim E, Seong YS, Bae CD, Park J