Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.354, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 HAMLET, protein folding, and tumor cell death
Mok KH, Pettersson J, Orrenius S, Svanborg C
8 - 13 Role of the cytoskeleton in extracellular calcium-regulated PTH release
Quinn SJ, Kifor O, Kifor I, Butters RR, Brown EM
14 - 20 Quantitative analysis of Akt phosphorylation and activity in response to EGF and insulin treatment
Kumar N, Afeyan R, Sheppard S, Harms B, Lauffenburger DA
21 - 26 Crystal structures of E-coli laccase CueO at different copper concentrations
Li X, Wei ZY, Zhang M, Peng XH, Yu GZ, Teng MK, Gong WM
27 - 32 Structural investigations on native collagen type I fibrils using AFM
Strasser S, Zink A, Janko M, Heckl WM, Thalhammer S
33 - 38 Cloning, expression, and characterization of an alternatively spliced variant of human heparanase
Nasser NJ, Avivi A, Shushy M, Vlodavsky I, Nevo E
39 - 44 Aggregate-centered redistribution of proteins by mutant huntingtin
Swayne LA, Braun JEA
45 - 49 Attenuation of obesity-induced adipose tissue inflammation in C3H/HeJ mice carrying a Toll-like receptor 4 mutation
Suganami T, Mieda T, Itoh M, Shimoda Y, Kamei Y, Ogawa Y
50 - 55 Vanilloid receptor agonists and antagonists are mitochondrial inhibitors: How vanilloids cause non-vanilloid receptor mediated cell death
Athanasiou A, Smith PA, Vakilpour S, Kumaran NM, Turner AE, Bagiokou D, Layfield R, Ray DE, Westwell AD, Alexander SPH, Kendall DA, Lobo DN, Watson SA, Lophatanon A, Muir KA, Guo DA, Bates TE
56 - 61 Physical dissection of the CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein alpha in regulating the mouse amelogenin gene
Xu YC, Zhou YL, Erickson RL, MacDougald OA, Snead ML
62 - 65 Apolipoprotein C-II promoter T -> A substitution at position-190 affects on the transcription of the gene and its relationship to hyperlipemia
Chen CH, Cao YL, Hu WC
66 - 71 DNA methylation and Sp1 binding determine the tissue-specific transcriptional activity of the mouse Abcc6 promoter
Douet V, Heller MB, Le Saux O
72 - 76 Bipartite nuclear localization signal of matrin 3 is essential for vertebrate cells
Hisada-Ishii S, Ebihara M, Kobayashi N, Kitagawa Y
77 - 83 Comparison of histone modifications in in vivo and in vitro fertilization mouse embryos
Huang JC, Lei ZL, Shi LH, Miao YL, Yang JW, Ouyang YC, Sun QY, Chen DY
84 - 89 S100A9 mediates neutrophil adhesion to fibronectin through activation of beta 2 integrins
Anceriz N, Vandal K, Tessier PA
90 - 95 Assay and characterization of a strong promoter element from B-subtilis
Zhang AL, Liu H, Yang MM, Gong YS, Chen H
96 - 101 Methamphetamine downregulates peroxiredoxins in rat pheochromocytoma cells
Chen HM, Lee YC, Huang CL, Liu HK, Liao WC, Lai WL, Lin YR, Huang NK
102 - 108 Principal role of NR3 subunits in NR1/NR3 excitatory glycine receptor function
Madry C, Mesic I, Bartholomaus I, Nicke A, Betz H, Laube B
109 - 114 Small heat shock protein alpha B-crystallin binds to p53 to sequester its translocation to mitochondria during hydrogen peroxide-induced apoptosis
Liu S, Li JL, Tao YG, Xiao XZ
115 - 121 A neutralizable epitope is induced on HGF upon its interaction with its receptor cMet
Kim K, Hur Y, Ryu EK, Rhim JH, Choi CY, Baek CM, Lee JH, Chung JH
122 - 126 PARP1 Val762Ala polymorphism reduces enzymatic activity
Wang XG, Wang ZQ, Tong WM, Shen Y
127 - 132 SEPS1 protects RAW264.7 cells from pharmacological ER stress agent-induced apoptosis
Kim KH, Gao Y, Walder K, Collier GR, Skelton J, Kissebah AH
133 - 139 MMP-2 inhibition reduces renal macrophage infiltration with increased fibrosis in UUO
Nishida M, Okumura Y, Ozawa S, Shiraishi I, Itoi T, Hamaoka K
140 - 147 In vivo treatment by diallyl disulfide increases histone acetylation in rat colonocytes
Druesne-Pecollo N, Chaumontet C, Pagniez A, Vaugelade P, Bruneau A, Thomas M, Cherbuy C, Duee PH, Martel P
148 - 153 Transcriptional downregulation of sterol metabolism genes in murine liver exposed to acute hypobaric hypoxia
Dolt KS, Karar J, Mishra MK, Salim J, Kumar R, Grover SK, Pasha MAQ
154 - 159 Involvement of membrane-type bile acid receptor M-BAR/TGR5 in bile acid-induced activation of epidermal growth factor receptor and mitogen-activated protein kinases in gastric carcinoma cells
Yasuda H, Hirata S, Inoue K, Mashima H, Ohnishi H, Yoshiba M
160 - 164 A branched-chain organic acid linked to multiple sclerosis: First identification by NMR spectroscopy of CSF
Lutz NW, Viola A, Malikova I, Confort-Gouny S, Ranjeva JP, Pelletier J, Cozzone PJ
165 - 171 Silibinin suppresses PMA-induced MMP-9 expression by blocking the AP-1 activation via MAPK signaling pathways in MCF-7 human breast carcinoma cells
Lee SO, Jeong YJ, Im HG, Kim CH, Chang YC, Lee IS
172 - 177 Antimicrobial properties of derivatives of the cationic tryptophan-rich hexapeptide PAF26
Munoz A, Lopez-Garcia B, Perez-Paya E, Marcos JF
178 - 183 Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor regulates the TRANCE/OPG ratio via COX-2 expression in a manner similar to PTH in osteoblasts
Park H, Lee SY, Lee DS, Yim M
184 - 189 Increased SOCS6 stability with PMA requires its N-terminal region and the Erk pathway via Pkc delta activation
Hwang MN, Ha TH, Park J, Shim J, Lee H, Kim YN, Lee ES, Yoon S
190 - 196 RRM2 induces NF-kappa B-dependent MMP-9 activation and enhances cellular invasiveness
Duxbury MS, Whang EE
197 - 202 Dimerization of CtIP may stabilize in vivo interactions with the Retinoblastoma-pocket domain
Stokes PH, Thompson LS, Marianayagam NJ, Matthews JM
203 - 208 Relationship between mRNA stability and intron presence
Wang HF, Feng LA, Niu DK
209 - 215 Mtf-1 lymphoma-susceptibility locus affects retention of large thymocytes with high ROS levels in mice after gamma-irradiation
Maruyama M, Yamamoto T, Kohara Y, Katsuragi Y, Mishima Y, Aoyagi Y, Kominami R
216 - 221 Cholesterol: Coupling between membrane microenvironment and ABC transporter activity
dos Santos SM, Weber CC, Franke C, Muller WE, Eckert GP
222 - 226 Chl1 and Ctf4 are required for damage-induced recombinations
Ogiwara H, Ui A, Lai MS, Enomoto T, Seki M
227 - 233 The L-isoform but not D-isoforms of a JNK inhibitory peptide protects pancreatic beta-cells
Fornoni A, Cobianchi L, Sanabria NY, Pileggi A, Molano RD, Ichii H, Rosero S, Inverardi L, Ricordi C, Pastori RL
234 - 239 Glucose- and time-dependence of islet amyloid formation in vitro
Zraika S, Hull RL, Udayasankar J, Utzschneider KM, Tong J, Gerchman F, Kahn SE
240 - 245 GPR40 is expressed in glucagon producing cells and affects glucagon secretion
Flodgren E, Olde B, Meidute-Abaraviciene S, Winzell MS, Ahren B, Salehi A
246 - 252 Quantification of low-expressed mRNA using 5' LNA-containing real-time PCR primers
Malgoyre A, Banzet S, Mouret C, Bigard AX, Peinnequin A
253 - 258 Intermolecular relations between the glucocorticoid receptor, ZAP-70 kinase, and Hsp-90
Bartis D, Boldizsar F, Kvell K, Szabo M, Palinkas L, Nemeth P, Monostori E, Berki T
259 - 264 Lipoic acid stimulates cAMP production in T lymphocytes and NK cells
Schillace RV, Pisenti N, Pattamanuch N, Galligan S, Marracci GH, Bourdette DN, Carr DW
265 - 270 The N-terminal of a heparin-binding sperm membrane mitogen possess lectin-like sequence
Mor V, Chatterjee T
271 - 277 Induction by NeuroD of the components required for regulated exocytosis
Ishizuka N, Minami K, Okumachi A, Okuno M, Seino S
278 - 283 Reactive oxygen species mediates the apoptosis induced by transforming growth factor beta(2) in human lens epithelial cells
Yao K, Tan J, Gu WZ, Ye PP, Wang KJ
284 - 289 Antipsychotics inhibit TREK but not TRAAK channels
Thummler S, Duprat F, Lazdunski M
290 - 295 Factors required for the catalytic reaction of PqqC/D which produces pyrroloquinoline quinone
Toyama H, Nishibayashi E, Saeki M, Adachi O, Matsushita K
296 - 301 Wnt/beta-catenin signaling regulates expression of PRDC, an antagonist of the BMP-4 signaling pathway
Im J, Kim H, Kim S, Jho EH
302 - 308 Characterization and functional analysis of a novel double-guide C/D box snoRNA in the fission yeast
Bi YZ, Qu LH, Zhou H
309 - 314 Enhanced ceramide-induced apoptosis in ceramide kinase overexpressing cells
Graf C, Rovina P, Tauzin L, Schanzer A, Bornancin F
315 - 320 The binding of FKBP23 to BiP modulates BiP's ATPase activity with its PPIase activity
Wang Y, Han RF, Wu D, Li J, Chen C, Ma H, Mi HF
321 - 327 Negative regulation of ISG15 E3 ligase EFP through its autoISGylation
Zou WG, Wang J, Zhang DE