Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.352, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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579 - 586 Evaluation of laser microdissection as a tool in cancer glycomic studies
Korekane H, Shida K, Murata K, Ohue M, Sasaki Y, Imaoka S, Miyamoto Y
587 - 591 Tat-mediated protein delivery in living Caenorhabditis elegans
Delom F, Fessart D, Caruso ME, Chevet E
592 - 597 Solution structure and membrane interaction mode of an antimicrobial peptide gaegurin 4
Chi SW, Kim JS, Kim DH, Lee SH, Park YH, Han KH
598 - 602 Identification and two-photon imaging of oligodendrocyte in CA1 region of hippocampal slices
Zhou W, Ge WP, Zeng SQ, Duan SM, Luo QM
603 - 608 Collagen expression in fibroblasts with a novel LMNA mutation
Nguyen D, Leistritz DF, Turner L, MacGregor D, Ohson K, Dancey P, Martin GM, Oshima J
609 - 616 Regulation of IRAK-4 kinase activity via autophosphorylation within its activation loop
Cheng H, Addona T, Keshishian H, Dahlstrand E, Lu CF, Dorsch M, Li Z, Wang AL, Ocain TD, Li P, Parsons TF, Jaffee B, Xu YJ
617 - 622 Junctin is a prominent regulator of contractility in cardiomyocytes
Fan GC, Yuan QY, Zhao W, Chu GX, Kranias EG
623 - 629 Activity-dependent regulation of BRINP family genes
Motomiya M, Kobayashi M, Iwasaki N, Minami A, Matsuoka I
630 - 634 Multiple alternative splicing of mouse Dmrt1 during gonadal differentiation
Lu H, Huang X, Zhang L, Guo YQ, Cheng HH, Zhou RJ
635 - 641 Human cardiac stem cells exhibit mesenchymal features and are maintained through Akt/GSK-3 beta signaling
Tateishi K, Ashihara E, Honsho S, Takehara N, Nomura T, Takahashi T, Ueyama T, Yamagishi M, Yaku H, Matsubara H, Oh H
642 - 649 Design of bifunctional siRNAs: Combining immunostimulation and gene-silencing in one single siRNA molecule
Furset G, Sioud M
650 - 655 Calpain facilitates actin reorganization during glucose-stimulated insulin secretion
Turner MD, Fulcher FK, Jones CV, Smith BT, Aganna E, Partridge CJ, Hitman GA, Clark A, Patel YM
656 - 661 Identification of a novel competitive inhibitor of p38 alpha MAPK by a human PBMC screen
Liu YC, Ko CC, Cheng FC, Huang PT, Lou KL, Chow LP
662 - 667 Dexamethasone increases Na+/K+ ATPase activity in insulin secreting cells through SGK1
Ullrich S, Zhang Y, Avram D, Ranta F, Kuhl D, Haring HU, Lang F
668 - 674 Skeletal myosphere-derived progenitor cell transplantation promotes neovascularization in delta-sarcoglycan knockdown cardiomyopathy
Nomura T, Ashihara E, Tateishi K, Asada S, Ueyama T, Takahashi T, Matsubara H, Oh H
675 - 680 Dickkopf-1 activates cell death in MDA-MB435 melanoma cells
Mikheev AM, Mikheeva SA, Rostomily R, Zarbl H
681 - 688 Adventitial fibroblasts are activated in the early stages of atherosclerosis in the apolipoprotein E knockout mouse
Xu F, Ji J, Li L, Chen R, Hu WC
689 - 696 Probing the catalytic mechanism of bovine pancreatic deoxyribonuclease I by chemical rescue
Chen WJ, Lai PJ, Lai YS, Huang PT, Lin CC, Liao TH
697 - 702 A novel regulatory pathway for cholesterol degradation via lactostatin
Morikawa K, Kondo I, Kanamaru Y, Nagaoka S
703 - 708 Dimorphic gene expression patterns of anorexigenic and orexigenic peptides in hypothalamus account male and female hyperphagia in Akita type 1 diabetic mice
Toyoshima M, Asakawa A, Fujimiya M, Inoue K, Inoue S, Kinboshi M, Koizumi A
709 - 715 Global gene transcription patterns in in vitro-cultured fertilized embryos and diploid and haploid murine parthenotes
Cui XS, Li XY, Kim NH
716 - 721 Glucocorticoid receptor mediated repression of human insulin gene expression is regulated by PGC-1 alpha
Jang WG, Kim EJ, Park KG, Park YB, Choi HS, Kim HJ, Kim YD, Kim KS, Lee KU, Lee IK
722 - 727 ATF4 regulates gamma-secretase activity during amino acid imbalance
Mitsuda T, Hayakawa Y, Itoh M, Ohta K, Nakagawa T
728 - 732 Characterization of a novel oncogenic K-ras mutation in colon cancer
Akagi K, Uchibori R, Yamaguchi K, Kurosawa K, Tanaka Y, Kozu T
733 - 738 MicroRNAs preferentially target the genes with high transcriptional regulation complexity
Cui QH, Yu ZB, Pan YL, Purisima EO, Wang E
739 - 743 Cloning and characterization of two alleles of the murine extracellular superoxide dismutase gene
Mirossay A, Jun S, Dory L
744 - 749 Phenylarsine oxide inhibited beta-adrenergic receptor-mediated IL-6 secretion: Inhibition of cAMP accumulation and CREB activation in cardiac fibroblasts
Du JH, Guan TJ, Zhang H, Xiao H, Han QD, Zhang YY
750 - 755 Msn2p/Msn4p-activation is essential for the recovery from freezing stress in yeast
Izawa S, Ikeda K, Ohdate T, Inoue Y
756 - 762 Interaction of HCV core protein with 14-3-3 epsilon protein releases Bax to activate apoptosis
Lee SK, Park SO, Joe CO, Kim YS
763 - 768 A naturally occurring genetic variant of human XRCC2 (R188H) confers increased resistance to cisplatin-induced DNA damage
Danoy P, Sonoda E, Lathrop M, Takeda S, Matsuda F
769 - 773 Distinct and overlapping binding sites of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Hfq and RsmA proteins on the non-coding RNA RsmY
Sorger-Domenigg T, Sonnleitner E, Kaberdin VR, Blasi U
774 - 779 Length-dependent toxicity of untranslated CUG repeats on Caenorhabditis elegans
Chen KY, Pan HC, Lin MJ, Li YY, Wang LC, Wu YC, Hsiao KM
780 - 786 Expression analysis of actin-related genes as an underlying mechanism for mood disorders
Nakatani N, Ohnishi T, Iwamoto K, Watanabe A, Iwayama Y, Yamashita S, Ishitsuka Y, Moriyama K, Nakajima M, Tatebayashi Y, Akiyama H, Higuchi T, Kato T, Yoshikawa T
787 - 793 Three-stage refolding/unfolding of the dual-color beta-subunit in R-phycocyanin from Polysiphonia urceolata
Ma YH, Xie J, Zhang CX, Zhao JQ
794 - 798 Antisense oligonucleotide against the Ca channel beta subunit decreases L-type Ca current in rat ventricular myocytes
Leach RN, Brette F, Orchard CH
799 - 804 Effects and mechanism of Chinese Tarantula Toxins on the Kv2.1 potassium channels
Yuan CH, Yang SQ, Liao Z, Liang SP
805 - 811 Isomer specific effects of Conjugated Linoleic Acid on macrophage ABCG1 transcription by a SREBP-1c dependent mechanism
Ecker J, Langmann T, Moehle C, Schmitz G
812 - 817 Circular dichroism spectra demonstrate formation of the thrombin-binding DNA aptamer G-quadruplex under stabilizing-cation-deficient conditions
Nagatoishi S, Tanaka Y, Tsumoto K
818 - 822 Action of NF-kappa B on the delta opioid receptor gene promoter
Chen YLL, Law PY, Loh HH
823 - 829 Hyperactivity and alteration of the midbrain dopaminergic system in maternally stressed male mice offspring
Son GH, Chung S, Geum D, Kang SS, Choi WS, Kim K, Choi S