Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.351, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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793 - 799 AMP-activated protein kinase regulates PEPCK gene expression by direct phosphorylation of a novel zinc finger transcription factor
Inoue E, Yamauchi J
800 - 807 Comparison of clock gene expression in SCN, retina, heart, and liver of mice
Peirson SN, Butler JN, Duffield GE, Takher S, Sharma P, Foster RG
808 - 814 C2+ a stimulates COX-2 expression through calcium-sensing receptor in fibroblasts
Ogata S, Kubota Y, Satoh S, Ito S, Takeuchi H, Ashizuka M, Shirasuna K
815 - 819 Knock-down of DMY initiates female pathway in the genetic male medaka, Orydas latipes
Paul-Prasanth B, Matsuda M, Lau EL, Suzuki A, Sakai F, Kobayashi T, Nagahama Y
820 - 824 Characterization of CD133(+) hepatocellular carcinoma cells as cancer stem/progenitor cells
Suetsugi A, Nagaki M, Aoki H, Motohashi T, Kunisada T, Moriwaki H
825 - 830 The mitotic phosphatase cdc25C at the Golgi apparatus
Noll A, Ruppenthal SL, Montenarh M
831 - 838 High resolution structures of the bone morphogenetic protein type II receptor in two crystal forms: Implications for ligand binding
Mace PD, Cutfield JF, Cutfield SM
839 - 846 The bHLH transcription factor Hand is regulated by Alk in the Drosophila embryonic gut
Varshney GK, Palmer RH
847 - 852 Detection of constitutive homomeric associations of the integrins Mac-1 subunits by fluorescence resonance energy transfer in living cells
Fu G, Wang C, Wang GY, Chen YZ, He C, Xu ZZ
853 - 859 Successful immortalization of mesenchymal progenitor cells derived from human placenta and the differentiation abilities of immortalized cells
Zhang XH, Soda Y, Takahashi K, Bai YS
860 - 864 AgRP-deficiency could lead to increased lifespan
Redmann SM, Argyropoulos G
865 - 871 Protection of atherogenesis in thromboxane A2 receptor-deficient mice is not associated with thromboxane A2 receptor in bone marrow-derived cells
Zhuge X, Arai H, Xu Y, Murayama T, Kobayashi T, Narumiya S, Kita T, Yokode M
872 - 876 Olfactory mucosa-expressed organic anion transporter, Oat6, manifests high affinity interactions with odorant organic anions
Kaler G, Truong DM, Sweeney DE, Logan DW, Nagle M, Wu W, Eraly SA, Nigam SK
877 - 882 N-cadherin is a useful marker for the progenitor of cardiomyocytes differentiated from mouse ES cells in serum-free condition
Honda M, Kurisaki A, Ohnuma K, Okochi H, Hamazaki TS, Asashima M
883 - 889 Nrf2-dependent protection from LPS induced inflammatory response and mortality by CDDO-imidazolide
Thimmulappa RK, Scollick C, Traore K, Yates M, Trush MA, Liby KT, Sporn MB, Yamamoto M, Kensler TW, Biswal S
890 - 895 Functionality of NGF-protected PC12 cells following exposure to 6-hydroxydopamine
Kavanagh ET, Loughlin JP, Herbert KR, Dockery P, Samall A, Doyle KM, Gorman AM
896 - 902 Echocardiographic-determined septal morphology in Z-disc hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Theis JL, Bos JM, Bartleson VB, Will ML, Binder J, Vatta M, Towbin JA, Gersh BJ, Ornmen SR, Ackerman MJ
903 - 908 Presenilin-1 inhibits delta-catenin-induced cellular branching and promotes delta-catenin processing and turnover
Kim JS, Bareiss S, Kim KK, Tatum R, Han JR, Jin YH, Kim H, Lu Q, Kim K
909 - 914 Occurrence of atypical Ca2+ transients in triadin-binding deficient-RYR1 mutants
Lee EH, Song DW, Lee JM, Meissner G, Allen PD, Kim DH
915 - 919 Midkine as a molecular target: Comparison of effects of chondroitin sulfate E and siRNA
Yamamoto H, Muramatsu H, Nakanishi T, Natori Y, Sakuma S, Ishiguro N, Muramatsu T
920 - 926 Inhibition of DNA binding of Sox2 by the SUMO conjugation
Tsuruzoe S, Ishihara K, Uchimura Y, Watanabe S, Sekita Y, Aoto T, Saitoh H, Yuasa Y, Niwa H, Kawasuji M, Baba H, Nakao M
927 - 934 In vitro anti-tumor immune response induced by dendritic cells transfected with hTERT recombinant adenovirus
Chen L, Liang GP, Tang XD, Chen T, Cal YG, Fang DC, Yu ST, Luo YH, Yang SM
935 - 939 Chromatin loading of Smc5/6 is induced by DNA replication but not by DNA double-strand breaks
Tsuyama T, Inou K, Seki M, Seki T, Kumata Y, Kobayashi T, Kimura K, Hanaoka F, Enomoto T, Tada S
940 - 946 Pretreatment with soluble ST2 reduces warm hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury
Yin H, Huang BJ, Yang H, Huang YF, Xiong P, Zheng F, Chen XP, Chen YF, Gong FL
947 - 952 Simvastatin inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced tumor necrosis factor-a expression in neonatal rat cardiomyocytes: The role of reactive oxygen species
Shang FJ, Zhao LY, Zheng QS, Wang JP, Xu Z, Liang WB, Liu H, Liu SW, Zhang LJ
953 - 957 Albumin functions as an inhibitor of T cell adhesion in vitro
Kim YL, Im YJ, Lee YK, Ha NC, Bae YS, Lim SM, Okajima F, Im DS
958 - 964 Opioid receptor-independent protection of ischemic rat hepatocytes by morphine
Kim JS, Lemasters JJ
965 - 971 Differential serum proteomic analysis in a model of metabolic disease
Matsumura T, Suzuki T, Kada N, Aizawa K, Munemasa Y, Nagai R
972 - 978 Inhibition of receptor internalization attenuates the TNF alpha-induced ROS generation in non-phagocytic cells
Woo CH, Kim TH, Choi JA, Ryu HC, Lee JE, You HJ, Bae YS, Kim JH
979 - 985 HSP70 binds to SHP2 and has effects on the SHP2-related EGFR/GAB1 signaling pathway
Yoo JC, Hayman MJ
986 - 992 Inhibition of AMP-activated protein kinase suppresses IL-2 expression through down-regulation of NF-AT and AP-1 activation in Jurkat T cells
Jhun BS, Lee JY, Oh YT, Lee JH, Choe W, Baik HH, Kim SS, Yoon KS, Ha J, Kang I
993 - 998 Premeiotic germ cell defect in seminiferous tubules of Atm-null testis
Takubo K, Hirao A, Ohmura M, Azuma M, Arai F, Nagamatsu G, Suda T
999 - 1004 Visual screening for localized RNAs in yeast revealed novel RNAs at the bud-tip
Andoh T, Oshiro Y, Hayashi S, Takeo H, Tani T
1005 - 1010 Salmon cartilage proteoglycan modulates cytokine responses to Escherichia coli in mouse macrophages
Sashinami H, Takagaki K, Nakane A
1011 - 1017 Proteasome-mediated degradation of integral inner nuclear membrane protein emerin in fibroblasts lacking A-type lamins
Muchir A, Massart C, van Engelen BG, Lammens M, Bonne G, Worman HJ
1018 - 1023 Spred-2 steady-state levels are regulated by phosphorylation and Cbl-mediated ubiquitination
Lock P, I STT, Straffon FL, Schieb H, Hovens CM, Stylli SS
1024 - 1030 Acquired TRAIL resistance in human breast cancer cells are caused by the sustained cFLIP(L) and XIAP protein levels and ERK activation
Lee TJ, Lee JT, Park JW, Kwon TK
1031 - 1036 A new method for quantifying residue conservation and its applications to the protein folding nucleus
Liu XS, Li J, Guo WL, Wang W
1037 - 1042 Adjusting force distributions in functional site of scorpion toxin BMK M1 by cooperative effect of disulfide bonds
Taghdir M, Naderi-Manesh H
1043 - 1047 Functional characterization of CLCN1 mutations in Taiwanese patients with myotonia congenita via heterologous expression
Lin MJ, You TH, Pan H, Hsiao KM
1048 - 1053 All-trans retinoic acid increases expression of aquaporin-5 and plasma membrane water permeability via transactivation of Sp1 in mouse lung epithelial cells
Nomura J, Horie I, Seto M, Nagai K, Hisatsune A, Miyata T, Isohama Y
1054 - 1059 The circadian protein Clock localizes to the sarcomeric Z-disk and is a sensor of myofilament cross-bridge activity in cardiac myocytes
Qi LX, Boateng SY
1060 - 1065 MNB/DYRK1A phosphorylation regulates the interactions of synaptojanin 1 with endocytic accessory proteins
Adayev T, Chen-Hwang MC, Murakami N, Wang R, Hwang YW
1066 - 1071 Glutathione peroxidase-1 inhibits UVA-induced AP-2 alpha expression in human keratinocytes
Yu L, Venkataraman S, Coleman MC, Spitz DR, Wertz PW, Domann FE
1072 - 1077 Molecular analysis of Dec1 and Dec2 in the peripheral circadian clock of zebrafish photosensitive cells
Abe T, Ishikawa T, Masuda T, Mizusawa K, Tsukamoto T, Mitani H, Yanagisawa T, Todo T, Iigo M
1078 - 1082 Increased hypothalamic 5-HT2A receptor gene expression and effects of pharmacologic 5-HT2A receptor inactivation in obese A(y) mice
Nonogaki K, Nozue K, Oka Y