Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.350, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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809 - 817 A purine at+2 rather than+1 adjacent to the human U6 promoter is required to prepare effective short hairpin RNAs
Iijima O, Fukano H, Takahashi H, Shirai M, Suzuki Y
818 - 824 Prediction of N-epsilon-acetylation on internal lysines implemented in Bayesian Discriminant Method
Li A, Xue Y, Jin CJ, Wang MH, Yao XB
825 - 833 Elevated expression of FGF7 protein is common in human gastric diseases
Shaoul R, Eliahu L, Sher I, Hamlet Y, Miselevich I, Goldshmidt O, Ron D
834 - 841 her-2 upstream open reading frame effects on the use of downstream initiation codons
Spevak CC, Park EH, Geballe AP, Pelletier J, Sachs MS
842 - 849 A mouse homologue of Strawberry Notch is transcriptionally regulated by Reelin signal
Baba K, Dekimoto H, Muraoka D, Agata K, Terashima T, Katsuyama Y
850 - 853 Human thioesterase superfamily member 2 (hTHEM2) is co-localized with beta-tubulin onto the microtubule
Cheng ZJ, Bao SL, Shan XY, Xu H, Gong WM
854 - 859 Transcriptional targeting of small interfering RNAs into cancer cells
Huynh T, Walchli S, Sioud M
860 - 865 Oxidative stress-induced intestinal epithelial cell apoptosis is mediated by p38 MAPK
Zhou YN, Wang QD, Evers BM, Chung DH
866 - 871 Auranofin, as an anti-rheumatic gold compound, suppresses LPS-induced homodimerization of TLR4
Youn HS, Lee JY, Saitoh SI, Miyake K, Hwang DH
872 - 877 BSE inoculation to prion diseases-resistant sheep reveals tricky silent carriers
Ronzon F, Bencsik A, Lezmi S, Vulin J, Kodjo A, Baron T
878 - 883 Quantitative measurement of caspase-3 activity in a living starfish egg
Sakaue M, Motoyama Y, Yamamoto K, Shiba T, Teshima T, Chiba K
884 - 889 A novel phytase with preferable characteristics from Yersinia intermedia
Huang HQ, Luo HY, Yang PL, Meng K, Wang YR, Yuan TZ, Bai YG, Yao B
890 - 899 IQCJ-SCHIP1, a novel fusion transcript encoding a calmodulin-binding IQ motif protein
Kwasnicka-Crawford DA, Carson AR, Scherer SW
900 - 904 Amiloride attenuates glycine-induced currents in cultured neurons of rat inferior colliculus
Tang ZQ, Lu YG, Zhou KQ, Xu TL, Chen L
905 - 910 Lithium protects ethanol-induced neuronal apoptosis
Zhong J, Yang XL, Yao WG, Lee WH
911 - 915 Structural studies of human Naked2: A biologically active intrinsically unstructured protein
Hu TH, Krezel AM, Li CX, Coffey RJ
916 - 921 Estradiol regulates the insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) signalling pathway: A crucial role of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI 3-kinase) in estrogens requirement for growth of MCF-7 human breast carcinoma cells
Bernard L, Legay C, Adriaenssens E, Mougel A, Ricort JM
922 - 928 A threonine synthase homolog from a mammalian genome
Donini S, Percudani R, Credali A, Montanini B, Sartori A, Peracchi A
929 - 934 A crystallographic and spectroscopic study on the effect of X-ray radiation on the crystal structure of Melanocarpus albomyces laccase
Hakulinen N, Kruus K, Koivula A, Rouvinen J
935 - 941 Molecular interaction between fukutin and POMGnT1 in the glycosylation pathway of alpha-dystroglycan
Xiong H, Kobayashi K, Tachikawa M, Manya H, Takeda S, Chiyonobu T, Fujikake N, Wang F, Nishimoto A, Morris GE, Nagai Y, Kanagawa M, Endo T, Toda T
942 - 948 Calcium-sensing receptor induces rat neonatal ventricular cardiomyocyte apoptosis
Sun YH, Liu MN, Li H, Shi S, Zhao YJ, Wang R, Xu CQ
949 - 954 Nuclear interaction of Smac/DIABLO with Survivin at G2/M arrest prompts docetaxel-induced apoptosis in DU145 prostate cancer cells
Kim JY, Chung JY, Lee SG, Kim YJ, Park JE, Yoo KS, Yoo YH, Park YC, Kim BG, Kim JM
955 - 959 Caspase-15 is autoprocessed at two sites that contain an aspartate residue in the P-1' position
Eckhart L, Kittel C, Ballaun C, Tschachler E
960 - 968 The reaction of flavonoid metabolites with peroxynitrite
Pollard SE, Kuhnle GGC, Vauzour D, Vafeiadou K, Tzounis X, Whiteman M, Rice-Evans C, Spencer JPE
969 - 976 Aggregation of STIM1 underneath the plasma membrane induces clustering of Orai1
Xu PY, Lu JZ, Li ZZ, Yu XQ, Chen LY, Xu T
977 - 982 Anti-inflammatory effects of azithromycin in cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells
Cigana C, Nicolis E, Pasetto M, Assael BM, Melotti P
983 - 986 Amphibian tachykinin precursor
Li JX, Liu TG, Xu XQ, Wang X, Wu M, Yang HL, Lai R
987 - 993 Neogenesis and proliferation of beta-cells induced by human betacellulin gene transduction via retrograde pancreatic duct injection of an adenovirus vector
Tokui Y, Kozawa J, Yamagata K, Zhang J, Ohmoto H, Tochino Y, Okita K, Wahashi H, Namba M, Shimomura L, Miyagawa JI
994 - 999 PGRP-SB1: An N-acetylmuramoyl L-alanine amidase with antibacterial activity
Mellroth P, Steiner H
1000 - 1005 Fibronectin and laminin enhance engraftibility of cultured hematopoietic stem cells
Sagar BMM, Rentala S, Gopal PNV, Sharma S, Mukhopadhyay A
1006 - 1012 MicroRNA-1 facilitates skeletal myogenic differentiation without affecting osteoblastic and adipogenic differentiation
Nakajima N, Takahashi T, Kitamura R, Isodono K, Asada S, Ueyama T, Matsubara F, Oh H
1013 - 1018 Constructing a novel Nanodevice powered by delta-free FOF1-ATPase
Su T, Cui YB, Zhang XA, Liu XC, Yue JC, Liu N, Jiang PP
1019 - 1025 Magnetic separation of CD14(+) cells using antibody binding with protein A expressed on bacterial magnetic particles for generating dendritic cells
Matsunaga T, Takahashi M, Yoshino T, Kuhara M, Takeyama H
1026 - 1031 Isolation and identification of proangiotensin-12, a possible component of the renin-angiotensin system
Nagata S, Kato J, Sasaki K, Minamino N, Eto T, Kitamura K
1032 - 1037 The NC16A domain of collagen XVII plays a role in triple helix assembly and stability
van den Bergh F, Fu CL, Olague-Marchan M, Giudice GJ
1038 - 1043 Alloxan is an inhibitor of O-GlcNAc-selective N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase
Lee TN, Alborn WE, Knierman MD, Konrad RJ
1044 - 1049 Crystal structure of Thermus caldophilus phosphoglycerate kinase in the open conformation
Lee JH, Im YJ, Bae J, Kim D, Kim MK, Kang GB, Lee DS, Eom SH
1050 - 1055 Purification and biological effects of Araucaria angustifolia (Araucariaceae) seed lectin
Santi-Gadelha T, Gadelha CADA, Aragao KS, de Oliveira CC, Mota MRL, Gomes RC, Pires ADF, Toyama MH, Toyama DDO, de Alencar NMN, Criddle DN, Assreuy AMS, Cavada BS
1056 - 1062 Poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase inhibition decreases angiogenesis
Rajesh M, Mukhopadhyay P, Godlewski G, Batkai S, Hasko G, Liaudet L, Pacher P
1063 - 1068 JNK1 deficiency does not enhance muscle glucose metabolism in lean mice
Witczak CA, Hirshman MF, Jessen N, Fujii N, Seifert MM, Brandauer J, Hotamisligil GS, Goodyear LJ
1069 - 1075 N-linked glycans of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus fibroblast growth factor are crucial for its secretion
Katsuma S, Daimon T, Horie S, Kobayashi M, Shimada T
1076 - 1081 Reactive oxygen species inhibit hyposmotic stress-dependent volume regulation in cultured rat cardiomyocytes
Diaz-Elizondo J, Chiong M, Rojas-Rivera D, Olea-Azar C, Kwon HM, Lavandero S
1082 - 1087 Expression of the human ABCC6 gene is induced by retinoids through the retinoid X receptor
Ratajewski M, Bartosz G, Pulaski L