Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.350, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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249 - 256 The crystal structure of L-lactate oxidase from Aerococcus viridans at 2.1 angstrom resolution reveals the mechanism of strict substrate recognition
Umena Y, Yorita K, Matsuoka T, Kita A, Fukui K, Morimoto Y
257 - 262 Polycystin-1 promotes PKC alpha-mediated NF-kappa B activation in kidney cells
Banzi M, Aguiari G, Trimi V, Mangolini A, Pinton P, Witzgall R, Rizzuto R, del Senno L
263 - 271 The immunoglobulin-like domain is involved in interaction of Neuregulin1 with ErbB
Eto K, Eda K, Kanemoto S, Abe S
272 - 276 Activation of mitochondrial promoter P-H-binding protein in a radio-resistant Chinese hamster cell strain associated with Bcl-2
Roychoudhury P, Ghosh U, Bhattacharyya NP, Chaudhuri K
277 - 287 Genetic reassortment of infectious bursal disease virus in nature
Wei YW, Li JR, Zheng JT, Xu H, Li L, Yu L
288 - 297 The acidic domain of hnRNPQ (NSAP1) has structural similarity to Barstar and binds to Apobec1
Quaresma AJC, Oyama S, Barbosa JARG, Kobarg J
298 - 306 Differential hypothalamic neuronal activation following peripheral injection of GLP-1 and oxyntomodulin in mice detected by manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging
Chaudhri OB, Parkinson JRC, Kuo YT, Druce MR, Herlihy AH, Bell JD, Dhillo WS, Stanley SA, Ghatei MA, Bloom SR
307 - 314 Iptakalim protects PC12 cell against H2O2-induced oxidative injury via opening mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium channel
Chai Y, Niu L, Sun XL, Ding JH, Hu G
315 - 321 Loss of HB-EGF in smooth muscle or endothelial cell lineages causes heart malformation
Nanba D, Kinugasa Y, Morimoto C, Koizumi M, Yamamura H, Takahashi K, Takakura N, Mekada E, Hashimoto K, Higashiyama S
322 - 328 ANP inhibits LPS-induced stimulation of rat microglial cells by suppressing NF-kappa B and AP-1 activations
Moriyama N, Taniguchi M, Miyano K, Miyoshi M, Watanabe T
329 - 333 Mutants of the deubiquitinating enzyme Ubp14 decipher pathway diversity of ubiquitin-proteasome linked protein degradation
Eisele F, Braun B, Pfirrmann T, Wolf DH
334 - 338 Involvement of insect-derived growth factor (IDGF) in the cell growth of an embryonic cell line of flesh fly
Tanaka Y, Yamaguchi S, Fujii-Taira I, Iijima R, Natori S, Homma KJ
339 - 344 Sulindac, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, selectively inhibits interferon-gamma-induced expression of the chemokine CXCL9 gene in mouse macrophages
Sakaeda Y, Hiroi M, Shimojima T, Iguchi M, Kanegae H, Ohmori Y
345 - 351 Expression profiling characterization of laminin alpha-2 positive MDC
Millino C, Bellin M, Fanin M, Romualdi C, Pegoraro E, Angelini C, Lanfranchi G
352 - 357 Pharmacological inhibition of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibits angiogenesis
Rajesh M, Mukhopadhyay P, Batkai S, Godlewski G, Hasko G, Liaudet L, Pacher P
358 - 363 Allodynia and hyperalgesia suppression by a novel analgesic in experimental neuropathic pain
Cui JG, Zhang X, Zhao YH, Chen C, Bazan N
364 - 369 MnSOD marks cord blood late outgrowth endothelial cells and accompanies robust resistance to oxidative stress
Cai H, Gehrig P, Scott TM, Zimmermann R, Schlapbach R, Zisch AH
370 - 376 Haploinsufficiency in the PPAR alpha and LDL receptor genes leads to gender- and age-specific obesity and hyperinsulinemia
Sugiyama E, Tanaka N, Nakajima T, Kamijo Y, Yokoyama S, Li YF, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T
377 - 384 MT1-MMP shedding involves an ADAM and is independent of its localization in lipid rafts
Toth M, Sohail A, Mobashery S, Fridman R
385 - 391 PPAR gamma agonists prevent TGF beta 1 Smad3-signaling in human hepatic stellate cells
Zhao CY, Chen W, Yang L, Chen LH, Stimpson SA, Diehl AM
392 - 398 Increased matrix metalloproteinase-3 mRNA expression in visceral fat in mice implanted with cultured preadipocytes
Unoki H, Bujo H, Shibasaki M, Saito Y
399 - 404 Leukotriene D-4 induces brain edema and enhances CysLT(2) receptor-mediated aquaporin 4 expression
Wang ML, Huang XJ, Fang SH, Yuan YM, Zhang WP, Lu YB, Ding Q, Wei EQ
405 - 412 Disruption of focal adhesion kinase slows transendothelial migration of AU-565 breast cancer cells
Earley S, Plopper GE
413 - 423 RILP interacts with VPS22 and VPS36 of ESCRT-II and regulates their membrane recruitment
Wang TL, Hong WJ
424 - 429 Structural and functional properties of lengsin, a pseudo-glutamine synthetase in the transparent human lens
Grassi F, Moretto N, Rivetti C, Cellai S, Betti M, Marquez AJ, Maraini G, Ottonello S
430 - 436 Transcriptional regulation of the human TR2 orphan receptor gene by nuclear factor 1-A
Lin YL, Wang YH, Lee HJ
437 - 443 Fetuin-null mice are protected against obesity and insulin resistance associated with aging
Mathews ST, Rakhade S, Zhou XH, Parker GC, Coscina DV, Grunberger G
444 - 449 Regulation of Ca2+/calmodulin kinase II inhibitor alpha (CaMKIIN alpha) in virus-infected mouse brain
Saha S, Ramanathan A, Rangarajan PN
450 - 456 Raf-1 kinase activation is uncoupled from downstream MEK/ERK pathway in cells treated with Src tyrosine kinase inhibitor PP2
Lee M
457 - 462 Generation of aberrant forms of DFF40 concurrent with caspase-3 activation during acute and chronic liver injury in rats
Xiang YW, Johnson EA, Zhang C, Huang GL, Hayes RL, Wang KKW, Svetlov SI
463 - 471 PTEN enhances TNF-induced apoptosis through modulation of nuclear factor-kappa B signaling pathway in human glioma cells
Koul D, Takada Y, Shen RJ, Aggarwal BB, Yung WKA
472 - 477 The intracellular domain of amyloid precursor protein interacts with FKBP12
Liu FL, Liu PH, Shao HW, Kung FL
478 - 483 Hepatocyte growth factor can substitute for M-CSF to support osteoclastogenesis
Adamopoulos IE, Xia ZD, Lau YS, Athanasou NA
484 - 491 Possible role of light in the maintenance of EIN3/EIL1 stability in Arabidopsis seedlings
Lee JH, Deng XW, Kim WT
492 - 497 Alkali pH directly activates ATP-sensitive K+ channels and inhibits insulin secretion in beta-cells
Fox JEM, Karaman G, Wheeler MB
498 - 498 Mechanism of nucleotide incorporation DNA polymerase beta (vol 347, pg 626, 2006)
Radhakrishnan R
499 - 499 Muscle regeneration by adipose tissue-derived adult stem cells attached to injectable PLGA spheres (vol 348, pg 386, 2006)
Kim M, Choi YS, Yang SH, Hong HN, Cho SW, Cha SM, Pak JH, Kim CW, Kwon SW, Park CJ
500 - 500 Ca2+ recoverin dependent regulation of phosphorylation of the rhodopsin mutant R135L associated with retinitis pigmentosa (vol 349, pg 345, 2006)
Senin II, Bosch L, Ramon E, Zernii EY, Manyosa J, Philippov PP, Garriga P