Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.350, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Lactacystin inhibits 3T3-L1 adipocyte differentiation through induction of CHOP-10 expression
Li X, Huang HY, Chen JG, Jiang L, Liu HL, Liu DG, Song TJ, He Q, Ma CG, Ma D, Song HY, Tang QQ
7 - 16 Site-directed mutational analysis of structural interactions of low molecule compounds binding to the N-terminal 8 kDa domain of DNA polymerase beta
Murakami S, Kamisuki S, Takata KI, Kasai N, Kimura S, Mizushina Y, Ohta K, Sugawara F, Sakaguchi K
17 - 24 Parafibromin inhibits cancer cell growth and causes G1 phase arrest
Zhang C, Kong D, Tan MH, Pappas DL, Wang PF, Chen JD, Farber L, Zhang N, Koo HM, Weinreich M, Williams BO, Teh BT
25 - 32 Profiling human phosphodiesterase genes and splice isoforms
Bingham J, Sudarsanam S, Srinivasan S
33 - 38 Measurement of the adhesive force between a single Klebsiella pneumoniae type 3 fimbria and collagen IV using optical tweezers
Chang BJ, Huang YJ, Chan CH, Hsu L, Peng HL, Chang HY, Yew TR, Liu CH, Chi S
39 - 49 Co-localization of the alpha-subunit of BK-channels and c-PLA(2) in GH3 cells
Denson DD, Li J, Eaton DC
50 - 55 DLPC and SAMe prevent alpha 1(I) collagen mRNA up-regulation in human hepatic stellate cells, whether caused by leptin or menadione
Cao Q, Mak KM, Lieber CS
56 - 67 The rat Tspy is preferentially expressed in elongated spermatids and interacts with the core histones
Kido T, Lau YFC
68 - 73 Marked increase of insulin gene transcription by suppression of the Rho/Rho-kinase pathway
Nakamura Y, Kaneto H, Miyatsuka T, Matsuoka T, Matsuhisa M, Node K, Hori M, Yamasaki Y
74 - 81 VCC-1, a novel chemokine, promotes tumor growth
Weinstein EJ, Head R, Griggs DW, Sun D, Evans RJ, Swearingen ML, Westlin MM, Mazzarella R
82 - 90 Monoubiquitylation of GGA3 by hVPS18 regulates its ubiquitin-binding ability
Yogosawa S, Kawasaki M, Wakatsuki S, Kominami E, Shiba Y, Nakayama K, Kohsaka S, Akazawa C
91 - 96 Expression of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae PIS1 gene is modulated by multiple ATGs in the promoter
Iverson S, Sonnemann K, Reddick A, McDonough V
97 - 104 Retrovirus-mediated conditional immortalization and analysis of established cell lines of osteoclast precursor cells
Kawata S, Suzuki J, Maruoka M, Mizutamari M, Ishida-Kitagawa N, Yogo K, Jat PS, Shishido T
105 - 113 Attenuation of oxidative stress and cardiac dysfunction by bisoprolol in an animal model of dilated cardiomyopathy
Ichihara S, Yamada Y, Ichihara G, Kanazawa H, Hashimoto K, Kato Y, Matsushita A, Oikawa S, Yokota M, Iwase M
114 - 119 Expression of mouse Fbxw7 isoforms is regulated in a cell cycle- or p53-dependent manner
Matsumoto A, Onoyama I, Nakayama KI
120 - 124 Conformational analysis in solution of gastrin releasing peptide
Shin C, Mok KH, Han JH, Ahn JH, Lim Y
125 - 130 Fission yeast Mcl1 interacts with SCFPof3 and is required for centromere formation
Mamnun YM, Katayama S, Toda T
131 - 137 The phenylic hydroxyl group is essential for the induction of stress response by sodium salicylate
Yamagishi N, Tokunaga S, Ishihara K, Saito Y, Hatayama T
138 - 146 Analysis of neuron-like differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
Choi CB, Cho YK, Prakash KVB, Jee BK, Han CW, Paik YK, Kim HY, Lee KH, Chung N, Rha HK
147 - 150 Altered angiogenic balance in ulcerative colitis: A key to impaired healing?
Sandor Z, Deng XM, Khomenko T, Tarnawski AS, Szabo S
151 - 156 Metabolism of 5-hydroxy-6,8,11,14-eicosatetraenoic acid by human endothelial cells
Erlemann KR, Cossette C, Gravel S, Stamatiou PB, Lee GJ, Rokach J, Powell WS
157 - 161 Protection against CC1(4)-induced injury in liver by adenovirally introduced thioredoxin gene
Isoda K, Arita E, Kojima M, Ikkaku M, Tashiro F, Yamato E, Miyazaki JI, Kawase M, Kondoh M, Yagi K
162 - 168 Anti-ischemia/reperfusion of C1 inhibitor in myocardial cell injury via regulation of local myocardial C3 activity
Fu JR, Lin GS, Zeng B, Wu ZW, Wu YX, Chu HG, Qin GJ, Liang G, Li JN, Gan X, Yu XL, Li CH, Liu DX
169 - 173 Circadian clocks regulate adenylyl cyclase activity rhythms in human RPE cells
Pavan B, Frigato E, Pozzati S, Prasad PD, Bertolucci C, Biondi C
174 - 178 Subproteomic study of hepatitis C virus replicon reveals Ras-GTPase-activating protein binding protein 1 as potential HCV RC component
Yi ZG, Fang CY, Pan TT, Wang JD, Yang PY, Yuan ZH
179 - 184 Signaling pathways regulating murine cardiac CREB phosphorylation
Li BL, Kaetzel MA, Dedman JR
185 - 190 Crosslinking of low-affinity glycoprotein ligands to galectin LEC-1 using a photoactivatable sulthydryl reagent
Arata Y, Tamura M, Nonaka T, Kasai KI
191 - 194 Hepatocyte-derived fibrinogen-related protein-1 is associated with the fibrin matrix of a plasma clot
Rijken DC, Dirkx SPG, Luider TM, Leebeek FWG
195 - 201 Insulin and nateglinide reduce monocyte adhesion to endothelial cells in Goto-Kakizaki rats exhibiting repetitive blood glucose fluctuation
Tanaka A, Azuma K, Toyofuku Y, Kurokawa A, Otsuka A, Mita T, Hirosea T, Fujitani Y, Miyauchi K, Daida H, Kawamori R, Watada H
202 - 207 Respiratory chain dysfunction in skeletal muscle does not cause insulin resistance
Wredenberg A, Freyer C, Sandstrom ME, Katz A, Wibom R, Westerblad H, Larsson NG
208 - 213 Histone acetyltransferase HBO1 inhibits NF-kappa B activity by coactivator sequestration
Contzler R, Regainey A, Favre B, Roger T, Hohl D, Huber M
214 - 219 APOBEC-1 and AID are nucleo-cytoplasmic trafficking proteins but APOBEC3G cannot traffic
Bennett RP, Diner E, Sowden MP, Lees JA, Wedekind JE, Smith HC
220 - 226 COPI-mediated retrograde transport is required for efficient gamma-secretase cleavage of the amyloid precursor protein
Selivanova A, Winblad B, Farmery MR, Dantuma NP, Ankarcrona M
227 - 232 Shift syndecan-2 from RACK1 to eaveolin-2 upon transformation with oneogenic ras
Huang JW, Chuang NN
233 - 237 Effect of heme oxygenase-1 on the vulnerability of astrocytes and neurons to hemoglobin
Chen-Roetling J, Regan RF
238 - 243 Silencing of vanilloid receptor TRPV1 by RNAi reduces neuropathic and visceral pain in vivo
Christoph T, Grunweller A, Mika J, Schafer MKH, Wade EJ, Weihe E, Erdmann VA, Frank R, Gillen C, Kurreck J
244 - 248 Contribution of P2X(1) receptor intracellular basic residues to channel properties
Vial C, Rigby R, Evans RJ