Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.349, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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455 - 462 Detection of redox-based modification in two-dimensional electrophoresis proteomic separations
Sheehan D
463 - 470 Different roles of histone H3 lysine 4 methylation in chromatin maintenance
Seol JH, Kim HJ, Yang YJ, Kim ST, Youn HD, Han JW, Lee HW, Cho EJ
471 - 479 Identification and characterization of Hedgehog modulator properties after functional coupling of Smoothened to G(15)
Masdeu C, Faure H, Coulombe J, Schoenfelder A, Mann A, Brabet I, Pin JP, Traiffort E, Ruat M
480 - 484 Mechanism of anaerobic degradation of triethanolamine by a homoacetogenic bacterium
Speranza G, Morelli CF, Cairoli P, Muller B, Schink B
485 - 491 Inhibition of PrPSc formation by synthetic O-sulfated glycopyranosides and their polymers
Yamaguchi S, Nishida Y, Sasaki K, Kambara M, Kim CL, Ishiguro N, Nagatsuka T, Uzawa H, Horiuchi M
492 - 496 Quantitative methylation-sensitive arbitrarily primed PCR method to determine differential genomic DNA methylation in down syndrome
Chango A, Abdennebi-Najar L, Tessier F, Ferre S, Do S, Gueant JL, Nicolas JP, Willequet F
497 - 503 Structure-based design of potent Grb2-SH2 domain antagonists not relying on phosphotyrosine mimics
Jiang S, Li P, Peach ML, Bindu L, Worthy KW, Fisher RJ, Burke TR, Nicklaus M, Roller PP
504 - 512 Anti-apoptotic role for C1 inhibitor in ischemia/reperfusion-induced myocardial cell injury
Fu JR, Lin GS, Wu ZW, Ceng B, Wu YX, Liang G, Qin GJ, Li JN, Chiu I, Liu DX
513 - 518 Selective LXR alpha inhibitory effects observed in plant extracts of MEH184 (Parthenocissua tricuspidata) and MEH185 (Euscaphis japonica)
Kim KH, Choi SH, Lee TS, Oh WK, Kim DS, Kim JB
519 - 524 AMPK regulation of the growth of cultured human keratinocytes
Saha AK, Persons K, Safer JD, Luo ZJ, Holick MF, Ruderman NB
525 - 532 Prion protein modifies TGF-beta induced signal transduction
Wurm S, Wechselberger C
533 - 539 Extracellular NAD(+) metabolism modulates osteoclastogenesis
Iqbal J, Zaidi M
540 - 548 Novel role of the RET finger protein in estrogen receptor-mediated transcription in MCF-7 cells
Townson SM, Kang KY, Lee AV, Oesterreich S
549 - 555 Verteporfin, photofrin II, and merocyanine 540 as PDT photosensitizers against melanoma cells
Nowak-Sliwinska P, Karocki A, Elas M, Pawlak A, Stochel G, Urbanska K
556 - 563 Ribozyme-mediated selective killing of cancer cells expressing carcinoembryonic antigen RNA by targeted trans-splicing
Jung HS, Lee SW
564 - 572 Adenovirus-mediated transfer of siRNA against Runx2/Cbfa1 inhibits the formation of heterotopic ossification in animal model
Lin L, Chen LX, Wei XL, Fu X, Zhang JY, Ma KT, Zhou CY, Yu CL
573 - 581 Transcriptional repression activity of PAX3 is modulated by competition between corepressor KAP1 and heterochromatin protein 1
Hsieh MJ, Yao YL, Lai IL, Yang WM
582 - 587 Activation of (Na++K+)-ATPase induces positive inotropy in intact mouse heart in vivo
Xu KY, Takimoto E, Fedarko NS
588 - 596 Identification and expression of alternative splice variants of the mouse Ppp1r3b gene in lung epithelial cells
Niimi T, Kurotani R, Kimura S, Kitagawa Y
597 - 603 Differential effect of celecoxib on tissue factor expression in human endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cells
Steffel J, Akhmedov A, Fahndrich C, Ruschitzka F, Luscher TF, Tanner FC
604 - 610 Identification of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations from Korean breast cancer patients using denaturing HPLC
Kim BY, Lee DG, Lee KR, Han SH, Surendran S, Han CW, Chung N
611 - 618 Expression of HSP72 in the gastric mucosa is regulated by gastric acid in rats - Correlation of HSP72 expression with mucosal protection
Wada I, Otaka M, Jin M, Odashima M, Komatsu K, Konishi N, Matsuhashi T, Horikawa Y, Ohba R, Itoh H, Watanabe S
619 - 625 Identification of P2X(4) receptor-specific residues contributing to the ivermectin effects on channel deactivation
Jelinkova I, Yan ZH, Liang ZD, Moonat S, Teisinger J, Stojilkovic SS, Zemkova H
626 - 633 Intradermal pregnenolone sulfate attenuates capsaicin-induced nociception in rats
Chen SC, Liu BC, Chen CW, Wu FS
634 - 642 Solution structure of Ser14Gly-humanin, a potent rescue factor against neuronal cell death in Alzheimer's disease
Benaki D, Zikos C, Evangelou A, Livaniou E, Vlassi M, Mikros E, Pelecanou M
643 - 653 Electrical behavior and pore accumulation in a multicellular model for conventional and supra-electroporation
Gowrishankar TR, Weaver JC
654 - 659 Furin is an endogenous regulator of alpha-secretase associated APP processing
Hwang EM, Kim SK, Sohn JH, Lee JY, Kim Y, Kim YS, Mook-Jung I
660 - 667 Phorbol ester potentiates the growth inhibitory effects of troglitazone via up-regulation of PPAR gamma in A549 cells
Kim HJ, Woo IS, Kang ES, Eun SY, Kim GH, Ham SA, Kim HJ, Lee JH, Chang KC, Kim JH, Lee HT, Seo HG
668 - 673 Characterization of oxidation end product of plasma albumin'in vivo'
Musante L, Bruschi M, Candiano G, Petretto A, Dimasi N, Del Boccio P, Urbani A, Rialdi G, Ghiggeri GM
674 - 682 Mutation at Glu23 eliminates the neuron growth inhibitory activity of human metallothionein-3
Ding ZC, Teng XC, Cai B, Wang H, Zheng Q, Wang Y, Zhou GM, Zhang MJ, Wu HM, Sun HZ, Huang ZX
683 - 693 Involvement of DDAH/ADMA/NOS pathway in nicotine-induced endothelial dysfunction
Jiang DJ, Jia SJ, Yan J, Zhou Z, Yuan Q, Li YJ
694 - 700 Participation of proteasome-associating complex PC500 in starfish oocyte maturation as revealed by monoclonal antibodies
Sawada MT, Tamura T, Mitani Y, Kaya M, Ito G, Hashimoto H, Sawada H
701 - 708 Secondary structure formations of conotoxin genes: A possible role in mediating variability
Dewan KK
709 - 715 Obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is associated with reduced expression of vinculin in the intercalated disc
Vasile VC, Edwards WD, Ommen SR, Ackerman MJ
716 - 722 Ketamine-induced cardiac depression is associated with increase in [Mg2+]i and activation of p38 MAP kinase and ERK 1/2 in guinea pig
Kim SJ, Kang HS, Lee MY, Lee SJ, Seol JW, Park SY, Kim IS, Kim NS, Kim SZ, Kwak YG, Kim JS
723 - 731 Bioengineered chondrocyte sheets may be potentially useful for the treatment of partial thickness defects of articular cartilage
Kaneshiro N, Sato M, Ishihara M, Mitani G, Sakai H, Mochida J
732 - 739 Biphasic activation of liver regeneration-associated signals in an early stage after portal vein branch ligation
Yokoyama S, Yokoyama Y, Kawai T, Kobayashi S, Nagino M, Oda K, Nimura Y, Sokabe M
740 - 749 Comparison of susceptibility and transcription profile of the new antifungal hassallidin A with caspofungin
Neuhof T, Seibold M, Thewes S, Laue M, Han CO, Hube B, von Dohren H
750 - 758 The physiological role of CTGF/CCN2 in zebrafish notochond development and biological analysis of the proximal promoter region
Chiou MJ, Chao TT, Wu JL, Kuo CM, Chen JY
759 - 768 Dividing roles of prion protein in staurosporine-mediated apoptosis
Zhang Y, Qin KF, Wang JW, Hung T, Zhao RY
769 - 774 Design and mechanism of action of a novel bacteria-selective antimicrobial peptide from the cell-penetrating peptide Pep-1
Zhu WL, Lan HL, Park IS, Kim JI, Jin HZ, Hahm KS, Shin SY
775 - 780 Social stress increases biopyrrins, oxidative metabolites of bilirubin, in mouse urine
Miyashita T, Yamaguchi T, Motoyama K, Unno K, Nakano Y, Shimoi K
781 - 788 Mycophenolate mofetil attenuates pulmonary arterial hypertension in rats
Suzuki C, Takahashi M, Morimoto H, Izawa A, Ise H, Hongo M, Hoshikawa Y, Ito T, Miyashita H, Kobayashi E, Shimada K, Ikeda U
789 - 798 Akt phosphorylation is essential for nuclear translocation and retention in NGF-stimulated PC12 cells
Nguyen TLX, Choi JW, Lee SB, Ye KQ, Woo SD, Lee KH, Ahn JY
799 - 803 Inhibition of the anti-adipogenic Hedgehog signaling pathway by cyclopamine does not trigger adipocyte differentiation
Cousin W, Dani C, Peraldi P
804 - 808 Overexpression of human WNK1 increases paracellular chloride permeability and phosphorylation of claudin-4 in MDCKII cells
Ohta A, Yang SS, Rai T, Chiga M, Sasaki S, Uchida S
809 - 815 Rhes expression in pancreatic beta-cells is regulated by efaroxan in a calcium-dependent process
Taylor JP, Jackson DA, Morgan NG, Chan SLF
816 - 824 Inhibition of human tumor xenograft growth in nude mice by a conjugate of monoclonal antibody LA22 to epidermal growth factor receptor with anti-tumor antibiotics mitomycin C
Shao W, Zhao S, Liu ZF, Zhang JZ, Ma SJ, Sato JD, Zhang P, Tong M, Han JP, Wang Y, Bai DM, Wang F, Sun L
825 - 832 Phenotypic screening of hepatocyte nuclear factor (HNF) 4-gamma receptor knockout mice
Gerdin AK, Surve VV, Jonsson M, Bjursell M, Bjorkman M, Edenro A, Schuelke M, Saad A, Bjurstrom S, Lundgren EJ, Snaith M, Fransson-Steen R, Tornell J, Berg AL, Bohlooly-Y M
833 - 837 Involvement of Sp1 in lipopolysaccharide-induced expression of HDC mRNA in RAW 264 cells
Hirasawa N, Torigoe M, Kano K, Ohuchi K
838 - 845 Patients with inflammatory arthritic diseases harbor elevated serum and synovial fluid levels of free and immune-complexed glucose-6-phosphate isomerase (G6PI)
Schaller M, Stohl W, Benoit V, Tan SM, Johansen L, Ditzel HJ
846 - 854 The human myeloperoxidase gene is regulated by LXR and PPAR alpha ligands
Reynolds WF, Kumar AP, Piedrafita FJ
855 - 862 Cloning, embryonic expression, and functional characterization of two novel connexins from Xenopus laevis
de Boer TP, Kok B, Roel G, van Veen TAB, Destree OHJ, Rook MB, Vos MA, de Bakker JMT, van der Heyden MAG
863 - 868 n-butyrate inhibits Jun NH(2)-terminal kinase activation and cytokine transcription in mast cells
Diakos C, Prieschl EE, Saemann MD, Bohmig GA, Csonga R, Sobanov Y, Baumruker T, Zlabinger GJ
869 - 873 Reduction of N-omega-hydroxy-L-arginine to L-arginine by pig liver microsomes, mitochondria, and human liver microsomes
Clement B, Kunze T, Heberling S
874 - 874 Glucocorticoids increase C/EBP beta activity in the lung epithelium via phosphorylation (vol 334, pg 638, 2005)
Berg T, Didon L, Barton J, Andersson O, Nord M