Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.347, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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845 - 851 C3d enhanced DNA vaccination induced humoral immune response to glycoprotein C of pseudorabies virus
Tong TZ, Fan HY, Tan YD, Xiao SB, Ling JY, Chen HC, Guo AZ
852 - 858 IL-17A promotes the growth of airway epithelial cells through ERK-dependent signaling pathway
Inoue D, Numasaki M, Watanabe M, Kubo H, Sasaki T, Yasuda H, Yamaya M, Sasaki H
859 - 866 Functional characterisation of ganglioside-induced differentiation-associated protein 1 as a glutathione transferase
Shield AJ, Murray TP, Board PG
867 - 871 BRSK2 is activated by cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase A through phosphorylation at Thr260
Guo ZK, Tang WW, Yuan J, Chen XY, Wan B, Gu XT, Luo KT, Wang YL, Yu L
872 - 881 Involvement of calcium-sensing receptor in ischemia/reperfusion-induced apoptosis in rat cardiomyocytes
Zhang WH, Fu SB, Lu FH, Wu B, Gong DM, Pan ZW, Lv YJ, Zhao YJ, Li QF, Wang R, Yang BF, Xu CQ
882 - 888 Alternative splicing variants of IRF-1 lacking exons 7, 8, and 9 in cervical cancer
Lee EJ, Jo M, Park J, Zhang W, Lee JH
889 - 894 The role of Schizosaccharomyces pombe DNA repair enzymes Apn1p and Uve1p in the base excision repair of apurinic/apyrimidinic sites
Tanihigashi H, Yamada A, Igawa E, Ikeda S
895 - 903 Dual regulation of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) expression in hypoxia by CREB and HIF-1
Baugh JA, Gantier M, Li L, Byrne A, Buckley A, Donnelly SC
904 - 908 Pilin glycosylation in Neisseria meningitidis occurs by a similar pathway to wzy-dependent O-antigen biosynthesis in Escherichia coli
Power PM, Seib KL, Jennings MP
909 - 915 Identification of a D-amino acid decapeptide HIV-1 entry inhibitor
Boggiano C, Jiang SB, Lu H, Zhao Q, Liu SW, Binley J, Blondelle SE
916 - 923 Modulation of peroxynitrite-induced fibroblast injury by hesperetin: A role for intracellular scavenging and modulation of ERK signalling
Pollard SE, Whiteman M, Spencer JPE
924 - 930 AMSH regulates calcium-sensing receptor signaling through direct interactions
Herrera-Vigenor F, Hernandez-Garcia R, Valadez-Sanchez M, Vazquez-Prado J, Reyes-Cruz G
931 - 940 A novel type of PTD, common helix-loop-helix motif, could efficiently mediate protein transduction into mammalian cells
Chen J, Li G, Lu J, Chen L, Huang Y, Wu HL, Zhang JX, Lu DR
941 - 948 Expression and characterization of constitutively active human caspase-14
Park K, Kuechle MK, Youngchool C, Craik CS, Lawrence OT, Presland RB
949 - 954 A selective adenosine A(2A) receptor agonist, ATL-146e, prevents concanavalin A-induced acute liver injury in mice
Odashima M, Otaka M, Jin M, Horikawa Y, Matsuhashi T, Ohba R, Linden J, Watanabe S
955 - 962 SNAP-25 in hippocampal CA3 region is required for long-term memory formation
Hou QL, Gao X, Lu Q, Zhang XH, Tu YY, Jin ML, Zhao GP, Yu L, Jing NH, Li BM
963 - 969 CpG oligodeoxynucleotides induce Ca2+-dependent phospholipase D activity leading to phagolysosome maturation and intracellular mycobacterial growth inhibition in monocytes
Greco E, De Spirito M, Papi M, Fossati M, Auricchio G, Fraziano M
970 - 978 Aovps24, a homologue of VPS24, is required for vacuolar formation which could maintain proper growth and development in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus oryzae
Tatsumi A, Kikuma T, Arioka M, Kitamoto K
979 - 987 Heart-targeted overexpression of Nip3a in zebrafish embryos causes abnormal heart development and cardiac dysfunction
Wang WD, Huang CJ, Lu YF, Hsin JP, Prabhakar VR, Cheng CF, Hwang SPL
988 - 993 hSef co-localizes and interacts with Ras in the inhibition of Ras/MAPK signaling pathway
Ren YM, Cheng L, Rong ZL, Li ZY, Li YH, Li HG, Wang Z, Chang ZJ
994 - 1000 Hsp70 functions as a negative regulator of West Nile virus capsid protein through direct interaction
Oh WK, Song J
1001 - 1005 Identification of ADRA2A polymorphisms related to shear-mediated platelet function
Yabe M, Matsubara Y, Takahashi S, Ishihara H, Shibano T, Miyaki K, Omae K, Watanabe G, Murata M, Ikeda Y
1006 - 1010 Interactions of an anionic antimicrobial peptide with Staphylococcus aureus membranes
Dennison SR, Howe J, Morton LHG, Brandenburg K, Harris F, Phoenix DA
1011 - 1020 Matrix metalloproteinase-2 contributes to tumor necrosis factor alpha induced apoptosis in cultured rat cardiac myocytes
Shen J, O'Brien D, Xu Y
1021 - 1029 Structure of unsaturated rhamnogalacturonyl hydrolase complexed with substrate
Toh T, Ochiai A, Mikami B, Hashimoto W, Murata K
1030 - 1038 Regulation of ABA level and water-stress tolerance of Arabidopsis by ectopic expression of a peanut 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase gene
Wan XR, Li L
1039 - 1047 Delayed apoptosis and modulation of phospholipase D activity by plasmid containing mammalian cDNA in human neutrophils
Lee SY, Kim JW, Jin JO, Song MG, Park JI, Min DS, Kwak JY
1048 - 1052 Slow elimination of phosphorylated histone gamma-H2AX from DNA of terminally differentiated mouse heart cells in situ
Gavrilov B, Vezhenkova I, Firsanov D, Solovjeva L, Svetlova M, Mikhailov V, Tomilin N
1053 - 1058 Inflammatory cytokine induction by siRNAs is cell type- and transfection reagent-specific
Yoo JW, Hong SW, Kim S, Lee DK
1059 - 1066 IGF-1R tyrosine kinase expression and dependency in clones of IGF-1R knockout cells (R-)
Rosengren L, Vasilcanu D, Vasilcanu R, Fickenscher S, Sehat B, Natalishvili N, Naughton S, Yin SC, Girnita A, Girnita L, Axelson M, Larsson O
1067 - 1073 Human Dectin-1 isoform E is a cytoplasmic protein and interacts with RanBPM
Xie JH, Sun MY, Guo L, Liu WC, Jiang JH, Chen XN, Zhou L, Gu JX
1074 - 1079 RILP interacts with the VPS22 component of the ESCRT-II complex
Progida C, Spinosa MR, De Luca A, Bucci C
1080 - 1087 Covalent circularization of exogenous RNA during incubation with a wheat embryo cell extract
Makino S, Sawasaki T, Tozawa Y, Endo Y, Takai K
1088 - 1093 Involvement of HDAC1 and the P13K/PKC signaling pathways in NF-kappa B activation by the HDAC inhibitor apicidin
Kim YK, Seo DW, Kang DW, Lee HY, Han JW, Kim SN
1094 - 1098 IL-6 protects enterocytes from hypoxia-induced apoptosis by induction of bcl-2 mRNA and reduction of fas mRNA
Rollwagen FM, Madhavan S, Singh A, Li YY, Wolcott K, Maheshwari R
1099 - 1102 The first report of kininogen from invertebrates
Zhou ZH, Yang HL, Xu XQ, Wang X, Lai R
1103 - 1112 The MPAC domain is a novel mitotically regulated domain, removed by apoptotic protease cleavage during cell death
Spinette S, Mahoney JA, Rosen A
1113 - 1120 TLR4-NOX4-AP-1 signaling mediates lipopolysaccharide-induced CXCR6 expression in human aortic smooth muscle cells
Patel DN, Bailey SR, Gresham JK, Schuchman DB, Shelhamer JH, Goldstein BJ, Foxwell BM, Stemerman MB, Maranchie JK, Valente AJ, Mummidi S, Chandrasekar B
1121 - 1128 RX871024 reduces NO production but does not protect against pancreatic beta-cell death induced by proinflammatory cytokines
Zaitseva II, Sharoyko V, Storling J, Efendic S, Guerin C, Mandrup-Poulsen T, Nicotera P, Berggren PO, Zaitsev SV
1129 - 1137 Inducible and reversible suppression of Npm1 gene expression using stably integrated small interfering RNA vector in mouse embryonic stem cells
Wang BB, Lu R, Wang WC, Jin Y
1138 - 1144 Insulin downregulates angiopoietin-like protein 4 mRNA in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Yamada T, Ozaki N, Kato Y, Miura Y, Oiso Y
1145 - 1150 An NMR-based identification of a peptide fragment from the beta-subunit of a G-protein showing specific interactions with the GBB domain of the Ste20 kinase in budding yeast
Bhattacharjya S, Gingras R, Xu P
1151 - 1157 Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of nucleic acid sequence-based amplification for molecular detection of M-tuberculosis
Gill P, Ramezani R, Amiri MVP, Ghaemi A, Hashempour T, Eshraghi N, Ghalami M, Tehrani HA
1158 - 1165 Inactivation of AR activates HGF/c-Met system in human prostatic carcinoma cells
Maeda A, Nakashiro K, Hara S, Sasaki T, Miwa Y, Tanji N, Yokoyama M, Hamakawa H, Oyasu R
1166 - 1170 Phosphorylation of transglutaminase 2 by PKA at Ser216 creates 14-3-3 binding sites
Mishra S, Murphy LJ
1171 - 1171 Immunoproteomic analysis of the murine antibody response to successful and failed immunization with live anti-Francisella vaccines (vol 346, pg 999, 2006)
Twine SM, Petit MD, Shen H, Mykytczuk NCS, Kelly JF, Conlan JW