Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.347, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 3 Genomic GC level, optimal growth temperature, and genome size in prokaryotes
Musto H, Naya H, Zavala A, Romero H, Alvarez-Valin F, Bernardi G
4 - 11 Expression and purification of the soluble isoform of human receptor for advanced glycation end products (sRAGE) from Pichia pastoris
Ostendorp T, Weibel M, Leclerc E, Kleinert P, Kroneck PMH, Heizmann CW, Fritz G
12 - 21 Proliferation and differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells under hypoxic conditions
Ren HY, Cao Y, Zhao QJ, Li J, Zhou CX, Liao LM, Jia MY, Zhao Q, Cai HG, Han ZC, Yang RC, Chen GQ, Zhao RCH
22 - 30 DIXDC1 isoform, 1-DIXDC1, is a novel filamentous actin-binding protein
Wang XS, Zheng L, Zeng ZZ, Zhou GJ, Chien J, Qian CP, Vasmatzis G, Shridhar V, Chen L, Liu WG
31 - 35 Imatinib mesylate inhibits platelet derived growth factor stimulated proliferation of rheumatoid synovial fibroblasts
Sandler C, Joutsiniemi S, Lindstedt KA, Juutilainen T, Kovanen PT, Eklund KK
36 - 43 Abundant transcripts from retrotransposons are unstable in fully grown mouse oocytes
Puschendorf M, Stein P, Oakeley EJ, Schultz RM, Peters AHFM, Svoboda P
44 - 50 Bmeystatin, a cysteine proteinase inhibitor characterized from the tick Boophilus microplus
Lima CA, Sasaki SD, Tanaka AS
51 - 59 Role of simvastatin and methyl-beta-cyclodextin on inhibition of poliovirus infection
Liu SM, Rodriguez AV, Tosteson MT
60 - 66 p73 and MDM2 confer the resistance of epidermoid carcinoma to cisplatin by blocking
Hayashi S, Ozaki T, Yoshida K, Hosoda M, Todo S, Akiyama SI, Nakagawara A
67 - 75 Calreticulin facilitates the cell surface expression of ABCG5/G8
Okiyoneda T, Kono T, Niibori A, Harada K, Kusuhara H, Takada T, Shuto T, Suico MA, Sugiyania Y, Kai H
76 - 82 Silence of synaptotagmin I in INS-1 cells inhibits fast exocytosis and fast endocytosis
Xiong X, Zhou KM, Wu ZX, Xu T
83 - 88 Real-time chemiluminescent imaging and detection of reactive oxygen species generated in the UVB-exposed human skin equivalent model
Yasul H, Hakozaki T, Date A, Yoshii T, Sakurai H
89 - 99 TLR4 expression in mouse embryonic stem cells and in stem cell-derived vascular cells is regulated by epigenetic modifications
Zampetaki A, Xiao QZ, Zeng LF, Hu YH, Xu QB
100 - 108 Angiopoietin-related growth factor (AGF) supports adhesion, spreading, and migration of keratinocytes, fibroblasts, and endothelial cells through interaction with RGD-binding integrins
Zhang YQ, Hu X, Tian RY, Wei WG, Hu W, Chen X, Han W, Chen HY, Gong Y
109 - 116 Activation of the canonical Wnt/beta-catenin pathway enhances monocyte adhesion to endothelial cells
Lee DK, Grantham RN, Trachte AL, Mannion JD, Wilson CL
117 - 123 Temporal expression of estrogen receptor alpha in rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
Wang Q, Yu JH, Zhai HH, Zhao QT, Chen JW, Shu L, Li DQ, Liu DY, Dong C, Ding Y
124 - 132 Amelioration of bone loss in collagen-induced arthritis by neutralizing anti-RANKL monoclonal antibody
Kamijo S, Nakajima A, Ikeda K, Aoki K, Ohya K, Akiba H, Yagita H, Okumura K
133 - 140 Paramagnetic particles carried by cell-penetrating peptide tracking of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, a research in vitro
Liu M, Guo YM, Wu QF, Yang JL, Wang P, Wang SC, Guo XJ, Qiang YQ, Duan XY
141 - 144 Automatic transcription factor classifier based on functional domain composition
Qian ZL, Cai YD, Li YX
145 - 149 A novel insertion of a rearranged L1 element in exon 44 of the dystrophin gene: Further evidence for possible bias in retroposon integration
Musova Z, Hedvicakova P, Mohrmann M, Tesarova M, Krepelova A, Zeman J, Sedlacek Z
150 - 157 Hum-PLoc: A novel ensemble classifier for predicting human protein subcellular localization
Chou KC, Shen HB
158 - 165 Improved perfusion conditions for patch-clamp recordings on human erythrocyte
Lisk G, Desai SA
166 - 177 A mammalian promoter model links cis elements to genetic networks
Wang JW, Hannenhalli S
178 - 184 Tetraspanin CD9 regulates osteoclastogenesis via regulation of p44/42 MAPK activity
Yi TG, Kim HJ, Cho JY, Woo KM, Ryoo HM, Kim GS, Baek JH
185 - 191 In vitro evaluation of alginate encapsulated adipose-tissue stromal cells for use as injectable bone graft substitute
Abbah SA, Lu WW, Chan D, Cheung KMC, Liu WG, Zhao F, Li ZY, Leong JCY, Luk KDK
192 - 199 Long-term high-fat diet induces pancreatic injuries via pancreatic microcirculatory disturbances and oxidative stress in rats with hyperlipidemia
Yan MX, Li YQ, Meng M, Ren HB, Kou Y
200 - 207 Induction of CML28-specific cytotoxic T cell responses using co-transfected dendritic cells with CML28 DNA vaccine and SOCS1 small interfering RNA expression vector
Zhou HS, Zhang DH, Wang YY, Dai M, Zhang L, Liu WL, Liu D, Tan H, Huang ZQ
208 - 214 Tumor cells with B7.1 and transmembrane anchored staphylococcal enterotoxin A generate effective antitumor immunity
Si SY, Hu PZ, Huang YY, Ye J, Huang Y, Li ZS, Ge W, Li X, Qu P, Zhang XM, Sui YF
215 - 220 Evidence that Agaricus bisporus agglutinin (ABA) has dual sugar-binding specificity
Nakamura-Tsuruta S, Kominami J, Kuno A, Hirabayashi J
221 - 225 Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy is associated with the mitochondrial ND6 T14484C mutation in three Chinese families
Sun YH, Wei QP, Zhou X, Qian Y, Zhou J, Lu F, Qu J, Guan MX
226 - 231 Aptamer selection based on inhibitory activity using an evolution-mimicking algorithm
Noma T, Ikebukuro K
232 - 237 The Rad9 protein enhances survival and promotes DNA repair following exposure to ionizing radiation
Brandt PD, Helt CE, Keng PC, Bambara RA
238 - 247 Human corneal epithelial cells respond to ocular-pathogenic, but not to nonpathogenic-flagellin
Hozono Y, Ueta M, Hamuro J, Kojima K, Kawasaki S, Yamazaki K, Kinoshita S
248 - 253 Identification of an active site on the laminin alpha 4 chain globular domain that binds to alpha v beta 3 integrin and promotes angiogenesis
Lian JQ, Dai XF, Li XH, He FT
254 - 260 Design and characterization of a novel cellular prion-derived quenched fluorimetric substrate of alpha-secretase
Cisse MA, Gandreuil C, Hernandez JF, Martinez J, Checler F, Vincent B
261 - 265 Mechanisms of establishment of persistent SARS-CoV-infected cells
Mizutani T, Fukushi S, Ishii K, Sasaki Y, Kenri T, Saijo M, Kanaji Y, Shirota K, Kurane I, Morikawa S
266 - 272 TSAd interacts with Smad2 and Smad3
Richard KC, Bertolesi GE, Dunfield LD, McMaster CR, Nachtigal MW
273 - 278 Hyperphosphorylation at serine 199/202 of tau factor in the gerbil hippocampus after transient forebrain ischemia
Morioka M, Kawano T, Yano S, Kai Y, Tsuiki H, Yoshinaga Y, Matsumoto J, Maeda T, Hamada JI, Yamamoto H, Fukunaga K, Kuratsu JI
279 - 287 Recruitment of TIP47 to lipid droplets is controlled by the putative hydrophobic cleft
Ohsaki Y, Maeda T, Maeda M, Tauchi-Sato K, Fujimoto T
288 - 296 A novel human zinc finger protein ZNF540 interacts with MVP and inhibits transcriptional activities of the ERK signal pathway
Xiang ZM, Yuan WZ, Luo N, Wang YQ, Tan KR, Deng Y, Zhou XJ, Zhu CB, Li YM, Liu MY, Wu XS, Li YQ
297 - 300 Is Mongolian gerbil really adequate host animal for study of Helicobacter pylori infection-induced gastritis and cancer?
Otaka M, Konishi N, Odashima M, Jin M, Wada I, Matsuhashi T, Horikawa Y, Ohba R, Watanabe S
301 - 309 Identification of an intermolecular disulfide bond in barley hemoglobin
Bykova NV, Igamberdiev AU, Ens W, Hill RD
310 - 318 HB-EGF: Increase in the ischemic rat retina and inhibition of osmotic glial cell swelling
Weuste M, Wurm A, Iandiev I, Wiedemann P, Reichenbach A, Bringmann A
319 - 326 Cellular tolerance of prion protein PrP in yeast involves proteolysis and the unfolded protein response
Apodaca J, Kim I, Rao H
327 - 333 p73-dependent induction of 14-3-3 sigma increases the chemo-sensitivity of drug-resistant human breast cancers
Sang MX, Li YY, Ozaki T, Ono S, Ando K, Yamamoto H, Koda T, Geng CZ, Nakagawara A
334 - 339 Characterization of a second ligand binding site of the insulin receptor
Hao CL, Whittaker L, Whittaker J
340 - 346 Fgf16 is essential for pectoral fin bud formation in zebrafish
Nomura R, Kamei E, Hotta Y, Konishi M, Miyake A, Itoh N
347 - 357 Vitronectin and collagen I differentially regulate osteogenesis in mesenchymal stem cells
Kundu AK, Putnam AJ
358 - 362 Reduced expression of the Tslc1 gene and its aberrant DNA methylation in rat lung tumors
Shimizu K, Itsuzaki Y, Onishi M, Fujii H, Honoki K, Tsujiuchi T
363 - 368 The plasma membrane shuttling of CAPRI is related to regulation of mast cell activation
Nakamura R, Furuno T, Nakanishi M
369 - 372 Mechanical strain-induced c-fos expression in pulmonary epithelial cell line A549
Ying BW, Fan H, Wen FQ, Xu D, Liu DS, Yang DM, Chen G, Dou LY, Jiang F
373 - 379 Synthesis, kinetic evaluation, and utilization of a biotinylated dipeptide proline diphenyl phosphonate for the disclosure of dipeptidyl peptidase IV-like serine proteases
Gilmore BF, Carson L, McShane LL, Quinn D, Coulter WA, Walker B