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619 - 620 Reply to correspondence by Abreu-Silva et al. regarding Ballana et al.: Mutation T1291C in the mitochondrial 12S rRNA gene involved in deafness in a Cuban family belongs to the macrohaplogroup L1 of African origin
Ballana E, Morales E, Estivill X
621 - 628 ZNF569, a novel KRAB-containing zinc finger protein, suppresses MAPK signaling pathway
Huang XQ, Yuan WZ, Huang W, Bai Y, Deng Y, Zhu CB, Liang P, Li YQ, Du XY, Liu MY, Wang YQ, Wu XS
629 - 636 Characterization of mitochondrial thioredoxin reductase from C-elegans
Lacey BM, Hondal RJ
637 - 648 HESR1/CHF2 suppresses VEGFR2 transcription independent of binding to E-boxes
Holderfield MT, Anderson AMH, Kokubo H, Chin MT, Johnson RL, Hughes CCW
649 - 657 gp130 dimerization in the absence of ligand: Preformed cytokine receptor complexes
Tenhumberg S, Schuster B, Zhu LX, Kovaleva M, Scheller J, Kallen KJ, Rose-John S
658 - 664 Anti-fibrogenic function of angiotensin II type 2 receptor in CCl4-induced liver fibrosis
Nabeshima Y, Tazuma S, Kanno K, Hyogo H, Iwai M, Horiuchi M, Chayama K
665 - 670 Expression and localization in spermatozoa of the mitochondrial porin isoform 2 in Drosophila melanogaster
Guarino F, Specchia V, Zapparoli G, Messina A, Aiello R, Bozzetti MP, De Pinto V
671 - 680 MafK overexpression in pancreatic beta-cells caused impairment of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion
Shimohata H, Yoh K, Morito N, Shimano H, Kudo T, Takahashi S
681 - 686 Purification and characterization of a heat-stable serine protease inhibitor from the tubers of new potato variety "Golden Valley"
Kim MH, Park SC, Kim JY, Lee SY, Lim HT, Cheong H, Hahm KS, Park Y
687 - 692 Visual detection of saikosaponins by on-membrane immunoassay and estimation of traditional Chinese medicines containing Bupleuri radix
Morinaga O, Zhu SH, Tanaka H, Shoyama Y
693 - 699 PAF-receptor is preferentially expressed in a distinct synthetic phenotype of smooth muscle cells cloned from human internal thoracic artery: Functional implications in cell migration
Stengel D, O'Neil C, Brocheriou I, Karabina SA, Durand H, Caplice NM, Pickering JG, Ninio E
700 - 706 Role of calcineurin and protein phosphatase-2A in the regulation of phosphatase inhibitor-1 in cardiac myocytes
El-Armouche A, Bednorz A, Pamminger T, Ditz D, Didie M, Dobrev D, Eschenhagen T
707 - 720 A novel siRNA validation system for functional screening and identification of effective RNAi probes in mammalian cells
Hung CF, Lu KC, Cheng TL, Wu RH, Huang LY, Teng CF, Chang WT
721 - 726 Palmitic acid-induced activation of human T-lymphocytes and aortic endothelial cells with production of insulin receptors, reactive oxygen species, cytokines, and lipid peroxidation
Stentz FB, Kitabchi AE
727 - 738 Thrombin induces neurodegeneration and microglial activation in the cortex in vivo and in vitro: Proteolytic and non-proteolytic actions
Lee DY, Park KW, Jin BK
739 - 745 Activation of Toll-like receptor 4 is associated with insulin resistance in adipocytes
Song MJ, Kim KH, Yoon JM, Kim JB
746 - 750 The plasminogen-like molecule apically secreted by epithelial thyroid cells is sulfated
Giraud A, Chabaud O, Lejeune PJ, Barbaria J, Mallet B
751 - 757 Caenorhabditis elegans as a simple model host for Vibrio vulnificus infection
Dhakal BK, Lee W, Kim YR, Choy HE, Ahnn J, Rhee JH
758 - 767 Arginine-rich intracellular delivery peptides noncovalently transport protein into living cells
Wang YH, Chen CP, Chan MH, Chang M, Hou YW, Chen HH, Hsu HR, Liu K, Lee HJ
768 - 777 Interactions of intermediate filament protein synemin with dystrophin and utrophin
Bhosle RC, Michele DE, Campbell KP, Li ZL, Robson RM
778 - 785 Stable RNA interference of ErbB-2 gene synergistic with epirubicin suppresses breast cancer growth in vitro and in vivo
Hu XQ, Su FX, Qin L, Jia WJ, Gong C, Yu FY, Guo JJ, Song EW
786 - 793 Sic1 is phosphorylated by CK2 on Ser201 in budding yeast cells
Coccetti P, Zinzalla V, Tedeschi G, Russo GL, Fantinato S, Marin O, Pinna LA, Vanoni M, Alberghina L
794 - 801 Zipzap/p200 is a novel zinc finger protein contributing to cardiac gene regulation
Zhang XM, Azhar G, Zhong Y, Wei JY
802 - 809 Hunchback sequence binding protein suppresses mouse TGF-beta 3 promoter in vitro
Yamazaki K, Crowe DL, Shuler CF
810 - 818 Heterotropic and homotropic cooperativity by a drug-metabolising mutant of cytochrome P450BM3
van Vugt-Lussenburg BMA, Damsten MC, Maasdijk DM, Vermeulen NPE, Commandeur JNM
819 - 828 Neighbored phosphorylation sites as PHF-tau specific markers in Alzheimer's disease
Singer D, Lehmann J, Hanisch K, Hartig W, Hoffmann R
829 - 839 A biophysical approach to the optimisation of dendritic-tumour cell electrofusion
Sukhorukov VL, Reuss R, Endter JM, Fehrmann S, Katsen-Globa A, Gessner P, Steinbach A, Muller KJ, Karpas A, Zimmermann U, Zimmermann H
840 - 844 Structure of human Fyn kinase domain complexed with staurosporine
Kinoshita T, Matsubara M, Ishiguro H, Okita K, Tada T
845 - 850 ZD7288 inhibits exocytosis in an HCN-independent manner and downstream of voltage-gated calcium influx in pituitary lactotrophs
Gonzalez-Iglesias AE, Kretschmannova K, Tomic M, Stojilkovic SS
851 - 859 Activation of glutathione peroxidase via Nrf1 mediates genistein's protection against oxidative endothelial cell injury
Hernandez-Montes E, Pollard SE, Vauzour D, Jofre-Montseny L, Rota C, Rimbach G, Weinberg PD, Spencer JPE
860 - 865 Shear stress induces endothelial transdifferentiation from mouse smooth muscle cells
Wang H, Yan SY, Chai H, Riha GM, Li M, Yao QZ, Chen CY
866 - 871 Rdj2, a J protein family member, interacts with cellular prion PrPC
Beck KE, Kay JG, Braun JEA
872 - 878 Anti-apoptotic function of thymosin-beta in developing chick spinal motoneurons
Choi SY, Kim DK, Eun B, Kim K, Sun W, Kim H
879 - 888 Isolation, characterization, and bioinformatic analysis of calmodulin-binding protein cmbB reveals a novel tandem IP22 repeat common to many Dictyostelium and Mimivirus proteins
O'Day DH, Suhre K, Myre MA, Chatterjee-Chakraborty M, Chavez SE
889 - 895 A versatile endonuclease IV from Thermus thermophilus has uracil-excising and 3'-5' exonuclease activity
Back JH, Chung JH, Park JH, Han YS
896 - 903 Construction and characterization of a pseudo-immune human antibody library using yeast surface display
Lee HW, Lee SH, Park KJ, Kim JS, Kwon MH, Kim YS
904 - 910 G protein-coupled receptor 30 is an estrogen receptor in the plasma membrane
Funakoshi T, Yanai A, Shinoda K, Kawano MM, Mizukami Y
911 - 918 Mitochondrial import of human and yeast fumarase in live mammalian cells: Retrograde translocation of the yeast enzyme is mainly caused by its poor targeting sequence
Singh B, Gupta RS
919 - 925 The flavonoid quercetin induces apoptosis and inhibits JNK activation in intimal vascular smooth muscle cells
Perez-Vizcaino F, Bishop-Bailley D, Lodi F, Duarte J, Cogolludo A, Moreno L, Bosca L, Mitchell JA, Warner TD
926 - 930 Induction of BiP by sugar independent of a cis-element for the unfolded protein response in Arabidopsis thaliana
Tajima H, Koizumi N
931 - 937 Oleate-induced decrease in hepatocyte insulin binding is mediated by PKC-delta
Chen S, Lam TKT, Park E, Burdett E, Wang PYT, Wiesenthal SR, Lam L, Tchipashvili V, Fantus IG, Giacca A
938 - 945 Afterhyperpolarization improves spike programming through lowering threshold potentials and refractory periods mediated by voltage-gated sodium channels
Chen N, Chen X, Yu JD, Wang JH
946 - 957 Selective cleavage of heparin using aqueous 2-hydroxypyridine: Production of an aldose-terminating fragment with high anticoagulant activity
Berry LR, Parmar N, Hatton MWC, Chan AKC
958 - 967 KCNE3 is an inhibitory subunit of the Kv4.3 potassium channel
Lundby A, Olesen SP
968 - 973 Regulation of the ASC expression in response to LPS stimulation is related to IL-8 secretion in the human intestinal mucosa
Masumoto J, Kobayashi H, Nakamura T, Kaneko Y, Ota H, Hasegawa M, Kobayashi Y, Suzuki T, Matsuda K, Sano K, Katsuyama T, Inohara N
974 - 980 Crystal structure of rat carnitine palmitoyltransferase II (CPT-II)
Hsiao YS, Jogj G, Esser V, Tong L
981 - 985 Platelet activation during tumor development, the potential role of BDNF-TrkB autocrine loop
Yang ZF, Ho DW, Lau CK, Tam KH, Lam CT, Poon RTP, Fan ST
986 - 991 Detection of constitutive heterodimerization of the integrin Mac-1 subunits by fluorescence resonance energy transfer in living cells
Fu G, Yang HY, Wang C, Zhang F, You ZD, Wang GY, He C, Chen YZ, Xu ZZ
992 - 998 Site-directed mutagenesis of the Thauera aromatica strain T1 tutE tutFDGH gene cluster
Bhandare R, Calabro M, Coschigano PW
999 - 1008 Immunoproteomic analysis of the murine antibody response to successful and failed immunization with live anti-Francisella vaccines
Twine SM, Petit MD, Shen H, Mykytczuk NCS, Kelly JF, Conlan JW
1009 - 1015 Coupled expression of MhpE aldolase and MhpF dehydrogenase in Escherichia coli
Lee SJ, Ko JH, Kang HY, Lee Y
1016 - 1023 Mutant HNF-1 alpha and mutant HNF-1 beta identified in MODY3 and MODY5 downregulate DPP-IV gene expression in Caco-2 cells
Gu N, Adachi T, Matsunaga T, Takeda J, Gozoh TC, Ishihara A, Yasuda K, Tsuda K
1024 - 1032 Archaeal pre-mRNA splicing: A connection to hetero-oligomeric splicing endonuclease
Yoshinari S, Itoh T, Hallam SJ, DeLong EF, Yokobori S, Yamagishi A, Oshima T, Watanabe Y
1033 - 1039 Effects of prototypical drug-metabolizing enzyme inducers on mRNA expression of housekeeping genes in primary cultures of human and rat hepatocytes
Nishimura M, Koeda A, Suzuki E, Shimizu T, Kawano Y, Nakayama M, Satoh T
1040 - 1047 A rat model of human FENIB (familial encephalopathy with neuroserpin inclusion bodies)
Takano K, Kitao Y, Inagi R, Momoi T, Matsuyama T, Miyata T, Yoneda Y, Iso H, Stern DM, Hori O, Ogawa S
1048 - 1052 Functional characterization of Pseudomonas fluorescens OprE and OprQ membrane proteins
Jaouen T, Coquet L, Marvin-Guy L, Orange N, Chevalier S, De E
1053 - 1061 Molecular cloning and characterization of theta-class glutathione S-transferase (GST-T) from the hermaphroditic fish Rivulus marmoratus and biochemical comparisons with alpha-class glutathione S-transferase (GST-A)
Lee YM, Seo JS, Jung SO, Kim IC, Lee JS
1062 - 1066 Regulation of Stat1 protein expression by phenylalanine 172 in the coiled-coil domain
Hoshino A, Saint Fleur S, Fujii H
1067 - 1074 Exenatide inhibits beta-cell apoptosis by decreasing thioredoxin-interacting protein
Chen JQ, Couto FM, Minn AH, Shalev A
1075 - 1082 The AAA-ATPase NVL2 is a component of pre-ribosomal particles that interacts with the DExD/H-box RNA helicase DOB1
Nagahama M, Yamazoe T, Hara Y, Tani K, Tsuji A, Tagaya M
1083 - 1090 Brefeldin A inhibits pestivirus release from infected cells, without affecting its assembly and infectivity
Macovei A, Zitzmann N, Lazar C, Dwek RA, Branza-Nichita N
1091 - 1099 Azaspiracids modulate intracellular pH levels in human lymphocytes
Alfonso A, Vieytes MR, Ofuji K, Satake M, Nicolaou KC, Frederick MO, Botana LM
1100 - 1107 Purified endogenous inhibitor of the Na/Ca exchanger can enhance the cardiomyocytes contractility and calcium transients
Liron B, Reuben H, Beni S, Chagit S, Khananshvili D
1108 - 1113 A comparative kinetic analysis of the reactivity of plant, horse, and human respiratory cytochrome c towards cytochrome c oxidase
Rodriguez-Roldan V, Garcia-Heredia JM, Navarro JA, Hervas M, De la Cerda B, Molina-Heredia FP, De la Rosa MA