Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.346, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 A novel therapeutic approach to 6-OHDA-induced Parkinson's disease in rats via supplementation of PTD-conjugated tyrosine hydroxylase
Wu SP, Fu AL, Wang YX, Yu LP, Jia PY, Li Q, Jin GZ, Sun MJ
7 - 13 Molecular characterization and expression analysis of the porcine caveolin-3 gene
Zhu ZM, Li Y, Mo DL, Li K, Zhao SH
14 - 18 Overexpression of apolipoprotein AV in the liver reduces plasma triglyceride and cholesterol but not HDL in ApoE deficient mice
Huang W, Bi N, Zhang XH, Wang YN, Chen BS, Liu G
19 - 25 Distinct roles of CysLT(1) and CysLT(2) receptors in oxygen glucose deprivation-induced PC12 cell death
Sheng WW, Li CT, Zhang WP, Yuan YM, Hu H, Fang SH, Zhang L, Wei EQ
26 - 32 Pancreatic islet blood flow is selectively enhanced by captopril, irbesartan and pravastatin, and suppressed by palmitate
Huang Z, Jansson L, Sjoholm A
33 - 37 Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase 9 (ACAD 9) is the long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase in human embryonic and fetal brain
Oey NA, Ruiter JPN, Ijlst L, Attie-Bitach T, Vekemans M, Wanders RJA, Wijburg FA
38 - 44 IGF2 polymorphisms are associated with hepatitis B virus clearance and hepatocellular carcinoma
Kim YJ, Yoon JH, Kim CY, Kim LH, Park BL, Shin HD, Lee HS
45 - 50 Inhibition of the MDR1 transporter by new phenothiazine derivatives
Konya A, Andor A, Satorhelyi P, Nemeth K, Kurucz I
51 - 60 DNA microarray analyses reveal a post-irradiation differential time-dependent gene expression profile in yeast cells exposed to X-rays and gamma-rays
Kimura S, Ishidou E, Kurita S, Suzuki Y, Shibato J, Rakwal R, Iwahashi H
61 - 66 Functional expression of human type I interferon receptors in the mouse liver
Tochizawa S, Muraguchi M, Ohmoto Y, Oga K, Mori T
67 - 73 Serine palmitoyltransferase inhibitor suppresses HCV replication in a mouse model
Umehara T, Sudoh M, Yasui F, Matsuda C, Hayashi Y, Chayama K, Kohara M
74 - 82 RhoC is essential for TGF-beta 1-induced invasive capacity of rat ascites hepatoma cells
Mukai M, Endo H, Iwasaki T, Tatsuta M, Togawa A, Nakamura H, Inoue M
83 - 88 Troglitazone inhibits endothelial cell proliferation through suppression of casein kinase 2 activity
Lee KS, Park JH, Lee SY, Lim HJ, Jang YS, Park HY
89 - 94 Acetylcholinesterase triggers the aggregation of PrP 106-126
Pera M, Roman S, Ratia M, Camps P, Munoz-Torrero D, Colombo L, Manzoni C, Salmona M, Badia A, Clos MV
95 - 101 Serine 714 might be implicated in the regulation of the phosphorylation in other areas of mPer1 protein
Takano A, Nagai K
102 - 107 Insulin resistance increases PAI-1 in the heart
Sobel BE, Schneider DJ, Lee YH, Pratley RE
108 - 115 Interaction between the cellular prion (PrPC) and the 2P domain K+ channel TREK-1 protein
Azzalin A, Ferrara V, Arias A, Cerri S, Avella D, Pisu MB, Nano R, Bernocchi G, Ferretti L, Comincini S
116 - 124 Cell pellets from dental papillae can reexhibit dental morphogenesis and dentinogenesis
Yu JH, Shi JN, Deng ZH, Zhuang H, Nie X, Wang RN, Jin Y
125 - 130 Fatty acid binding protein 4 in human skeletal muscle
Fischer H, Gustafsson T, Sundberg CJ, Norrbom J, Ekman M, Johansson O, Jansson E
131 - 139 A novel chemical-defined medium with bFGF and N2B27 supplements supports undifferentiated growth in human embryonic stem cells
Liu YX, Song ZH, Zhao Y, Qin H, Cai J, Zhang H, Yu TX, Jiang SM, Wang GW, Ding MX, Deng HK
140 - 149 FKBP133: A novel mouse FK506-binding protein homolog alters growth cone morphology
Nakajima O, Nakamura F, Yamashita N, Tomita Y, Suto F, Okada T, Iwamatsu A, Kondo E, Fujisawa H, Takei K, Goshima Y
150 - 159 Biochemical investigation of Tau protein phosphorylation status and its solubility properties in Drosophila
Chau KWK, Chan WY, Shaw PC, Chan HYE
160 - 168 Differential regulation of ARE-mediated TNF alpha and IL-1 beta mRNA stability by lipopolysaccharide in RAW264.7 cells
Chen YL, Huang YL, Lin NY, Chen HC, Chiu WC, Chang CJ
169 - 174 Circadian rhythm generation in a glioma cell line
Fujioka A, Takashima N, Shigeyoshi Y
175 - 181 Down-regulation of the NKG2D ligand MICA by the human cytomegalovirus glycoprotein UL142
Chalupny NJ, Rein-Weston A, Dosch S, Cosman D
182 - 187 A short Id2 protein fragment containing the nuclear export signal forms amyloid-like fibrils
Colombo N, Schroeder J, Cabrele C
188 - 192 Decreased cADPR and increased NAD(+) in the Cd38(-/-) mouse
Young GS, Choleris E, Lund FE, Kirkland JB
193 - 197 Medium-chain fatty acids undergo elongation before beta-oxidation in fibroblasts
Jones PM, Butt Y, Messmer B, Boriak R, Bennett MJ
198 - 204 A novel method for construction of gene fragment library to searching epitopes
Kawamura M, Shibata H, Kamada H, Okamoto T, Mukai Y, Sugita T, Abe Y, Imai S, Nomura T, Nagano K, Mayumi T, Nakagawa S, Tsutsumi Y, Tsunoda S
205 - 212 Zinc influx and physiological consequences in the beta-insulinoma cell line, Min6
Priel T, Hershfinkel M
213 - 223 Nonylphenol modulates expression of androgen receptor and estrogen receptor genes differently in gender types of the hermaphroditic fish Rivulus marmoratus
Seo JS, Lee YM, Jung SO, Kim IC, Yoon YD, Lee JS
224 - 233 Fibroblast growth factor 16 and 18 are expressed in human cardiovascular tissues and induce on endothelial cells migration but not proliferation
Antoine M, Wirz W, Tag CG, Gressner AM, Wycislo M, Muller R, Kiefer P
234 - 241 Inactivation of PEMT2 in hepatocytes initiated by DENA in fasted/refed rats
Marengo B, Bottini C, La Porta CAM, Domenicotti C, Tessitore L
242 - 251 Antitumor quinols: Role of glutathione in modulating quinol-induced apoptosis and identification of putative cellular protein targets
Chew EH, Matthews CS, Zhang JH, McCarroll AJ, Hagen T, Stevens MFG, Westwell AD, Bradshaw TD
252 - 258 Lower expression of CXCR4 in lymph node metastases than in primary breast cancers: Potential regulation by ligand-dependent degradation and HIF-1 alpha
Shim H, Lau SK, Devi S, Yoon YH, Cho HT, Liang ZX
259 - 267 Rab27a negatively regulates CFTR chloride channel function in colonic epithelia: Involvement of the effector proteins in the regulatory mechanism
Saxena SK, Kaur S
268 - 275 Collagen-based co-culture for invasive study on cancer cells-fibroblasts interaction
Che ZM, Jung TH, Choi JH, Yoon DJ, Jeong HJ, Lee EJ, Kim J
276 - 280 Anti-estrogen ICI 182.780 and anti-androgen flutamide induce tyrosine phosphorylation of cortactin in the ectoplasmic specialization between the Sertoli cell and spermatids in the mouse testis
Anahara R, Toyama Y, Maekawa M, Yoshida M, Kai M, Ishino F, Toshimori K, Mori C
281 - 287 Sodium channel-mediated intrinsic mechanisms underlying the differences of spike programming among GABAergic neurons
Chen N, Zhu Y, Gao X, Guan SD, Wang JH
288 - 292 Lysenin forms a voltage-dependent channel in artificial lipid bilayer membranes
Ide T, Aoki T, Takeuchi Y, Yanagida T
293 - 300 Negative regulation of endothelial morphogenesis and angiogenesis by S1P(2) receptor
Inoki I, Takuwa N, Sugimoto N, Yoshioka K, Takata S, Kaneko S, Takuwa Y
301 - 305 Rapid assignment of solution P-31 NMR spectra of large proteins by solid-state spectroscopy
Iuga A, Spoerner M, Ader C, Brunner E, Kalbitzer HR
306 - 313 Serum- and glucocorticoid-regulated kinase 1 (SGK1) induction by the EWS/NOR1(NR4A3) fusion protein
Poulin H, Filion C, Ladanyi M, Labelle Y
314 - 320 Novel effect of helenalin on Akt signaling and Skp2 expression in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes
Auld CA, Hopkins RG, Fernandes KM, Morrison RF
321 - 329 ABTS radical-driven oxidation of polyphenols: Isolation and structural elucidation of covalent adducts
Osman AM, Wong KKY, Fernyhough A
330 - 334 Protease digestion indicates that endogenous presenilin 1 is present in at least two physical forms
Oh YS, Turner RJ
335 - 338 Mutant Tie2 causing venous malformation signals through Shc
Morris PN, Dunmore BJ, Brindle NPJ
339 - 344 Specific type IV phosphodiesterase inhibitor ameliorates cerulein-induced pancreatitis in rats
Sato T, Otaka M, Odashima M, Kato S, Jin M, Konishi N, Matsuhashi T, Watanabe S
345 - 350 Bifunctional effects of fucoidan on the expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase
Yang JW, Yoon SY, Oh SJ, Kim SK, Kang KW
351 - 357 Identification and characterization of D-AKAP1 as a major adipocyte PKA and PP1 binding protein
Bridges D, MacDonald JA, Wadzinski B, Moorhead GBG
358 - 366 Contribution of the 37-kDa laminin receptor precursor in the anti-metastatic PSP94-derived peptide PCK3145 cell surface binding
Annabi B, Currie JC, Bouzeghrane M, Dulude H, Daigneault L, Garde S, Rabbani SA, Panchal C, Wu JZJ, Beliveau R
367 - 376 Regulation of proliferation and gene expression in cultured human aortic smooth muscle cells by resveratrol and standardized grape extracts
Wang ZR, Chen Y, Labinskyy N, Hsieh TC, Ungvari Z, Wu JM
377 - 377 Cautions in the use of biomarkers of oxidative damage; the vascular and antioxidant effects of dark soy sauce in humans (vol 344, pg 906, 2006)
Lee CYJ, Isaac HB, Wang HS, Huang SH, Long LH, Jenner AM, Kelly RP, Halliwell B
378 - 378 A novel interaction of nucleolin with Rad51 (vol 344, pg 206, 2006)
De A, Donahue SL, Tabah A, Castro NE, Mraz N, Cruise JL, Campbell C