Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.345, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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911 - 916 Molecular genetic determinants of human brain size
Tang BL
917 - 918 Correspondence regarding Schwend and Gustafsson, "False positives in MALDI-TOF detection of ER beta in mitochondria"
Yang SH, Prokai L, Simpkins JW
919 - 925 Vasohibin prevents arterial neointimal formation through angiogenesis inhibition
Yamashita H, Abe M, Watanabe K, Shimizu K, Moriya T, Sato A, Satomi S, Ohta H, Sonoda H, Sato Y
926 - 932 Efficient establishment of human embryonic stem cell lines and long-term maintenance with stable karyotype by enzymatic bulk passage
Suemori H, Yasuchika K, Hasegawa K, Fujioka T, Tsuneyoshi N, Nakatsuji N
933 - 937 NMR structure of an intracellular loop peptide derived from prostaglandin EP3 alpha receptor
Kikkou T, Matsumoto O, Ohkubo T, Kobayashi Y, Tsujimoto G
938 - 944 Hydrogen sulfide potentiates interleukin-1 beta-induced nitric oxide production via enhancement of extracellular signal-regulated kinase activation in rat vascular smooth muscle cells
Jeong SO, Pae HO, Oh GS, Jeong GS, Lee BS, Lee S, Kim DY, Rhew HY, Lee KM, Chung HT
945 - 950 Improvement of diabetes, obesity and hypertension in type 2 diabetic KKA(y) mice by bis(allixinato)oxovanadium(IV) complex
Adachi Y, Yoshikawa Y, Yoshida J, Kodera Y, Katoh A, Takada J, Sakurai H
951 - 958 Activity-dependent regulation of beta-catenin via epsilon-cleavage of N-cadherin
Uemura K, Kihara T, Kuzuya A, Okawa K, Nishimoto T, Bito H, Ninomiya H, Sugimoto H, Kinoshita A, Shimohama S
959 - 966 Fusarium graminearum on plant cell wall: No fewer than 30 xylanase genes transcribed
Hatsch D, Phalip V, Petkovski E, Jeltsch JM
967 - 972 Increased level of DJ-1 in the cerebrospinal fluids of sporadic Parkinson's disease
Waragai M, Wei JS, Fujita M, Nakai M, Ho GJ, Masliah E, Akatsu H, Yamada T, Hashimoto M
973 - 975 Upregulation of aspartoacylase activity in the duodenum of obesity induced diabetes mouse: Implications on diabetic neuropathy
Surendran S, Matalon R, Tyring SK
976 - 983 Co-culture with fat cells induces cellular insulin resistance in primary hepatocytes
Wang ZC, Iv JH, Zhang RH, Zhu YX, Zhu DY, Sun YJ, Zhu J, Han X
984 - 988 Identification of pseudo attP sites for phage phi C31 integrase in bovine genome
Ma QW, Sheng HQ, Yan JB, Cheng S, Huang Y, Chen-Tsai Y, Ren ZR, Huang SZ, Zeng YT
989 - 997 Pim-1 kinase expression during murine mammary development
Gapter LA, Magnuson NS, Ng KY, Hosick HL
998 - 1003 A missense mutation in a ubiquitously expressed protein, vinculin, confers susceptibility to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Vasile VC, Ommen SR, Edwards WD, Ackerman MJ
1004 - 1009 Hyperlipidemia is a major determinant of neointimal formation in LDL receptor-deficient mice
Tian J, Pei H, Sanders JM, Angle JF, Sarembock IJ, Matsumoto AH, Helm GA, Shi WB
1010 - 1013 Characterization of calcineurin-dependent response element binding protein and its involvement in copper-metallothionein gene expression in Neurospora
Kumar KS, Kumar BR, Siddavattam D, Subramanyam C
1014 - 1021 Beyond gastric acid reduction: Proton pump inhibitors induce heme oxygenase-1 in gastric and endothelial cells
Becker JC, Grosser N, Waltke C, Schulz S, Erdmann K, Domschke W, Schroder H, Pohle T
1022 - 1032 Identification of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma related genes by comparison with normal liver tissues using expressed sequence tags
Wang AG, Yoon SY, Oh JH, Jeon YJ, Kim M, Kim JM, Byun SS, Yang JO, Kim JH, Kim DG, Yeom YI, Yoo HS, Kim YS, Kim NS
1033 - 1038 alpha-Bulnesene, a novel PAF receptor antagonist isolated from Pogostemon cablin
Hsu HC, Yang WC, Tsai WJ, Chen CC, Huang HY, Tsai YC
1039 - 1043 Augmentation of monocyte intracellular ascorbate in vitro protects cells from oxidative damage and inflammatory responses
Loke WM, Proudfoot JM, McKinley AJ, Croft KD
1044 - 1050 Identification of genetic networks involved in the cell injury accompanying endoplasmic reticulum stress induced by bisphenol A in testicular Sertoli cells
Tabuchi Y, Takasaki I, Kondo T
1051 - 1058 Association of Polycomb group SUZ12 with WD-repeat protein MEP50 that binds to histone H2A selectively in vitro
Furuno K, Masatsugu T, Sonoda M, Sasazuki T, Yamamoto K
1059 - 1067 STMN2 is a novel target of beta-catenin/TCF-mediated transcription in human hepatoma cells
Lee HS, Lee DC, Park MH, Yang SJ, Lee JJ, Kim DM, Jang YJ, Lee JH, Choi JY, Kang YK, Kim DI, Park KC, Kim SY, Yoo HS, Choi EJ, Yeom YI
1068 - 1074 Gliotoxin induces caspase-dependent neurite degeneration and calpain-mediated general cytotoxicity in differentiated human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells
Axelsson V, Holback S, Sjogren M, Gustafsson H, Forsby A
1075 - 1082 Effect of L-arginine on asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) or homocysteine-accelerated endothelial cell aging
Scalera F, Martens-Lobenhoffer J, Tager M, Bukowska A, Lendeckel U, Bode-Boger SM
1083 - 1091 Chlamydial DNA polymerase I can bypass lesions in vitro
Liu XP, Hou JL, Liu JH
1092 - 1098 Depression of MAD2 inhibits apoptosis of gastric cancer cells by upregulating Bcl-2 and interfering mitochondrion pathway
Du YL, Yin F, Liu CJ, Hu SJ, Wang J, Xie HH, Hong L, Fan DM
1099 - 1107 Murine leukemia virus vector integration favors promoter regions and regional hot spots in a human T-cell line
Tsukahara T, Agawa H, Matsumoto S, Matsuda M, Ueno S, Yamashita Y, Yamada K, Tanaka N, Kojima K, Takeshita T
1108 - 1115 Characterization of HCoV-229E fusion core: Implications for structure basis of coronavirus membrane fusion
Liu C, Feng YJ, Gao F, Zhang QM, Wang M
1116 - 1121 Over-expression of Kv1.5 in rat cardiomyocytes extremely shortens the duration of the action potential and causes rapid excitation
Tanabe Y, Hatada K, Naito N, Aizawa Y, Chinushi M, Nawa H, Aizawa Y
1122 - 1130 Immunosuppressant triptolide inhibits dendritic cell-mediated chemoattraction of neutrophils and T cells through inhibiting Stat3 phosphorylation and NF-kappa B activation
Liu QY, Chen TY, Chen GY, Li N, Wang JL, Ma PC, Cao XT
1131 - 1137 The critical role of caspases activation in hypoxia/reoxygenation induced apoptosis
Ho FY, Tsang WP, Kong SK, Kwok TT
1138 - 1148 SmPKC1, a new protein kinase C identified in the platyhelminth parasite Schistosoma mansoni
Bahia D, Avelar L, Mortara RA, Khayath N, Yan YT, Noel C, Capron M, Dissous C, Pierce RJ, Oliveira G
1149 - 1154 In vitro selection of zinc finger DNA-binding proteins through ribosome display
Ihara H, Mie M, Funabashi H, Takahashi F, Sawasaki T, Endo Y, Kobatake E
1155 - 1160 Elevated extracellular calcium stimulates secretion of bone morphogenetic protein 2 by a macrophage cell line
Honda Y, Anada T, Kamakura S, Nakamura M, Sugawara S, Suzuki O
1161 - 1166 A targeted molecular dynamics study of WPD loop movement in PTP1B
Kamerlin SCL, Rucker R, Boresch S
1167 - 1176 Multipotential nestin and Isl-1 positive mesenchymal stem cells isolated from human pancreatic islets
Eberhardt M, Salmon P, von Mach MA, Hengstler JG, Brulport M, Linscheid P, Seboek D, Oberholzer J, Barbero A, Martin I, Muller B, Trono D, Zulewski H
1177 - 1183 IGF-I and IGF-II stimulate directed cell migration of bone-marrow-derived human mesenchymal progenitor cells
Fiedler J, Brill C, Blum WF, Brenner RE
1184 - 1193 Murine leukemia virus particles activate Rac1 in HeLa cells
Krishna D, Le Doux JM
1194 - 1200 Novel hydroxyl radical scavenging antioxidant activity assay for water-soluble antioxidants using a modified CUPRAC method
Bektasoglu B, Celik SE, Ozyurek M, Guclu K, Apak R
1201 - 1206 TIMP-2 promotes cell spreading and adhesion via upregulation of Rap1 signaling
Chang HJ, Lee J, Poo H, Noda M, Diaz T, Wei BY, Stetler-Stevenson WG, Oh J
1207 - 1214 Over-expression of p53 mutants in LNCaP cells alters tumor growth and angiogenesis in vivo
Perryman LA, Blair JM, Kingsley EA, Szymanska B, Ow KT, Wen VW, MacKenzie KL, Vermeulen PB, Jackson P, Russell PJ
1215 - 1223 Anti-inflammatory effect of roasted licorice extracts on lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory responses in murine macrophages
Kim JK, Oh SM, Kwon HS, Oh YS, Lim SS, Shin HK
1224 - 1231 Purification and identification of a BMP-like factor from bovine serum
Kodaira K, Imada M, Goto M, Tomoyasu A, Fukuda T, Kamijo R, Suda T, Higashio K, Katagiri T
1232 - 1239 Liver PPAR alpha and UCP2 are involved in the regulation of obesity and lipid metabolism by swim training in genetically obese db/db mice
Oh KS, Kim M, Lee J, Kim MJ, Nam YS, Ham JE, Shin SS, Lee CM, Yoon M
1240 - 1246 Identification of phosphoproteins associated with maintenance of transformed state in temperature-sensitive Rous sarcoma-virus infected cells by proteomic analysis
Yamaoka K, Imajoh-Ohmi S, Fukuda H, Akita Y, Kurosawa K, Yamamoto Y, Sanai Y
1247 - 1253 Establishment of primary cultures for mouse ameloblasts as a model of their lifetime
Suzawa T, Itoh N, Takahashi N, Katagiri T, Morimura N, Kobayashi Y, Yamamoto T, Kamijo R
1254 - 1263 Exo-Dye-based assay for rapid, inexpensive, and sensitive detection of DNA-binding proteins
Chen ZZ, Ji MJ, Hou P, Lu ZH
1264 - 1272 Sorting nexin 17, a non-self-assembling and a PtdIns(3)P high class affinity protein, interacts with the cerebral cavernous malformation related protein KRIT1
Czubayko M, Knauth P, Schluter T, Florian V, Bohnensack R
1273 - 1273 A functional link between Disrupted-In-Schizophrenia 1 and the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 (vol 338, pg 771, 2005)
Ogawa F, Kasai M, Akiyama T