Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.345, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Ion dependence of ligand binding to metabotropic glutamate receptors
Kuang D, Hampson DR
7 - 13 Two distinct ubiquitin-dependent mechanisms are involved in NF-kappa B p105 proteolysis
Cohen S, Lahav-Baratz S, Ciechanover A
14 - 20 A novel single step double positive double negative selection strategy for P-globin gene replacement
Khanahmad H, Daloii MRN, Shokrgozar MA, Azadmanesh K, Niavarani AR, KariMi M, Rabbani B, Khalili M, Bagheri R, Maryami F, Zeinali S
21 - 28 Influence of dendrimer's structure on its activity against amyloid fibril formation
Klajnert B, Cortijo-Arellano M, Cladera J, Bryszewska M
29 - 37 Enhancement of arachidonic acid signaling pathway by nicotinic acid receptor HM74A
Tang YT, Zhou LB, Gunnet JW, Wines PG, Cryan EV, Demarest KT
38 - 42 Proteasome inhibitor MG-132 enhances whole-body protein turnover in rat
Holecek M, Muthny T, Kovarik M, Sispera L
43 - 49 Zinc-induced aggregation of A beta (10-21) potentiates its action on voltage-gated potassium channel
Zhang CF, Yang P
50 - 58 The human tumour suppressor LATS1 is activated by human MOB1 at the membrane
Hergovich A, Schmitz D, Hemmings BA
59 - 66 Slow-inactivation induced conformational change in domain 2-segment 6 of cardiac Na+ channel
O'Reilly JP, Shockett PE
67 - 73 Sphingosine-1-phosphate stimulates rat primary chondrocyte proliferation
Kim MK, Lee HY, Kwak JY, Park JI, Yun J, Bae YS
74 - 77 Modification of Msx1 by SUMO-1
Gupta V, Bei M
78 - 84 RUNX1 suppression induces megakaryocytic differentiation of UT-7/GM cells
Nagai R, Matsuura E, Hoshika Y, Nakata E, Nagura H, Watanabe A, Komatsu N, Okada Y, Doi T
85 - 92 Sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor agonists suppress concanavalin A-induced hepatic injury in mice
Kaneko T, Murakami T, Kawana H, Takahashi M, Yasue T, Kobayashi E
93 - 98 Localization of the flagellum-specific secretion signal in Salmonella flagellin
Vegh BM, Gal P, Dobo J, Zavodszky P, Vonderviszt F
99 - 105 Generation of variable and fixed length siRNA from a novel siRNA expression vector
Du C, Ge B, Feng X, Chan WC, McKeithan TW
106 - 117 Internalization of CD40 regulates its signal transduction in vascular endothelial cells
Chen YL, Chen JJ, Xiong YB, Da Q, Xu YL, Jiang XJ, Tang H
118 - 123 Transforming growth factor-beta 1 induces the non-classical secretion of peroxiredoxin-I in A549 cells
Chang JW, Lee SH, Lu Y, Yoo YJ
124 - 132 Involvement of the GC-rich sequence and specific proteins (Sp1/Sp3) in the basal transcription activity of neurogranin gene
Gui JG, Song Y, Han NLR, Zhou SF, Sheu FS
133 - 139 Cloning and characterization of a bacterial iterative type I polyketide synthase gene encoding the 6-methylsalicyclic acid synthase
Shao L, Qu XD, Jia XY, Zhao QF, Tian ZH, Wang M, Tang GL, Liu W
140 - 147 Stable knock-down of vomeronasal receptor genes in transgenic Xenopus tadpoles
Kashiwagi A, Kashiwagi K, Saito S, Date-Ito A, Ichikawa M, Mori Y, Hagino-Yamagishi K
148 - 155 Inhibitory effects of epigallocatechin-3-O-gallate on serum-stimulated rat aortic smooth muscle cells via nuclear factor-kappa B down-modulation
Han DW, Lim HR, Baek HS, Lee MH, Lee SJ, Hyon SH, Park JC
156 - 161 PKC phosphorylates MARCKS Ser159 not only directly but also through RhoA/ROCK
Tanabe A, Kamisuki Y, Hidaka H, Suzuki M, Negishi M, Takuwa Y
162 - 168 [35S]GTP gamma S binding stimulated by endomorphin-2 and morphiceptin analogs
Fichna J, Do-Rego JC, Kosson P, Schiller PW, Costentin J, Janecka A
169 - 174 Enzymatic properties of human CYP2W1 expressed in Escherichia coli
Yoshioka H, Kasai N, Ikushiro S, Shinkyo R, Kamakura M, Ohta M, Inouye K, Sakaki T
175 - 180 The intrinsic mechanisms underlying the maturation of programming sequential spikes at cerebellar Purkinje cells
Guan SD, Ma SF, Zhu Y, Ge RJ, Wang Q, Wang JH
181 - 187 Regulation of polyamine synthesis in human hepatocytes by hepatotrophic factor augmenter of liver regeneration
Dayoub R, Thasler WE, Bosserhoff AK, Singer T, Jauch KW, Schlitt HJ, Weiss TS
188 - 196 Primary structure-based function characterization of BRCT domain replicates in BRCA1
Chen Y, Borowicz S, Fackenthal J, Collart FR, Myatt E, Moy S, Babnigg G, Wilton R, Boernke WE, Schiffer M, Stevens FJ, Olopade OI
197 - 204 Regulation of the human ADAMTS-4 promoter by transcription factors and cytokines
Thirunavukkarasu K, Pei Y, Moore TL, Wang H, Yu XP, Geiser AG, Chandrasekhar S
205 - 209 Peroxisomal cholesterol biosynthesis and Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
Weinhofer I, Kunze M, Stangl H, Porter FD, Berger J
210 - 215 Selective destabilization of soluble amyloid beta oligomers by divalent metal ions
Garai K, Sengupta P, Sahoo B, Maiti S
216 - 221 ETV4 and Myeov knockdown impairs colon cancer cell line proliferation and invasion
Moss AC, Lawlor G, Murray D, Tighe D, Madden SF, Mulligan AM, Keane CO, Brady HR, Doran PP, MacMathuna P
222 - 228 Biological activity of Tat (47-58) peptide on human pathogenic fungi
Jung HJ, Park Y, Hahm KS, Lee DG
229 - 238 Testicular proteins associated with the germ cell-marker, TEX101: Involvement of cellubrevin in TEX101-trafficking to the cell surface during spermatogenesis
Tsukamoto H, Yoshitake H, Mori M, Yanagida M, Takamori K, Ogawa H, Takizawa T, Araki Y
239 - 247 The role of Paraxial Protocadherin in Xenopus otic placode development
Hu RY, Xu P, Chen YL, Lou X, Ding XY
248 - 254 Solution conformation of a neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist alpha-conotoxin OmIA that discriminates alpha 3 vs. alpha 6 nAChR subtypes
Chi SW, Kim DH, Olivera BM, McIntosh JM, Han KH
255 - 259 Effect of photo-immobilization of epidermal growth factor on the cellular behaviors
Ogiwara K, Nagaoka M, Cho CS, Akaike T
260 - 270 alpha-lactalbumin species variation, HAMLET formation, and tumor cell death
Pettersson J, Mossberg AK, Svanborg C
271 - 279 Adiponectin mediates antiproliferative and apoptotic responses in human MCF7 breast cancer cells
Dieudonne MN, Bussiere M, Dos Santos E, Leneveu MC, Giudicelli Y, Pecquery R
280 - 286 Caldesmon restricts the movement of both C and N-termini of tropomyosin on F-actin in ghost fibers during the actomyosin ATPase cycle
Kulikova N, Pronina OE, Dabrowska R, Borovikov YS
287 - 291 Structure and dynamics of the N-terminal loop of PsbQ from photosystem II of Spinacia oleracea
Ristvejova J, Kopecky V, Sovova Z, Balsera M, Arellano JB, Green M, Ettrich R
292 - 301 Regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 expression in pancreatic cancer cells by Sp proteins
Higgins KJ, Abdelrahim M, Liu SX, Yoon K, Safe S
302 - 309 Integrated analysis of multiple data sources reveals modular structure of biological networks
Lu HC, Shi BC, Wu GW, Zhang Y, Zhu XP, Zhang ZH, Liu CN, Zhao Y, Wu T, Wang J, Chen RS
310 - 317 Identification of tetratricopeptide repeat domain 9, a hormonally regulated protein
Cao SL, Iyer JK, Lin V
318 - 323 Characterization of a novel WHSC1-associated SET domain protein with H3K4 and H3K27 methyltransferase activity
Kim SM, Kee HJ, Eom GH, Choe NW, Kim JY, Kim YS, Kim SK, Kook H, Kook H, Seo SB
324 - 331 Glutamate treatment and p25 transfection increase Cdk5 mediated tau phosphorylation in SH-SY5Y cells
Jamsa A, Backstrom A, Gustafsson E, Dehvari N, Hiller G, Cowburn RF, Vasange M
332 - 339 Endothelin-1 inhibits adiponectin secretion through a phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate/actin-dependent mechanism
Bedi D, Clarke KJ, Dennis JC, Zhong Q, Brunson BL, Morrison EE, Judd RL
340 - 344 Two populations of pancreatic islet alpha-cells displaying distinct Ca2+ channel properties
Leung YM, Ahmed I, Sheu L, Tsushima RG, Diamant NE, Gaisano HY
345 - 354 Characterization of histone (H1B) oxalate binding protein in experimental urolithiasis and bioinformatics approach to study its oxalate interaction
Latha P, Kalaiselvi P, Varalakshmi P, Rameshkumar G
355 - 361 MDM2 interacts with and downregulates a sarcomeric protein, TCAP
Tian LF, Li HY, Jin BF, Pan X, Man JH, Zhang PJ, Li WH, Liang B, Liu H, Zhao H, Gong WL, Zhou T, Zhang XM
362 - 370 Organization and repression by juvenile hormone of a vitellogenin gene cluster in the crustacean, Daphnia magna
Tokishita S, Kato Y, Kobayashi T, Nakamura S, Ohta T, Yamagata H
371 - 376 Serum non-transferrin-bound iron and low-density lipoprotein oxidation in heterozygous hemochromatosis
van Tits LJH, Jacobs EMG, Swinkels DW, Lemmers HLM, van der Vleuten GM, De Graaf J, Stalenhoef AFH
377 - 384 Structural and functional analogs of the novel mammalian neuropeptide, neuromedin S (NmS), in the dermal venoms of Eurasian bombinid toads
Chen TB, Zhou M, Walker B, Harriot P, Mori K, Miyazato M, Kangawa K, Shaw C
385 - 393 Substrate recognition ability differs among various prokaryotic tRNase Zs
Minagawa A, Takaku H, Shibata HS, Ishii R, Takagi M, Yokoyama S, Nashimoto M
394 - 402 Interaction of Skp1 with CENP-E at the midbody is essential for cytokinesis
Liu D, Zhang N, Du J, Cai X, Zhu M, Jin CJ, Dou Z, Feng CJ, Yang Y, Liu L, Takeyasu K, Xie W, Yao XB
403 - 409 RECQL4-deficient cells are hypersensitive to oxidative stress/damage: Insights for osteosarcoma prevalence and heterogeneity in Rothmund-Thomson syndrome
Werner SR, Prahalad AK, Yang JP, Hock JM
410 - 418 KSHV RTA induces a transcriptional repressor, HEY1 that represses rta promoter
Yada K, Do EJ, Sakakibara S, Ohsaki E, Ito E, Watanabe S, Ueda K
419 - 429 F1F0-ATP synthase functions as a co-chaperone of Hsp90-substrate protein complexes
Papathanassiu AE, MacDonald NJ, Benesura A, Vu HA
430 - 437 3D modeling of the activated states of constitutively active mutants of rhodopsin
Nikiforovich GV, Marshall GR
438 - 445 Potent neutralization of VEGF biological activities with a fully human antibody Fab fragment directed against VEGF receptor 2
Miao HQ, Hu K, Jimenez X, Navarro E, Zhang HF, Lu D, Ludwig DL, Balderes P, Zhu ZP
446 - 452 Hrt and Hes negatively regulate Notch signaling through interactions with RBP-J kappa
King IN, Kathiriya IS, Murakami M, Nakagawa M, Gardner KA, Srivastava D, Nakagawa O
453 - 458 HCV E2 may induce apoptosis of Huh-7 cells via a mitochondrial-related caspase pathway
Chiou HL, Hsieh YS, Hsieh MR, Chen TY
459 - 466 Epidermal-type fatty acid binding protein as a negative regulator of IL-12 production in dendritic cells
Kitanaka N, Owada Y, Okuyama R, Sakagami H, Nourani MR, Aiba S, Furukawa H, Watanabe M, Ono M, Ohteki T, Kondo H
467 - 473 Expression and characteristics of vanilloid receptor 1 in the rabbit submandibular gland
Zhang Y, Xiang B, Li YM, Wang Y, Wang X, Wang YN, Wu LL, Yu GY
474 - 478 Molecular characteristics of IgA and IgM Fc binding to the Fc alpha/mu R
Cho Y, Usui K, Honda S, Tahara-Hanaoka S, Shibuya K, Shibuya A
479 - 485 Alternative 3' UTR polyadenylation of Bzw1 transcripts display differential translation efficiency and tissue-specific expression
Yu MY, Sha HB, Gao Y, Zeng H, Zhu MS, Gao X
486 - 494 Divergent expression and roles for caveolin-1 in mouse hepatocarcinoma cell lines with varying invasive ability
Zhou HM, Jia L, Wang SJ, Wang HM, Chu HY, Hu YC, Cao J, Zhang JN
495 - 501 Regulation of integrin alpha 10 expression in chondrocytes by the transcription factors AP-2 epsilon and Ets-1
Wenke AK, Rothhammer T, Moser M, Bosserhoff AK
502 - 507 A chitinase structurally related to the glycoside hydrolase family 48 is indispensable for the hormonally induced diapause termination in a beetle
Fujita K, Shimomura K, Yamamoto K, Yamashita T, Suzuki K
508 - 515 Procyanidin dimer B2 [epicatechin-(4 beta-8)-epicatechin] suppresses the expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in endotoxin-treated monocytic cells
Zhang WY, Liu HQ, Xie KQ, Yin LL, Li Y, Kwik-Uribe CL, Zhu XZ
516 - 522 Naringenin is a novel inhibitor of Dictyostelium cell proliferation and cell migration
Russ M, Martinez R, Ali H, Steimle PA
523 - 529 Modulation of angiogenesis by tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-4
Fernandez CA, Moses MA
530 - 537 Interplay of Sps and poly(C) binding protein 1 on the mu-opioid receptor gene expression
Rivera-Gines A, Cook RJ, Loh HH, Ko JL
538 - 542 RhoA and Rac1 contribute to type III group B streptococcal invasion of human brain microvascular endothelial cells
Shin S, Kim KS
543 - 543 Three-dimensional structure of the gamma-secretase complex (vol 343, pg 525, 2006)
Ogura T, Mio K, Hayashi I, Miyashita H, Fukuda R, Kopan R, Kodama T, Hamakubo T, Iwatsubo T, Tomita T, Sato C