Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.344, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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701 - 707 Suppression of atherogenesis by delivery of TGF beta(ACT)(1) using adeno-associated virus type 2 in LDLR knockout mice
Li DY, Liu Y, Chen JW, Velchala N, Amani F, Nemarkommula A, Chen K, Rayaz H, Zhang DZ, Liu HM, Sinha AK, Romeo F, Hermonat PL, Mehta JL
708 - 712 Impaired coactivator activity of the Gly(482) variant of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator-1 alpha (PGC-1 alpha) on mitochondrial transcription factor A (Tfam) promoter
Choi YS, Hong JM, Lim S, Ko KS, Pak YK
713 - 720 Promoter analysis of interleukin 19
Chen PJ, Wei CC, Wang CH, Chen FW, Hsu YH, Chang MS
721 - 726 Glycine receptor activation regulates short-term plasticity in CA1 area of hippocampal slices of rats
Zhang LH, Xu L, Xu TL
727 - 734 Ubc9 interacts with SOX4 and represses its transcriptional activity
Pan X, Li HY, Zhang PJ, Jin BF, Man JH, Tian LF, Su GY, Zhao J, Li WH, Liu H, Gong WL, Zhou T, Zhang XM
735 - 740 A novel matrix protein family participating in the prismatic layer framework formation of pearl oyster, Pinctada fucata
Zhang C, Xie LP, Huang J, Liu XL, Zhang RQ
741 - 746 Use of electrospray tandem mass spectrometry for identification of microcystins during a cyanobacterial bloom event
Frias HV, Mendes MA, Cardozo KHM, Carvalho VM, Tomazela D, Colepicolo P, Pinto E
747 - 756 A splice variant of RILP induces lysosomal clustering independent of dynein recruitment
Marsman M, Jordens I, Rocha N, Kuijl C, Janssen L, Neefjes J
757 - 764 Fibronectin is essential for hepatitis B virus propagation in vitro: May be a potential cellular target?
Yang J, Ding XR, Zhang Y, Bo XC, Zhang ML, Wang SQ
765 - 771 TNFR-Fc fusion protein expressed by in vivo electroporation improves survival rates and myocardial injury in coxsackievirus induced murine myocarditis
Kim JM, Lim BK, Ho SH, Yun SH, Shin JO, Park EM, Kim DK, Kim S, Jeon ES
772 - 779 Imaging of single mRNA molecules moving within a living cell nucleus
Tadakuma H, Ishihama Y, Toshiharu S, Tani T, Funatsu T
780 - 785 Increased expression levels of monocyte CCR2 and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in patients with diabetes mellitus
Mine S, Okada Y, Tanikawa T, Kawahara C, Tabata T, Tanaka Y
786 - 791 Neurogenesin-1 differentially inhibits the osteoblastic differentiation by bone morphogenetic proteins in C2C12 cells
Chandra A, Itakura T, Yang Z, Tamakoshi T, Xue XD, Bo W, Ueki T, Sato K, Uezato T, Miura N
792 - 797 Delivery of double-stranded DNA thioaptamers into HIV-1 infected cells for antiviral activity
Ferguson MR, Rojo DR, Somasunderam A, Thiviyanathan V, Ridley BD, Yang XB, Gorenstein DG
798 - 806 A testis-specific and testis developmentally regulated tumor protein D52 (TPD52)-like protein TPD52L3/hD55 interacts with TPD52 family proteins
Cao QH, Chen J, Zhu L, Liu Y, Zhou Z, Sha J, Wang S, Li J
807 - 813 Expression and transport characterisation of the wheat low-affinity cation transporter (LCT1) in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris
Diatloff E, Forde BG, Roberts SK
814 - 820 Modulation of functional properties of KCNQI channel by association of KCNE1 and KCNE2
Toyoda F, Hisao UB, Ding WG, Matsuura H
821 - 826 Methylation of the ATM promoter in glioma cells alters ionizing radiation sensitivity
Roy K, Wang LL, Makrigiorgos GM, Price BD
827 - 833 Regulation of PDK mRNA by high fatty acid and glucose in pancreatic islets
Xu JX, Han JY, Epstein PN, Liu YQ
834 - 844 Molecular cloning and characterization of human Castor, a novel human gene upregulated during cell differentiation
Liu ZH, Yang XZ, Tan F, Cullion K, Thiele CJ
845 - 851 The orphan nuclear receptor GCNF recruits DNA methyltransferase for Oct-314 silencing
Sato N, Kondo M, Arai K
852 - 858 Changes in S1P(1) and SIP2 expression during embryonal development and primitive endoderm differentiation of F9 cells
Hiraga Y, Kibara A, Sano T, Igarashi Y
859 - 868 Ebp1 is a dsRNA-binding protein associated with ribosomes that modulates eIF2 alpha phosphorylation
Squatrito M, Mancino M, Sala L, Draetta GF
869 - 880 Localization of Rheb to the endomembrane is critical for its signaling function
Buerger C, DeVries B, Stambolic V
881 - 886 Post-treatment with the Ca2+-Mg2+-endonuclease inhibitor aurintricarboxylic acid prevents peroxynitrite-induced DNA damage and death of murine astrocytes
Zhu KQ, Lu HF, Ying WH
887 - 892 Universal initiator nucleotides for the enzymatic synthesis of 5'-amino- and 5'-thiol-modified RNA
Schlatterer JC, Jaschke A
893 - 899 Internal initiation of mRNA translation in insect cell mediated by an internal ribosome entry site (IRES) from shrimp white spot syndrome virus (WSSV)
Han F, Zhang XB
900 - 905 nSMase2 activation and trafficking are modulated by oxidative stress to induce apoptosis
Levy M, Castillo SS, Goldkorn T
906 - 911 Cautions in the use of biomarkers of oxidative damage; the vascular and antioxidant effects of dark soy sauce in humans
Lee CYJ, Isaac HB, Wang H, Huang SH, Long LH, Jenner AM, Kelly RP, Halliwell B
912 - 919 Signaling pathways involved in PDGF-evoked cellular responses in human RPE cells
Hollborn M, Bringmann A, Faude F, Wiedemann P, Kohen L
920 - 925 Altered cerebellar function in mice lacking Ca(v)2.3 Ca2+ channel
Osanai M, Saegusa H, Kazuno AA, Nagayama S, Hu Q, Zong S, Murakoshi T, Tanabe T
926 - 930 Immobilization of histidine-tagged proteins by magnetic nanoparticles encapsulated with nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA)-phospholipids micelle
Lim YT, Lee KY, Lee K, Chung BH
931 - 935 A self-assembled quantum dot probe for detecting beta-lactamase activity
Xu CJ, Xing BG, Rao HH
936 - 940 Molecular and functional characterization of a spermidine transporter (TcPAT12) from Trypanosoma cruzi
Carrillo C, Canepa GE, Algranati ID, Pereira CA
941 - 947 Autocrine activation of cultured macrophages by brain-derived neurotrophic factor
Asami T, Ito T, Fukumitsu H, Nomoto H, Furukawa Y, Furukawa S
948 - 954 Human Mpv17-like protein is localized in peroxisomes and regulates expression of antioxidant enzymes
Iida R, Yasuda T, Tsubota E, Takatsuka H, Matsuki T, Kishi K
955 - 962 1-cinnamoyl-3,11-dihydroxymeliacarpin is a natural bioactive compound with antiviral and nuclear factor-kappa B modulating properties
Barquero AA, Michelini FM, Alche LE
963 - 971 Lipoic acid downmodulates CD4 from human T lymphocytes by dissociation of p56(Lck)
Marracci GH, Marquardt WE, Strehlow A, McKeon GP, Gross J, Buck DC, Kozell LB, Bourdette DN
972 - 980 Age-associated cellular relocation of Sod 1 as a self-defense is a futile mechanism to prevent vascular aging
van der Loo B, Bachschmid M, Skepper JN, Labugger R, Schildknecht S, Hahn R, Mussig E, Gygi D, Luscher TF
981 - 986 Expression of D2 dopamine receptor in the mouse brain
Rani M, Kanungo MS
987 - 994 Cardioprotective effects of recombinant human erythropoietin in rats with experimental autoimmune myocarditis
Mitsuma W, Ito M, Kodama M, Fuse K, Kamura K, Minagawa S, Kato K, Hanawa H, Toba K, Nakazawa M, Aizawa Y
995 - 1000 Homotypic cell contact enhances insulin but not glucagon secretion
Brereton HC, Carvell MJ, Asare-Anane H, Roberts G, Christie MR, Persaud SJ, Jones PM
1001 - 1007 Differential display profiling of the Nicotiana response to LPS reveals elements of plant basal resistance
Sanabria NM, Dubery IA
1008 - 1016 Over-expression in Escherichia coli and characterization of two recombinant isoforms of human FAD synthetase
Brizio C, Galluccio M, Wait R, Torchetti EM, Bafunno V, Accardi R, Gianazza E, Indiveri C, Barile M
1017 - 1022 Combined treatment with lisofylline and exendin-4 reverses autoimmune diabetes
Yang ZD, Chen M, Carter JD, Nunemaker CS, Garmey JC, Kimble SD, Nadler JL
1023 - 1030 A novel Zinc finger protein, ZCCHC11, interacts with TIFA and modulates TLR signaling
Minoda Y, Saeki K, Aki D, Takaki H, Sanada T, Koga K, Kobayashi T, Takaesu G, Yoshimura A
1031 - 1037 Pbx1 and Meis1 regulate activity of the Xenopus laevis Zic3 promoter through a highly conserved region
Kelly LE, Carrel TL, Herman GE, El-Hodiri HM
1038 - 1047 CAMP differentially regulates gamma-globin gene expression in erythroleukemic cells and primary erythroblasts through c-Myb expression
Kuroyanagi Y, Kaneko Y, Muta K, Park BS, Moi P, Ausenda S, Cappellini MD, Ikuta T
1048 - 1055 Insights from modeling the 3D structure of H5N1 influenza virus neuraminidase and its binding interactions with ligands
Wei DQ, Du QS, Sun H, Chou KC