Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.344, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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455 - 462 Transplantation and differentiation of donor cells in the cloned pigs
Shimada A, Tomii R, Kano K, Nagashima H
463 - 470 Interactions of recombinant prions with compounds of therapeutical significance
Georgieva D, Schwark D, von Bergen M, Redecke L, Genov N, Betzel C
471 - 477 Cytosolic amyloid-beta peptide 42 escaping from degradation induces cell death
Lee EK, Park YW, Shin DY, Mook-Jung I, Yoo YJ
478 - 483 Knockdown of apolipoprotein B, an atherogenic apolipoprotein, in HepG2 cells by lentivirus-mediated siRNA
Liao W, Ning G
484 - 490 The TTF-1/TAP26 complex differentially modulates surfactant protein-B (SP-B) and -C (SP-C) promoters in lung cells
Yang MC, Guo Y, Liu CC, Weissler JC, Yang YS
491 - 499 Calcium-dependent upregulation of E4BP4 expression correlates with glucocorticoid-evoked apoptosis of human leukemic CEM cells
Priceman SJ, Kirzner JD, Nary LJ, Morris D, Shankar DB, Sakamoto KM, Medh RD
500 - 510 The atypical Rho GTPases Miro-1 and Miro-2 have essential roles in mitochondrial trafficking
Fransson A, Ruusala A, Aspenstom P
511 - 516 Cochlear alterations in deaf and unaffected subjects carrying the deafness-associated A1555G mutation in the mitochondrial 12S rRNA gene
Bravo O, Ballana E, Estivill X
517 - 524 SHB and angiogenic factors promote ES cell differentiation to insulin-producing cells
Saldeen J, Kriz V, Agren N, Welsh M
525 - 530 Altered localization of amyloid precursor protein under endoplasmic reticulum stress
Kudo T, Okumura M, Imaizumi K, Araki W, Morlhara T, Tanimukal H, Kamagata E, Tabuchi N, Kimura R, Kanayama D, Fukumori A, Tagami S, Okochi M, Kubo M, Tanii H, Tohyama M, Tabira T, Takeda M
531 - 539 Identification of DNA copy-number aberrations by array-comparative genomic hybridization in patients with schizophrenia
Moon HJ, Yim SV, Lee WK, Jeon YW, Kim YH, Ko YJ, Lee KS, Lee KH, Han SI, Rha HK
540 - 546 Regulation of steroid hydroxylase CYP7B1 by androgens and estrogens in prostate cancer LNCaP cells
Tang WJ, Norlin M
547 - 553 The decapping enzyme Dcp1 participates in translation termination through its interaction with the release factor eRF3 in budding yeast
Kofuji S, Sakuno T, Takahashi S, Araki Y, Doi Y, Hoshino S, Katada T
554 - 561 Intestinal neuro-epithelial interactions modulate neuronal chemokines production
Tixier E, Galmiche JP, Neunlist M
562 - 570 Effect of short-term and long-term fasting on transcriptional regulation of metabolic genes in rat tissues
Li RY, Zhang QH, Liu Z, Qiao J, Zhao SX, Shao L, Xiao HS, Chen JL, Chen MD, Song HD
571 - 580 Simultaneous measurement of superoxide generation and intracellular Ca2+ concentration reveals the effect of extracellular Ca2+ on rapid and transient contents of superoxide generation in differentiated THP-1 cells
Ishibashi K, Okazaki S, Hiramatsu M
581 - 587 Effects of heat shock protein gp96 on human dendritic cell maturation and CTL expansion
Zhang YX, Zan YL, Shan M, Liu CM, Shi M, Li W, Zhang ZX, Liu N, Wang FS, Zhong WD, Liao FL, Gao GF, Tien P
588 - 596 Gene polymorphisms in the Quebec population: A risk to develop hypertriglyceridemia
Garenc C, Aubert S, Laroche J, Bergeron J, Gagne C, Rousseau F, Julien P
597 - 604 Acetic acid activates hepatic AMPK and reduces hyperglycemia in diabetic KK-A(y) mice
Sakakibara S, Yamauchi T, Oshima Y, Tsukamoto Y, Kadowaki T
605 - 611 Changes in phosphomannosyl ligands correlate with cation-dependent mannose-6-phosphate receptors in rat liver during perinatal development
Romano PS, Jofre G, Carvelli L, Lopez AC, Sartor T, Sosa MA
612 - 616 An investigation of genomic base distribution
Mitchell D, Bridge R
617 - 622 HGF-induced capillary morphogenesis of endothelial cells is regulated by Src
Kanda S, Kanetake H, Miyata Y
623 - 630 Non-coding transcripts far upstream of the epsilon-globin gene are distinctly expressed in human primary tissues and erythroleukemia cell lines
Xiang P, Fang XD, Yin WX, Barkess G, Li QL
631 - 639 The wbnH gene of Escherichia coli O86 : H2 encodes an alpha-1,3-N-acetylgalactosaminyl transferase involved in the O-repeating unit biosynthesis
Yi W, Yao QJ, Zhang YL, Motari E, Lin S, Wang PG
640 - 646 Altered subcellular localization of ornithine decarboxylase in Alzheimer's disease brain
Nilsson T, Bogdanovic N, Volkman I, Winblad B, Folkesson R, Benedikz E
647 - 650 Reduced brain cholesterol content in arylsulfatase A-deficient mice
Lutjohann D, Harzer K, Gieselmann V, Eckhardt M
651 - 657 Rab27a regulates epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) activity through synaptotagmin-like protein (SLP-5) and Munc13-4 effector mechanism
Saxena SK, Horiuchi H, Fukuda M
658 - 666 Hepatocyte growth factor protects human endothelial cells against advanced glycation end products-induced apoposis
Zhou YJ, Wang JH, Zhang J
667 - 674 Expression analysis and prognostic significance of the SRA1 gene, in ovarian cancer
Leoutsakou T, Talieri M, Scorilas A
675 - 679 The role of ETS transcription factors in transcription and development of mouse preimplantation embryos
Kageyama S, Liu HL, Nagata M, Aoki F
680 - 687 Sonic hedgehog stimulates the proliferation of rat gastric mucosal cells through ERK activation by elevating intracellular calcium concentration
Osawa H, Ohnishi H, Takano K, Noguti T, Mashima H, Hoshino H, Kita H, Sato K, Matsui H, Sugano K
688 - 695 Inhibitory effects of cis- and trans-resveratrol on noradrenaline and 5-hydroxytryptamine uptake and on monoamine oxidase activity
Yanez M, Fraiz N, Cano E, Orallo F
696 - 699 Induction of hypothalamic serum- and glucocorticoid-induced protein kinase-1 gene expression and its relation to plasma des-acyl ghrelin in energy homeostasis in mice
Nonogaki K, Ohashi-Nozue K, Oka Y