Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.341, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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279 - 284 Near-infrared spectroscopy: Promising diagnostic tool for viral infections
Sakudo A, Suganuma Y, Kobayashi T, Onodera T, Ikuta K
285 - 290 A light-driven proton pump from Haloterrigena turkmenica: Functional expression in Escherichia coli membrane and coupling with a H+ co-transporter
Kamo N, Hashiba T, Kikukawa T, Araiso T, Ihara K, Nara T
291 - 298 Expansion and redifferentiation of adult human pancreatic islet cells
Ouziel-Yahalom L, Zalzman M, Anker-Kitai L, Knoller S, Bar Y, Glandt M, Herold K, Efrat S
299 - 303 Potentiation of TLR4 signalling by plasmin activity
Ward JR, Dower SK, Whyte MKB, Buttle DJ, Sabroe I
304 - 309 Expression profile of BDNF-responsive genes during cerebellar granule cell development
Sato M, Suzuki K, Nakanishi S
310 - 313 Genetic polymorphisms of GSTT1, GSTM1, and NQO1 genes and diabetes mellitus risk in Chinese population
Wang GY, Zhang L, Li QF
314 - 319 Anti-viral protein APOBEC3G is induced by interferon-alpha stimulation in human hepatocytes
Tanaka Y, Marusawa H, Seno H, Matsumoto Y, Ueda Y, Kodama Y, Endo Y, Yamauchi J, Matsumoto T, Takaori-Kondo A, Ikai I, Chiba T
320 - 325 Jagged1 protein enhances the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into cardiomyocytes
Li HW, Yu B, Zhang Y, Pan ZW, Wei XA, Li HL
326 - 333 RNA interference in immune cells by use of osmotic delivery of siRNA
Aoki M, Ishii T, Kanaoka M, Kimura T
334 - 342 Rad51-related changes in global gene expression
Orre LM, Falt S, Szeles A, Lewensohn R, Wennborg A, Flygare J
343 - 350 CK2-dependent C-terminal phosphorylation at T-300 directs the nuclear transport of TSPY protein
Krick R, Aschrafi A, Hasgun D, Arnemarm J
351 - 356 YHV-protease dsRNA inhibits YHV replication in Penaeus monodon and prevents mortality
Yodmuang S, Tirasophon W, Roshorm Y, Chinnirunvong W, Panyim S
357 - 362 Synthetic heteroprostanoids of A- and E-types as novel non-comprehensive inhibitors of adenylyl cyclase in rat hepatocytes
Hubich AI, Zheldakova TA, Chernikhova TV, Koroleva EV, Lakhvich FA, Sholukh MV
363 - 368 Src tyrosine kinase inhibitor PP2 suppresses ERK1/2 activation and epidermal growth factor receptor transactivation by X-irradiation
Li ZP, Hosoi Y, Cai KS, Tanno Y, Matsumoto Y, Enomoto A, Morita A, Nakagawa K, Miyagawa K
369 - 375 Testatin transgenic and knockout mice exhibit normal sex-differentiation
Hasegawa K, Chuma S, Tada T, Sakurai T, Tamura M, Suemori H, Nakatsuji N
376 - 381 Aldosterone-induced abnormal regulation of ENaC and SGK1 in Dahl salt-sensitive rat
Aoi W, Niisato N, Sawabe Y, Miyazaki H, Marunaka Y
382 - 390 Polymorphic and differential expression of the Trypanosoma cruzi alleles containing universal minicircle binding protein
Coelho ER, Rodrigues DD, Urmenyi TP, Rondinelli E, Silva R
391 - 398 Application of HSVtk suicide gene to X-SCID gene therapy: Ganciclovir treatment offsets gene corrected X-SCID B cells
Uchiyama T, Kumaki S, Ishikawa Y, Onodera M, Sato M, Du W, Sasahara Y, Tanaka N, Sugamura K, Tsuchiya S
399 - 407 Preferential inducibility of CYP1A1 and CYP1A2 by TCDD: Differential regulation in primary human hepatocytes versus transformed human cells
Zhang ZY, Pelletier RD, Wong YN, Sugawara M, Zhao ND, Littlefield BA
408 - 415 Disulfiram irreversibly aggregates betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase - A potential target for antimicrobial agents against Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Velasco-Garcia R, Zaldivar-Machorro VJ, Mujica-Jimenez C, Gonzalez-Segura L, Munoz-Clares RA
416 - 424 Impaired growth of pancreatic exocrine cells in transgenic mice expressing human activin beta E subunit
Hashimoto O, Ushiro Y, Sekiyama K, Yamaguchi O, Yoshioka K, Mutoh K, Hasegawa Y
425 - 432 ST2 suppresses IL-6 production via the inhibition of I kappa B degradation induced by the LPS signal in THP-1 cells
Takezako N, Hayakawa M, Hayakawa H, Aoki S, Yanagisawa K, Endo H, Tominaga S
433 - 439 Direct interaction of Bcl-2 proteins with tubulin
Knipling L, Wolff J
440 - 450 JWA, a novel signaling molecule, involved in the induction of differentiation of human myeloid leukemia cells
Huang S, Shen Q, Mao WG, Li AP, Ye J, Liu QZ, Zou CP, Zhou JW
451 - 458 Tumor-specific expression of the novel cytochrome P450 enzyme, CYP2W1
Karlgren M, Gomez A, Stark K, Svard J, Rodriguez-Antona C, Oliw E, Bernal ML, Cajal SRY, Johansson I, Ingelman-Sundberg M
459 - 463 Decreased mortality in a rat model of acute postinfarction heart failure
Ramunddal T, Lorentzon M, Omerovic E
464 - 469 Stage dependent and androgen inductive expression of orphan receptor TR4 in rat testis
Mu XM, Yang L, Chang CS
470 - 477 Searching for target sequences by p53 protein is influenced by DNA length
Brazda V, Jagelska EB, Fojta M, Palecek E
478 - 482 Aberrant expression of N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase-IVa and IVb (GnT-IVa and b) in pancreatic cancer
Ide Y, Miyoshi E, Nakagawa T, Gu JG, Tanemura M, Nishida T, Ito T, Yamamoto H, Kozutsumi Y, Taniguchi N
483 - 488 G-CSF receptor-binding cyclic peptides designed with artificial amino-acid linkers
Shibata K, Maruyama-Takahashi K, Yamasaki M, Hirayama N
489 - 493 Somatic and germline mosaicisms in severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy
Genmaro E, Santorelli FM, Bertini E, Buti D, Gaggero R, Gobbi G, Lini M, Granata T, Freri E, Parmeggiani A, Striano P, Veggiotti P, Cardinali S, Bricarelli FD, Minetti C, Zara F
494 - 499 Characterization of two trpE genes encoding anthranilate synthase alpha-subunit in Azospirillum brasilense
Ge SM, Xie BE, Chen SF
500 - 506 Erythromycin block of the HERG K+ channel: Accessibility to F656 and Y652
Duncan RS, Ridley JM, Dempsey CE, Leishman DJ, Leaney JL, Hancox JC, Witchel HJ
507 - 514 Macrophage-secreted factors induce adipocyte inflammation and insulin resistance
Permana PA, Menge C, Reaven PD
515 - 521 Opposite effects of alternative TZF spliced variants on androgen receptor
Tao RHT, Kawate F, Ohnaka K, Ishizuka MI, Hagiwara H, Takayanagi R
522 - 531 A catalog for transcripts in the venom gland of the Agkistrodon acutus: Identification of the toxins potentially involved in coagulopathy
Liu QH, Zhang XW, Wei Y, Li CJ, Huang YJ, Qiu PX, Su XW, Hu SN, Yan GM
532 - 540 Enhanced expression of urocortin in lung tissues of rats with allergic asthma
Wu YQ, Zhou H, Xu YY, Li SG
541 - 548 Identification of a new developmentally regulated Leishmania major large RAB GTPase
Chenik M, Chaabouni N, Ben Achour-Chenik Y, Ouakad M, Lakhal-Naouar I, Louzir H, Dellagi K
549 - 556 Hypoxia dysregulates the production of adiponectin and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 independent of reactive oxygen species in adipocytes
Chen BY, Lam KSL, Wang Y, Wu DH, Lam MC, Shen JG, Wong LC, Hoo RLC, Zhang JL, Xu AM
557 - 566 Effect of DNA structural flexibility on promoter strength - molecular dynamics studies of E. coli promoter sequences
Thiyaganajan S, Rajan SS, Gautham N
567 - 572 Intermedin1-53 activates L-arginine/nitric oxide synthase/nitric oxide pathway in rat aortas
Yang JHU, Pan CS, Jia YX, Zhang J, Zhao J, Pang YZ, Yang J, Tang CS, Qi YF
573 - 582 Bioengineered cardiac cell sheet grafts have intrinsic angiogenic potential
Sekiya S, Shimizu T, Yamato M, Kikuchi A, Okano T
583 - 590 Identification of a nuclear matrix attachment region like sequence in the last intron of PI3K gamma
Dai BB, Ying L, Cai R, Ying L, Zhang XQ, Lu J, Qian GX
591 - 598 Expression of lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor-1 in smooth muscle cells after vascular injury
Eto H, Miyata M, Kume N, Minami M, Itabe H, Orihara K, Hamasaki S, Biro S, Otsuji Y, Kita T, Tei C
599 - 606 Neuroparsin transcripts as molecular markers in the process of desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria) phase transition
Claeys I, Breugelmans B, Simonet G, Van Soest S, Sas F, De Loof A, Vanden Broeck J
607 - 613 Polyglutamine expansion inhibits respiration by increasing reactive oxygen species in isolated mitochondria
Puranam KL, Wu GH, Strittmatter WJ, Burke JR
614 - 619 Soyasaponin I decreases the expression of alpha 2,3-linked sialic acid on the cell surface and suppresses the metastatic potential of B16F10 melanoma cells
Chang WW, Yu CY, Lin TW, Wang PH, Tsai YC
620 - 626 Structural characterization of the papaya cysteine proteinases at low pH
Huet J, Looze Y, Bartik K, Raussens V, Wintjens R, Boussard P
627 - 634 Gelastatins and their hydroxamates as dual functional inhibitors for TNF-alpha converting enzyme and matrix metalloproteinases: Synthesis, biological evaluation, and mechanism studies
Park SK, Han SB, Lee K, Lee HJ, Kho YH, Chun H, Choi Y, Yang JY, Yoon YD, Lee CW, Kim HM, Choi HM, Tae HS, Lee HY, Nam KY, Han G
635 - 640 Wnt signaling activation and WIF-1 silencing in nasopharyngeal cancer cell lines
Lin YC, You L, Xu ZD, He B, Mikami I, Thung E, Chou J, Kuchenbecker K, Kim J, Raz D, Yang CT, Chen JK, Jablons DM
641 - 647 Searching for a new anti-HCV therapy: Synthesis and properties of tropolone derivatives
Boguszewska-Chachulska AM, Krawczyk M, Najda A, Kopanska K, Stankiewicz-Drogon A, Zagorski-Ostoja W, Bretner M
648 - 652 A synthetic defect in protein degradation caused by loss of Ufd4 and Rad23
Ju DH, Xie YM
653 - 662 Correlation between decreased sensitivity of the Daudi lymphoma cells to VP-16-induced apoptosis and deficiency in DNASIL3 expression
Boulares H, Zoltoski A, Kandan S, Akbulut T, Yakovlev A, Oumouna M
663 - 671 Loss of Pnn expression attenuates expression levels of SR family splicing factors and modulates alternative pre-mRNA splicing in vivo
Chiu YL, Pin OY
672 - 672 Role of IL-27-producing dendritic cells in Th1-immunity polarization in Lewis rats (vol 338, pg 1773, 2005)
Saito F, Ohno Y, Morisawa K, Kamakura M, Fukushima A, Taniguchi T
673 - 673 Phthalocyanine-mediated photodynamic therapy induces cell death and a G(0)/G(1) cell cycle arrest in cervical cancer cells (vol 339, pg 569, 2006)
Haywood-Small SL, Vernon DI, Griffiths J, Schofield J, Brown SB