Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.340, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1019 - 1022 Neuroprotective role for carbonyl reductase?
Maser E
1023 - 1027 The negative cell cycle regulator, Tob (transducer of ErbB-2), is involved in motor skill learning
Wang XM, Gao X, Zhang XH, Tu YY, Jin ML, Zhao GP, Yu L, Jing NH, Li BM
1028 - 1038 Crystal structure of PilF: Functional implication in the type 4 pilus biogenesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Kim K, Oh J, Han D, Kim EE, Lee B, Kim Y
1039 - 1046 CYP3C1,the first member of a new cytochrome P450 subfamily found in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Corley-Smith GE, Su HT, Wang-Buhler JL, Tseng HP, Hu CH, Hoang T, Chung WG, Buhler DR
1047 - 1052 Arabidopsis AtIscA-I is affected by deficiency of Fe-S cluster biosynthetic scaffold AtCnfU-V
Yabe T, Nakai M
1053 - 1061 Heat-regulated production and secretion of insulin from a human artificial chromosome vector
Suda T, Katoh M, Hiratsuka M, Takiguchi M, Kazuki Y, Inoue T, Oshimura M
1062 - 1068 mRNA transfection of dendritic cells: Synergistic effect of ARCA mRNA capping with Poly(A) chains in cis and in trans for a high protein expression level
Mockey M, Goncalves C, Dupuy FP, Lemoine FM, Pichon C, Midoux P
1069 - 1077 Genetic characterization of CHO production host DG44 and derivative recombinant cell lines
Derouazi M, Martinet D, Schmutz NB, Flaction R, Wicht M, Bertschinger M, Hacker DL, Beckmann JS, Wurm FM
1078 - 1084 Dietary cholesterol and differential monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 gene expression in aorta and liver of apo E-deficient mice
Tous M, Ferre N, Rull A, Marsillach J, Coll B, Alonso-Villaverde C, Camps J, Joven J
1085 - 1090 Targeted delivery of antibodies through the blood-brain barrier by MRI-guided focused ultrasound
Kinoshita M, McDannold N, Jolesz FA, Hynynen K
1091 - 1097 Disordered osteoclast formation in RAGE-deficient mouse establishes an essential role for RAGE in diabetes related bone loss
Ding KH, Wang ZZ, Hamrick MW, Deng ZB, Zhou L, Kang BL, Yan SL, She JX, Stern DM, Isales CM, Mi QS
1098 - 1103 Chemical synthesis and structure elucidation of bovine kappa-casein (1-44)
Bansal PS, Grieve PA, Marschke RJ, Daly NL, McGhie E, Craik DJ, Alewood PF
1104 - 1110 The protein kinase A inhibitor, H-89, directly inhibits K-ATP and Kir channels in rabbit coronary arterial smooth muscle cells
Park WS, Son YK, Kim N, Youm JB, Joo H, Warda M, Ko JH, Earm YE, Han J
1111 - 1118 Up-regulation of ADRP in fatty liver in human and liver steatosis in mice fed with high fat diet
Motomura W, Inoue M, Ohtake T, Takahashi N, Nagamine M, Tanno S, Kohgo Y, Okumura T
1119 - 1124 Timing of Ca2+ response in pancreatic beta-cells is related to mitochondrial mass
Gustavsson N, Abedi G, Larsson-Nyren G, Lindstrom P
1125 - 1133 Depression of proteasome activities during the progression of cardiac dysfunction in pressure-overloaded heart of mice
Tsukamoto O, Minamino T, Okada K, Shintani Y, Takashima S, Kato H, Liao YL, Okazaki H, Asai M, Hirata A, Fujita M, Asano Y, Yamazaki S, Asanuma H, Hori M, Kitakaze M
1134 - 1138 Mn,Cd-metallothionein-2: A room temperature magnetic protean
Chang CC, Lee SF, Sun KW, Ho CC, Chen YT, Chang CH, Kan LS
1139 - 1143 Amino acid substitutions around the chromophore of the chromoprotein Rtms5 influence polypeptide cleavage
Turcic K, Pettikiriarachchi A, Battad J, Wilmann PG, Rossjohn J, Dove SG, Devenish RJ, Prescott M
1144 - 1150 PI3 kinase involves in cocaine behavioral sensitization with receptor and brain region specificity
Zhang XW, Mi J, Wetsel WC, Davidson C, Xiong XY, Chen Q, Ellinwood EH, Lee TH
1151 - 1157 Merlin inhibits growth hormone-regulated Raf-ERKs pathways by binding to Grb2 protein
Lim JY, Kim H, Jeun SS, Kang SG, Lee KJ
1158 - 1166 Adiponectin as a growth inhibitor in prostate cancer cells
Bub JD, Miyazaki T, Iwamoto Y
1167 - 1177 KChIP2b modulates the affinity and use-dependent block of Kv4.3 by nifedipine
Bett GCL, Morales MJ, Strauss HC, Rasmusson RL
1178 - 1183 Suppression of porcine arterivirus replication by baculovirus-delivered shRNA targeting nucleoprotein
Lu LQ, Ho YF, Kwang J
1184 - 1191 U50488 inhibits outwardly rectifying potassium channel in PC12 cells via pertussis toxin-sensitive G-Protein
Li ZS, Guo L, Ye CY, Zhang DC
1192 - 1199 Resveratrol, a natural ingredient of grape skin: Antiarrhythmic efficacy and ionic mechanisms
Zhang Y, Liu YY, Wang T, Li BX, Li HW, Wang ZG, Yang BF
1200 - 1208 Neurofibromin binds to caveolin-1 and regulates ras, FAK, and Akt
Boyanapalli M, Lahoud OB, Messiaen L, Kim B, de Sylor MSA, Duckett SJ, Somara S, Mikol DD
1209 - 1216 Characterization of a rice (Oryza sativa L.) gene encoding a temperature-dependent chloroplast omega-3 fatty acid desaturase
Wang JW, Ming F, Pittman J, Han YY, Hu J, Guo B, Shen DL
1217 - 1223 Characterization of three novel imprinted snoRNAs from mouse Irm gene
Xiao Y, Zhou H, Qu LH
1224 - 1228 A novel peptide sansalvamide analogue inhibits pancreatic cancer cell growth through G0/G1 cell-cycle arrest
Ujiki MB, Milam B, Ding XZ, Roginsky AB, Salabat MR, Talamonti MS, Bell RH, Gu WX, Silverman RB, Adrian TE
1229 - 1237 Principal component analysis of DNA oligonucleotide structural data
Bharanidharan D, Gautham N
1238 - 1243 Resistance of cathepsin L compared to elastase to proteolysis when complexed with the serpin endopin 2C, and recovery of cathepsin L activity
Hwang SR, Stoka V, Turk V, Hook V
1244 - 1250 Evidence for a role of collapsin response mediator protein-2 in signaling pathways that regulate the proliferation of non-neuronal cells
Tahimic CGT, Tomimatsu N, Nishigaki R, Fukuhara A, Toda T, Kaibuchi K, Shiota G, Oshimura M, Kurimasa A
1251 - 1258 Mutational analysis of the mitochondrial 12S rRNA and tRNA(Ser(UCN)) genes in Tunisian patients with nonsyndromic hearing loss
Mkaouar-Rebai E, Tlili A, Masmoudi S, Louhichi N, Charfeddine I, Ben Amor M, Lahmar I, Driss N, Drira M, Ayadi H, Fakhfakh F
1259 - 1263 Niemann-Pick C1 like 1 gene expression is down-regulated by LXR activators in the intestine
Duval C, Touche V, Tailleux A, Fruchart JC, Fievet C, Clavey V, Staels B, Lestavel S
1264 - 1272 Involvement of spinal glia in tetanically sciatic stimulation-induced bilateral mechanical allodynia in rats
Ying B, Lu N, Zhang YQ, Zhao ZQ
1273 - 1277 Regulation by sphingosine 1-phosphate of Bax and Bad activities during apoptosis in a MEK-dependent manner
Betito S, Cuvillier O
1278 - 1283 cAMP elevating agents suppress secretory phospholipase A(2)-induced matrix metalloproteinase-2 activation
Lee CH, Lee J, Choi YA, Kang SS, Baek SH