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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.338, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1669 - 1677 Activation of (Na++K+)-ATPase
1678 - 1681 Development of efficient expression system for protein display on bacterial magnetic particles
Yoshino T, Matsunaga T
1682 - 1689 Identification of human and rat FAD-AMP lyase (cyclic FMN forming) as ATP-dependent dihydroxyacetone kinases
Cabezas A, Costas MJ, Pinto RM, Couto A, Cameselle JC
1690 - 1695 Two Plasmodium falciparum merozoite proteins binding to erythrocyte band 3 form a direct complex
Kariuki MM, Li XR, Yamodo I, Chishti AH, Oh SS
1696 - 1701 SOCS3 promotes apoptosis of mammary differentiated cells
Le Provost F, Miyoshi K, Vilotte JL, Bierie B, Robinson GW, Hennighausen L
1702 - 1710 1'-Acetoxychavicol acetate induces apoptosis of myeloma cells via induction of TRAIL
Ito K, Nakazato T, Murakami A, Ohigashi H, Ikeda Y, Kizaki M
1711 - 1718 Disruption of intermolecular disulfide bonds in PDGF-BB dimers by N-acetyl-L-cysteine does not prevent PDGF signaling in cultured hepatic stellate cells
Borkham-Kamphorst E, Meurer SK, Gressner AM, Weiskirchen R
1719 - 1725 Negatively charged phospholipids suppress IFN-gamma production in T cells
Yotsumoto S, Kakiuchi T, Aramaki Y
1726 - 1731 The interaction between ICOS and B7RP-1 is not required for the development of experimental murine allergic conjunctivitis
Fukushima A, Yamaguchi T, Ishida W, Fukata K, Yagita H, Ueno H
1732 - 1738 MKP-1 contributes to oxidative stress-induced apoptosis via inactivation of ERK1/2 in SH-SY5Y cells
Kim GS, Choi YK, Song SS, Kim WK, Han BH
1739 - 1744 Diethyldithiocarbamate inhibits in vivo Cu,Zn-superoxide dismutase and perturbs free radical processes in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells
Lushchak V, Semchyshyn H, Lushchak E, Mandryk S
1745 - 1750 TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand and its decoy receptor osteoprotegerin in nonischemic dilated cardiomyopathy
Schoppet M, Ruppert V, Hofbauer LC, Henser S, Al-Fakhri N, Christ M, Pankuweit S, Maisch B
1751 - 1758 A protective role of 27-kDa heat shock protein in glucocorticoid-evoked apoptotic cell death of hippocampal progenitor cells
Son GH, Geum D, Chung S, Park E, Lee KH, Choi S, Kim K
1759 - 1765 Murine mesenchymal and embryonic stem cells express a similar Hox gene profile
Phinney DG, Gray AJ, Hill K, Pandey A
1766 - 1772 Interaction of recombinant human eIF2 subunits with eIF2B and eIF2 alpha kinases
Suragani RNVS, Kamindla R, Ehtesham NZ, Ramaiah KVA
1773 - 1778 Role of IL-27-producing dentritic cells in Th1-immunity polarization in Lewis rats
Saito F, Ohno Y, Morisawa K, Kamakura M, Fukushima A, Taniguchi T
1779 - 1787 Glucose intolerance in young TallyHo mice is induced by leptin-mediated inhibition of insulin secretion
Sung YY, Lee YS, Jung WH, Kim HY, Cheon HG, Yang SD, Dal Rhee S
1788 - 1790 GPR40 gene expression in human pancreas and insulinoma
Tomita T, Masuzaki H, Noguchi M, Iwakura H, Fujikura J, Tanaka T, Ebihara K, Kawamura J, Komoto I, Kawaguchi Y, Fujimoto K, Doi R, Shimada Y, Hosoda K, Imamura M, Nakao K
1791 - 1797 KDEL-tagged anti-prion intrabodies impair PrP lysosomal degradation and inhibit scrapie infectivity
Vetrugno V, Cardinale A, Filesi I, Mattei S, Sy MS, Pocchiari M, Biocca S
1798 - 1804 Molecular cloning and expression analysis of PDK family genes in Xenopus laevis reveal oocyte-specific PDK isoform
Terazawa Y, Tokmakov AA, Shirouzu M, Yokoyama S
1805 - 1810 Theophylline prevents NAD(+) depletion via PARP-1 inhibition in human pulmonary epithelial cells
Moonen HJJ, Geraets L, Vaarhorst A, Bast A, Wouters EFM, Hageman GJ
1811 - 1817 Recombinant soluble human Fc gamma receptor I with picomolar affinity for immunoglobulin G
Paetz A, Sack M, Thepen T, Tur MK, Bruell D, Finnern R, Fischer R, Barth S
1818 - 1824 PPAR alpha activation upregulates nephrin expression in human embryonic kidney epithelial cells and podocytes by a dual mechanism
Ren SY, Xin CY, Beck KF, Saleem MA, Mathieson P, Pavenstadt H, Pfeilschifter J, Huwiler A
1825 - 1833 Cell expression of MMP-1 and TIMP-1 in co-cultures of human gingival fibroblasts and monocytes: The involvement of ICAM-1
Domeij H, Modeer T, Quezada HC, Yucel-Lindberg T
1834 - 1838 Detection of Bax protein conformational change using a surface plasmon resonance imaging-based antibody chip
Kim M, Jung SO, Park K, Jeong EJ, Joung HA, Kim TH, Seol DW, Chung BH
1839 - 1844 Role of acidic amino acid residues in chitooligosaccharide-binding to Streptomyces sp N174 chitosanase
Katsumi T, Lacombe-Harvey ME, Tremblay H, Brzezinski R, Fukamizo T
1845 - 1852 KL-6, a human MUC1 mucin, promotes proliferation and survival of lung fibroblasts
Ohshimo S, Yokoyama A, Hattori N, Ishikawa N, Hirasawa Y, Kohno N
1853 - 1859 Alternative protein secretion: The Mam1 ABC transporter supports secretion of M-factor linked GFP in fission yeast
Kjaerulff S, Muller S, Jensen MR
1860 - 1864 Identification of tick periviscerokinin, the first neurohormone of Ixodidae: Single cell analysis by means of MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry
Neupert S, Predel R, Russell WK, Davies R, Pietrantonio PV, Nachman RJ
1865 - 1874 Hydralazine is a powerful inhibitor of peroxynitrite formation as a possible explanation for its beneficial effects on prognosis in patients with congestive heart failure
Daiber A, Oelze M, Coldewey M, Kaiser K, Huth C, Schildknecht S, Bachschmid M, Nazirisadeh Y, Ullrich V, Mulsch A, Munzel T, Tsilimingas N
1875 - 1883 Human T lymphocytes express N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors functionally active in controlling T cell activation
Miglio G, Varsaldi F, Lombardi G
1884 - 1889 Characterization of a novel autophagy-specific gene, ATG29
Kawamata T, Kamada Y, Suzuki K, Kuboshima N, Akimatsu H, Ota S, Ohsumi M, Ohsumi Y
1890 - 1896 CD24 is expressed specifically in the nucleus pulposus of intervertebral discs
Fujita N, Miyamoto T, Imai JI, Hosogane N, Suzuki T, Yagi M, Morita K, Ninomiya K, Miyamoto K, Takaishi H, Matsumoto M, Morioka H, Yabe H, Chiba K, Watanabe S, Toyama Y, Suda T
1897 - 1905 A Stat5-overlapping site is critical for the IgJ enhancer activity in the plasma cells and bound by a ubiquitous protein
Cho SJ, Kang CJ
1906 - 1912 The scaffold protein CNK1 interacts with the angiotensin II type 2 receptor
Fritz RD, Radziwill G
1913 - 1919 beta-amyloid increases dendritic Ca2+ influx by inhibiting the A-type K+ current in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons
Chen C
1920 - 1927 Saikosaponin-d inhibits T cell activation through the modulation of PKC0, JNK, and NF-kappa B transcription factor
Leung CY, Liu L, Wong RNS, Zeng YY, Li M, Zhou H
1928 - 1934 In vitro selection of DNA aptamers binding ethanolamine
Mann D, Reinemann C, Stoltenburg R, Strehlitz B
1935 - 1942 Crystal structure of C-terminal desundecapeptide nitrite reductase from Achromobacter cycloclastes
Li HT, Chang TN, Chang WC, Chen CJ, Liu MY, Gui LL, Zhang JP, An XM, Chang WR
1943 - 1949 IL-6 modulates hepatocyte proliferation via induction of HGF/p21(cip1): Regulation by SOCS3
Sun R, Jaruga B, Kulkarni S, Sun HY, Gao B
1950 - 1956 A retrovirus restriction factor TRIM5 alpha is transcriptionally regulated by interferons
Asaoka K, Ikeda K, Hishinuma T, Horie-Inoue K, Takeda S, Inoue S
1957 - 1965 BmCbZ, an insect-specific factor featuring a composite DNA-binding domain, interacts with BmC/EBP gamma
Sourmeli S, Papantonis A, Lecanidou R
1966 - 1972 OCTN3 is a mammalian peroxisomal membrane carnitine transporter
Lamhonwah AM, Ackerley CA, Tilups A, Edwards VD, Wanders RJ, Tein I
1973 - 1981 Retinoic acid via RAR alpha inhibits the expression of 24-hydroxylase in human prostate stromal cells
Lou YR, Miettinen S, Kagechika H, Gronemeyer H, Tuohimaa P
1982 - 1989 Immunization using an Apo B-100 related epitope reduces atherosclerosis and plaque inflammation in hypercholesterolemic apo E(-/-) mice
Chyu KY, Zhao XN, Reyes OS, Babbidge SM, Dimayuga PC, Yano J, Cercek B, Fredrikson GN, Nilsson J, Shah PK
1990 - 1997 Solution structure of alpha-conotoxin PIA, a novel antagonist of alpha 6 subunit containing nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Chi SW, Lee SH, Kim DH, Kim JS, Olivera BM, McIntosh JM, Han KH
1998 - 2004 Purification of a novel arthropod defensin from the American oyster, Crassostrea virginica
Seo JK, Crawford JM, Stone KL, Noga EJ