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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.338, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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687 - 693 Novel aspects of osteoclast activation and osteoblast inhibition in myeloma bone disease
Heider U, Hofbauer LC, Zavrski I, Kaiser M, Jakob C, Sezer O
694 - 699 Genistein, EGCG, and capsaicin inhibit adipocyte differentiation process via activating AMP-activated protein kinase
Hwang JT, Park IJ, Shin JI, Lee YK, Lee SK, Baik HW, Ha J, Park OJ
700 - 709 Biotinylation of heat shock protein 70 induces RANTES production in HEK293 cells in a CD40-independent pathway
Tao YF, Nishikawa S, Nomura M, Kitabatake N, Tani F
710 - 716 Osteoclasts but not osteoblasts are affected by a calcified surface treated with zoledronic acid in vitro
Schindeler A, Little DG
717 - 722 Advances in alfalfa mosaic virus-mediated expression of anthrax antigen in planta
Brodzik R, Bandurska K, Deka D, Golovkin M, Koprowski H
723 - 728 Expression patterns of connexin 29 (GJE1) in mouse and rat cochlea
Yang JJ, Liao PJ, Su CC, Li SY
729 - 735 Bruce/apollon promotes hippocampal neuron survival and is downregulated by kainic acid
Sokka AL, Mudo G, Aaltonen J, Belluardo N, Lindholm D, Korhonen L
736 - 741 Reduced transcriptional activity in individuals with IL-18 gene variants detected from functional but not association study
Liang XH, Cheung W, Heng CK, Wang DY
742 - 747 Bidirectional regulations for glutamate and GABA release in the hippocampus by alpha 7 and non-alpha 7 ACh receptors
Kanno T, Yaguchi T, Yamamoto S, Nagata T, Yamamoto H, Fujikawa H, Nishizaki T
748 - 756 Intracellular-free calcium dynamics and F-actin alteration in the formation of macrophage foam cells
Deng TL, Yu L, Ge YK, Zhang L, Zheng XX
757 - 761 CPT1 alpha over-expression increases long-chain fatty acid oxidation and reduces cell viability with incremental palmitic acid concentration in 293T cells
de Sousa ULJ, Koss MD, Fillies M, Gahl A, Scheeder MRL, Cardoso MC, Leonhardt H, Geary N, Langhans W, Leonhardt M
762 - 770 Co-culture of osteoblasts and chondrocytes modulates cellular differentiation in vitro
Jiang J, Nicoll SB, Lu HH
771 - 776 A functional link between Disrupted-In-Schizophrenia 1 and the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3
Ogawa F, Kasai M, Akiyama T
777 - 782 Blockade of gamma-secretase activity within the hippocampus enhances long-term memory
Dash PK, Moore AN, Orsi SA
783 - 792 Permeable ions differentially affect gating kinetics and unitary conductance of L-type calcium channels
Hui K, Gardzinski P, Sun HS, Backx PH, Feng ZP
793 - 799 Adiponectin represses gluconeogenesis independent of insulin in hepatocytes
Zhou H, Song XM, Briggs M, Violand B, Salsgiver W, Gulve EA, Luo Y
800 - 807 Extracellular release of BACE1 holoproteins from human neuronal cells
Murayama KS, Kametani F, Araki W
808 - 814 CIN85 regulates the ability of MEKK4 to activate the p38 MAP kinase pathway
Aissouni Y, Zapart G, Iovanna JL, Dikic I, Soubeyran P
815 - 819 DNA damage and repair in mammalian cells exposed to p-hydroxyphenylpyruvic acid
van Dyk E, Pretorius PJ
820 - 824 Effect of W62G mutation of hen lysozyme on the folding in vivo
Ohkuri T, Imoto T, Ueda T
825 - 829 Arsenate respiratory reductase gene (arrA) for Desulfosporosinus sp strain Y5
Perez-Jimenez JR, DeFraia C, Young LY
830 - 838 Malignant transformation of an epithelial cell by v-Src via tv-a-mediated retroviral infection: A new cell model for studying carcinogenesis
Fu SL, Huang YJ, Liang FP, Huang YF, Chuang CF, Wang SW, Yao JW
839 - 846 In vivo interaction between RGS4 and calmodulin visualized with FRET techniques: Possible involvement of lipid raft
Ishii M, Ikushima M, Kurachi Y
847 - 854 Efficient targeting of adenoviral vectors to integrin positive vascular cells utilizing a CAR-cyclic RGD linker protein
Krom YD, Gras JCE, Frants RR, Havekes LM, van Berkel TJ, Biessen EAL, van Dijk KW
855 - 861 Novel progerin-interactive partner proteins hnRNP E1, EGF, Mel 18, and UBC9 interact with lamin A/C
Zhong N, Radu G, Ju W, Brown WT
862 - 871 The ABC transporter PGP-2 from Caenorhabditis elegans is expressed in the sensory neuron pair AWA and contributes to lysosome formation and lipid storage within the intestine
Nunes F, Wolf M, Hartmann J, Paul RJ
872 - 879 Mechanism of osteogenic induction by FK506 via BMP/Smad pathways
Kugimiya F, Yano F, Ohba S, Igawa K, Nakamura K, Kawaguchi H, Chung UI
880 - 889 Fibrocystin interacts with CAML, a protein involved in Ca2+ signaling
Nagano J, Kitamura K, Hujer KM, Ward CJ, Brain RJ, Hopfer U, Tomita K, Huang CF, Miller RT
890 - 896 Bilirubin derived from heme degradation suppresses MHC class II expression in endothelial cells
Wu J, Ma H, Fan ST, Schlitt HJ, Tsui TY
897 - 902 The conserved C-termini contribute to the properties of spider silk fibroins
Sponner A, Vater W, Rommerskirch W, Vollrath F, Unger E, Grosse F, Weisshart K
903 - 909 Differentiation-inducing factor-1 suppresses gene expression of cyclin D1 in tumor cells
Yasmin T, Takahashi-Yanaga F, Mori J, Miwa Y, Hirata M, Watanabe Y, Morimoto S, Sasaguri T
910 - 918 cAMP-response element-binding protein mediates prostaglandin F-2 alpha-induced hypertrophy of vascular smooth muscle cells
Fukuyama K, Ichiki T, Ono H, Tokunou T, Lino N, Masuda S, Ohtsubo H, Takeshita A
919 - 922 Altered expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in the duodenum longitudinal muscle-myenteric plexus of obesity induced diabetes mouse: Implications on enteric neurodegeneration
Surendran S, Kondapaka SB
923 - 929 The reversibility of the glutathionyl-quercetin adduct spreads oxidized quercetin-induced toxicity
Boots AW, Balk JM, Bast A, Haenen GRMM
930 - 937 A role for 3-O-sulfotransferase isoform-4 in assisting HSV-1 entry and spread
Tiwari V, O'Donnell CD, Oh MJ, Valyi-Nagy T, Shukla D
938 - 945 FAD oxidizes the ERO1-PD1 electron transfer chain: The role of membrane integrity
Papp E, Nardai G, Mandl J, Banhegyi G, Csermely P
946 - 950 Effect of induced expression of an antimicrobial peptide melittin on Chlamydia trachomatis and Mycoplasma hominis infections in vivo
Lazarev VN, Shkarupeta MM, Titova GA, Kostrjukova ES, Akopian TA, Govorun VM
951 - 955 Dietary vitamin C down-regulates inflammatory gene expression in apoE4 smokers
Majewicz J, Rimbach G, Proteggente AR, Lodge JK, Kraemer K, Minihane AM
956 - 963 Targeted inhibition of alpha v beta 3 integrin with an RNA aptamer impairs endothelial cell growth and survival
Mi J, Zhang XW, Giangrande PH, McNamara JO, Nimjee SM, Sarraf-Yazdi S, Sullenger BA, Clary BM
964 - 972 Evaluation of the role of sigma B in Mycobacterium smegmatis
Mukherjee R, Chatterji D
973 - 980 Amyloid fibril formation by macrophage migration inhibitory factor
Lashuel HA, Aljabari B, Sigurdsson EM, Metz CN, Leng L, Callaway DJE, Bucala R
981 - 986 Evidence for an indirect transcriptional regulation of glucose-6-phosphatase gene expression by liver X receptors
Grempler R, Gunther S, Steffensen KR, Nilsson M, Barthel A, Schmoll D, Walther R
987 - 999 Investigation of CC and CXC chemokine quaternary state mutants
Jin HJ, Hayes GL, Darbha NS, Meyer E, LiWang PJ
1000 - 1004 A plasminogen-like protein, present in the apical extracellular environment of thyroid epithelial cells, degrades thyroglobulin in vitro
Giraud A, Dicristofaro J, De Micco C, Lejeune PJ, Barbaria J, Mallet B
1005 - 1011 Prediction of protein signal sequences and their cleavage sites by statistical rulers
Liu H, Yang J, Ling JG, Chou KC
1012 - 1017 Detection of kappa and delta opioid receptors in skin - Outside the nervous system
Salemi S, Aeschlimann A, Reisch N, Jungel A, Gay RE, Heppner FL, Michel BA, Gay S, Sprott H
1018 - 1030 Caenorhabditis elegans calnexin is N-glycosylated and required for stress response
Lee W, Lee TH, Park BJ, Chang JW, Yu JR, Koo HS, Park H, Yoo YJ, Ahnn J
1031 - 1036 Galectin-3 interacts with membrane lipids and penetrates the lipid bilayer
Lukyanov P, Furtak V, Ochieng J
1037 - 1047 Identification of SepCRP analogues in the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis: A novel family of ovarian regulatory peptides
Bernay B, Baudy-Floc'h M, Zanuttini B, Gagnon J, Henry J
1048 - 1058 Role of growth hormone receptor signaling in osteogenesis from murine bone marrow progenitor cells
Cool SM, Grunert M, Jackson R, Li H, Nurcombe V, Waters MJ
1059 - 1064 Theoretical studies of Alzheimer's disease drug candidate 3-[(2,4-dimethoxy)benzylidene]-anabaseine (GTS-21) and its derivatives
Wei DQ, Sirois S, Du QS, Arias HR, Chou KC
1065 - 1074 Role of the conserved threonine 309 in mechanism of oxidation by cytochrome P450 2D6
Keizers PHJ, Schraven LHM, de Graaf C, Hidestrand M, Ingelman-Sundberg M, van Dijk BR, Vermeulen NPE, Commandeur JNM
1075 - 1082 The serine protease Sp7 is expressed in blood cells and regulates the melanization reaction in Drosophila
Castillejo-Lopez C, Hacker U
1083 - 1088 Development of a single-cassette system for spatiotemporal gene regulation in mice
Miyazaki S, Miyazaki T, Tashiro F, Yamato E, Miyazaki J
1089 - 1097 Evidence in oyster of a plasma extracellular superoxide dismutase which binds LPS
Gonzalez M, Romestand B, Fievet J, Huvet A, Lebart MC, Gueguen Y, Bachere E
1098 - 1102 Expression of Nanog gene promotes NIH3T3 cell proliferation
Zhang JY, Wang X, Chen B, Suo GL, Zhao YH, Duan ZY, Dai JW
1103 - 1109 Reactive oxygen species mediates homocysteine-induced mitochondrial biogenesis in human endothelial cells: Modulation by antioxidants
Perez-de-Arce K, Foncea R, Leighton F
1110 - 1117 Biophotonic hydrogen peroxide production by antibodies, T cells, and T-cell membranes
Waite GN, Waite LR, Hughes EF, Balcavage WX
1118 - 1125 Blocking the MyD88-dependent pathway protects the myocardium from ischemia/reperfusion injury in rat hearts
Hua F, Ha TZ, Ma J, Gao X, Kelley J, Williams DL, Browder IW, Kao RL, Li CF
1126 - 1136 Apolipoprotein A-I induces IL-10 and PGE2 production in human monocytes and inhibits dendritic cell differentiation and maturation
Kim KD, Lim HY, Lee HG, Yoon DY, Choe YK, Choi I, Paik SG, Kim YS, Yang Y, Lim JS
1137 - 1142 Non-linear quantitative structure-activity relationship for adenine derivatives as competitive inhibitors of adenosine deaminase
Hayatshahi SHS, Abdolmaleki P, Safarian S, Khajeh K
1143 - 1151 Targeting of the mitochondrial membrane proteins to the cell surface for functional studies
Ardehali H, Xue T, Dong P, Machamer C
1152 - 1157 Impairment of cardiomyogenesis in embryonic stem cells lacking scaffold protein JSAP1
Sato T, Hidaka K, Iwanaga A, Ito M, Asano M, Nakabeppu Y, Morisaki T, Yoshioka K
1158 - 1163 Selective upregulation of immune regulatory and effector cytokine synthesis by intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes following CD43 costimulation
Montufar-Solis D, Garza T, Klein JR
1164 - 1170 A quantitative matrigel assay for assessing repopulating capacity of prostate stem cells
Azuma M, Hirao A, Takubo K, Hamaguchi I, Kitamura T, Suda T
1171 - 1178 Prostaglandin E-2 induces cyclooxygenase-2 expression in human non-pigmented ciliary epithelial cells through activation of p38 and p42/44 mitogen-activated protein kinases
Rosch S, Ramer R, Brune K, Hinz B
1179 - 1184 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein L41 mediates serum starvation-induced cell-cycle arrest through an increase of p21(WAF1/CIP1)
Kim MJ, Yoo YA, Kim HJ, Kang S, Kim YG, Kim JS, Yoo YD
1185 - 1188 Effect of serum on the down-regulation of CHOP-10 during differentiation of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes
Huang HY, Lane MD, Tang QQ
1189 - 1196 A new family of insect tyramine receptors
Cazzamali G, Klaerke DA, Grimmelikhuijzen CJP
1197 - 1203 Identification of genes preferentially expressed in periodontal ligament: Specific expression of a novel secreted protein, FDC-SP
Nakamura S, Terashima T, Toshiyuki YD, Iseki S, Takano Y, Ishikawa I, Shinomura T
1204 - 1215 Nitric oxide synthase in the nervous system and ink gland of the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis: Molecular cloning and expression
Scheinker V, Fiore G, Di Cristo C, Di Cosmo A, d'Ischia M, Enikolopov G, Palumbo A
1216 - 1221 Reduced expression of kinase-associated phosphatase in cortical dendrites of MAP2-deficient mice
Iriuchijima N, Sato-Harada R, Takano M, Fujio K, Sato T, Goto F, Harada A
1222 - 1228 Development of novel fluorescent probe 3-perylene diphenylphosphine for determination of lipid hydroperoxide with fluorescent image analysis
Chotimarkorn C, Nagasaka R, Ushio H, Ohshima T, Matsunaga S
1229 - 1235 siRNA-mediated inhibition of endogenous Huntington disease gene expression induces an aberrant configuration of the ER network in vitro
Omi K, Hachiya NS, Tokunaga K, Kaneko K
1236 - 1240 GATA4-mediated cardiac hypertrophy induced by D-myo-inositol 1,4,5-tris-phosphate
Zhu ZM, Zhu SJ, Liu DY, Yu ZP, Yang YJ, van der Glet M, Tepel M
1241 - 1247 Mitochondrial localization of mu-calpain
Garcia M, Bondada V, Geddes JW
1248 - 1255 Fibroblast growth factor 3, a protein with a dual subcellular fate, is interacting with human ribosomal protein S2
Antoine M, Reimers K, Wirz W, Gressner AM, Muller R, Kiefer P
1256 - 1262 Transforming activity of the lymphotoxin-beta receptor revealed by expression screening
Fujiwara S, Yamashita Y, Choi YM, Wada T, Kaneda R, Takada S, Maruyama Y, Ozawa K, Mano H
1263 - 1267 Ginkgolides induce apoptosis and decrease cell numbers in mouse blastocysts
Chan WH
1268 - 1274 Depletion of vesicle-tethering factor p115 causes mini-stacked Golgi fragments with delayed protein transport
Sohda M, Misumi Y, Yoshimura S, Nakamura N, Fusano T, Sakisaka S, Ogata S, Fujimoto J, Kiyokawa N, Ikehara Y
1275 - 1283 Different glycoforms of the human GPI-anchored antigen CD52 associate differently with lipid microdomains in leukocytes and sperm membranes
Ermini L, Secciani F, La Sala GB, Sabatini L, Fineschi D, Hale G, Rosati F
1284 - 1290 Human cytochrome c enters murine J774 cells and causes G(1) and G(2)/M cell cycle arrest and induction of apoptosis
Hiraoka Y, Granja AT, Fialho AM, Schlarb-Ridley BG, Das Gupta TK, Chakrabarty AM, Yamada T
1291 - 1298 ATP binding is required for physiological activation of retinal guanylate cyclase
Yamazaki M, Usukura J, Yamazaki RK, Yamazaki A
1299 - 1305 Overexpression of calmodulin induces cardiac hypertrophy by a calcineurin-dependent pathway
Obata K, Nagata K, Iwase M, Odashima M, Nagasaka T, Izawa H, Murohara T, Yamada Y, Yokota M