Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.337, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1027 - 1029 Betaine improved restriction digestion
Sugimoto K, Makihara T, Saito A, Ohishi N, Nagase T, Takai D
1030 - 1037 Reiterative template switching: The effect of single-strand homopolymeric DNA on non-template-directed nucleotide addition by DNA polymerase
Faucett AM, Islas AL
1038 - 1046 Specific in vivo binding of activator of G protein signalling 1 to the G(beta 1) subunit
Hiskens R, Vatish M, Hill C, Davey J, Ladds G
1047 - 1051 Oct4 pseudogenes are transcribed in cancers
Suo GL, Han J, Wang X, Zhang JY, Zhao YN, Zhao YH, Dai JW
1052 - 1058 INI1/hSNF5/BAF47 represses c-fos transcription via a histone deacetylase-dependent manner
Pan XF, Zhai L, Sun R, Li XY, Zeng XL
1059 - 1064 Induction of cell death by photodynamic therapy with a new synthetic photosensitizer DH-I-180-3 in undifferentiated and differentiated 3T3-L1 cells
Choi YH, Ko SH, Kim SJ, Lee WY, Park JH, Lee JM
1065 - 1071 Plasminogen/plasmin regulates alpha-enolase expression through the MEK/ERK pathway
Sousa LP, Silva BM, Brasil BSAF, Nogueira SV, Ferreira PCP, Kroon EG, Kato K, Bonjardim CA
1072 - 1079 Probing luminal negative charge in the type 3 ryanodine receptor
Pugh N, Mead-Savery FC, Coadwell WJ, Rossi D, Sorrentino V, Williams AJ
1080 - 1083 Stereo-specificity for pro-(R) hydrogen of NAD(P)H during enzyme-catalyzed hydride transfer to CL-20
Bhushan B, Halasz A, Hawari M
1084 - 1091 Upregulation of aldose reductase by homocysteine in type II alveolar epithelial cells
Jiang H, Wang XF, Fang L, Tang CS, Zhu Y, Wang X
1092 - 1096 FoxO-dependent and -independent mechanisms mediate SirT1 effects on IGFBP-1 gene expression
Gan LX, Han YS, Bastianetto S, Dumont Y, Unterman TG, Quirion R
1097 - 1101 Different tau epitopes define A beta(42)-mediated tau insolubility
Pennanen L, Gotz J
1102 - 1106 Engineering of Kex2 variants exhibiting altered substrate specificity
Han HE, Rho SH, Lee YJ, Park WJ
1107 - 1111 Oxidative aldehyde deformylation catalyzed by NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase and the flavoprotein domain of neuronal nitric oxide synthase
Vatsis KP, Coon MJ
1112 - 1118 Cloning and functional analysis of human mTERFL encoding a novel mitochondrial transcription termination factor-like protein
Chen Y, Zhou GJ, Yu M, He YG, Tang W, Lai JH, He J, Liu WG, Tan DY
1119 - 1124 The symmetrical dimethylarginine post-translational modification of the SmD3 protein is not required for snRNP assembly and nuclear transport
Khusial PR, Vaidya K, Zieve GW
1125 - 1132 The 110 kDa glutathione transferase of Yarrowia lipolytica is encoded by a homologue of the TEF3 gene from Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Cloning, expression, and homology modeling of the recombinant protein
McGoldrick S, McCarthy TV, Sheehan D
1133 - 1138 Small interfering RNA targeting the PINK1 induces apoptosis in dopaminergic cells SH-SY5Y
Deng H, Jankovic J, Guo Y, Xie WJ, Le WD
1139 - 1144 AICAR stimulates IL-6 production via p38 MAPK in cardiac fibroblasts in adult mice: A possible role for AMPK
Du JH, Xu N, Song Y, Xu M, Lu ZZ, Han CD, Zhang YY
1145 - 1152 Protein kinase A-dependent activation of inward rectifier potassium channels by adenosine in rabbit coronary smooth muscle cells
Son YK, Park WS, Ko JH, Han J, Kim N, Earm YE
1153 - 1164 Upregulation of pleiotrophin expression in rat hepatic stellate cells by PDGF and hypoxia: Implications for its role in experimental biliary liver fibrogenesis
Antoine M, Tag CG, Wirz W, Borkham-Kamphorst E, Sawitza I, Gressner AM, Kiefer P
1165 - 1175 Epitope shared by functional variant of organic cation/carnitine transporter, OCTN1, Campylobacter jejuni and Mycobacterium paratuberculosis may underlie susceptibility to Crohn's disease at 5q31
Lamhonwah AM, Ackerley C, Onizuka R, Tilups A, Lamhonwah D, Chung C, Tao KS, Tellier R, Tein I
1176 - 1184 Proteomic analysis of human O-6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase by affinity chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry
Niture SK, Doneanu CE, Velu CS, Bailey NI, Srivenugopal KS
1185 - 1191 Cooperative structural change of actin filaments interacting with activated myosin motor domain, detected with copolymers of pyrene-labeled actin and acto-S1 chimera protein
Siddique MSP, Mogami G, Miyazaki T, Katayama E, Uyeda TQP, Suzuki M
1192 - 1197 Evolutionary rate variation in eukaryotic lineage specific human intronless proteins
Agarwal SM
1198 - 1205 Translocation of an 89-kDa periplasmic protein is associated with Holospora infection
Iwatani K, Dohra H, Lang BF, Burger G, Hori M, Fujishima M
1206 - 1213 Induced expressions of Rab24 GTPase and LC3 in nerve-injured motor neurons
Egami Y, Kiryu-Seo S, Yoshimori T, Kiyama H
1214 - 1218 Targets for human encoded mircoRNAs in HIV genes
Hariharan M, Scaria V, Pillai B, Brahmachari SK
1219 - 1223 Rab proteins regulate epithelial sodium channel activity in colonic epithelial HT-29 cells
Saxena S, Singh M, Engisch K, Fukuda M, Kaur S
1224 - 1228 Crystal structure of the protein kinase domain of yeast AMP-activated protein kinase Snf1
Rudolph MJ, Amodeo GA, Bai Y, Tong L
1229 - 1236 Induction of IL-6 expression by mechanical stress in the trabecular meshwork
Liton PB, Luna C, Bodman M, Hong A, Epstein DL, Gonzalez P
1237 - 1248 Glyoxalase I from Leishmania donovani: A potential target for anti-parasite drug
Padmanabhan PK, Mukherjee A, Singh S, Chattopadhyaya S, Gowri VS, Myler PJ, Srinivasan N, Madhubala R
1249 - 1256 Anthrax lethal toxin enhances cytokine-induced VCAM-1 expression on human endothelial cells
Steele AD, Warfel JM, D'Agnillo F
1257 - 1266 A reference map of the Arabidopsis thaliana mature pollen proteome
Noir S, Brautigam A, Colby T, Schmidt J, Panstruga R
1267 - 1275 Regulation of tissue factor and angiogenesis related genes by changes in cell shape
Milsom C, Rak J
1276 - 1282 Sequential coagulation factor VIIa domain binding to tissue factor
Osterlund M, Persson E, Carlsson U, Freskgard PO, Svensson M
1283 - 1287 Annexin A3 is a potential angiogenic mediator
Park JE, Lee DH, Lee JA, Park SG, Kim NS, Park BC, Cho S
1288 - 1295 Monoacetylcurcumin: A new inhibitor of eukaryotic DNA polymerase lambda and a new ligand for inhibitor-affinity chromatography
Mizushina Y, Ishidoh T, Takeuchi T, Shimazaki N, Koiwai O, Kuramochi K, Kobayashi S, Sugawara F, Sakaguchi K, Yoshida H
1296 - 1300 Studies on the intracellular localization of hHR23B
Katiyar S, Lennarz WJ
1301 - 1307 Biochemical and biophysical characterization of the transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus fusion core
Ma GP, Feng YJ, Gao F, Wang JZ, Liu C, Li YJ
1308 - 1318 Proteomic analysis of SUM04 substrates in HEK293 cells under serum starvation-induced stress
Guo DH, Han JY, Adam BL, Colburn NH, Wang MH, Dong Z, Eizirik DL, She JX, Wang CY
1319 - 1323 Hyperthermia suppresses the cytotoxicity of NK cells via down-regulation of perforin/granzyme B expression
Koga T, Harada H, Shi TS, Okada S, Suico MA, Shuto T, Kai H
1324 - 1329 Effect of leptin on liver alcohol dehydrogenase
Mezey E, Rennie-Tankersley L, Potter JJ
1330 - 1336 Nobiletin and its related flavonoids with CRE-dependent transcription-stimulating and neuritegentic activities
Nagase H, Omae N, Omori A, Nakagawasai O, Tadano T, Yokosuka A, Sashida Y, Mimaki Y, Yamakuni T, Ohizumi Y
1337 - 1344 Inhibition of the vacuolar H(+)-pump with bafilomycin A1 does not induce acrosome reaction or activate proacrosin in mouse spermatozoa
Codelia VA, Cortes CJ, Moreno RD
1345 - 1352 Estrogen induces rapid decrease in dendritic thorns of CA3 pyramidal neurons in adult male rat hippocampus
Tsurugizawa T, Mukai H, Tanabe N, Murakami G, Hojo Y, Kominami S, Mitsuhashi K, Komatsuzaki Y, Morrison JH, Janssen WGM, Kimoto T, Kawato S
1353 - 1353 Protection from oxidative stress by methionine sulfoxide reductases in RPE cells (vol 334, pg 245, 2005)
Sreekumar PG, Kannan R, Yaung J, Spee CK, Ryan SJ, Hinton DR