Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.336, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1003 - 1004 Commentary to mitDNA research for the pathogenesis of mitochondrial disorders
Da Pozzo P, Federico A
1005 - 1009 Blockade of geranylgeranylation by rosuvastatin upregulates eNOS expression in human venous endothelial cells
Landsberger M, Jantzen F, Konemann S, Felix SB
1010 - 1016 Molecular dynamics studies of the full-length integrase-DNA complex
De Luca L, Vistoli G, Pedretti A, Barreca ML, Chimirri A
1017 - 1022 Biochemical basis for retinol deficiency induced by the I41N and G75D mutations in human plasma retinol-binding protein
Folli C, Viglione S, Busconi M, Berni R
1023 - 1027 Identification, cloning, and expression of human estrogen receptor-alpha 36, a novel variant of human estrogen receptor-alpha 66
Wang ZY, Zhang XT, Shen P, Loggie BW, Chang YC, Deuel TF
1028 - 1032 Possible role of PEPT1 in gastrointestinal hormone secretion
Matsumura K, Miki T, Jhomori T, Gonoi T, Seino S
1033 - 1039 Polyhistidine tract expansions in HOXA1 result in intranuclear aggregation and increased cell death
Paraguison RC, Higaki K, Sakamoto Y, Hashimoto O, Miyake N, Matsumoto H, Yamamoto K, Sasaki T, Kato N, Nanba E
1040 - 1048 CK2 regulates in vitro the activity of the yeast cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor Sic1
Barberis M, Pagano MA, De Gioia L, Marin O, Vanoni M, Pinna LA, Alberghina L
1049 - 1055 Dexamethasone inhibits phosphorylation of histone H3 at serine 10
Hasegawa Y, Tomita K, Watanabe M, Yamasaki A, Sano H, Hitsuda Y, Shimizu E
1056 - 1061 PTEN-induction in U251 glioma cells decreases the expression of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2
Levitt RJ, Georgescu MM, Pollak M
1062 - 1068 A role of falcipain-2, principal cysteine proteases of Plasmodium falciparum in merozoite egression
Dasaradhi PVN, Mohmmed A, Kumar A, Hossain MJ, Bhatnagar RK, Chauhan VS, Malhotra P
1069 - 1073 Circadian expression of clock and screening of clock-controlled genes in peripheral lymphocytes of rat
Du YZ, Fan SJ, Meng QH, Wang GQ, Tong J
1074 - 1080 SocA is a novel periplasmic binding protein for fructosyl amino acid
Sakaguchi A, Ferri S, Sode K
1081 - 1086 Triptolide, a diterpenoid triepoxide, induces antitumor proliferation via activation of c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase 1 by decreasing phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase activity in human tumor cells
Miyata Y, Sato T, Ito A
1087 - 1095 Non-specific effects of 4-chloro-m-cresol may cause calcium flux and respiratory burst in human neutrophils
Hauser CJ, Kannan KB, Deitch EA, Itagaki K
1096 - 1105 Bile acids reduce SR-BI expression in hepatocytes by a pathway involving FXR/RXR, SHP, and LRH-1
Malerod L, Sporstol M, Juvet LK, Mousavi SA, Gjoen T, Berg T, Roos N, Eskild W
1106 - 1111 Endothelin-1-dependent leptin induction in gastric mucosal inflammatory responses to Helicobacter pylori lipopolysaccharide
Slomiany BL, Slomiany A
1112 - 1118 IGF-1 protects cardiac myocytes from hyperosmotic stress-induced apoptosis via CREB
Maldonado C, Cea P, Adasme T, Collao A, Diaz-Araya G, Chiong M, Lavandero S
1119 - 1124 Modulation of intestinal urea cycle by dietary spermine in suckling rat
Gharbi M, Powroznik B, Mazzucchelli G, Deville C, Nollevaux G, Rusu D, Dandrifosse G, Peulen O
1125 - 1135 BmStart1, a novel carotenoid-binding protein isoform from Bombyx mori, is orthologous to MLN64, a mammalian cholesterol transporter
Sakudoh T, Tsuchida K, Kataoka H
1136 - 1143 Functional polymorphisms of HSPA5: Possible association with bipolar disorder
Kakiuchi C, Ishiwata M, Nanko S, Kunugi H, Minabe Y, Nakamura K, Mori N, Fujii K, Umekage T, Tochigi M, Kohda K, Sasaki T, Yamada K, Yoshikawa T, Kato T
1144 - 1149 Induction of tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells by ELF electromagnetic fields
Girgert R, Schimming H, Korner W, Grundker A, Hanf V
1150 - 1156 Allene oxide cyclase is essential for theobroxide-induced jasmonic acid biosynthesis in Pharbitis nil
Kong FJ, Abe J, Takahashi K, Matsuura H, Yoshihara T, Nabeta K
1157 - 1163 Differential HSP70 gene expression in the Mediterranean mussel exposed to various stressors
Franzellitti S, Fabbri E
1164 - 1171 Survivin inhibits anti-growth effect of p53 activated by aurora B
Jung JE, Kim TK, Lee JS, Oh SY, Kwak S, Jin X, Sohn JY, Song MK, Sohn YW, Lee SY, Pian X, Lee JB, Chung YG, Choi YK, You S, Kim H
1172 - 1180 Molecular genetic manipulation of Pichia pastoris SEC4 governs cell growth and glucoamylase secretion
Liu SH, Chou WI, Lin SC, Sheu CC, Chang MDT
1181 - 1189 Diverse patterns of poly(A) tail elongation and shortening of murine maternal mRNAs from fully grown oocyte to 2-cell embryo stages
Sakurai T, Sato M, Kimura M
1190 - 1193 Dual effects of copper-zinc superoxide dismutase
Xu KY, Kuppusamy P
1194 - 1200 Factors affecting SFHR gene correction efficiency with single-stranded DNA fragment
Tsuchiya H, Harashima H, Kamiya H
1201 - 1206 Identification of flotillin-1 as a protein interacting with myocilin: Implications for the pathogenesis of primary open-angle glaucoma
Joe MK, Sohn S, Choi YR, Park H, Kee C
1207 - 1213 Efficient construction of a highly useful phage-displayed human antibody repertoire
Rojas G, Lamdan H, Padron S, Munoz Y, Ayala M, Gavilondo JV
1214 - 1220 HIV-1-infected macrophages induce astrogliosis by SDF-1 alpha and matrix metalloproteinases
Okamoto M, Wang X, Baba M
1221 - 1226 Up-regulation of P13K/Akt signaling by 17 beta-estradiol through activation of estrogen receptor-alpha but not estrogen receptor-beta, and stimulates cell growth in breast cancer cells
Lee YR, Park J, Yu HN, Kim JS, Youn HJ, Jung SH
1227 - 1233 Brain slice invasion model reveals genes differentially regulated in glioma invasion
Holtkamp N, Afanasieva A, Elstner A, van Landeghem FKH, Konneker M, Kuhn SA, Kettenmann H, von Deimling A
1234 - 1240 Human hemarthrosis-derived progenitor cells can differentiate into osteoblast-like cells in vitro
Niikura T, Miwa M, Sakai Y, Lee SY, Kuroda R, Fujishiro T, Kubo S, Doita M, Kurosaka M
1241 - 1250 CYP2D7 splice variants in human liver and brain: Does CYP2D7 encode functional protein?
Gaedigk A, Gaedigk R, Leeder JS
1251 - 1258 Cloning of the human TASK-2 (KCNK5) promoter and its regulation by chronic hypoxia
Brazier SP, Mason HS, Bateson AN, Kemp PJ
1259 - 1267 Cell-cycle-dependent regulation of oxidative stress responses and Ca2+ permeable channels NtTPC1A/B in tobacco BY-2 cells
Kadota Y, Furuichi T, Sano T, Kaya H, Gunji W, Murakami Y, Muto S, Hasezawa S, Kuchitsu K
1268 - 1277 Hyperphosphorylated neurofilament NF-H is a serum biomarker of axonal injury
Shaw G, Yang C, Ellis R, Anderson K, Mickle JP, Scheff S, Pike B, Anderson DK, Howland DR
1278 - 1284 Logical networks inferred from highly specific discovery of transcriptionally regulated genes predict protein states in cultured gliomas
Fathallah-Shaykh HM
1285 - 1291 Src regulates the activity of the mammalian formin protein FHOD1
Koka S, Minick GT, Zhou Y, Westendorf JJ, Boehm MB
1292 - 1299 PTPase inhibition restores ERK1/2 phosphorylation and protects mammary epithelial cells from apoptosis
Furlong F, Finlay D, Martin F
1300 - 1300 Selective inhibition of hepatitis B virus replication by RNA interference (vol 309, pg 482, 2003)
Ying CX, De Clercq E, Neyts J